God of Fishing

Chapter 2634 - 2634 Mutation (2 in 1)

2634 Mutation (2 in 1)

Han Fei didn’t try to dig through the small hill immediately. Instead, he took out the Vast Ocean Navigator and recited in his heart, “Li Luoluo’s location in the God Burying Ridge.”

Seeing that the Vast Ocean Navigator didn’t turn, Han Fei was relieved. It seemed that Li Luoluo wasn’t secretly spying on him and using him to find the place where the Demon God died.

Although Han Fei still felt that things were going smoothly, he didn’t notice anything wrong, and no one followed him along the way.

If Li Luoluo didn’t follow, the others, even if they were Carefree Level cultivators, shouldn’t be so silent when they crossed this Monarch Graveyard.

Han Fei was relieved. He pointed with the Vast Ocean Navigator and soon found a corner on the hill.

Han Fei said, “Let’s dig.”

However, no one moved. Liu Qiansi looked at Han Fei, and Han Fei looked at Liu Qiansi.

Han Fei was lost for words. “Wait, you want me to dig? Do you forget that you’re my servant?”

Liu Qiansi: “…”

Liu Qiansi was speechless. Although he didn’t want to believe that this hill was the place where the Demon God died, wouldn’t he be the vanguard if he dug a hole here?

Han Fei said, “Don’t worry. If anything happens, none of us can escape.”

Liu Qiansi bit the bullet and dug with his roots. The digging speed was not fast, because the soil in the Monarch Graveyard had long been affected by the power of many Monarchs and changed qualitatively.

In the Wind Circle, that Monarch-realm cultivator could condense a small mine with his own strength, filling the mine with divine crystals and Heavenly Dao Jade Essence.

And in this Monarch Graveyard, more Monarchs had died and were stronger. Liu Qiansi had only dug a hundred meters deep and had already dug up seven or eight divine crystals.

Furthermore, the soil was getting harder and harder, and the mountain was about to crystallize. After digging for another 200 meters, Han Fei discovered that this place was filled with Chaotic Spiritual Soil.

Even Liu Qiansi perked up. This was good stuff.

Han Fei said, “Give me all the Chaotic Spiritual Earth.”

Liu Qiansi: “…”

Although Liu Qiansi was also tempted, at this moment, you should consider what would happen next. How could you still be in the mood to dig for treasures here?

Four hours later, Han Fei’s harvest of the Chaotic Spiritual Soil could reach 3,000 cubic meters. If placed in his Origin Star, he could open a spiritual plantation of about 30,000 miles whose soil was comparable to the Mystic Yellow soil.

And this was only because they had only dug a portion of the area. If they really dug up this small mountain, let alone 3,000 cubic meters, they could even dig up 30,000 cubic meters. If they stayed in the God Burying Ridge for a long time, they might even be able to dig up 300,000 cubic meters.

It was imaginable that if he really had 300,000 cubic meters of Chaotic Spiritual Land, it would be enough to change the layout of his Origin Star. For a moment, Han Fei was tempted.

Boom ~

He didn’t know how many times the roars had sounded. Suddenly, Han Fei felt something strange. This was because the soul power contained in the roars this time was stronger than any previous time, about twice as strong.

Han Fei hurriedly pressed his hand on Liu Qiansi’s body and absorbed a large amount of soul power into his body.

However, it was also at this moment that Han Fei’s star core was compressed to its current limit. The Origin Star seemed to have paused the back feeding of power, causing him to be unable to absorb a small part of this soul power.


Han Fei frowned. This was not a good sign. Along the way, he had swallowed too much ownerless soul power, causing the Godfiend Formless Technique to be unable to quickly balance the absolute balance of strength and soul power. As a result, some ownerless soul power was excluded from his body after passing through the Origin Spiritual Heritage and the Eternal Darkness Spiritual Heritage.

