God of Fishing

Chapter 2391 - Supreme Divine Technique

Chapter 2391: Supreme Divine Technique

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On his Origin Star, as soon as Han Fei arrived, he immediately felt that his Origin Star seemed to have become desolate and lacked vitality.

He tried to feel the life river of his Origin Star, only to find that the life river that should have been filled by one-third had only one-tenth of its vitality left, which was still decreasing.


Han Fei’s first reaction was that his Origin Star’s vitality had been greatly reduced. But on second thought, it didn’t seem right! Theoretically speaking, the vitality of his Origin Star was fixed! Vitality and lifespan were different. For example, if his previous vitality was 100, it wouldn’t suddenly become 10. This didn’t match the conservation of energy.

Therefore, Han Fei immediately realized that something was wrong. It wasn’t that his vitality had decreased, but that the theoretical lifespan of his Origin Star had increased. When his vitality remained the same, the size of the river became bigger so the vitality seemed less.

After realizing all this, Han Fei immediately came to the location of his Star Core.

This was the first time Han Fei had seen his Star Core. It was like a huge fireball emitting a fiery red light. There were spurs extending out of the fireball. Those spurs were not physical, but a random act of energy pulsation.

On the surface of the fireball, Dao runes appeared and circulated on the Star Core. Han Fei could even feel the extremely rich vitality in this fireball. At present, most of the vitality and energy of his Origin Star had gathered in the Star Core.

Besides, the Star Core wouldn’t release the energy and vitality immediately, which would take a long time.

The entire Star Core had a diameter of more than 8,100 kilometers. This was the largest Star Core Han Fei had seen so far.

Besides, the size of the Star Core was very interesting. He had a 81,000-kilometer star transformation and the Star Core was 8,100 kilometers large? There must be a connection.

It seemed that it was best for him to turn his Origin Sea into a star when the length of his Origin Sea reached a heavenly number, so was it the same case for his Star Core birth?

However, the top priority was not to add vitality to his Origin Star. Han Fei’s first reaction when he saw the Star Core was to feel the throbbing of the surrounding ground veins.

The ground veins were trying to connect to the Star Core. Han Fei realized that he had to take advantage of this time to connect with his Origin Star, which was a closer connection in the sense of life.

Han Fei was sitting cross-legged in front of his Star Core. The Origin Spiritual Heritage and Eternal Darkness Spiritual Heritage that had been serving as his heavenly heritage were operating at the same time.

These were two completely different methods of circulation, but they had something in common, which was that certain main meridians were shared.

At this moment, Han Fei’s two spiritual heritages emerged at the same time. His entire body was golden and had a holy light. Like a thread, there seemed to be an invisible heritage connecting the ground veins and the Star Core.

This might be a spontaneous connection between the original body and the Origin Star. It should be a stage that everyone would inevitably experience during the star transformation process.

One month.

Two months.

Three months passed.

It wasn’t until the eighth month, which was equivalent to about a day in the outside world, that Han Fei, who was cultivating, finally felt refreshed. It was a strange feeling. He seemed to sense the true meaning of the world, the truth of the universe, the dust of all things, the lush vegetation, and the infinity of life.

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When Han Fei suddenly opened his eyes, he felt that the two completely different rivers of life began to fuse after the star transformation ended.

Logically speaking, his original body’s lifespan was only a million years. How could it compare to a star?

However, this fusion didn’t mean complete fusion. It was an understanding of life. For example, if he died now, his Origin Star would immediately stop growing and become an ownerless star, slowly blooming with his energy and vitality. When his vitality couldn’t maintain the natural operation of the star, it might be time for his Origin Star to turn into a scorching sun and burn up itself crazily.

But no matter what, at this moment, Han Fei knew that his path of star transformation had been completed. His soul power and his own strength suddenly increased significantly.

Han Fei was not surprised. The moment he opened his eyes, he looked at his message.

Owner: Han Fei

<Level> 106 (Sky Opening·Star Transformation)

Bloodline Ranking among the Clans in the Infinite Ocean: the 200,016th (Evolving: 86/13,064 years)

Immortal Qi: 400,000

Soul: 7.88 origins (7,882,598 points)

Perception Range: 8 million kilometers

Strength: 7.90 star powers (7,905,214 waves)

First Spiritual Heritage: Origin Spiritual Heritage

Second Spiritual Heritage: Eternal Darkness Spiritual Heritage

First spiritual beast: Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish (level 99)

Second spiritual beast: The Emperor Sparrow (Level 101)

Main Art: Void Fishing Level 9, Void Stealing Technique (Monarch-level, Ultra-Quality)


When Han Fei saw his information, he was actually a little surprised. He thought that he would cross Level 106 and surpass the Star Transformation realm. However, he was still stuck in the Star Transformation realm. Could it be that there was something he hadn’t completed in the Star Transformation realm?

Also, although his soul and strength had both been significantly improved by almost ten percent, and his soul power seemed to have increased by more than 700,000 points, he still felt that something was wrong.

