God of Fishing

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Rescue

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After floating for another day, Han Fei used up his remaining bait and caught nine yellow fish, three green turtles, and a blade fish.

The ratio would’ve been unbelievable if he told it to anyone else. There were only forty pieces of bait in each box, and most people could only catch five fish with them. It was unimaginable that Han Fei caught thirteen fish, including a blade fish, with only half a box of bait.

Actually, Han Fei only wasted the bait on the blade fish and the green turtles several times. None of the yellow fish was able to escape from his hook.

It was night again.

Han Fei couldn’t fish anymore now that his bait was used up. He started his cultivation.

Just like the previous times, he was surrounded by fish that jumped to his boat now and then. At dawn, he intensely absorbed spiritual energy again, which caused a riot.

So, he had another boat of fish the next morning, although no special fish came to him.

After leaving a cabin of fish as his tax, Han Fei increased his spiritual energy to 1,200 points.

Han Fei dared not be extravagant again. Although he had three more knives, he dared not forge them again, or he would be bankrupt.

It was Han Fei’s third day on the ocean. There was still nobody around. He did not know where he was at all.

On the fourth day, Han Fei’s boat was already ragged after the three fish tides. One of the fish cabins had even been broken by a green turtle. Two giant holes were left on one side of the boat, too.

Han Fei was bailing out the water that came in through the holes at this moment. He knew that the boat couldn’t survive the fifth fish tide. It was now shaking and could fall apart at any moment.

In the afternoon of the fifth day, Han Fei was practicing the stick arts on the boat. After three days, he was even more familiar with the technique.

In the meantime, he discovered that the progress of his arts required spiritual energy, too. However, since Han Fei had more than 2,000 points of spiritual energy at this moment, he couldn’t care less about it.

Tilting his head, he noticed quite a few boats far away. Immediately, he waved his rod and cried, “Hey! Hey! Brother! Sister! Uncle! Save me!”

Han Fei roared at his loudest.

“Third Young Master, there’s someone over there.”

Wang Baiyu said, “I see him. Interesting. I didn’t expect to see someone fishing alone so far away. Let’s go and take a look.”

Han Fei was excited to see them coming near. It was not easy to meet someone else on the boundless ocean.

After the boats approached each other, Han Fei and Wang Baiyu looked at each other.

“It’s you?”

“It’s you?”

Wang Baiyu was stunned. Wasn’t it the boy he met on the road the other day? He only took a look at the boy because he was the one who broke the silence back then.

Han Fei was also surprised. The third young master of the Wang family, who had five boats protecting him on his fishing trip?

Wang Baiyu squinted at Han Fei’s boat, which was more like a shipwreck than a boat. He was surprised that it hadn’t sunk yet.

Wang Baiyu said, “Brother, you’re quite a fisher! You came eight hundred kilometers away alone?”

Han Fei gasped. “Whoa… I’ve come that far?”

Wang Baiyu was slightly surprised. “Huh? You didn’t know?”

Han Fei said with a helpless smile, “My boat malfunctioned and brought me to this place on its own. I’ve floated for five days on the ocean.”

“How many days?”

Wang Baiyu’s subordinates were stunned. He floated for five days alone without being killed?

Few people in Heavenly Water Village could spend five days on the ocean alone and return alive. There were only one or two of them every year.

Wang Baiyu immediately sensed that something was wrong. “Your boat malfunctioned? That’s unlikely. Our boats are propelled by natural floating stones. They will never malfunction as long as the stones are there…”

Before he finished, Wang Baiyu saw Han Fei raise a stone at him.

Han Fei said, “Are you talking about this?”

Wang Baiyu’s eyes widened. “Yes… But your floating stone is broken. Huh? It was cut into halves, which resulted in the disruption of power transmission… You were set up.”

Wang Baiyu declared without any hesitation.

He then added, “To destroy a floating stone, you have to be at least a peak fisher, with a good weapon. Of course, it will be easier if you are a fishing master. However, most fishing masters have better things to do.”

