God of Fishing

Chapter 1970 - The So-called Heavenly Talent Is Nothing But A Weakling

Chapter 1970: The So-called Heavenly Talent Is Nothing But A Weakling


With a loud roar, a person flew over from the sky, looking ferocious.

In the crowd, someone was surprised. “He’s the seventh disciple of King Ming, the most combative one among the disciples of King Ming. He’s a peak-level Venerable who once killed a Half-King and escaped from a giant beast.”

Someone smiled and said, “Lin Can is not weak. Although he usually doesn’t show his strength, his strength can’t be underestimated.”

Someone sneered. “This battle will be interesting. I heard that Lin Can is also a body refiner and is extremely good at Instant Movement.”

Hearing the praises, Han Fei said disdainfully, “A peak-level Venerable? Who gave you the courage to challenge me? I advise you to get lost. You’re no match for me until you become a Half-King.”

Lin Can hadn’t arrived yet. Hearing that Han Fei was so arrogant and felt that he wasn’t worthy of being his opponent, he felt as if it was a slap in his face.

Lin Can cursed coldly, “Arrogant! Today, I’ll let you know the real strength of the Heavenly Talents of the Merman Royal Family!”


Thousands of kilometers away, this person disappeared silently. In less than the blink of an eye, a knife was almost against Han Fei’s chest.

Someone exclaimed, “Instant Movement!”

But as soon as the man shouted, he saw that the void behind Han Fei was shattered, but Han Fei didn’t move at all. Then he saw that Han Fei’s hand was holding the blade of the long knife, so that the tip of the knife was only half an inch away from Han Fei’s chest but couldn’t go any further.

Lin Can was horrified. How could this guy block his powerful blow with his body? He was also a body refiner. Since Han Fei could hold his long knife with one hand, his body must be comparable to that of a Sea Establishment cultivator!

Lin Can had no time to think. The moment his attack failed, he controlled the Chaotic Qi to explode from the tip of the knife, but at the same time, Han Fei suddenly moved two meters to the side and brushed past him.

“Hiss ~”

Lin Can didn’t find anything, but the onlookers gasped. Lin Can’s chest was pierced through by Han Fei with one hand, and a round steel ring wrapped him.


At this moment, the wisp of Chaotic Qi exploded, but the aftershock of the explosion was locked by the Universe Ring. An explosive pillar rose to the sky.

Before Lin Can was reborn with his blood, Han Fei extended his fingers, shattered the void, and destroyed his soul. This so-called king’s disciple died on the spot. From the beginning to the end, he only had time to attack once. He probably didn’t even know how he died.

Lin Can’s death made many peak-level Venerables break out in cold sweat.

“So strong!”

Someone was horrified. He didn’t even see clearly how Han Fei attacked at all, but the casual blow was too powerful. Even a Half-King couldn’t have attacked so easily.

Someone was sweating. Fortunately, he didn’t act rashly just now. After all, he wasn’t even as strong as Lin Can.

Even Bai Muling and Situ Yuhong looked at each other in bewilderment. They had seen this battle very clearly. In fact, Han Fei didn’t use any profound combat skills. It was just that his physique was stronger and his speed was faster. The other reason was because of Han Fei’s Universe Ring.

But even so, Han Fei’s casual killing of a Heavenly Talent was enough to intimidate too many people. At least, after this blow, who would dare to attack him except for Half-Kings?

Sure enough, a half-king merman stood out. He had seen Han Fei’s combat style clearly. In terms of physique, Han Fei was indeed strong, but his attack wasn’t that strong.

When this person stood out, someone was surprised. “Bansha? He actually chose to challenge Han Fei?”

Someone said via voice transmission, “Don’t underestimate Bansha. This guy has experienced 13 dangerous secret realms in a row. As many as seven or eight Half-Kings have died at his hands. It’s just that his presence is very low.”

Bansha extended his hands and threw two long whips to the ground. He said, “I, Bansha of the Mermaid Royal Family, want to fight you.”

Han Fei held his spear and thrust it into the ground. “Come!”

In the blink of an eye, the two long whips of Bansha exploded, turned into gravel, and tried to wrap Han Fei up.


Han Fei had thought that this person was going to use whips, but it turned out that he wanted to use the sand to seal him. In this way, as long as he limited his freedom, he could attack at will. Therefore, the whips were deliberately revealed for him to see.

But Han Fei certainly wouldn’t be tricked easily. He stomped, and the Nine Dragon Divine Fire appeared and enveloped him.

The weird gravel tried to wrap the Nine Dragon Divine Fire Barrier, but everyone saw that Han Fei was holding the Fiery Spear.

On the tip of the fiery spear, a cold light burst out, as if it was about to attack.

Someone asked in surprise, “Didn’t he seal himself in this state? How could he launch an attack?”

Situ Yuhong and Bai Muling couldn’t help but glance at Xia Xiaochan, who looked calm. To be honest, she didn’t think many people could beat Han Fei in a fight.

