God of Fishing

Chapter 3148 - 3148 That's How We Do Things in the West Wilderness (4)

3148 That’s How We Do Things in the West Wilderness (4)

Xia Xiaochan seemed to be shocked to see this person.

“Ma… Master…”

Xia Xiaochan’s momentum immediately changed. “That’s impossible. I buried my master’s corpse with my own hands, and she’s still buried in the Southern Dipper. When she died, there were weather changes in the sky. I couldn’t have seen wrongly.”


The beautiful woman sighed. “Chanyi, I’m sorry that I kept it a secret from you for so long. I faked my death because you were too kind back then. If you had stayed in the Miracle Forest, you would’ve been the one who died. So, I want to make you cold-hearted, show you the cruelty of the world, and make you live with hatred… Only in this way can you compete with Ye Qingchan.”

Xia Xiaochan was very emotional, and Han Fei saw that her tears were falling. His heart sank slightly. It seemed that Xia Xiaochan couldn’t completely erase Ye Chanyi’s memories. Or rather, it wasn’t just Ye Chanyi’s memories, but also hers. Ye Chanyi was her. After fusing with Ye Chanyi, she had two memories combined, making her memory about the Miracle Forest even more vivid.

Han Fei held Xia Xiaochan’s hand slightly and whispered, “Calm down.”

Seeing that Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan were so intimate, the beautiful woman’s pupils were constricted slightly, and she immediately said, “Chanyi, I’ve been watching you secretly all these years. Now that the battle of fate between you and Ye Qingchan is over, I should let you end this pain. Go back with me!”

As she spoke, the beautiful woman’s heart stirred as her Companion Spirit, Crimson Demonic Sunflower, appeared.

“Look, Master’s Companion Spirit can’t be fake. You know it…”

Xia Xiaochan burst into tears and roared, “You lied to me… You’ve been lying to me since the beginning… What you want is just a Holy Lady. You don’t care who the Holy Lady is at all. But have you ever thought that if it weren’t like this at the beginning, the Miracle Forest might have had two gods?”

After that, Xia Xiaochan lowered her voice. “I need some time alone. Don’t go back to Southern Dipper. I don’t want to see you…”

After that, Xia Xiaochan stepped into the Void World.

Pei Bai and Si Hongye were about to chase after her, but Yun Duo stood in front of them. “Nobody is allowed to touch my disciple, especially you, Si Hongye.”

Si Hongye’s voice was distorted. “Yun Duo, you and I have both lost. Ye Chanyi will only become a killer in the end.”

Yun Duo sneered. “You are the one who doesn’t know anything.”


At this moment, the high priest waved his hand. “Alright, Yun Duo will handle this matter. No one is allowed to interfere. Yun Duo… There must be a Holy Lady in the Miracle Forest. This is the bottom line.”

Yun Duo nodded slightly. “I’ll bring Chanyi back.”

Han Fei didn’t chase after Xia Xiaochan. At this moment, he was holding a jade slip in his hand, which Xia Xiaochan had just stuffed into his hand.

Scanning around with his perception, he heard Xia Xiaochan’s sound. “I’ll delay it for two years. After that, everything will go according to plan.”

Le Renkuang was not stupid. If Xia Xiaochan really ran away, Han Fei couldn’t be so calm. He said, “Come with me! At least, leave here.”

As Le Renkuang spoke, he looked at the Miracle Forest. These people might not attack Xia Xiaochan, but if Han Fei was alone, they probably wouldn’t be merciful.

Han Fei smiled. “Okay.”

Zhan Nanye didn’t mind taking Han Fei with him. He wasn’t here to fight anyway, so he said casually, “Okay, it seems that everything has been resolved. High Priest, goodbye.”

However, the high priest suddenly said, “You can take your disciple away, but Wang Han must stay.”

Han Fei’s pupils were slightly narrowed. This old woman seems to have a big problem with me?

Zhan Nanye smiled in disdain. “Old woman, I’m giving you face by telling you. What if I don’t?”

The high priest knocked the wood in her hand. Within ten million kilometers, the spiritual plants mutated. Her aura soared to the sky as if the power of the world all gathered on her.

Han Fei was puzzled. He didn’t expect this old woman to be so tough. If even Zhan Nanye couldn’t protect him, he could only use the God-Killing Arrow. Unfortunately, such a peerless treasure might be used up.

“Hey! High priest… You seem to be disrespecting the Phoenix Divine Race. Wang Han is still the fiance of Xiao Yu. Why do you want to take him away?”

Aunt Huo suddenly spoke, not giving the high priest any face.

Pei Bai snorted coldly. “Even now, you still admit that he is your son-in-law? Don’t you find it ridiculous?”

Aunt Huo giggled. “It’s normal for a man to have a few women.”

The high priest said, “If your patriarch doesn’t take action, how can you?”

Aunt Fire chuckled. “At least, it won’t be a problem for me to intercept the two behind you.”

Zhan Nanye also said, “I can take away the person I want to take away no matter who comes. Old woman, if you piss me off, no one from the Miracle Forest can enter the West Wilderness again.”

“Are you threatening me?”

Zhan Nanye said, “So what? That’s how we do things in the West Wilderness.”

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