It wasn’t easy for him to transform his Origin Sea into a star. But his comprehensive strength had only increased by about 10%?

It was not that Han Fei despised the improvement, but it was very different from the so-called qualitative leap. If you increased my strength by 30%, I could say that it was a qualitative leap, but with only a 10% increase, Han Fei had to reconsider if there was something he hadn’t completed in the Star Transformation realm.

Therefore, Han Fei immediately went to find the answer about the realm he didn’t know.

Therefore, in the starry sky, the altar rose, and a fire curtain rose.

God of War: “Oh! Why didn’t you make a sacrifice today?”

Han Fei said, “Senior God of War, I’m full of questions now. My Star Core has been formed, and my original body has been connected to the ground veins and Star Core of my Origin Star. I can already feel the fusion of the Rivers of Life. By rights, my star transformation should have ended, right? But why do I feel that my strength hasn’t taken a qualitative leap? I feel that my overall strength has only increased by about 10%.”

“What? Your Star Core has been formed?”

At that time, the God of War couldn’t have felt worse. When did he enter the Star Transformation Realm? One year ago? Two years ago? Anyway, it hadn’t exceeded three years. From the beginning of star transformation to the birth of a Star Core, it only took him three years. Was this kid the reincarnation of a god?

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Han Fei said, “That’s right! Senior God of War, is there anything I haven’t comprehended in the Star Transformation Realm?”

After a moment of silence, the God of War said, “You’re cultivating so fast. Aren’t you worried that your foundation is unstable?”

Han Fei said, “Senior God of War, did I forget to tell you that there is a Great Dao of Time among the Great Daos I walk?”

God of War: “???”

Immediately, the God of War seemed to understand. He was originally shocked, but when he heard the Great Dao of Time, he immediately understood.

“No wonder. I was wondering how anyone could complete the Star Transformation stage in just two years. So you have a time acceleration technique. Hey! Has the Time Temple come to you?”

The God of War didn’t answer Han Fei’s question immediately but asked, “Has the Time Temple come to you if you walk the Great Dao of Time?”

“Yes! But I just ignored them. We’re on different paths.”

The God of War cursed in his heart. Stop showing off, you little b*stard.

However, the God of War still reminded him, “Han Fei, it’s best if you do as you say. There’s no need to join the Three Temple. You don’t even know the meaning of their existence. Therefore, it’s best not to join if you can avoid it. As for you saying that you don’t feel a qualitative leap, that’s only natural. Now, is there a lack of energy and vitality in other places on your Origin Star except for the Star Core?”

Han Fei nodded. “Yes! Is there not enough energy and vitality?”

God of War: “If you want to reach the peak, that’s naturally not enough. Do you remember what I told you you should do next?”

Han Fei said, “Inject vitality. Indeed, my Origin Star seems to lack a lot of vitality now. But what I can’t figure out is, even if I inject vitality into it, what will happen? Body tempering?”

God of War: “Do you remember what I told you? After entering the Star Transformation Realm, you don’t have to embark on the Star Path?”

Han Fei responded, “I remember.”

God of War: “Then do you remember that I said I would teach you a supreme divine technique?”

Excited, Han Fei responded again, “I remember.”

God of War: “I didn’t tell you before because I wanted to see your exact state after you finish the star transformation. Now, I’ll teach you the first step to practice the supreme divine technique.”

“The first step?”

God of War: “Haha! The birth of a Star Core is only relative. If you have no one to teach you, what are you going to do next?”

Han Fei thought for a moment. “Based on the current situation, I must have missed something in the Star Transformation realm. So, my next step must be to get more energy and vitality. At least I can’t let my Origin Star continue to be so unstable.”

God of War: “However, when a large amount of vitality and energy are injected, they will continue to be absorbed by the Star Core. Then what are you going to do?”

Han Fei said, “It takes time for the Star Core to absorb energy and vitality, right? I should be able to stabilize it without accelerating time and abandoning the array that gathers energy and vitality.”

God of War: “Why do you want to stabilize the Star Core?”

Han Fei paused and suddenly realized that stars seemed to have a period of silence. However, the God of War directed the topic to the Star Core itself. He wanted him to pay more attention to the Star Core itself.

Han Fei asked, “Senior God of War, do you mean that there is still room for improvement on the Star Core itself?”

Suddenly, Han Fei thought of something. Compared to the Star Core of Yi Qianxing, the size and quality of the Star Core of the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator he had once killed were different.

Han Fei couldn’t help but respond, “Is there still room for the Star Core to continue to condense? Continuously compressing the Star Core, so that the Star Core of the same size can gather more energy and vitality. Although their mass will be greater, their intensity will definitely be higher.

God of War: “You’re quite perceptive. In fact, you’ll find this out after you try to inject vitality and energy. And the first step to practice the supreme divine technique I’m going to teach you is to compress your Star Core a thousand times.”

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