God of Fishing

Chapter 2137 - Battle to Defend the City

Chapter 2137: Battle to Defend the City

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At this time, there were only less than four hours left before the arrival of the tide wave. The density of the ominous creatures had greatly increased, and the price of fighting freely was rapidly increasing.

Most people knew that something was wrong and shouted, “Retreat! Don’t be stingy with those energy crystals!”

When the defending army returned to their positions, the defending army that had already been prepared began the Cleansing Stone Arrow Rain attack like in the previous battles. The sky was full of Holy Light Arrows that cut through the sky, blocking the enemies to facilitate retreat of the army.

At this time, these city guards consumed war supplies, which didn’t belong to them. This was because they couldn’t participate in free hunting, so after the battle, as long as they didn’t die, they could get additional energy crystals.

Of course, not everyone could join the city guards. These people were all in the Venerable realm. Without exception, the selection was very strict, so the others could only be jealous.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Round after round of arrows swept across. From a third perspective, the scene was like a meteorite explosion. The holy arrows never stopped. In just half an hour, the number of stones consumed reached an astonishing five million.

Of course, outside Mountain City, there were also a large number of energy crystals.

In the Lord’s Mansion, Zhang Xuanyu and the others were surprised. “Is that the so-called Clean Stone? This is a battle of attrition! The battle strategy is not good at all.”

Luo Xiaobai said, “You can’t say that. This might be the uniqueness of the Chaotic Wasteland. What they used are resources, but what they gain back is also resources. It’s equivalent to exchanging resources with these ominous creatures. But the resources exchanged can greatly help cultivators grow quickly.”

Le Renkuang said, “I’m thinking, what if they finish this kind of stone? They have to have a war like this every hundred years and this is just one city.”

Someone said, “We haven’t even dug up all the resources in the Raging Sea. Besides, the outside world is so vast. There must be many such Clean Stone mineral veins.”

Not to mention Zhang Xuanyu and the others, even Han Fei and the others were shocked. Every second, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of Clean Stones were consumed. At this speed, when the tide wave came, it would consume at least hundreds of millions of Clean Stones, or even more.

About an hour later, the Clean Stone Arrow couldn’t completely resist the impact of these ominous creatures.

However, the city guards had already made preparations. They had set up a large number of Clean Stone Water Thunder for thousands of kilometers outside the city. Above the city, the Clean Stone Shield was also ready.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

When a massive number of ominous creatures rushed over, the Clean Stone Water Thunder that burst out illuminated the entire Mountain City, like holy light enveloping the land. Most people’s vision was only filled with white, and they couldn’t tell how many ominous creatures were coming from ahead.

However, the guards at the periphery were all prepared for battle, waiting for the commander’s order.

As large swaths of lightning flashed, when the first ominous creature rushed within a hundred kilometers of Mountain City, with a buzz, a holy light barrier suddenly rose two thousand kilometers away.

This holy light barrier enveloped the entire Mountain City in order. Mountain City’s defensive array had been activated an hour in advance.

The kings shouted, “All soldiers, attack! The battle will only last for half an hour.”



Ripples kept appearing on the city-protecting array. Countless ominous creatures collided with the array.

However, the collisions and vibrations were rapidly decreasing. Han Fei and the others could perceive that the moment the city-protecting array was activated, a large number of ominous creatures took the initiative to avoid it. They stopped attacking the city and rushed somewhere.

Seeing this scene, Han Fei and the others couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief. Sure enough, the ominous creatures were afraid of the power of the Clean Stone. When the entire city was enveloped by the light of the Clean Stone, they lost interest in Mountain City.

But Han Fei knew that in the ten years after the tide wave, it was also the peak of hunting. Although the tide wave had passed, a large number of ominous creatures would stay in the sea area of the Chaotic Wasteland. These creatures would occasionally attack the city, but at that time, the number wouldn’t be as dense as now.

