God of Fishing

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Do You Still Collect Protection Fees?

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As he approached, Han Fei saw that a few gangsters were having clams in his yard. His face immediately turned grim.

“Hey! Brother Gang, that guy is back!”


The fatty threw the shells to the ground heavily. “Brat, do you know that I came for you yesterday? Where is the protection fee that I asked?”

Han Fei shivered in fury. I was on the brink of death several times, and when I finally come home, you’re eating my food. Is it fair?

Han Fei grinned coldly, “Five low-quality pearls for each clam. I’ll let you go if you give me the money, or I’ll beat you until you pay for them.”

The fatty and his lackeys were dazed. Then, they burst into laughter.

“Brother Gang, did he just ask us for money?”

“Brother Gang, this guy is crazy. Is he threatening us?”

With a wicked smile, the fatty bared his teeth and chuckled. “Brat, did my ears just deceive me, or was your brain damaged by an iron-head fish? You’re threatening your Brother Gang?”


Han Fei was much more confident now. The guy might be a level-seven fisher, so what? It was not such a challenge after he killed a sea dragon.

Han Fei drew his purple bamboo rod and declared, “Do you want to spill your blood in my place?”


Brother Gang and his people were about to mock Han Fei again, when the purple bamboo rod glowed in Han Fei’s hand.

Brother Gang changed his face. “Brat, you’re truly bold. Brothers, take him down!”

“I’ll kill you!”

Han Fei jumped and struck with the purple bamboo rod heavily. You think I’m too old to wield a rod?

Before Brother Gang realized what was going on, one of his level-five subordinates had already been hit. The man cried, holding his shoulder, “Ah! My arm is broken! Brother Gang, my arm is broken!”

Brother Gang burst into fury. “Are you asking to be killed?”

All of them picked up their rods. How could they be defeated by a child who was terribly outnumbered?

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Han Fei had 159 points of basic spiritual energy and a storage of more than three thousand points. What could he possibly be scared of?

I’m going to kill this fatty!


One of the gangsters filled his body with spiritual energy and tried to take Han Fei’s attack the hard way.

However, after a crack, the man fell on the ground and vomited blood.

Brother Gang became alarmed. “Not good. This boy is at the peak of level six. Let me.”

The fatty slashed an iron rod at Han Fei. Outside of his expectations, Han Fei felt that his arm was numb. His face slightly changed. Was the guy a level-seven fisher?

Brother Gang was also stunned. “You’re rather strong, but you don’t know how good a level-seven expert is at all. Sweeping Flash Stick!”

Instantly, a Snakebelt seemed to be slithering on the fatty. Next moment, the fatty’s combat ability significantly increased. His speed was twice as high.

Han Fei was shocked. How could a man so fat be so fast?

Clang! Clang! Clang! BAM!

Han Fei was forced to step back for the first time. Although he felt that he was no weaker than the fatty, he could not bear the fatty’s six consecutive attacks at the same time.


Han Fei’s arm was numb, and blood flowed on his lips.

Brother Gang sneered, “Level-seven experts can loot the power of demonic fish. You think I do not have any power? Boy, kneel and submit all your belongings… Fine, since you do not have any belongings, give this yard to me, and I will spare you.”

Han Fei took a deep breath. He still had his recovery ability, although it was much weaker than previously.

He grinned. “Is it the only thing that level-seven experts are capable of? How weak are you?”


Infinite spiritual energy surged out from Han Fei. Both he and his rod glowed as he leaped and smashed again.


Brother Gang said, “Boy, you are killing yourself. You’re only a level-six fisher. Filling your body with spiritual energy alone will cost one third of your spiritual energy. How many more times can you strike?”

Han Fei said, “You really talk too much…”

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Han Fei smashed at him six times crazily without stopping. He was hit once in return, which made his chest hurt.

The fatty breathed heavily. His previous attacks only caused a minor injury to Han Fei, but the boy went crazy and struck another couple of times. How much spiritual energy did the boy have?

