God of Fishing

Chapter 245 - Another New Member

Chapter 245 Another New Member

Han Fei waved his hand and a shower of energy fell on the girl, which was magical in other people’s eyes, but Luo Xiaobai and the others were used to it. The girl’s complexion quickly changed from pale to ruddy. After all, she was only a level-nine fisher, so it was much easier for her to recover than a great fishing master.

Seeing the girl slowly opening her eyes, the woman outside the gate of the school heaved a breath of relief. She made it anyway. It was worth the pain.

Han Fei took a look at the girl. “Don’t talk. You will recover within ten minutes. Keep your breath stable.”

The girl nodded slightly.

Seeing this scene, the people waiting behind couldn’t help but smile bitterly. Wasn’t it too difficult to pass the assessment? Just now, if it were them, they might have been nearly crushed by Zhang Xuanyu. They probably wouldn’t even be able to resist the first attack, let alone the Triple Layered Waves in Furious Sea.

At the gate, Xu Ya was pale and very nervous.

The village leader sighed. “It’s okay. Just try your best. Don’t pick Han Fei.”

Xu Ya nodded. Of course, she would not pick Han Fei. She had found out last time that Han Fei could easily beat her even if he was at a lower level than her.

Xu Ya came out and quickly looked around the five of them.

Le Renkuang looked at Han Fei. “Your fellow villager?”


Le Renkuang smiled. “But we’re not going to pull any punches!”

“As it should be!”

Xu Ya firstly ruled out Han Fei, then Xia Xiaochan, and thirdly Le Renkuang. It was not difficult for an armorist to deal with her.

Xu Ya looked at Zhang Xuanyu. Thinking of the stormy attack just now, she didn’t think she could resist it. In the end, she could only look at Luo Xiaobai. “I choose the manipulator.”

Luo Xiaobai nodded, and at the same time received a message from Han Fei in her mind. “Do me a favor. Beat her in two minutes.”

Han Fei knew that Xu Ya would definitely not get through. But holding on a little longer would be of great benefit to her future. For the sake of the village leader, he didn’t mind slightly bending the rule for her.

Luo Xiaobai frowned slightly but still nodded. Suddenly, a piece of Spirit Entangling Grass grew around Xu Ya. At the same time, a vine whipped at her. Xu Ya gritted her teeth and somersaulted over to one side while the Spirit Entangling Grass was entangled on the vine.

When other vines struck over, the Spirit Entangling Grass had wrapped Xu Ya’s waist and pulled her away from the air.

On the field, the battle between the two manipulators seemed to be thrilling. Xu Ya twisted and turned to dodge Luo Xiaobai’s attacks. To be fair, her performance was not bad.

But just after two minutes, a vine swished out. Xu Ya tried to dodge again, only to see that her Spirit Entangling Grass was entangled in vines.


Xu Ya was whipped away by a vine and vomited a mouthful of blood, unable to get up.

Luo Xiaobai called out, “You’re talented and have good control of spiritual energy, but you’re too timid. If you took the initiative to attack me, you might have had a chance.”

Now the assessment was over.

Han Fei walked out of the school, waved his hand, and a shower of energy fell on Xu Ya. “You’ve done a good job. You can try the First Academy! Grandpa Leader, I’m sorry I didn’t help you!” The village leader gave a wry smile and shook his head. “The assessment should be rigorous and fair. I understand. I’m leaving now because I’m going to take Xu Ya to the First Academy.”

Han Fei nodded. “She will be fine after about ten minutes.”

Seeing this scene, many people sighed. It seemed that walking through the back door would not work! Xu Ya had persisted for two minutes. Han Fei should persuade the Thug Academy to accept her! For this reason, many people ran to talk to the village leader. “Is that boy from your village? Oh, he should speak for this girl!” “Gee, this boy is too cold-hearted.”

“It’s okay. The First Academy is good too.”

The village leader just smiled but did not make any remarks. After the crowd dispersed, on the way to the First Academy, the village leader slowly asked Xu Ya, “Do you also think Han Fei is too cold-hearted?”

Xu Ya didn’t speak but she looked a bit embarrassed.

The village leader sighed. “Actually he has walked you through the back door.” “Yes! I know.”