At this moment, Han Fei looked at his personal information, and information popped up in his eyes:

Owner: Han Fei

Level: 109 (Sky Opening· Extreme Dao Balance)

Bloodline Ranking among the Clans in the Infinite Ocean: the 120,012nd

Immortal Qi: 1,410,000

Soul: 59.99 Origins (59,999,999 points)

Perception Range: 60 million kilometers

Strength: 59.99 Star Powers (59,999,999 waves)

First Spiritual Heritage: Origin Spiritual Heritage

Second Spiritual Heritage: Eternal Darkness Spiritual Heritage

First spiritual beast: Twin Yin-Yang Sky Swallowing Fish (Level 109)

Second spiritual beast: The Emperor Sparrow (Level 109)

Main Art: Godfiend Formless Technique

“The upper limit?”

Han Fei realized that this was the limit of his current body. This bottleneck was the bottleneck of Dao Locks. If he couldn’t break this bottleneck, his strength wouldn’t improve any further.

It was even to the extent that once he left the God Burying Ridge and went to the outside world, he should be able to sense the Monarch-level Tribulation.

Therefore, no matter what, his first Dao Lock was about to be condensed.

It was not difficult to condense a Dao Lock. It was just to lock a portion of his strength with a Great Dao so that a portion of his body would be free and could store more power.

The appearance of the bottleneck made Han Fei understand that there was a limit to the Extreme Dao. This limit was calculated according to the comprehensive strength of the cultivator.

Because he cultivated the Godfiend Formless Technique, his soul and strength were synchronized. If others had come this far, only one of them would touch the bottleneck.

“Is this my limit?”

Liu Qiansi asked in confusion, “What?”

Han Fei said, “Nothing. What’s your strength and soul when you reach the Perfected Star Transformation Realm?”

Liu Qiansi asked, “Including the Dao Locks?”

Han Fei shook his head. “No.”

“Two hundred and sixty thousand! My soul strength is as high as two hundred and sixty thousand, and my strength is two hundred and ten thousand. But I haven’t compared it with others, so I don’t know if it’s too high or too low.”

Han Fei nodded. “It’s very high.”

This number was indeed very high. Even for Han Fei, if he hadn’t cultivated the Godfiend Formless Technique, his soul strength would only be about 300,000 points, but Liu Qiansi’s soul strength was as high as 260,000 points. This height could be imagined!

However, as a freak who could run amok in the Storm Quicksand Sea, it was understandable that this guy had such high soul power. Most likely, it was because he had stayed in the Storm Quicksand Sea for too long and never lacked mineral resources.

However, this also indirectly confirmed that the Extreme Dao cultivators were really powerful. Liu Qiansi’s soul strength was so high, and it was actually very rare among people of the same realm. There might not even be one in ten million people who were higher than him. However, the upper limit of the Extreme Dao cultivators was far higher than existences like Liu Qiansi, so under the same realm, they naturally had the absolute upper hand.

Liu Qiansi asked, “What about you? How much do you have?”

Han Fei said, “Take a guess.”

Liu Qiansi: “…”

Liu Qiansi was angry but didn’t dare to say anything. If he had another chance, he would definitely stay far away from Han Fei. This person was simply a demon.

Suddenly, Liu Qiansi’s body stiffened. He was shocked and shouted, “Not good, something is pulling my roots.”

In the blink of an eye, a crack suddenly appeared under Han Fei’s feet. Before he had any time to react, he, Liu Qiansi, and the Emperor Sparrow had all been swept away by an inexplicable force and disappeared from the spot.

When Han Fei stabilized himself and looked up again, he found himself standing on a towering cliff. Opposite him was a sitting giant, tens of thousands of feet tall, sitting on a mountain peak with his hands on his knees, looking straight ahead.

For a moment, Han Fei, Liu Qiansi, and the Emperor Sparrow were all intimidated by this giant.

The Emperor Sparrow was the first to react. “Look at your feet.”

Han Fei and Liu Qiansi hurriedly lowered their heads, only to see a towering mountain under their feet, shining and enveloped with swirling clouds. However, it was not enveloped by the power of laws.

