God of Fishing

Chapter 3167 - 3167 The Joust (3)

3167 The Joust (3)

However, at this moment, a voice suddenly resounded from many people in the Sky Opening realm.

“In the Miracle Forest, there are two Holy Ladies. The winner can seize the divine path of the loser and obtain dual divine paths. The joust seems to be looking for a husband for the Holy Lady, but in fact, it’s meant to find a tool. Once the Holy Lady becomes a god and kills her spouse, she can obtain the third divine path and become a peerless expert with three divine personas. When the ominous return, a god with three divine personas is the hope of the Miracle Forest…”

At the same time, this voice appeared from many people.

“It wasn’t me. I didn’t say anything.”

“It’s not me either. I don’t even know where this voice is from.”

“Someone framed me. I don’t know anything.”

The first reaction of these Sky Openers was to explain, but after hearing this, they felt panicked. Which b*stard used them to reveal such a secret? Also, when was this done to them?

Yun Duo’s expression changed slightly, but she couldn’t stop it. If she stopped the news from spreading in public, it would be equivalent to telling everyone that there was a problem with the joust.

However, she had to make a move. She couldn’t let these voices spread. Yun Duo waved her hand and eliminated the imprints on these people.

This was premeditated. Someone left a spiritual sound on these people, which could be triggered with a thought when needed.

Yun Duo swept past and inadvertently glanced at Han Fei. But she didn’t think it made sense. Since the high priest had agreed to let Han Fei participate in the joust, why did he bother to do this?

Besides, this secret seemed to be a secret, but in fact, many strong masters of the major factions had long known it. After all, after they both became gods, the Holy Lady might not have a chance to kill her husband.

Historically, most Holy Ladies of the Miracle Forest had double divinities, and very few of them had triple divine personas. After all, those who dared to participate in the joust despite knowing the gameplay were not fools. They had obviously been prepared.

Only Ye Qingchan took a different approach and found Jian Wudao, an itinerant cultivator with no background and powerful talent.

However, most people didn’t know this secret, so they were shocked at first and then angry.

“What? There’s such a secret about the joust of the Miracle Forest?”

“No wonder, no wonder a Holy Lady perished. They immediately re-established a Holy Lady and continued to hold the joust. So this is their purpose.”

“I didn’t expect the Miracle Forest to have such a big plan. If their Holy Lady really has triple divine personas, how powerful will the god be?”

“So, the so-called joust is to find a tool? Who would be willing to accept it?”

“Miracle Forest must give us an explanation today.”

“I knew that the weird sound last night wasn’t that simple.”

“What a deep calculation it is!”

For a time, the crowd was noisy and discussing.

On the Miracle Divine Tree, the high priest frowned slightly. “Someone is trying to ruin our plan. Pei Bai, Hongye, you keep an eye on the crowd.”

“Yes, High Priest.”

On the side of the joust, Yun Duo’s sound swept across the place, and the Great Monarch-realm suppressing pressure enveloped the entire venue. She snorted coldly. “If you want to ruin the joust, let’s not beat around the bush. If you want to talk, stand in front of the stage. Although the Holy Lady of the Miracle Forest has this ability, none of the previous Holy Ladies have used this method. In addition, this secret is not a secret among the big clans in the Sea Realm, so if you want to discredit the Miracle Forest with this, you’d better understand the ancient history of the Sea Realm first.”

At this moment, a powerhouse from the Primordial Divine Academy stood up. “That’s right. The Holy Lady of the Miracle Forest will have dual divine personas once she becomes a god. Only in a few cases, when the Holy Lady’s husband dies in the Sea of Stars or dies in an ominous battle, does the Holy Lady possess the third divine persona.”

A strong master of the Ancient Demon Race also stood up. “Our Ancient Demon Race can prove this.”

A mysterious young man riding an imperial carriage sneered. “How many people who are truly qualified to marry the Holy Lady don’t know this? It’s just for these itinerant cultivators and experts of small and medium-sized forces to hear.”

However, although the crowd finally calmed down, many itinerant cultivators and the strong masters of some small and medium-sized forces who had planned to have a try secretly gave up joining in the joust.

It was not easy to cultivate to become a Monarch. They were willing to join in the joust. Anyway, even if they couldn’t win, what if they could have a chance? How many of them didn’t have extraordinary talent and experience to become a Monarch?

But now, although the experts of many superpowers had recognized Yun Duo’s statement, this remark still dispelled many experts’ thought of participating in the joust.

It was because their words mentioned one thing, which was the ominous’ return.

Although they were not super forces, they more or less knew some secrets. If a war was coming, the Miracle Forest might take the risk.

Smoking his big pipe, Han Fei sneered.

His purpose in confessing this matter was not to slander the Miracle Forest, but to save time. Once he got the small vine, he would have to run immediately. Since he was going to run, he certainly wouldn’t stay here for long. Otherwise, if the Miracle Forest locked down this place, he might not be able to escape.

Would the strong masters of the superpowers really be indifferent? Not necessarily. If they were really from the superpowers, they must know more about the ominous’ return than the small and medium-sized forces. In the face of a great enemy, they wouldn’t hesitate to do anything to increase their strength. Besides, had the Holy Ladies never killed their husbands? That was not true.

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