God of Fishing

Chapter 241 - Black River Chamber of Commerce

Chapter 241 Black River Chamber of Commerce

Hearing what he said, everyone became angry. They finally had become rich, but suddenly Han Fei told them that their money had been robbed by others. This immediately annoyed them.

Xia Xiaochan frowned. “Let’s go beat them!”

Zhang Xuanyu agreed. “Yes! This matter is intolerable. How dare this Black River Chamber of Commerce rob us of our money?!”

Le Renkuang patted his belly. “This is interesting. I fought fish in the water every day, but I haven’t fought people for a long time.”

Luo Xiaobai frowned slightly. “Let me tell the teachers.”

Before she left, however, she was pulled out by Xia Xiaochan.

Han Fei grinned. He guessed right. These poor children couldn’t tolerate what Black River did. But that was not bad. The technology of The Fish Dragons should not be stolen by others.

In the near distance, Old Bai and Xiao Zhan stood there dumbfounded. They expected these kids to be cultivating hard! But what were they doing now?

Xiao Zhan started walking towards them. “Let me get them back.”

Old Bai sighed. “Forget it, you go with them. Don’t forget, our school is also a shareholder. This Black River Chamber of Commerce has gone too far. Doesn’t it know this is our bread and butter?”

Xiao Zhan was stunned: “???”

Old Bai patted him on the shoulder. “Go protect these kids. The Black River even tried to buy our plantation a few days ago. What do they want?”

Xiao Zhan understood. What could he do? Of course, go with them.

The three major chambers of commerce in the Blue Sea Town were on the same street. The Linglong Tower was undoubtedly the strongest, so they were in a tall tower, and the Black River Chamber of Commerce and the Colorful Clothes Chamber of Commerce were on the opposite side, but these two weren’t open to outsiders. Anyone who wanted to go in must make an appointment in advance so usually, no one went in.

At the moment, Han Fei and the other four took Li Gang and five or six members of The Fish Dragons to the Black River Chamber of Commerce angrily. Glancing at their signboard, they went straight inside.

“Stop! What are you doing here?” Xia Xiaochan gave a cold stare. “Go away.”

Han Fei cleared his throat.”Xia Xiaochan, girls should speak softly. Let me show you the right way to speak to them!”

Han Fei turned to the guard and said coldly, “Tell your manager to get his ass out here!”

Xia Xiaochan looked at Han Fei speechlessly. Speak softly?

The guard got angry. How dare these damn kids speak to him like this?!

“Get lost!”

The guard released a suppressing aura and showed his strength as a junior great fishing master. However, the next second, he suddenly shivered because he found that they were all stronger than him!

Because of the sudden outbreak of spiritual energy, all bystanders looked their way. This place was a central business district for the Blue Sea Town, where the three major chambers of commerce gathered, so did the Blue Sea Arena and the Refining Hall, as well as various stores.

Anything happening here would attract a lot of attention.

Someone in the Linglong Tower was surprised. “Oh! Black River was provoked?”

Some passers-by exclaimed, “Wow! These kids are really strong. Are they heavenly talents of the three academies?”

A crowd of onlookers gradually gathered and people of the Colorful Clothes Chamber of Commerce also watched at the door.

The guard of the Black River got embarrassed and ran in after dropping the words, “You’ll be sorry!”

After a while, a middle-aged man came out. When he saw the five of them, he was a bit stunned. He certainly knew them as the team who won the 100-game winning streak in the Blue Sea Arena a while ago. There was no surprise, he knew why they were here.

However, he was still calm and asked with a cold smile, “Let me introduce myself. I’m Jin Yuncheng, the person in charge of the Black River Chamber of Commerce. What can I do for you, my little friends?”

Han Fei looked straight into his eyes. “Don’t you know why we’re here? I’ll give you two choices. One is to hand over the printing formula, promise to never use it, and compensate The Fish Dragons 100,000 mid-quality pearls. The second is that you don’t stop pirating our technology and we’ll start a commercial war.”

“Commercial war?”

