God of Fishing

Chapter 3111 - 3111 God Slayer, Han Fei (3)

3111 God Slayer, Han Fei (3)

“Not good! He is half a step into the Great Monarch realm.”

The crown prince of the Divine Capital no longer had to passively make a breakthrough. He instantly disappeared from the spot, his figure flashing nonstop on the star tomb. Every time he stopped for a moment, a Monarch from the Central Sea Divine Realm would be instantly shattered.

At this moment, the four immortals finally gathered. They activated secret techniques one after another, and their strengths were all at the late-stage of the Immortal Level. In addition to their Nature Spiritual Treasures, they had endless trump cards. Even the crown prince of the Divine Capital was entangled. After all, he hadn’t completely made a breakthrough.

Han Fei was about to fight Jian Wudao, when the voice of the crown prince of the Divine Capital suddenly sounded in his mind. “Daoist Friend Human Emperor, help me cut off the projection of this god. These four people are not weak. It’s very likely that they still have trump cards. If we fight now, both sides will be injured. If I’m unable to fight again, no matter how powerful the divine tribulation is, you can’t annihilate those four people at the same time if they join force.”

“Are you crazy or am I? You want me to slay a god?”

The crown prince of the Divine Capital said, “The Spiritual Treasure Stars are selecting the best. Whoever shows their unparalleled brilliance will receive special attention. In fact, the appearance of the graveyard does not actually require one day. There’s something wrong with this tomb. If you kill it, you can enter the graveyard. As I said… When we leave the graveyard, how can these people be a match for you and me? I know you have an undying body, so even if I trick you, you won’t die. Why should I be your enemy?”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. That made sense. The crown prince of the Divine Capital shouldn’t be his enemy. Just as he said, even if he killed this divine phantom, he wouldn’t die. There was no need for him to lie to him.

Han Fei roared, “Feng Yu, don’t hold back anymore. Help me protect the others for a moment.”

Upon hearing this, Feng Yu immediately unleashed her fourth form to the extreme, and her strength soared. She pushed back, and True Phoenix Demon Fire instantly swept across Zhao Longma.


The spear in the latter’s hand immediately broke with a crack and his body was pierced through by the True Phoenix’s claw.


Most of Zhao Longma’s body had been destroyed. He was shocked. Was this the real strength of Feng Yu? The True Phoenix Divine Technique, the limit of the fourth form of the Phoenix Divine Race. Didn’t this mean that it wouldn’t be long for her to acquire the fifth form? If that was the case, he was probably no match for her. Feng Yu seemed to be even qualified to compete for the first place on the God Roll.

However, the True Phoenix did not continue to attack Zhao Longma. Instead, it turned around and grabbed at Jian Wudao in an instant.

Han Fei was speechless. He thought to himself that Feng Yu was really cowardly, refusing to use her fifth form even now. She had probably only unleashed 50% of her strength in that blow just now.

Han Fei even suspected that with Feng Yu’s personality, would she let others know that she had cultivated to the fifth form? If this was also fake…

Unfortunately, Han Fei had no time to think about this now. He turned around and swept towards the magnificent projection of the god.

When countless people saw this scene, they couldn’t help but be stunned. What was this guy doing?

“He’s crazy. Does he want to kill a god?”

Feng Yu was a little speechless. Is Little Junior Brother out of his mind? In the Graveyard of Gods, wouldn’t killing the projection of a god be regarded as an anomaly by the graveyard?

Le Renkuang said enviously, “Sure enough, just like in the past, he can always do something unexpected and amazing.”

Zhang Xuanyu grinned. “This guy…”

At this moment, Han Fei vaguely circulated his Great Dao to six times his combat power, which was already beyond his theoretical limit. Gathering all his strength in one attack, the Blood Sky Blade couldn’t help but tremble. This master was crazy. Although it had fought countless gods in history, as one who had dared to kill a god when he was still at the Carefree Level, he was definitely the craziest of all its masters.

Above the Nether River, the spiritual treasure stars were buzzing and shaking as if they were very excited too, like a group of onlookers watching the show.

The Dao of Slaughter God, the Ragnarok, six times his combat power, and the high-quality Natural Spirit Treasure, the Blood Sky Blade… With so many powers superimposed, Han Fei’s slash was peerless.

More importantly, he was fearless in the face of a god.

The projection of the god pressed down with one hand, and his hand was so huge that it seemed to be able to destroy stars.

An ethereal voice scolded, “Lawless.”

Han Fei was also very excited. The thought of slaying a god was exciting. What’s wrong with being lawless?


“Rip ~”

A saber beam shot into the sky, and a golden crack appeared on the huge projection’s body. The big hand was also cut open.

“Hiss! This… The projection of the god was killed?”

“Damn it. How can this guy be so strong?”

Jian Wudao’s heart sank when he fought Feng Yu. This guy was stronger than he had imagined. Could he kill a god?


The god’s projection suddenly shattered, and cracks appeared behind the god’s projection. Countless people saw a star tomb, and an ancient aura wafted over.

A divine coffin stood on the star tomb, shining brightly.

An azure dragon was lying on the star tomb as if in a deep sleep.

There was a magnificent divine shadow sitting cross-legged on the star, its body intimidating.

A goddess seemed to be resting on a peerless ancient tree.

A divine temple was placed among the stars, dazzling and brilliant.

“The Graveyard of the Gods. This is the real Graveyard of the Gods.”

“Isn’t it said that the Graveyard of Gods can only be opened a day later? Why is it open now?”

The crown prince of the Divine Capital roared, “Monarchs of the Divine Capital Dynasty, enter the graveyard.”

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