“No, not that Plate Ray, but just now.”

Xu Ya was surprised. “Just now?”

The village leader nodded. “You could hold on for two minutes because she didn’t want to beat you quickly. For many times, as long as she blocked your grass, you would lose. But she didn’t beat you until two minutes later. Guess why?”

Xu Ya looked at the village leader in surprise. “She did it deliberately?”

The village leader nodded again. “Yes, very few people held on for one minute, but you lasted for two. This proves your strength.”

Xu Ya mumbled, “But the girl passed.”

The village leader smiled. “That’s a genius. From the way we came, we saw many people leave with misfortune. Today, there were at least a thousand people who came to sign up. But how many passed the assessment in the end? Only two! Do you know what this means?”

It was not just the village leader and Xu Ya who were thinking about this issue. Many people who came to register and even the people of the other three academies were also thinking about it.

The First Academy, the President’s office.

After hearing this news, Wu Junwei sighed. “The Thug Academy still adheres to their principle of only enrolling geniuses. But this is actually not good for their development.”

A teacher asked, “President, do we need to change our enrollment plan this year?”

Wu Junwei shook his head. “Just improve the requirements a bit. By the way, recruit all those who lasted their trial for one or two minutes.”

The teacher was surprised. “President, there are not even 50 of them in total.”

Wu Junwei shot back, “Of course! Few people can last that long, OK? As for the others, just follow our previous enrollment plan.”

Xu Tianji of the Second Academy sneered. “Humph, Wu Junwei must have started snatching the talents. We must not lag behind them. Try to recruit the people who failed the assessment of the Thug Academy but held on for one minute or more. Bai Congye hasn’t figured out even now. What is the use of recruiting a few geniuses for the development of the school? There is strength in numbers. Once these geniuses die, they won’t even have any students left.”

Chu Mengxue of the Third Academy thought the same as Xu Tianji and also tried to recruit those people. What was the purpose of running a school? Just to recruit geniuses? No, the three academies were the backbone of cultivating talent. The Thug Academy? That was not even a school at all! Look how many students they had!

Thug Academy.

The girl recovered from her injury and thanked Han Fei. “Thank you, Brother Han Fei.”

Zhang Xuanyu came over. “Are you all right? I exerted too great a force just now. Sorry!”

“Hi, Brother Zhang. It doesn’t matter. It was an assessment.”

Zhang Xuanyu grinned. “Girl, what’s your name?”

Hearing this, Han Fei kicked Zhang Xuanyu. “Stop it. Her mother is still here.”

Zhang Xuanyu was helpless. “I just asked for her name! We still don’t know her name, do we?”

The girl responded, “My name is Ling Yuan and my spiritual beast is a Turtle Conch.”

Han Fei didn’t know what a Turtle Conch was, but since it was called Turtle, its defense power couldn’t be weak. Although the girl kept vomiting blood just now, she still got it through.

Old Bai put away his stuff and beckoned, “Le Renkuang, come and move the money back. Xiaobai, invite the guests in! Han Fei, go cook. Zhang Xuanyu, take your junior brother and sister to build their treehouses…”

Old Bai thought that he had arranged everything perfectly. But Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan looked at each other in amazement. Weren’t students… Supposed to cultivate? But cooking? Build a treehouse?

Luo Xiaobai walked forward obediently. “Grandpa, Auntie, please come with me.”

Zhang Xuanyu snapped his fingers. “Let’s go. I’ll show you the environment of our Thug Academy. It’s quite beautiful and more importantly, very quiet…” Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan followed Zhang Xuanyu to the living area with a curious look. When they saw five treehouses hung on the trees, the two were dumbfounded.

Not far below the treehouses was the kitchen. At this moment, Han Fei took out a Plate Ray and cut it into many pieces with his dagger. Then he waved a hand at the air, and a mass of water began to rinse the Plate Ray. He processed the Plate Ray with skill and speed, and the two newcomers were dumbfounded. What did they see? Brother Han Fei used his strength to… Cook?!

Zhang Xuanyu asked, “What are you waiting for? We shall build the treehouses before Han Fei makes the meal! Kuangkuang, go and cut a few big trees…”

Qu Jinnan: “…”

Ling Yuan: “…”

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