God of Fishing

Chapter 2140 - Cramming Growth

Chapter 2140: Cramming Growth

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Han Fei left a projection in the Little Sea Village. This projection had the strength of the Sea Establishment Realm, but it showed that it was only at the peak of the Venerable realm.

Han Fei chose to replace a peak-level Venerable who had died in hunting in recent years. Han Fei turned into this person and used this person’s name, Ye Fengliu (Fengliu means playboy), to live in the Little Sea Village.

The only thing that Han Fei was not satisfied with was his name. What f*cking conditions do you have? How can you be a playboy in this world that you can’t even survive?!

Unfortunately, for the sake of his plan, Han Fei could only reluctantly use it.

On this day.

Outside the Little Sea Village, Han Fei’s projection came to the entrance of the village.

Zhou Hai, the captain of the guards, exclaimed, “Ye Fengliu? Am I seeing things? Where the f*ck were you these years?”

“What? Little Ye is still alive?”

“Fengliu? You’re still alive?”

However, because Han Fei didn’t have Ye Fengliu’s memories, he looked cold and slightly vigilant at this moment. Anyway, it wasn’t the first time Han Fei acted.

Seeing a large group of people rushing over, Han Fei drew his saber and shouted, “Don’t come over.”

“Huh? Brother Ye, what’s wrong?”

“Fengliu, what are you doing? Are you infected by the ominous aura?”

Hearing this, many people became vigilant. Yes, after Ye Fengliu’s team left, none of them came back. Obviously, they had an accident. Why did he come back alone now?

Han Fei pretended to be nervous. “I’m only familiar with this place. I don’t know how I got here. Can anyone tell me who I am?”

Immediately, everyone gasped.

Zhou Hai was surprised and couldn’t help but ask, “You lost your memory?”

Someone was surprised. “It seems that something happened to Brother Ye’s team.”

Someone said, “More importantly, where did Fengliu come from?”

Someone asked, “Where did you come from?”

Han Fei said, “I came from an icy mountain 30 million kilometers away. Do you know me?”


At this moment, Zhao Jing appeared.

“Leader, it’s Ye Fengliu. He’s not dead, but he clearly lost his memory.”

“Leader, is Fengliu affected by the ominous aura?”

Zhao Jing pretended to look at Han Fei up and down. After a moment of silence, she said, “If he was contaminated by the ominous aura, as a Venerable, he would have gone crazy.”

Zhao Jing asked, “Did you experience the tide wave a few days ago? You should have an impression of the tide wave, right? It’s the black fog and a large number of undead creatures attacking.”

Han Fei shook his head blankly. “No.”


While Zhou Hai and the others were surprised, Zhao Jing said firmly, “He must have accidentally entered a primitive graveyard somewhere.”

Primitive graveyard? Everyone was surprised. How did Ye Fengliu find the entrance to a primitive graveyard?

Zhao Jing asked again, “Are there powerful creatures in the place you came from?”

Han Fei shook his head. “No, they’re all ordinary creatures, but I swallowed a drop of strange essence blood there…”

Zhao Jing asked, “What?”

Han Fei pretended to be at a loss and reached out to take off his battle suit, only to see that his body was covered with dense scales.

“Hiss! Ten Thousand Scale Clan?”

Zhou Hai and the others’ expressions changed drastically, and some of them even revealed hostility in their eyes. However, Zhao Jing shouted, “Shut up, all of you. This kind of scale looks a bit like a flood dragon’s scale…”

Zhao Jing couldn’t help but suddenly attack and grab Han Fei. Han Fei quickly retreated and could still fight back.


Han Fei was knocked back a hundred kilometers by the blow, and his eyes were full of anger. “Why did you attack me?”

Zhao Jing said, “Just trying.”

Zhou Hai and the others asked, “Leader, what’s going on?”

Zhao Jing said, “I’m not sure, but he must have swallowed some kind of treasure, which caused his strength to soar. Look, his strength has reached the Half-King realm. If he can block my blow so easily in the Half-King realm… I’m definitely not his match if he becomes a king.”


The people from the Little Sea Village all exclaimed. Even the village leader was no match for him?

Zhao Jing deliberately asked, “Are you about to reach the Sea Establishment realm, but you can’t find your memories, which hinders your path to the Sea Establishment?”

Han Fei nodded. “Yes.”

Zhou Hai and the others were in a trance when they saw Han Fei and Zhao Jing acting. They were easily deceived by these two people.

Sure enough, Zhou Hai and the others were all tricked. They all thought that Ye Fengliu was about to transcend the tribulation, but because he lost his memories, he had to find the way back to Little Sea Village and search for his memories.

Wasn’t this equivalent to picking up a Sea Establishment King for free?

Instantly, Zhou Hai and the people who were familiar with Ye Fengliu surrounded him. They couldn’t let go of such a future Sea Establisher!

They thought that although Ye Fengliu had mutated, he was still a human. As a human, he was one of them. Everyone was very accepting of him.