The Emperor Sparrow said, “It’s the Inverse World. You didn’t find the wrong place. This is the Divine Tomb. All the Monarch tombs in the outside world are a disguise, making people mistakenly think that the Divine Tomb is in one of them. But in fact, there are no extremely tall and majestic peaks there, nor are there the brilliant aura of gods. But the Inverse World is different. Look around. This mountain is so tall that on it, one can touch the sky and look down at the world. This is the real Divine Tomb.”

“Gulp ~”

Liu Qiansi asked, “What is the Inverse World?”

“It’s a kind of created world. The paths of cultivation lead to the same destination. At the end of the Great Dao, there are many means. Creating a world means that the strong are strong enough to create a world. Generally speaking, only a Great Monarch-level powerhouse can do this. These worlds are hidden in a corner of the real world according to their creators’ wills. They are even harder to find than small worlds because they exist in unknown spatial nodes.”

Han Fei was lost for words. “Isn’t it just a small world?”

The Emperor Sparrow said, “It’s different. The world barrier of a small world is far worse than this. Otherwise, why do you think the Monarchs couldn’t have discovered this place?”

Han Fei said, “I don’t care about it. I just want to ask, what’s with the giant opposite? Look at the giant. It looks solemn and seems to be enveloped by the power of laws. I just want to ask, is that a human? And who pulled us down?”

The Emperor Sparrow couldn’t answer Han Fei’s question either. This was the first time he had encountered such a situation.

However, the Emperor Sparrow knew who pulled them down. He said, “It’s not that someone pulled you down. It’s just that you accidentally touched this created world, so the will of this world forcefully dragged you in.”

Han Fei heaved a long sigh of relief. It was great that it was not someone who dragged them down. Otherwise, this person was too strong. They were brought here without knowing at all. Clearly, that force was much stronger than them.

Liu Qiansi said, “Then what should we do now? That giant is looking in our direction, which makes my hair stand on end.”

Han Fei said, “You don’t have any hair.”

Although he was teasing Liu Qiansi, Han Fei and the Emperor Sparrow were also a little scared. Anyone who saw the current scene would actually be a little scared.

It was like waking up and suddenly standing at the top of the mountain. Opposite you, there was a ten-thousand-foot-tall giant looking at you solemnly. This scene was simply unforgettable.

They stood on the top of the mountain for a long time, not knowing what to do.

Boom ~

Suddenly, the rumbling soul power sound suddenly sounded here.

The heads of Han Fei and the others were buzzing. However, at this moment, they saw a door appear between the eyebrows of the giant. The sound of soul power came from the door. With this sound, the surrounding soul power instantly filled the three of them.

Swish ~

Without hesitation, the Emperor Sparrow returned to Han Fei’s body. A red light appeared on Liu Qiansi’s body. Han Fei quickly laid a hand on Liu Qiansi and activated the Godfiend Formless Technique, drawing the red light into his body.

Only then did Liu Qiansi return to normal.

Boom ~

With another boom, the power receded in the blink of an eye and was absorbed by the door again.

When the sound of soul power subsided, Liu Qiansi’s body trembled several times before he recovered.

Liu Qiansi said in horror, “It’s horrible. I feel as if I’ve turned into a monster. My trunk is crooked and twisted like balls of black hair. Did you see that door?”

Swish ~

The Emperor Sparrow emerged from Han Fei’s body again and looked at the center of the giant’s eyebrows. “It seems that the source of everything is there. This giant shouldn’t be a real person. It looks like a seal to suppress the things inside. Han Fei, if anything happens here, I am afraid I can’t even save you. Are you going in?”

Han Fei narrowed his eyes slightly. “Yes! Since we’re already here, how can we not go in? This demonic sound appears every half an hour. It seems that the door will only open when the demonic sound rings. We have to go over first and wait for the next demonic sound to appear.”

Liu Qiansi said, “Are you really going? What will I do if you go in?”

At this moment, Liu Qiansi really panicked. If it weren’t for Han Fei, he was almost 100% sure that he would have been demonized. At that time, he would become a monster like the mine demons in the Circle of Death, and even his soul would be lost.

Han Fei extended his hand and said casually, “Turn into a rod.”

