God of Fishing

Chapter 3151 - 3151 Immortal Slaying Knife, Original Law (3)

3151 Immortal Slaying Knife, Original Law (3)

However, the difference was that the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique should only be one of the laws of life. This meant that life and death were very inclusive. They could accommodate many extremely powerful laws.

Of course, he hadn’t comprehended anything about the law of death at all.

Logically speaking, if he went to two places now, he should be able to comprehend these two laws. One was the River of Origin, and the other was the River of Eternal Darkness.

However, the expert of the ancient human race had told him that it was difficult to return from the chaos, but he could go to the eternal darkness. If his understanding was correct, the River of Origin was probably not in this era at all, but in the Chaotic Era. As for the River of Eternal Darkness, it could be reached through the Sea of Eternal Darkness, which was located in the Chaotic Star Sea. It was fine for him to go there, but the senior had also said that he shouldn’t go there until he completed the Law Fusion.

In other words, that senior asked him to wait until he became a Great Monarch before he tried to go to the River of Eternal Darkness.

However, this created a paradox. Intermediate Immortal-Level cultivators had to establish their original law, but only Great Monarchs could go to the River of Eternal Darkness. If the law of death could only be comprehended from the River of Eternal Darkness, no one in this world could comprehend this law.

Therefore, Han Fei thought that there must be other places where he could comprehend the Law of Life and the Law of Death.

Han Fei slowly stood up and muttered, “It seems that I have to go to the Immortal Temple after this matter is over.”

“Yu, let’s go.”

Han Fei said to Zhang Xuanyu in his Origin Star. Of course, Zhang Xuanyu knew the secrets of Han Fei’s Origin Star, so when Han Fei was in seclusion, he cultivated in Han Fei’s Origin Star too and stayed there even longer than Han Fei.


Zhang Xuanyu suddenly stood up, his body cracking. “Your Origin Star is too ridiculous. Two years in the outside world is a thousand years here. With such an exaggerated time ratio, why is your strength still at the Immortal level?”

Han Fei rolled his eyes. “If others heard what you said, they would probably want to hammer you to death. Extreme Dao is difficult to cultivate, and sometimes time is useless. As for you, your strength has improved quickly, but you haven’t reached the peak of the Carefree Level yet, right?”

Zhang Xuanyu shook his head. “It’s different. This is your Origin Star, not mine. If I had the ability to accelerate time, I would probably be a peak-level Great Monarch now.”

“Keep bragging. How much have you drunk? Let’s go. Two years have passed. Do you want to go to the West Wilderness to gain experience first?”

Zhang Xuanyu asked, “Why am I going to the West Wilderness now? I have to participate in the Holy Lady’s joust.”

Han Fei asked, “Do you have any background? If you participate, your senior sister might be implicated.”

Zhang Xuanyu sneered. “I must watch the fun anyway.”

In the outside world.

Han Fei and Zhang Xuanyu appeared, and Feng Yu’s perception scanned them. “Have you finally come out of seclusion?”

Zhang Xuanyu said, “I got a lot of resources from him, so I stabilized my strength quickly. You guys chat first. I’m going to find my senior sister. There are some things that we shouldn’t let her get involved in.”


After Zhang Xuanyu left, Feng Yu said with jealousy, “Little Junior Brother, tell me the truth. Do you have any special way to quickly cross realms?”

Han Fei was lost for words. “What special way? I just killed too many strong masters, so I stack laws very quickly. Have you forgotten the human race’s war in the East Sea Divine Realm? So many Great Monarchs died. Aren’t the laws surging on their Origin Stars? So it’s normal for me to stack laws quickly. Besides, Senior Sister, your strength has been stabilized very quickly too!”

Feng Yu narrowed her eyes. “I can’t even stabilize my realm in two years. If it weren’t for the abundant resources of my race and the time-accelerating treasure place that the patriarch gave me, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have stabilized my cultivation even now. There must be something wrong with you…”

Han Fei shrugged. “Senior Sister, you know that I have also mastered the law of time, so it’s normal for me to speed up my cultivation.”

Upon hearing this, Feng Yu immediately understood. “No wonder Zhang Xuanyu wants to cultivate in your Origin Star. It turns out that he is using your ability of time acceleration to cultivate. How many times?”

Han Fei thought that everybody would find out sooner or later that he was growing too fast, so he simply said, “A hundred times.”

“How many times?”

Feng Yu immediately raised her voice several times and her eyes widened. “A*shole Junior Brother, why didn’t you tell me that you can have a hundred-time time acceleration?”

Han Fei smiled in embarrassment. “I’ll definitely tell you next time. Hey, Senior Sister, is there any news from the Miracle Forest?”

Feng Yu glared at Han Fei. No wonder Han Fei always caught up with her no matter how hard she cultivated. It turned out that this guy had long mastered the method of time acceleration. Who could be faster than him?

Trying to calm herself down, Feng Yu snorted. “Although you have time acceleration, my family has already prepared more than 3,000 law scrolls for me. Little Junior Brother, watch for another hundred years.”

Han Fei: “…”

After that, Feng Yu finally said in a good mood, “Three days ago, the Miracle Forest announced that their Holy Lady Ye Qingchan had unfortunately perished in the God Ferrying Ancient Land. However, the second Holy Lady has been selected. Her name is Ye Chanyi. Her strength has reached the peak of the Carefree Level, and her combat power and talent are not inferior to Ye Qingchan’s. She has also embarked on a divine path. The Joust will continue and will be held in half a year. So, you still have half a year. Do you want to continue cultivating in seclusion?”

Han Fei nodded slightly. “There’s no need. I can’t just keep cultivating in seclusion. My strength has increased greatly on this trip to the God Ferrying Ancient Land. It’s time for me to leave.”

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