Therefore, the ten years after this battle would be the fastest ten years for the people in the city to cultivate. Some people would even save some Clean Stones for hunting.

Of course, those ten years were also the most dangerous ten years. During and in the ten years after the tide waves, it was very easy for powerful creatures to be born among the ominous creatures, and even creatures in the Sky Opening realm would be born.

After all, a massive number of ominous creatures were not the same species. They would also devour each other.

Therefore, in the ten years after the battle, it could be said that only a small number of ominous creatures were killed, and most of them were swallowed by each other.

In the end, these ominous creatures would form stronger races, and strong masters would be born.

The 2,000 kilometers outside the city were blocked, and the Venerables rushed over crazily. They couldn’t wait to kill these ominous creatures, because the more they killed, the more resources they would get. It was simple like that. If you didn’t want resources, there would be others who wanted them.

When nearly a million Venerables charged forward, this scene was like steel torrents colliding.

Someone used a great technique to trap an ominous creature and then purified it with a Clean Stone.

Someone was pierced by a thorn out of nowhere, and a large amount of black fog entered his body. In the blink of an eye, he fell into madness and attacked his companions.

Someone killed an ominous creature but died in the hands of others.

Someone attacked bravely three times in a row.

A mere 2,000 kilometers couldn’t trap many ominous creatures. After a few rounds of killing, all the ominous creatures were slaughtered.

When the army retreated, the city guards set up the Clean Stone Water Thunder again, and Han Fei reactivated the array and trapped a large number of ominous creatures again.

After only two tries, with a bang, the tide wave finally crashed over. A large amount of black fog directly enveloped the entire Mountain City.

The guard captains all shouted, “No one is allowed to attack.”

The city-protecting array was divided into three levels. The first level was 2,000 kilometers away. This level was bound to be broken because the coverage was too large. The larger the coverage, the more Clean Stones it would consume.

Therefore, the outermost array would only last for four hours, and the tide wave would last for as long as two days.

Two hour passed.

“Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!”

Suddenly, someone shouted, “Look, the first array has opened.”

The guard leader shouted, “Everyone, listen up. Prepare to charge.”

When a crack appeared on the first layer of the city protection array, it meant that this major array was not far from collapse. And as more and more cracks appeared, more and more ominous creatures would rush out of the cracks. Of course, this time, there was also an ominous aura rushing in.

However, there was not much ominous aura. They could use the first layer of the city protection array to launch the last round of attacks before the first-level array was broken.

In the array, the army was charging.

Outside the array, Han Fei tried to release his perception, only to find that once his soul touched the overwhelming ominous aura, it would be melted.

An hour later.

Just as the first layer of the array was almost riddled with holes, suddenly, with a bang, the array exploded and cracked. Something broke through the array, which was a head more than 300 meters long.

In the city, the kings who weren’t controlled by Han Fei were all shocked.

“Not good. There are powerful ominous creatures in this round. Their birth speed is too fast.”

Han Fei’s puppets all shouted, “Retreat!”


The first major array was rapidly cracking. The city-protecting array was about to collapse faster. If they were not careful, the city would suffer heavy losses. Han Fei estimated that at least 10% of the population would die.

But the Sword God and the others were still disguised as frogmen, and it was not suitable for Han Fei to attack either.

Beside Xue Fei, Han Fei shouted in a low voice, “Knock it out of the array.”


In the blink of an eye, Xue Fei charged forward with a mighty might. He held a thousand Clean Stones in his hand and blasted the snake head away. At the same time, Xue Fei also rushed out of the array and fell into the black ominous aura.

Han Fei also wanted to take the opportunity to experience the strangeness of the ominous aura, so he appeared outside the array.

However, Xue Fei relied on the Clean Stones to resist the ominous aura.

Holy light enveloped Han Fei as the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique was activated.

Countless strong masters in Mountain City were shocked. Why did the Lord attack personally? Could it be an ominous creature in the Sky Opening realm?

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