God of Fishing

Chapter 229 - Feather God Ray

Chapter 229 Feather God Ray

Han Fei ran into his small cave again.

In the Demon Purification Pot, there were five exotic creatures hanging at this time: a Golden Squid, a Human-Faced Ghost Crab, a Dragon Eel, a Soul-Attracting Jellyfish, and a Gigantic Plate Ray.

The Golden Squid was extremely fast. The Human-Faced Ghost Crab could create realistic illusions.

The Dragon Eel had tremendous strength and strong vitality and could attack with electricity.

The Soul-Attracting Jellyfish could attack souls.

The Plate Ray was huge in size and had amazing suction power. Once sucked into its belly, no one could come out easily.

Each of the five exotic creatures was a contractual spiritual beast that others dreamed of. But now, they were soon to be fused by him.

Han Fei hoped that the merged creature could be as tough as the Dragon Eel. After all, until now, except for the strong master who killed the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon and the little treeman in the Deep-Sea Jungle, he hadn’t seen a stronger creature than the Dragon Eel.

Demon Purification Pot.

<Demons to Be Fused> a Golden Squid, a Human-Faced Ghost Crab, a Dragon Eel, a Soul-Attracting Jellyfish, and a Gigantic Plate Ray.

<Consumption> 500,000 points of spiritual energy <Fusion Result> Unknown

Fuse them or not?

Han Fei was stunned. He spent 10,000 points of spiritual energy to get the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp, but now it required 50 times more?!

Han Fei took a deep breath. That was reasonable. After all, Nine Tails was refined from rare creatures. Although it was a legendary creature, he spent half a year to find hundreds of various rare creatures to continue refining him. So far, he still only had seven tails. He wondered what he would get by fusing the five exotic creatures.


The five rare creatures shattered in the blink of an eye and were sucked into the vortex of a black hole. Unlike last time, this time, a red glow appeared at first.

When the red glow disappeared, Han Fei was dumbfounded. A huge body directly filled the entire cliff cave. Han Fei could only see a big head, on which there were an eagle beak and two basin-large eyes blinking at him. Behind the eyes, there were layers of fish gills.

Then, Han Fei saw two huge gold-red wings. He couldn’t see the other parts of this thing, because he was so big that the whole cave was filled by him.

A string of data appeared in his eyes.

Contractual Spiritual Beast:

<Name> Feather God Ray <Introduction> Ancient exotic species, a flying fish, with two wings and two feet. Its wings are as sharp as blades and capable of breaking gold and cracking stone. Feather God Ray can fly into the sky or dive into the sea. Its speed is incredibly fast. Its head is as firm as a rock and its good at hitting things with its head. When it has fully grown up, it can summon heavenly thunder.

<Level> 28

<Quality> Legendary (Ultra Quality)

<Contained Spiritual energy> 3,936 <Food> Carnivorous. Prefer large fish

<Remarks > He is still a cub at present.


Han Fei was stunned. Great! But was he a bird or a fish? And he had double wings and double feet? Then can I fly after fusing with him?

And he is still a cub? But he is so huge!


The Feather God Ray stuck his head over. He seemed very happy, squeaking and trying to rub Han Fei with his head.

Han Fei quickly grabbed his beak, not knowing whether to cry or laugh. His head was too big for him to hold!

“Can you be smaller?”

The Feather God Ray tilted his head and looked at Han Fei as if not understanding his meaning.

Han Fei tried speaking to him in his mind, Can you be smaller?

This time, the Feather God Ray seemed to understand him. His huge body suddenly began to shrink, shrinking to more than two meters long. At this time, Han Fei saw the whole picture of this guy. He was gold-red with webs on both paws and a glowing-red dorsal fin on the back, which was as red as a ruby.

Be smaller, smaller.

The Feather God Ray became smaller again. This time, it became only one meter long, but when he spread his wings, he immediately became more than three meters wide. He fluttered his wings and pounced on Han Fei.

Han Fei hurriedly pushed his head off. “Are you hungry? You must be hungry. Let me feed you something.”

So, Han Fei took out a squid tentacle that was more than two meters long and threw it to the Feather God Ray. This guy swallowed half of it as soon as he opened his mouth. He tossed his head and the whole thigh-thick squid tentacle was swallowed by him.

Eating it, the Feather God Ray blinked, tilted his head and looked at Han Fei.

“You want more? No problem. I have tons of squid tentacles.” Han Fei finally fed him up after throwing nearly 20 squid tentacles in a row.

Han Fei looked at this guy up and down, pulled up its wings to check them out, and tapped the golden bone on the edge of his wings with the back of a knife. With a slight touch, a clanging sound was heard.

“Anyway, you are an ancient exotic species. I should give you a name. Let me think.”

“Little Red? No, no, that’s Li Gang’s wife’s name. You can’t be named that.”

“Little Feather? No, that’s like a girl’s name.” “Little Gold?”

Han Fei nodded in satisfaction. “OK, I’ll just call you Little Gold.”

Han Fei was very satisfied. Little Gold didn’t have the bad habit of banging the floor like Nine Tails. So far, Little Gold was quite well-behaved. Except that he ate too much, he didn’t seem to have any shortcomings.

Suddenly, Han Fei shouted in a low voice, “Attach.”

Little Gold instantly turned into a gold-red ray and was attached to Han Fei. The latter immediately felt that his power had increased greatly and his head became hard. He patted his forehead and made a clanging sound.

Shit! Did I become an Iron-Headed Fish?

To his surprise, he suddenly felt itchy on the back and a pair of gold-red wings appeared on his back, which was not a shadow but real.

Han Fei was so excited that he jumped up. But he didn’t realize that Little Gold’s speed was very fast, so as soon as he jumped, his head hit the rock wall above.


Han Fei rubbed his head. No, this cave was too small. He climbed directly to the cliff and looked around. When he saw nobody around, he spread his wings and tried to fly.

Feeling his feet off the ground, Han Fei couldn’t suppress the excitement in his heart. So, can I fly now?

“Wow… This is awesome!”

Han Fei slowly flew towards the cliff. He tried flapping his wings quickly, but he immediately lost his balance, tilted to one side and fell down the cliff.


Han Fei quickly adjusted his posture and then carefully grabbed the cliff of the floating island.

“Hoo! It feels so good… Flying is so fun.” Han Fei loosened his grip on the cliff wall and tried to fly again. After trying out for a whole hour, he flew around this area of thirty or forty miles. Flying sideways, up, and down, he was grinning from ear to ear.

Han Fei feasted his eyes on nature and observed the state of flight in the sky at different angles. When he closed his eyes to feel everything, a mixture of feelings suddenly popped up in his mind and he just wanted to shout.

More than an hour later, in the evening, Han Fei finally secretly flew back to his cottage.


Little Gold turned into a red ray and flashed into Han Fei’s body.

Han Fei grinned. Although his hair was a bit messy, it felt so good. Only Dangling Fishers or Hidden Fishers could fly, but he, a great fishing master, could already fly. But he didn’t know what the difference was between Little Gold’s wings and the snow-white wings of Hidden Fishers. However, Han Fei calmed down soon. Little Gold was very strong and there was no doubt about this. But the problem was that he could tell others that Nine Tails was a mutated Mantis Shrimp, but how should he introduce Little Gold? Nobody would believe it if he said he was an exotic creature, but if others knew Little Gold was a legendary creature, some people might covet him…

“Forget it. I can’t expose Little Gold for now.”

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