God of Fishing

Chapter 325 - Identity Revealed

Chapter 325 Identity Revealed

Han Fei didn’t know how naive he was. He thought that the black market was a black market because it was secret. Therefore, people in the black market would not be willing to be exposed in public. Since he had escaped from the black market, it would be difficult for the black-robed man to find him on such a large dragon boat.

But as soon as the two of them appeared on the Negative-One Floor, Han Fei’s face suddenly changed and he took Lin Miaomiao and said, “Let’s leave. No time to buy anything.”

“Huh? What happened?”

Han Fei said to her via voice transmission, We are being watched. Where is the teleportation formation? Let’s go straight there.

Lin Miaomiao’s face turned pale. In the middle of the first floor…

It was not far from here. Han Fei immediately took Lin Miaomiao’s hand and walked along the railings of the boat to the middle of the dragon boat.

At this moment, there was a circle of people fishing near the railing, and Han Fei was also very close to the railing. After all, they were all focused on fishing and wouldn’t notice two fishers passing by.

Han Fei said to Lin Miaomiao, Don’t panic. Relax. Just act as though you’re my guide. Don’t look back.

But how could Lin Miaomiao not panic?

However, being warned by Han Fei she didn’t dare to show her emotions, so she talked and pointed here and there as if she was explaining the boat to Han Fei.

The two had only walked a short while before Han Fei found a guard staring at him and then nodding to another guard. “Damn…”

Then Han Fei saw a middle-aged man walking towards him.

The man looked at Han Fei kindly, walked slowly to him, and motioned him to leave with him.

Han Fei felt the threat of this man. His heart skipped a beat. Shit, why were they discovered so soon? How did they find them?

Lin Miaomiao still wanted to go forward but was stopped by Han Fei.

She looked back and found that Han Fei was standing still and looking at a middle-aged man opposite him.

Lin Miaomiao’s face changed slightly and she seemed to realize something.

The middle-aged man walked up to Han Fei with a smile. “Let’s… Talk?”

Han Fei smiled coldly. “Talk? Let’s talk here!”

The middle-aged man shrugged and said, “Okay, then let’s talk here.”

The middle-aged man looked at Han Fei with a smile and said via voice transmission, I wonder how you managed to escape from my arrows without using a Flash Stone? However, you escaped, which shows your ability. Now I’ll give you a chance. Help me refine spiritual weapons and I can spare your lives.

Han Fei clenched Lin Miaomiao’s hand. Was his identity as a refiner exposed? The other party was so sure. He must have found some information on him…

However, what Han Fei was worried about was not whether his identity was exposed, but why the guards would listen to this man’s dispatch?

Not good! Did the dragon boat runners really not know the existence of the black market where so many people were trading?

No, they may have learned of the black market a long time ago, but why didn’t they cancel it?


There were many shady deals in the black market. Although he didn’t have time to go shopping in the black market, he could guess that most of the things sold there were acquired non-conventionally.

In the black market, people paid money and took what they wanted, which was completely different from the way of trading outside.

In this way of operation, one could get good things and gain more profits. Han Fei immediately figured out that there must be a big shot controlling the black market behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, it was too late to realize it. His top priority now was how to escape…

Han Fei looked at the middle-aged man and said via voice transmission, If I refuse, are you going to kill us in front of so many people?

The middle-aged man smiled and said, I forgot to tell you that I am now a dragon boat inspector. You killed people on the dragon boat, so I have the right to kill you on the spot.

Han Fei took a deep look at the middle-aged man. My business has nothing to do with this girl. I will send her out of the dragon boat and then talk to you…

The middle-aged man laughed loudly and then looked at Han Fei sharply. You are not in a position to negotiate terms with me. I will give you three seconds to consider.



Han Fei sighed slightly. Just as the middle-aged man got to three, Han Fei suddenly held Lin Miaomiao, then jumped over the railings like a bolt of lightning, jumping directly down the dragon boat. Many people who were fishing were stunned. What was going on here? Was this guy an idiot? How dare he jump down a dragon boat? “Humph! Do you think you can run away?”

The middle-aged man’s eyes turned cold and he immediately shouted, “The inspector is enforcing the law. Any irrelevant people shall leave now.”

