God of Fishing

Chapter 292 - Naked Meeting

Chapter 292 Naked Meeting

Han Fei felt that his blood was freezing. Of all times to have a meltdown, she was having an episode at this particular moment? What was her problem exactly?

Xia Xiaochan was smiling a second ago, but one second later, her eyes were bloodshot.

Out of Han Fei’s expectation, instead of attacking him, Xia Xiaochan flashed a hundred meters away and dove into the ocean.

His face changing greatly, Han Fei shouted, “Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp, protect them! Little Gold, attach!”

Han Fei dove into the ocean with a swoosh. He saw a red shadow blinking far away.

“Xia Xiaochan, wait…”

Both of them were extraordinarily fast. They could definitely leave regular great fishing masters dumbfounded!

As a hunter, Xia Xiaochan was adept at agility in the first place. Plus with her divine-level Wanderer Swimming Art, she was like a red lightning ball in the ocean when she rushed.

Although Han Fei’s Shadow Swimming Art was only demon-level, it was divine-quality. Also, he had the boost of Little Gold. He was the only one who could catch up to Xia Xiaochan now.

One chasing the other, they penetrated through all the fish on their way. Too many fish were spun or knocked away by them, but by the time they realized what was going on, Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan were already gone.


In no more than ten minutes, Han Fei suddenly stopped, because Xia Xiaochan was gone.

“Is she in stealth mode?”

Han Fei was quite grave because it didn’t make sense. When Xia Xiaochan had an attack, she would usually go on a killing spree and would not hide.

But why had he lost her?

Han Fei looked around and noticed something wrong. He seemed to have reached a slightly dangerous treasure trove in the level-two fishery that Zhang Xuanyu marked on his map. However, they did not come here because the odds of discovery were not high.

At this point, Han Fei sensed that the spiritual energy was more intense than before, and the water was colder.

A shoal of Dragon-Headed Fish was swimming by when they saw Han Fei. Immediately, they all jerked at him.

Han Fei did not know what to say about those stubborn fools.

He flapped his wings and got rid of the fish, before he descended deeper into the sea.

A moment later, Han Fei saw multiple Three-Headed Snakes at the bottom of the sea. He immediately turned grave, knowing that Xia Xiaochan was here.

Following the debris on the bottom, Han Fei discovered to his surprise, the entrance to an undersea cave.

This was a dangerous area full of Buddha Octopuses. Disguises had been set up here just like the sunken ship that Jiang Qin took him to earlier. Also, whoever set up the disguises set the entrance among the Buddha Octopuses, making it impossible for regular people to find.

If Xia Xiaochan hadn’t cut half of the Buddha Octopuses, Han Fei didn’t think that he would’ve found it.

However, what confused Han Fei was how Xia Xiaochan knew that there was an entrance in this place. Also, from the cold feeling he sensed at the entrance, Han Fei knew that there must be something freezing in the cave.

Dashing into the undersea cave without any hesitation, Han Fei immediately sensed that the water dropped by dozens of degrees.

After he descended twenty meters, the temperature was already below zero.

Han Fei even found plants in the cave. However, most of the plants were blue, and there were many broken icicles near the plants.

Han Fei found it amazing. It was common sense that water would turn into ice when the temperature was below zero. Although the salty water had a lower freezing point, it would still turn into ice when the temperature was too low.

“Huh? Wait. The temperature here is sufficient. Would spiritual energy influence the freezing point?”

Han Fei picked up a piece of ice and crumbled it to feel its temperature. Then, he looked around.

Was it a huge block of ice a thousand meters away?

Han Fei swam near, only to discover that it was Xia Xiaochan who was crouching on a gigantic piece of ice.

Not just that, Xia Xiaochan was glowing in redness at this point, and the heat she radiated was flowing like magma. Even though the ice was cold, Xia Xiaochan had burnt the shape of a human in it.

Han Fei subconsciously touched the ice, only to take his hand back immediately. The ice was almost as cold as the bones of the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon.

