God of Fishing

Chapter 1972 - Xia Xiaochan's Tribulation   

Chapter 1972: Xia Xiaochan’s Tribulation


When Han Fei heard their plan, he immediately disagreed. They wanted to exchange Xia Xiaochan’s life for Xia Hongzhu’s awakening!

Han Fei continued, “Back then, my mother-in-law knew that she only had one drop of god’s blood left, but she still gave it to Xiaochan, which meant that she wanted her daughter to inherit the god’s blood. Now that you want Xiaochan to return the blood, so be it. But if Xiaochan dies, why did my mother-in-law give the blood of a god to her in the first place?”

Li Qing Emperor and Chun Huangdian were speechless. What the hell are you talking about? Your mother-in-law? She is still sleeping. Do you think she can hear you?

Li Qingdi said, “Of course the princess won’t die easily. We have a backup plan to help her survive.”

Han Fei asked, “What backup plan?”

Li Qingdi shook his head. “You don’t need to know that.”

Han Fei was about to argue, when Xia Xiaochan stopped him. Xia Xiaochan said, “Don’t worry. I still have the Giant Arowana and the Heavenly Cicada. It’s not a bad thing to lose the blood of a god. If I don’t return the blood, I’m afraid I won’t be able to survive this tribulation.”

Han Fei couldn’t help but glance at Chun Huangdian. It was all this guy’s fault. If he hadn’t told Xia Xiaochan this matter, Xia Xiaochan would have successfully transcended the tribulation.

Unfortunately, it was too late now. But Han Fei still said, “Xiaochan is the princess of the Merman Royal Family. In order to save her mother, she has paid a great price. Shouldn’t you prepare all the top resources of the Merman Royal Family for her? At least hundreds of thousands of spiritual fruits, billions of ultra-quality spiritual stones, and all kinds of divine pills, right?”

Chun Huangdian said disdainfully, “How petty. The place where the princess will transcend the tribulation is the Crystal Palace, and the resources in the Crystal Palace are dozens of times more than what you said.”

Han Fei was relieved. It seemed that for the sake of Xia Xiaochan’s tribulation this time, Chun Huangdian and the others didn’t dare to be negligent, or even very careful. This was because Xia Xiaochan’s tribulation represented the recovery of Xia Hongzhu and the rise of the war queen.

After seeing Xia Hongzhu, Xia Xiaochan loosened her grip on Han Fei. Then she glanced at Han Fei and said, “I can do it.”

With that, Xia Xiaochan said, “I’m ready. You can start now.”

Li Qingdi and Chun Huangdian looked at each other. Chun Huangdian took out a dazzling golden harpoon that emitted a terrifying Dao rune pressure.

Well, if what Han Fei got before was a harpoon, this one could be called a better name, Trident. Han Fei’s first feeling was that this weapon was extraordinary, even surpassing Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasures and Human Sacred Weapons.

“A godly weapon?”

Han Fei couldn’t help but guess that even if this thing wasn’t a godly weapon, it was definitely an ultra-quality Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure. However, it shouldn’t be as good as his Green Thunder Wine Gourd.

Han Fei’s Green Thunder Wine Gourd had been in Forge the Universe for almost 600 years. Because he had adjusted the flow of time several times, there was still a period of time before a thousand years.

It was placed in Forge the Universe for a thousand years for the Thousand-Year Heavenly Dao Wine. The Hundred-Year Dao Querying Wine was no longer very effective for him, but the Thousand-Year Heavenly Dao Wine was different. From the name, one could tell that it was extraordinary. When it was brewed, it would be enough to improve his strength further.

Han Fei suddenly realized that he had thought too far ahead. He waved the trident at the Crystal Palace, and the dome of the Crystal Palace cracked.

Han Fei saw that a massive amount of resources were stored between the dome and the top of the crystal palace. At this moment, they were revealed. They must be prepared for Xia Xiaochan’s tribulation.

However, Chun Huangdian fell to the ground and shouted, “Rise!”

Clatter ~

The entire Crystal Palace began to tremble. After it stabilized, the Crystal Palace began to rise up, probably to the surface of the sea to facilitate Xia Xiaochan to transcend the tribulation.

However, as the Crystal Palace moved, the entire Merman Royal Family trembled slightly.

A strong master realized that something had happened in the forbidden area.

However, when someone wanted to investigate, a king shouted, “The princess is transcending a tribulation. No one is allowed to observe the tribulation. Retreat…”

“The princess is transcending a tribulation?”

Countless people exclaimed. So Xia Xiaochan came back to transcend the tribulation?

With a thought, the wind and clouds gathered. Xia Xiaochan had already decided to transcend the tribulation, so the heavenly tribulation would come naturally.

The tribulation clouds in the sky gathered for half an hour before lightning rolled over.

However, when Han Fei saw the slightly purple clouds in the distance pressing down, his heart did a flip. It seemed that Xia Xiaochan’s heavenly tribulation was not simple!

Li Qingdi also said, “It’s extremely dangerous to transcend the tribulation with the god’s blood, because this bloodline is too strong. The heavenly tribulation attracted is naturally stronger than ordinary heavenly tribulations.”

However, Han Fei wasn’t worried. Xia Xiaochan had already practiced the Purity Mystic Body. In this Raging Sea, in addition to the Void Fire Technique that he was cultivating now, the Purity Mystic Body was the ceiling of body refining arts in the Raging Sea .