Han Fei did not stop there. He swept, and the spiritual energy spread out in ripples.

Dum! Dum! Dum!


The rods collided thunderously. Brother Gang vomited blood and lost control of his iron rod.

His eyes were full of disbelief. How was it possible? How many times had the boy struck while filling his body with spiritual energy? It must’ve cost more than two hundred points of spiritual energy!


Han Fei dispersed his spiritual energy and whipped the fatty. All the other gangsters were stunned. Had Brother Gang been defeated?

Han Fei squatted before Brother Gang and grinned. “Do you still collect protection fee from me?”

Sweating hard, Brother Gang said, “It’s a misunderstanding. Brother, it’s totally a misunderstanding.”


Han Fei bashed Brother Gang three times and knocked him to the ground. “A misunderstanding? Are you sure it’s a misunderstanding?”

Brother Gang grimaced in pain but dared not fight back. “Brother, I can compensate you. I guarantee that I won’t look for you for trouble anymore.”


Han Fei yelled, “Who’s your brother?”

Brother Gang said, “Master Han! Please forgive me, Master Han!”


Brother Gang trembled. Why are you still beating me? I will be crippled if you don’t stop!

Brother Gang begged for mercy. “Master, please spare me! I can give you my girlfriend…”

Han Fei did not know what to say.


Gloomily, Han Fei said, “Leave your money and your iron rod here and get lost.”

Brother Gang wept. How could he have imagined this happening? Why did the guy pretend to be so weak a few days ago?

Brother Gang said, “Master, I only have an iron rod… Here you are. Please don’t point it at me. I’m scared.”

Han Fei said, “I’ve wasted too much spiritual energy on you. Your iron rot is not nearly enough to compensate for my loss. You’d better get as far away as possible.”

“Yes, of course. Why are you still here? Go!”

Han Fei was secretly surprised when the fatty rose and ran agilely. Was it the power of the demonic fish that he mentioned? If the fatty had stored enough spiritual energy, the result of the battle could’ve been different. His weird power doubled his strength. Han Fei only defeated him because he had much more spiritual energy than his enemy did.

No, I underestimated the advanced fishermen. They are called advanced for a reason. The fatty was defeated by me because of insufficient spiritual energy. What if he were a level-eight fisher?

For the second time, Han Fei felt that he had been improving too slowly. Even a gangster could reach level seven. How many such people were out there in this world where everybody cultivated? He was only a Mr. Nobody, and he had to work hard to change that.

Han Fei entered the room and saw a note on the table left by Tang Ge.

I won’t be back for the time being. There’s something in that place you know. I’ll see you at the Fishing Trial.

Han Fei shredded the note and reached the back of the house.

Behind the house was a cliff, with a trail less than half a meter wide. An iron chain was hanging on the trail. Han Fei grabbed the chain and descended carefully for about ten meters. Then, an inconspicuous cave whose entrance was covered by bushes lay before his eyes.

The cave had existed before the house was built. Every time Tang Ge found anything good, he would hide it in the cave instead of the house in case it was stolen.

The cave was four meters deep and three meters wide. There was a small bed and a stone tank where dozens of clams were kept.

On the bed, Han Fei saw a small package.

Han Fei gasped after he opened it. Two mid-quality pearls rolled out first. They were probably all the money that Tang Ge had.

Besides the two mid-quality pearls, there were also two books, an iron box, and a bottle.

Han Fei gasped again, because the covers of the two books said Swimming Art and Mystic Body Technique. After only a quick glance, Han Fei already knew why they were important. Most fishermen in Heavenly Water Village practiced stick arts. Even if there were books about other arts in the school library, there couldn’t be too many. Whatever the two books were about, they couldn’t be any worse than Sweeping Stick.

Huh? A Spirit Refilling Pill?

Han Fei picked up the bottle and smiled. He said to himself, “I do have a good brother.”

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