Han Fei whispered telepathically, Xia Xiaochan, can you hear me?

After Han Fei said that, Xia Xiaochan suddenly opened her bloodshot eyes. After a blink, she was gone, and Han Fei hurried to raise his sword.


As he expected, Xia Xiaochan appeared behind him and cut Han Fei with her dagger.

Supposedly, Xia Xiaochan should be no match for Han Fei, but at this point, Xia Xiaochan was like a source of heat, and behind Han Fei was a huge glacier.

In between them, Han Fei was being both frozen and scorched.

For that reason, Han Fei was slowed down and thrown into the glacier.

Ice was consolidating on the surface of Han Fei’s body at a visible speed, but he had no time to bother with that as Xia Xiaochan had stabbed him again. He couldn’t be more careful.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The chaotic battle began. Now, Han Fei was thrown to the glacier, and now, Xia Xiaochan had done the same. Those two left all kinds of cracks and holes in the glacier.

Of course, Han Fei had been mostly focused on defending himself, so he was the one that was terribly beaten in the battle.

At this point, they had fought their way into the glacier, digging a cave through the extraordinarily hard ice.

Han Fei was lost for words. What exactly was this girl’s disease? It had improved her combat abilities by two levels.

However, Han Fei had guessed Xia Xiaochan’s intention. She seemed to be trying to cool her weirdly feverish body with the coldness of the glacier.

Therefore, Han Fei kept digging the tunnel, taking them deeper and deeper into the glacier, until the tunnel behind them was refilled by water and frozen again.

Han Fei didn’t know how long he had dug. But in the narrow space, he had been stabbed a thousand times while he cast the Divine Healing Technique on himself.

Suddenly, he trembled again as the temperature had dropped another time. He turned around, only to see a blue stone in the middle of the glacier.

Shoot… What is this thing?

Han Fei was immediately covered in ice, and he was slowed down. Xia Xiaochan, on the other hand, continued attacking Han Fei even though the red glow on her was slightly diminished.

In the last moment, the only thing that Han Fei could do was to pump the water nearby away with Forge the Universe and leave an appropriate amount of air for himself.

One day passed.

Xia Xiaochan woke up in coldness. She tried to open her eyes but failed because it was too cold. Immediately, she fused the Red Fire Tricky Lobster with herself.

During the fusion, Xia Xiaochan was stunned when she realized that she was much stronger than before. When did she become a Dangling Fisher?

Then, the ice was slightly melted, and she managed to open her eyes, only to see that Han Fei was right before her and was pressing her hands against the wall. Of course, Han Fei was now nothing more than a human-shaped ice sculpture at this point.


Fire surged out, and Xia Xiaochan struggled to shatter part of the ice. But then she found that Han Fei was still frozen in the ice in the same posture with the same expression of speechlessness.


Xia Xiaochan yelled, breaking the ice on them. But she screamed in the next second.

When the ice was broken, their clothes were broken too. Not just that, after the ice that covered Han Fei was frozen, his body was still rigid and he was still towering over Xia Xiaochan.

His eyes cramping, Han Fei simply pretended that he hadn’t come back to himself yet and did not move.


Han Fei was slapped in the face.

He burst into a fury. “Why are you slapping me?”

Xia Xiaochan shouted, “Don’t look at me! Give me my clothes!”

At this point, Xia Xiaochan was trying to conceal her body in flames.

Han Fei moved his eyes upward. “I didn’t see anything. You were the one who led us to this place.”

Then, Han Fei extracted two sets of clothes from Forge the Universe. But the clothes were burnt and then frozen into ashy ice again.

Han Fei: “…”

Xia Xiaochan: “…”

Han Fei said, “Wait, it’s all because of that stone. When you had an attack yesterday, I had no time to deal with the stone.”

In the space covering no more than one square meter, Han Fei breathed heavily and pointed at a blue stone a hundred meters away.

Xia Xiaochan said, her face completely red, “Keep your eyes closed.”

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