Even though Old Man Taiyuan had already become an emperor, his body refining technique was far inferior to the Purity Mystic Body. Xia Xiaochan had been suppressing her strength for hundreds of years, so he wasn’t very worried even if it was a full-purple heavenly tribulation.

However, Han Fei still stuffed a bunch of bottles and jars over and said, “This five-level Dao Pattern Pill can double your strength. This sixth-level soul pill can help you resist the inner demon tribulation. And this one is even more incredible. This seventh-level Soul Suppressing Pill can help you survive at least one late-stage heavenly tribulation.”

Li Qingdi and Chun Huangdian were speechless. This guy was really generous to the princess. He had even taken out a level-seven divine pill, so the success rate of tribulation transcending would certainly increase a lot.

Although the Merman Royal Family had a lot of resources and had prepared many very rare ultra-quality spiritual fruits this time, no one knew how to refine pills. Robbing the Medicine King World meant a full-scale war. Instead, it was easy for people like Han Fei to get these pill resources.

Xia Xiaochan accepted them all. She was here to transcend the tribulation, not to die. If she could successfully transcend the tribulation, she would go back to the Yin-Yang World with Han Fei.

At that time, she would really have nothing to worry about. Although she had her mother, she didn’t know her well, and she was closer to Han Fei.

Han Fei and the others retreated.

Xia Xiaochan put on a battle suit and stood in the air, facing the heavenly tribulation.


When a dark blue lightning snake drilled out of the sky, Han Fei couldn’t help being relieved. Fortunately, the first one wasn’t purple lightning. Otherwise, the difficulty of this heavenly tribulation would be even higher than his. It might be as difficult as the Emperor Sparrow’s.

As for the first lightning bolt, it continued the style of body tempering. Xia Xiaochan completely endured it and used her physique to temper her body with the heavenly tribulation, and her Purity Mystic Body circulated crazily.

Around Han Fei, more than 20 Sea Establishers were watching the heavenly tribulation, but he didn’t notice it at all.

Rumble! Rumble!

The second heavenly tribulation was still a pillar of blue lightning, but it was slightly purple. Xia Xiaochan still withstood it with her body.

At this point, the surrounding kings secretly discussed.

“Her Highness’s physique is so strong. I’m afraid there are few people with such a physique in the Raging Sea!”

“She withstood two heavenly tribulations in a row and tempered her body with the heavenly tribulation. As far as I know, there are less than ten people in the Raging Sea who can do this.”


This time, a blue and purple heavenly tribulation fell. Xia Xiaochan still resisted it with her body, but a trace of blood flowed out of the corner of her mouth. Immediately, thousands of spiritual fruits shattered, turned into pure power, and poured into Xia Xiaochan’s body to heal her.

Someone thought to himself, “What? Purple lightning appeared on the third heavenly tribulation?”

Someone was surprised. “She withstood this lightning bolt again? The princess’s physique is stronger than we imagined!”

However, to their surprise, the fourth lightning bolt was basically a purple lightning bolt. Xia Xiaochan still withstood it head-on. Tens of thousands of spiritual fruits shattered and were sucked into her body.

When Xia Xiaochan transcended the fifth heavenly tribulation, finally, even Li Qingdi couldn’t help but glance at Han Fei, wondering what kind of body tempering technique Xia Xiaochan had practiced. She had withstood five heavenly tribulations in a row and tempered her body with the heavenly tribulation. If this went on, could Xia Xiaochan just withstand all the heavenly tribulations like this?

However, Han Fei found that Xia Xiaochan’s armor was full of cracks and her Qi blood was turbulent.

Han Fei shouted, “Xiaochan, don’t save spiritual fruits. Directly swallow a hundred thousand spiritual fruits. If your battle suit is broken, change into a new one. Eat as many healing pills as you can. Before the sixth heavenly tribulation comes, heal your injuries.”

When the kings heard that the sixth heavenly tribulation was coming, they all thought what Han Fei said made sense.

Sure enough, the heavenly tribulation this time was completely purple and shockingly powerful, like a divine pillar.


The battle suit on Xia Xiaochan’s body shattered, and a new Sea Quelling Bizarre-level battle suit was put on her. Above the Crystal Palace, spiritual fruits flew into the air like a stream, and when they were less than ten kilometers away from Xia Xiaochan, a large number of them shattered, continuously supplying power to Xia Xiaochan.

Han Fei noticed that there were more than three million spiritual fruits in the reserve resources of the Crystal Palace. How many had Xia Xiaochan used?

However, after the sixth heavenly tribulation, Xia Xiaochan’s flesh and blood began to show signs of cracking. Han Fei told her not to hesitate to use resources, so Xia Xiaochan didn’t. This heavenly tribulation consumed more than 100,000 spiritual fruits, and she only managed to survive after eating a third of the healing pills Han Fei gave her. She even used two five-level Dao Pattern Pills in a row.

However, Xia Xiaochan found that the power of the heavenly tribulation was almost several times stronger. She would probably have to consume several times the power just now in the seventh heavenly tribulation.

Rumble! Rumble!

However, when the next dark purple heavenly tribulation descended, Han Fei’s face changed. Why did Xia Xiaochan’s heavenly tribulation become so fierce?

Han Fei shouted, “Don’t hesitate to use the Six-level Dao Pattern Pills, spiritual fruits, and healing pills. Where are the arrays and shields? Throw them out.”

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