Han Fei’s avatar’s combat style was more like the combination of Zhang Xuanyu, Le Renkuang, and Han Fei’s original body. Those who knew Zhang Xuanyu knew that they couldn’t let Zhang Xuanyu attack with a spear. If he attacked with a spear, it meant that he had won half of the battle.

Now, Han Fei’s attack also gave Bansha a bad feeling.


All of a sudden, Han Fei disappeared, and then a spear mark appeared in the air behind Bansha.

However, when everyone saw the spear mark, Bansha had already exploded. Therefore, Han Fei’s spear basically crossed time and space and fell directly on Bansha.

However, when Bansha exploded, he turned into sand. This made Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan think of a person, an opponent they met in the Seaborne Prairie in the level-three fishery who could also turn into sand and be difficult to kill.

Back then, that person was crushed by his Sacrificing Punch.

Now, Bansha’s sand gathered and didn’t seem to give Han Fei a chance to kill him.

However, Han Fei’s reaction was fast. Seeing that his attack didn’t work, he punched the void crack where Bansha was. The Chaotic Sky Silk flew out of the void like a ribbon, and instantly, the Chaotic Sky Silk and the sand began to chase each other more than 20 times.

However, someone shouted, “Not good! Bansha, retreat!”

Before Bansha realized what happened, at some point, the area within ten kilometers of him was filled with arrays. He looked up and saw nine dragon flames landing in nine directions. He wanted to run, but the void was already locked down.


The Nine Dragon Divine Fire Barrier pressed down.

Han Fei’s lips curled. “It’s nothing. I’ve already met someone like you when I was still a Hanging Fisher. How do you deserve to be a Heavenly Talent?”

Han Fei extended his hand and pressed on the Nine Dragon Divine Fire Barrier. As if a nuclear bomb exploded inside, flames filled the air, and the sand was directly crushed into dust. Bansha was deader than dead, with no chance of rebirth.

Han Fei put away the Nine Dragon Divine Fire Barrier with one hand behind his back. “Is this the strength of the Merman Royal Family? Is this the Heavenly Talent you are so proud of?”

Han Fei’s words made countless people crazy.

Someone shouted, “You just have a lot of weapons. What qualifications do you have to judge our Heavenly Talent? Without those weapons, you will only be a peak-level Venerable.”

Han Fei grinned. “Okay! This time, I won’t use any weapons. Who wants to fight me?”


For a moment, Xia Xiaochan was anxious. She said via voice transmission, “Be steady.”

Han Fei replied, “I’m very stable.”

At this moment, the Half-King who led the crowd here walked out.

He said solemnly, “I am Feng Qing, the disciple of Long Youjun, and Jiao Xiaoxiao is my junior sister. Today, let’s settle old and new scores together.”

Han Fei raised his eyebrows. “Oh? How?”

Feng Qing clasped his hands, and a scorpion shadow appeared behind him, and a poisonous stinger was hooked up.

Han Fei said disdainfully, “I heard that you are the strongest here?”

Feng Qing said, “We’ll find out whether I’m strong or not in combat.”

Han Fei said disdainfully, “There’s no need for that. If you can survive a single blow of mine, you win.”


The crowd was in an uproar. Is Han Fei really that arrogant? You couldn’t even kill Bansha with one blow. Feng Qing can rank among the top ten half-kings in the Merman Royal Family. How dare you say you can kill him with a single blow?

Feng Qing was furious. “How arrogant! I’d like to see how you can kill me in one blow.”

Han Fei smiled. His body was not his original body, but in fact, his soul was still his original soul.

He had a move that he had never used in front of others.

The Dao of his avatar was different from that of his original body. His avatar was born for fighting, so there were some things that his original body couldn’t comprehend, but his avatar could.

Han Fei stood there and with a bang, a green crack appeared in the sky.

Han Fei grinned. “Sword Opening the Heavenly Gate.”

Swish ~

This sword came very slowly, like a huge pillar of light. It couldn’t be called a sword, but only infinite killing intent. However, when Feng Qing saw this sword, he seemed to fall into a state of dementia.


There was a loud noise in the distance, and someone was angered by Han Fei.

Long Youjun said coldly, “What a sword opening the Heavenly Gate. It’s actually the long-lost Sky Opening Sword Manual of the Supreme Clearness World.”

Behind Long Youjun, someone asked in shock, “Master, what is the Sky Splitting Sword Manual?”

Seeing that Feng Qing didn’t move for a full second, Long Youjun knew that Feng Qing couldn’t survive. He said, “Sky Opening Sword Manual, a magical sword technique that can directly slash the Great Dao.”

At the gate of the inner city, everyone was still waiting for Feng Qing to fight back.

Han Fei smiled contemptuously. “The so-called Heavenly Talent is nothing but a weakling. There’s no need to wait. He’s already dead.”

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