God of Fishing

Chapter 2838 - 2838 Conquer the City of Origin (2)

2838 Conquer the City of Origin (2)

Now, it was unknown whether the Great Monarch was dead or alive, and An Bailin was the strongest person in the clan. Judging from the Human Emperor’s tone, he wasn’t afraid of An Bailin at all. This let the elders know that this matter had become serious. The fact that their Great Monarch wasn’t in the clan couldn’t be hidden anymore.

Not to mention the elders, even the expressions of many of the hundreds of thousands of Sky Openers had clearly changed. When they were sent back, the Great Monarch was still in the Chaotic Ice Domain, but when they returned, they heard the Heavenly Cicada’s sad cry. This made them lose their backbone.

Fortunately, An Bailin’s return made them realize that the Heavenly Cicada Clan still had a Monarch, and the Great Monarch might still be alive. But today, the human race had come to their door. If they couldn’t keep them here, the consequences would be disastrous.

After a moment of silence, An Bailin slowly said, “Even if Great Monarch Tianming can’t take action for the time being, how dare your human race, a group of weaklings who haven’t even entered the Star Transformation Realm, make an enemy of our City of Origin?”

This time, Luo Xiaobai stood up and said, “I’m Luo Xiaobai, the War Commander of the human race. It’s not up to you whether we can be enemies with your City of Origin or not. Let’s meet on the battlefield. A few days ago, your City of Origin gathered a thousand peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm and perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators to destroy the front line of our human race. Although I’ve killed all of them, this behavior is equivalent to declaring war on our human race. Since your City of Origin has already declared war, how can our human race not respond? Here, no matter if the Great Monarch of your City of Origin is seriously injured or dead, he won’t be able to take action anyway. In that case, after the tidal wave, the City of Origin is prepared to welcome the wrath of our human race!”

For a moment, someone from the elders of the City of Origin said to An Bailin via voice transmission, “City Lord, since they’ve sent themselves to us, keep them here! If we let them go, there will be endless trouble in the future!

“That’s right, City Lord. Great Monarch Tianming can’t take action now, but this is our chance.”

“City Lord…”

An Bailin suddenly turned around and glanced at the group of elders, and everyone immediately shut up.

Han Fei smiled casually. “There’s no need for a voice transmission. Since I dare to come here today, how can I be afraid of a battle? An Bailin, do you want to fight me?”

Behind Han Fei, the faces of the human cultivators didn’t change on the surface, but they were all puzzled in their hearts. They had no chance to beat the people of the City of Origin this time! What was the Human Emperor up to?

An Bailin, on the other hand, said lightly, “Those who think they can fight, step out.”

Instantly, nearly 10,000 of the 150,000 people stepped out. The reason why they stepped out was that they really didn’t think the human race could win. With so few human cultivators and such strength, it was only a matter of one or several rounds of attacks. Why didn’t they dare to fight such a battle?

Besides, they thought that even if they didn’t fight today, they would fight the human race in the future. Besides, today was their home ground. With the hundreds of thousands of brothers behind them and the City Lord around, they might fall into some kind of trap, but they probably wouldn’t die. As long as they took action, they would know if the human race was bluffing.

The rest of the people were smarter. They thought that Han Fei was too strong to use such a low-level trick. If he didn’t use it well, the losses would be too great. Therefore, they concluded that Han Fei wasn’t bluffing but had some special methods.

An Bailin said, “A thousand people have stepped out. OK, now enter the arena and fight.”

A thousand perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators stepped out, and An Bailin stepped out and confronted Han Fei from a distance. Among the people present, only Han Fei and Luo Xiaobai knew that this was just a show. The others were all nervous at this moment, especially the humans. They had no idea how to fight this battle.

“Kill ~”

Since these people could reach the perfected Star Transformation Realm, they were all swift and decisive and had their own judgment. Since they were going to fight, they would try to annihilate these people of the human race, including the war commander who had just reached the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm.

However, in the next moment, a turtle shell rose into the sky, and then the thousand people disappeared in a layer of barrier. The Mystic Martial Monarch Armor could reveal the situation of the inside to the outside world or conceal the situation of the inside, which was up to Han Fei.

Immediately, the pupils of the elders of the City of Origin and the Sky Opening Realm army were all constricted. It was indeed a trap. However, this was the City of Origin. Was it really fine for the human race to set up a trap so blatantly?

The moment the Mystic Martial Monarch Armor appeared, An Bailin and Han Fei disappeared at the same time. Immediately afterward, in the sky, fist lights flashed and cicadas chirped.


Energy raged in the void for 100,000 kilometers. The strong masters from the City of Origin who were considering whether to support them were forced to temporarily stay in a defensive state under the sudden impact. Besides, the City of Origin was behind them. In addition to defending themselves, they also had to protect the City of Origin.

There was nothing they could do. The Monarch-realm battle was too close to them, so they couldn’t attack immediately.

In fact, when Monarchs fought, the power of the law dissipated, and no ordinary people could intervene.

At the same time, in the Turtle Shell Sky Sealing Technique.

The 1,000 strong masters in the perfected Star Transformation Realm were about to launch a charge, when suddenly, a void opening appeared in this world, and a magical void passage connected to an unknown area.

In the next moment, under the surprised gaze of Luo Xiaobai and the human cultivators, a golden hook extended out of the huge void passage.

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