Lin Miaomiao was confused. Just now, Han Fei and the middle-aged man looked at each other for a while, and then he suddenly took her and jumped off the boat!

However, Han Fei’s face was extremely solemn at the moment. He felt an arrow darting at him from behind. The powerful force gave him a sense of crisis again.

In midair, Han Fei suddenly turned around, turning the Water Dividing Seal in his hand into a shadow and smashing it at the arrow.


In an instant, the shadow of the big seal was shattered. Han Fei gasped and immediately activated a spiritual-energy protective cover, turning over to shield Lin Miaomiao behind. Although most of the power of the arrow was blocked by the Water Dividing Seal, the remaining power was not something Lin Miaomiao could resist.


The huge counter-shock force directly pushed Han Fei and Lin Miaomiao into the water. At the moment he entered the water, Han Fei dove directly to the bottom of the sea.

However, another small cyan arrow darted at him. Han Fei felt his blood freeze. If he hadn’t brought Lin Miaomiao with him, he might not be afraid…

However, Lin Miaomiao was too weak. Even if the arrow just grazed her, she could be killed.

Han Fei couldn’t help but miss Xia Xiaochan. If she were here right now, she would probably lead this guy out and then try to kill him…

Lin Miaomiao was horrified and transmitted a message to him in a panic, Who is he? Why is he chasing us?

Han Fei’s speed was very fast and he played the effect of the Shadow Swimming Art to its extreme. He responded to Lin Miaomiao, He is a peak-level Dangling Fisher who wants to kill me. Sorry for involving you in.

At this time, Han Fei saw a large number of fishing hooks falling around him. He couldn’t help but shake his head. Do those stupid bystanders want to fish me?! With their poor spiritual power? Are they out of their minds?

A golden and red light flashed across Han Fei’s body and a pair of wings suddenly opened.



The bystanders all exclaimed and someone on the top of the dragon boat suddenly got up.

“A Junior Dangling Fisher with a legendary spiritual beast? Is it him?”

The middle-aged man narrowed his eyes slightly. “Is he the person the Sun Family is looking for?”

The middle-aged man suddenly turned around and asked, “How many people from the Sun Family are there on our boat?”

Behind the middle-aged man, a peak-level Dangling Fisher bowed his head respectfully. “My lord, there are three…”

As soon as he said so, a fishing rod shot through the air. At the same time, two people plunged into the water. The subordinate of the middle-aged man said, “My lord, the Sun Family has moved. Shall we let Black Robe come back?”

The middle-aged man shook his head slightly. “No, after all, he killed three people on the dragon boat. It is justified for us to hunt him down. Let Black Robe get him! As for the people of the Sun Family, well, their motives are different from ours, so don’t bother them. Even if the superiors blame them, it will have nothing to do with us.”

After Little Gold attached to Han Fei, his speed soared to his limit. In an instant, he escaped a kilometer away.

However, what shocked Han Fei was that someone was attacking him with a fishing hook. And besides the black-robed man behind him, there were two more people.

The speed of these two people was fast, not much worse than Black Robe. So it was likely they were also peak-level Dangling Fishers. In addition to the guy using the fishing rod, now there were four peak-level Dangling Fishers chasing him!Han Fei’s figure flickered in the water, making various strange swimming postures, and he was so fast that the people chasing him almost vomited blood.

Black Robe was surprised to see three other peak-level Dangling Fishers were also chasing Han Fei. He thought it made perfect sense for him to catch Han Fei, but he did not intend to kill him. After all, a refiner was really too valuable!

But the other three were different. Their attacks were quite fierce and they didn’t seem to care about Han Fei’s life. Black Robe asked them, “Who are you?” Someone responded. “Thousand Star City, Sun Family. This guy is ours.”

Black Robe frowned and withdrew the small arrow he was about to shoot out. The Sun Family?

He knew that a while ago, a large number of masters from the Sun Family of the Thousand Star City came to the level-three fishery, seemingly to find someone. They seemed to be quite determined and had almost sent their people to every dragon boat.

Was the person the Sun Family was looking for that boy? If this was the case, what secret did the boy have to cause the Sun Family to send so many masters to chase him down?

And Han Fei’s face was all dark now.

What should he do with Lin Miaomiao? It seemed that he had dragged her down, but how could he escape with her?

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