Han Fei’s heart grew heavy. At least a peak fisher? When did he piss off such an expert? Was the father of someone he beat up at school seeking revenge for his son?

Suddenly, Han Fei had an idea. Was it the Tigers? Li Hu did glare at him when he left the other day.

Han Fei said, “Brother Wang, thank god you’re here, or I would probably die in the ocean.”

Wang Baiyu was very interested in Han Fei. He smiled warmly. “How did you survive five days on the ocean?”

He looked at Han Fei’s boat again. It was a miracle that such a pile of wood did not fall apart.

Han Fei heaved a sigh. “It’s a long story! The ocean is indeed horrifying. I encountered a fish tide that almost crumbled my boat. I would’ve been killed if I hadn’t hidden in the fish cabin.”

“A fish tide?”

Wang Baiyu’s subordinates grew solemn. Another fish tide had happened? Did it mean that a crisis was going on in the general fishery?

Han Fei naturally wouldn’t tell them that it was he who caused the fish tide. Wang Baiyu observed Han Fei and thought that a man with a blade fish knife and an iron fishing pole couldn’t be too weak. Besides, Han Fei’s rod also looked extraordinary.

Wang Baiyu said, “Brother Han, your rod seems rare.”

Han Fei said, “It’s a gift from my brother. It’s only slightly better than an iron rod. I’m sure Brother Wang has much better weapons.”

Wang Baiyu was naturally not convinced, but he was more decent than to rob a total stranger. He looked at Han Fei’s boat curiously.

“Huh? Brother Han, your boat is still full of fish?”

Han Fei said without blushing, “They jumped on my boat during the fish tide. However, since my boat has been terribly damaged, I think they’re barely enough to cover compensation costs.”

Wang Baiyu shook his head. “Your boat was deliberately destroyed. Somebody will investigate it. You don’t even need to pay the fish tax. However, do you have any rare fish on board?”

Han Fei asked, “You’re looking for rare fish, Brother Wang?”

Wang Baiyu said, “Truth be told, I’m looking for rare and mysterious fish in the general fishery on this trip.”

Han Fei replied, “I’m afraid I don’t have any. I did have a ball fish during the fish tide, but I couldn’t deal with its spurts. It jumped back into the ocean in the end.”

Wang Baiyu was obviously disappointed. Ball fish were not too rare. The Wang Baiyu had plenty of them.

Han Fei asked, “Brother Wang, do you purchase fish? Since my boat can’t move now, I can sell my fish to you at a lower price.”

Wang Baiyu smiled calmly. “What do you have?”

Han Fei counted: “I have seven knives, six green turtles, a small octopus, a jellyfish, three whelks…”

Some jumped onto the boat on their own, including the small octopus. The jellyfish was caught by accident. As for the whelks, they were discovered in the stomachs of the dead fish. Together, they were worth some money.

Wang Baiyu was immediately shocked. “You’ve kept seven knives after the fish tide?”

Han Fei replied, “Yes. There were even tentacle lobsters, but alas, they ran loose. Right, I had a few tentacles. The lobsters left them during the fight with the blade fish.”

What Han Fei offered was worth eight mid-quality pearls. That might not sound like too many but was actually a lot. Even the descendants of a great family usually did not have so much money with them.

Wang Baiyu immediately nodded his head. “All right, I’ll take them. However, I don’t need the yellow fish and the like. If you want, I can help you bring them back. It’s very easy for me.”

Han Fei said, “I could use your help. Thank you very much.”

Wang Baiyu and Han Fei were not friends. He was only doing Han Fei a favor. He cleared a boat for Han Fei and asked one of his subordinates to escort Han Fei back.

After Han Fei left, a subordinate asked, “Third Young Master, why do you treat him so nicely? It was unnecessary for us to purchase those things at all.”

With intelligence that did not befit his age, Wang Baiyu explained, “Do you not feel suspicious that an intermediate fisher has an enemy who’s a peak fisher or even a fishing master? Usually, people only have enemies of their own level. Besides, you really think it’s possible to avoid a fish tide by hiding in the cabin?”

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