After all, they could even accept outsiders. Why couldn’t Ye Fengliu, who was a mutated human, be accepted?

The moment Han Fei successfully entered the Little Sea Village, Han Fei’s original body left quietly.

Now this matter was almost over. Next, Han Fei would leave time to himself. In the past few days, he had obtained too many resources. Except for giving a lot of resources to Tai Yuan and the Sword God, he didn’t leave much for Luo Xiaobai and the others.

But in fact, Han Fei had already given them a lot. It was completely enough for them to expand their Origin Seas by at least 30,000 kilometers. If he really gave them a large number of resources, how could they cherish the resources? Besides, it would be unfavorable for them to gain experience and explore for resources.

Mountain City.

Han Fei established an underground barrier under the Lord’s Mansion.

He was going to cultivate here for three years, because three years later, according to tradition, it would be Xue Fei’s turn to return to the City of Scavengers to report.

The lords of the cities under the City of Scavengers would go to the City of Scavengers to report their duties every hundred years. At other times, they were free, so there were actually many people fighting for the position of lord.

Fortunately, although Xue Fei was in the lower-middle level, he was relatively close to the middle level. Even if the lord was replaced, it was mainly the lords of the lowest rankings. Especially the lords after the hundredth place, the possibility of them being replaced was extremely high. It was very difficult for them to be lords for ten thousand years.

His Origin Sea.

Han Fei looked at the massive number of energy crystals. He had no time to care about them now, because the previous batch of 40 million energy crystals hadn’t been digested yet. Even the Chaotic Qi hadn’t been completely transformed into Immortal Qi, let alone the ownerless souls.

Therefore, Han Fei used the Immortal Qi to expand his Origin Sea and transform the Chaotic Qi into Immortal Qi. Anyway, he had so much Chaotic Qi that he almost couldn’t use it.

Then he was shocked.

Han Fei expanded the Origin Sea every day for ten years, and there were still as many as 420,000 wisps of Immortal Qi in the Origin Sea. The Immortal Qi transformed from the 200 million wisps of Chaotic Qi had been consumed by 1.7 million wisps, which only expanded his Origin Sea by 50,000 kilometers. Yes, Han Fei’s Origin Sea was only 180,000 kilometers long, less than 190,000 kilometers.

Han Fei couldn’t help being shocked. He really admired people like Bei Luochen, Shi Pohuang, and He Daoyuan. In the past hundred thousand years, they probably didn’t do anything but cut open the endless void every day to absorb the Chaotic Qi, right? Otherwise, how could they have expanded the Origin Sea to two hundred thousand kilometers?

Han Fei estimated that the remaining Immortal Qi shouldn’t be enough to expand the Origin Sea to 200,000 kilometers, so he simply gave up. Therefore, he finally remembered the massive number of ownerless souls in the Origin Sea.

In fact, Han Fei felt that he had acted too early. He shouldn’t have touched Xue Fei’s 40 million energy crystals. They were all saved by Xue Fei, so their quality was extremely good. Most of them were energy crystals in the Venerable realm.

In fact, the composition of the energy crystals he collected was mainly calculated according to the overall strength of Mountain City. If there were many Venerables in the city, then there would be more Venerable-level energy crystals. If there were more Explorers, then there would be more Explorer-level energy crystals.

Obviously, there were fewer Venerables in Mountain City.

Of course, Han Fei didn’t mind having more low-level energy crystals.

Even a low-level energy crystal could have one or two wisps of Chaotic Qi or seven or eight points of ownerless souls.

One or two of them might not be a big deal, but what if the number rose to ten thousand, a hundred thousand, or a million?

Han Fei didn’t even dare to use the energy crystal of the Sky Opening realm. Such a high-quality item was hard to come by in a hundred years, so he’d better keep the good stuff.

Han Fei felt that he wouldn’t be able to use the remaining 180 million energy crystals in the short term.

This was because Han Fei felt that he might not be able to absorb so many ownerless souls at all. Even if each of the forty million energy crystals only had ten points of ownerless souls, there would be as many as four hundred million points. Besides, this high-quality energy crystal contained even more ownerless souls.

But what about him? His soul power only had more than 2 million points. Compared to the ownerless souls that easily numbered in the hundreds of millions, there was clearly a huge gap.

Unfortunately, it had only been five years since the last Void Temple gathering, and it was still early for the next gathering. It didn’t seem right for him to ask the senior brothers and sisters of the Void Temple for help too frequently.

Therefore, Han Fei could only flip through Xue Fei’s memories again. Of course, Han Fei could ask Old Yuan, but Old Yuan was not much better than Xue Fei, and he often slept. In this aspect, his understanding might not be better than Xue Fei’s.

Reading Xue Fei’s memories, Han Fei was immediately puzzled.

A moment later.

“Huh? Isn’t it said that once one’s Dao Heart is strong enough, his soul power will be infinitely strong? Why can’t I absorb the ownerless souls after reaching a certain level?”

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