Liu Qiansi immediately knew what Han Fei meant. If he turned into a rod, Han Fei could hold him in his hand. Then, no matter how many times they encountered such demonic sounds later, as long as Han Fei was fine, he would be fine.

Of course, this also meant that he had to enter the door with Han Fei. What would happen was unknown. He might die, or might get great opportunities.

However, Liu Qiansi felt that even if there was really an opportunity, it should be Han Fei’s. After all, only Han Fei could really deal with this demonic sound.

However, this was the only way for him to survive. This bet was actually very cost-effective. Only when Han Fei died would he die, unless Han Fei abandoned him.

Swish ~

Liu Qiansi turned into a long cyan rod and said, “Although I can turn into a rod, I am not a real weapon after all. My body hardness is only comparable to an ultra-quality godly weapon, but should still be lacking. Don’t use me to fight a god!”

Han Fei was lost for words. “Heh! Do you want me to die? Fighting with a god?”

Han Fei casually held Liu Qiansi, then tilted his head and glanced at the Emperor Sparrow. “Although you are the king of ferocious beasts, the power of this demonic sound is obviously different from your path. If I don’t call you, don’t come out for some time.”


The Emperor Sparrow was not stupid. Only Han Fei could take this path. Once he embarked on this path, he’d better not even peep at it in Han Fei’s body. If it was really the inheritance of a god, with the power of a god, all prying people might suffer a backlash.

However, he could ask Han Fei directly if there was anything, so it didn’t matter if he peep or not.

After the Emperor Sparrow returned to Han Fei’s body, Han Fei took a deep breath, stepped into the void, and walked towards the center of the giant’s eyebrows.

As he said, he was already here, and he happened to have mastered the Godfiend Formless Technique. Since he had a smooth trip here, there wouldn’t be something happening here.


After Han Fei took this step, the scenery in front of him seemed to have changed. Vaguely, he seemed to see a vague bridge between the mountain he was on and the giant, which was made of dense light mist.

However, when Han Fei took another step forward, his expression suddenly changed drastically.

There were three reasons why Han Fei was shocked.

First of all, the distance between the top of the mountain and the giant wasn’t far. Otherwise, Han Fei and the others wouldn’t have seen the door between the giant’s eyebrows. Logically speaking, Han Fei would cover such a short distance in one step, but when he took this step, he found that the distance between him and the giant didn’t seem to change.

Secondly, Han Fei found that after he took this step, his little finger was suddenly bent unnaturally. He knew his body. Han Fei was quite confident in his bones and physique, but one of his fingers was bent. Was it f*cking right? More importantly, he didn’t feel any pain.

Lastly, what frightened Han Fei most was that the moment he stepped into the void, he felt that a person seemed to be standing behind him.

He wanted to look back, but this thought made him feel a life-and-death crisis.

Yes, at that moment, Han Fei knew that he couldn’t look back. If he did, he would die.

At this time, Liu Qiansi also said to Han Fei via voice transmission, “Don’t look back. I don’t know what’s behind us, but I feel that I’ll die if I look back. It’s horrible. I feel that I’m going to die just thinking about it.”

Liu Qiansi almost cried. He was a dignified Monarch! Why would he feel like he was going to die just because of a thought? This made him really believe Han Fei’s words. He was probably really here to find the Divine Tomb!

Liu Qiansi thought that it must be a divine technique to decide the life and death of a Monarch.

Han Fei said, “Of course, I don’t need you to tell me.”

Han Fei took a deep breath and took another step forward, partly to see if he could approach the giant, and partly to see what was wrong with his fingers.

However, when he took another step, Han Fei found that he seemed to be a little closer to the giant. However, his entire pinky was limp as if it had no bones, and he didn’t feel any pain.

“Shoot ~”

Beads of sweat oozed out of Han Fei’s forehead. It was too strange. At this moment, he wanted to retreat, but when he tried to move back a little, he could even feel a cold breath blowing into his neck.

