God of Fishing

Chapter 3163 - 3163 A Misunderstanding? (3)

3163 A Misunderstanding? (3)

Han Fei’s words were full of disdain for the Central Sea Divine Realm and even for their gods.

“How can you prove it?”

This time, it was no longer Yun Duo speaking, but the high priest of the Miracle Forest who had appeared in the darkness at some point.

Han Fei’s pupils were constricted slightly, and he said leisurely, “Old woman, I don’t need to prove anything to you. Your Miracle Forest can’t afford to offend the Central Sea Divine Realm, but do you think you can afford to offend the Primordial Divine Race? The ominous is returning, but the various Divine Realms in the Sea Realm are scheming against each other. Aren’t you afraid of the ominous? If the ominous attacks, do you expect the Central Sea Divine Realm to protect you?”

After a pause, Han Fei continued, “If the Miracle Forest really has an ancient heritage, you should know it. The descendants of gods originally existed to deal with the ominous, but for some special reasons, they lost the chance to become gods. But their bloodline was stolen by the lousy gods of the Central Sea Divine Realm… Now, you want to ambush and kill me because you are afraid of the Central Sea Divine Realm. I don’t think such a Miracle Forest needs to exist in this world.”

Han Fei suddenly turned around and looked at the high priest. “I’m only standing here and talking to you calmly because of Chanyi. If you still push me, humph, it won’t be difficult for our Primordial Divine Race to flatten the Miracle Forest.”

The high priest’s expression was ugly. She was also decisive in the past. However, after sitting in this position for a long time, she had many things to consider. Just as Han Fei said, the Miracle Forest seemed powerful, but this strength was not real. This was because from the high priest’s point of view, without a god guarding, a super force was actually impossible to resist a really powerful enemy.

Ye Chanyi had given them hope in the past, only to bring them even more disappointment.

Later, Ye Qingchan gave them hope again. However, no one expected that a whetstone would break the knife.

Now, they still had one last hope, which was to use the name of the Holy Lady to find the protection of a potential god.

However, Han Fei’s appearance shattered their hope again and might even lead the entire Miracle Forest to a dead end.

In the end, they made a choice, which was to kill Han Fei. However, after paying the price of a Great Monarch and seven Immortal-level powerhouses, they realized that the Primordial Divine Race was also not something they could shake.

At this moment, the Miracle Forest was in a dilemma.

Han Fei was secretly delighted. If he confirmed his identity as a member of the Primordial Divine Race, at least the Miracle Forest wouldn’t dare to touch him again.

“You can participate in the joust, but don’t meet Chanyi tonight. Since you’re confident, go back to the welcoming city! Otherwise, it might not be a good thing if everyone protects.”

Han Fei grinned. “Thank you, High Priest.”

These words were a little ear-piercing to the high priest and Yun Duo. Just now he called the high priest “old woman”, but now he called her “High Priest”. This guy’s attitude changed too quickly.

However, the high priest said, “Can you release Qingshu now?”

Han Fei shook his head. “No.”

The high priest frowned, but Han Fei said, “I’ll tell you what happened after the joust. Anyway, Great Monarch Qingshu is still alive.”


The high priest didn’t ask further. Since the conflict had been resolved, Wang Han probably wanted to hold a trump card to prevent the Miracle Forest from changing its mind. It could only be said that the young people nowadays were getting harder and harder to deal with.

“Yes, there must be an explanation.”

“What if they’ve already slept? Then what about the joust?”

“Yes, explain…”


As the saying went, the law didn’t punish the masses, so there was nothing to be afraid of. Would the Miracle Forest dare to attack so many strong masters on the spot? If they did, the Miracle Forest would really be finished.

Yun Duo shouted in a low voice, “Everyone, calm down. I am the master of the Holy Lady. Here, I can assure you that there is nothing between Wang Han and the Holy Lady. Just now, he didn’t see the Holy Lady but was persuaded to return by me.”

Upon hearing this, a handsome man in the crowd put on a smile. Nothing between them? Xia Xiaochan was already pregnant with Han Fei’s child, who was probably his future son-in-law!

Zhang Xuanyu, who had changed his appearance, sighed. “Sure enough, the world is full of liars, including the Great Monarchs.”

As for Han Fei, he didn’t need to explain like Yun Duo. He sneered, his Qi and blood vibrated, and his voice was wild. “What are you talking about? What does the joust have to do with you cannon fodders?”

“F*ck, this guy is so f*cking arrogant.”

“Damn it, how arrogant he is!”

“Anyone can win this competition except Wang Han.”

“Everyone, we must take him down on the field.”

Han Fei’s lips curled in disdain, but no one, including Yun Duo, noticed that the moment Han Fei’s Qi and blood vibrated, a black fog quietly attached to Yun Duo.

Yun Duo even glanced at Han Fei. “Why do you have to anger everyone?”

Han Fei shrugged. “Because they made me unhappy.”

Yun Duo was helpless. She didn’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing to let Han Fei join in the joust.

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