It was the first time that Jin Yuncheng heard these words, but the literal meaning was easy to understand. He smiled and said, “My little friends, I am sorry I really don’t know any printing formulas. If you think we’ve pirated your technology, show the evidence. You know, Black River has always enjoyed a good reputation.”

Li Gang and the other members of The Fish Dragons just hid behind Han Fei and did not dare to say a word. They were all great fishing masters! But they were just fishers.

But Han Fei didn’t fear Jin Yuncheng. He sneered, “Have you heard of this saying?”

Jin Yuncheng coldly narrowed his eyes. “What is it?”

“Penniless is fearless. A-Gang…”

Li Gang and the other members immediately lay in front of the door.

Suddenly, a member of The Fish Dragon shouted, “The Black River Chamber of Commerce is really shameless! They stole the ancestral formula of The Fish Dragons! Is there any justice?!”

Two other members unfolded a large piece of cloth dyed red and wailed, “It’s outrageous! The Black River Chamber of Commerce snatched our ancestral formula by force! Is there any law in the world?!”

Another member held a wooden board high. “The evil-minded Black River, pay back my hard-earned money!”

Jin Yuncheng was stunned, so were Xia Xiaochan and the other three. They had never seen such a scene! Lying on the ground, wailing, cursing and making a scene… Damn! That was really shameful! They all blushed.

Luo Xiaobai blushed and lowered her head, hoping to find a place to hide.

Zhang Xuanyu and Le Renkuang looked at Han Fei in shock. Gosh, that was your way to bring back justice?! If we had known what you would do, we would definitely not have come here with you!

Looking at them from a distance, Han Fei gaped and almost sat on the ground. What a disgrace! What a disgrace to the Thug Academy! More and more people gathered up a watched. They hadn’t seen such a scene before!

The more people there were, the harder Li Gang and the others performed. They used to be gangsters. This was just a piece of cake to them, not to mention that the other party was in the wrong. They just tried to bring out all their acting talents.

Jin Yuncheng’s face turned red in anger and he snapped, “Han Fei, stop it! If you don’t leave now, I’m going to report you to law enforcement!”

Han Fei beamed. “Phew! Are you annoyed? Report to the law enforcement team? It’s okay. Just do it. Do you think we fear you…”

Jin Yuncheng glared at Han Fei, at a loss for how to deal with this guy.

Xia Xiaochan tugged at Han Fei’s arm and said in a low voice, “That’s enough. It’s embarrassing. Let’s leave here!”

Han Fei responded, “No rush! Wait a moment, just a moment!”

Before coming here, Han Fei had learned from Li Gang that the three major chambers of commerce had different scopes of businesses. The Linglong Tower basically sold everything, the Colorful Clothes was mainly doing clothing business, and the Black River Chamber of Commerce was the most special who was actually a contractual spiritual beast dealer. In the Black River Chamber of Commerce, a large number of living marine creatures were stored.

Was selling contractual spiritual beasts profitable? Of course. Ordinary people couldn’t or dared not catch them, but the Black River Chamber of Commerce could help you catch them. You could even order any fish you wanted, even demonic fish in the level-three fishery.

The more the crowd gathered around, the more happily Han Fei smiled. Little Black should have entered your restricted areas now! Selling contractual spiritual beasts? I’ll have Little Black kill your products and get him to do this every few days.

Of course, no one would know this. Han Fei turned back and said to Le Renkuang, “Shield!”

Le Renkuang: “???”

Although Le Renkuang didn’t know what Han Fei was going to do, he still took out a shield and handed it to him.

Clang, Clang Clang…

“Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please? The Black River Chamber of Commerce stole the trade secrets of The Fish Dragons. They bully us just because we’re new-comers to this town! Although we tried to fight back, the Black River was simply too powerful for us. Although we failed to defend our property, we’ll never succumb to them. Now I’ve decided to create a brand-new casual game, which will be officially released in half a month. I hope you can have a try then…”

Then Han Fei kicked Li Gang.

Li Gang instantly jumped to his feet and wailed, “We Fish Dragons will never succumb to the dark-minded Black River Chamber of Commerce, never ever…”

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