“Shoot ~”

After cursing twice in a row, Han Fei panicked. If Wang Xiaojiu were here, his hair must have all stood on end. There was no way back!

Han Fei asked Liu Qiansi telepathically, “Do you feel anything wrong with your body”?

Liu Qiansi said, “No! I’m in good shape. Why are you… Huh, what’s wrong with your little finger? Why is it drooping?”

Han Fei frowned. Why was Liu Qiansi fine?

However, Han Fei had no way back now. He could only bite the bullet and take another step forward. Before Han Fei could curse, Liu Qiansi suddenly exclaimed, “How did your little finger become a tentacle?”

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched crazily. Yes, his little finger had become like a slippery tentacle of an octopus.

Han Fei tried to move his little finger, only to see that it was unbelievably agile. It could turn 360 degrees without any obstacles and even roll into a squid roll. He could even feel every pore on the tentacle and the sharp nerves of the tentacle.


Han Fei’s first thought was that he had mutated, which was the only explanation.

However, why did he mutate? He had two spiritual heritages and cultivated the Godfiend Formless Technique. They were naturally compatible and it had no resistance at all. How could he mutate?

Besides, at this moment, the demonic sound hadn’t sounded, and he hadn’t activated the Godfiend Formless Technique, so he wasn’t in a cultivation state. How could he have a mutation?


Han Fei tried to keep calm. He wanted to turn back again, but his life instinct stopped him.

“No, if I turn back now, I will really die.”

“Gulp ~”

Han Fei swallowed. Was it because of the thing behind him? But the other party was so powerful. Why did he have to make him mutate?

Seeing that Han Fei didn’t respond, Liu Qiansi asked, “Y-You didn’t mutate, did you?”

“Shut up.”

Han Fei told Liu Qiansi to shut up. He calmed down and then activated the Great Dao of Time in his body, trying to reverse time.

However, just as the Great Dao of Time appeared, a dense mist blew over from behind Han Fei. In the next second, the Great Dao of Time was sealed.

Pondering, Han Fei was silent for dozens of seconds before he finally continued to walk.

Han Fei knew that it was impossible to walk a thousand kilometers with one step. He could only walk step by step from the top of the mountain to the center of the giant’s eyebrows. And with every step he took, his body would mutate.

From one finger, two fingers, to one hand, Han Fei took a hundred steps before one of his arms was completely mutated. At this moment, Han Fei’s arm had turned into a thick slippery tentacle, like a large piece of meat paste. The meat paste tentacle was split and grew a dozen small tentacles, looking very terrifying.

Liu Qiansi panicked and hurriedly shouted, “Are you crazy? You still want to go forward? Your entire hand has been mutated. You’ve only walked less than one-tenth of the way. If you really walk there, you will be entirely mutated.”

However, Han Fei didn’t stop but continued to move forward.

At first, his feet were still feet, but then his feet were no longer feet but wriggling soft tentacles. Because Han Fei never stopped, soon both feet became like this. Halfway through the journey, half of Han Fei’s body had become a large wriggling mass of meat paste tentacles.

Han Fei’s face had even begun to twist. However, the corners of his mouth that almost reached his ears slowly opened, revealing sharp teeth.

Han Fei was smiling, which made Liu Qiansi feel a chill down his spine.

“It’s over, it’s over. There’s something wrong with his soul. I knew it. How can a Sky Opener covet the inheritance of a god? Isn’t this f*cking courting death? I’m doomed. I’m doomed.”

Liu Qiansi muttered. He guessed that the reason why he didn’t mutate was that Han Fei was still holding him. And the method Han Fei thought he could use to resist the demonic sound had failed, so Han Fei had been mutating. Once he completely mutated, he would be finished too.

However, when Han Fei had covered most of the distance and his whole body had turned into a wriggling monster, on the face that could barely be seen as a human face, a big mouth opened and a voice said calmly, “I’ve already come so far. It’s useless to disturb my Dao heart.”

Liu Qiansi was almost crying. He scolded, “Who’s messing up your Dao heart! Don’t you know what you’ve become?”

“Shut up. I’m not talking to you.”

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