God of Fishing

Chapter 182 - Everyone Showing Their Special Abilities

Chapter 182 Everyone Showing Their Special Abilities

After lying on the fishing boat for less than 5 minutes, Han Fei felt movement on the bottom of the boat. Needless to say, it was definitely those damn squids.

“Little Black, bite them.”

“Oh, no, I seem to have forgotten Nine Tails.”

With a flash on his arm, Nine Tails appeared. He froze for a moment and then saw a tentacle stretch over from the side of the boat.

Without any hesitation at all, Nine Tails immediately caught the tentacle with its two claws and bit at it.

“Guard the goddamn ship, understood?!”

Han Fei knew why he chose to ‘forget’ this bastard. As soon as he was released, he began to run amuck

The squid underwater were also stunned. Oh, what happened to my tentacle?

Five or six tentacles suddenly stuck out in rage. Nine Tails froze for a while and waved his tails with a jerk and four or five tentacles were cut off and fell on the deck.

Han Fei leaned on the cabin, and shouted to Nine Tails, “Hey, over here, tentacles are here.”

Maybe Nine Tails hadn’t been out for a long time. He was very excited and ran around on the boat energetically. Although the tentacles were not weak, they couldn’t resist Nine Tails, a legend-level creature at all.

At this moment, Forge the Universe had been stuffed with tentacles. Han Fei decided to take these tentacles back to the Fish Dragon barbecue stall as they could probably sell for a lot of money.

It was about early morning, two hours before dawn. Han Fei saw a big fish bouncing out of the sea, which was dozens of meters long.

Han Fei was stunned. What the hell was that? How could there be such a big whale in the level-two fishery? Are you kidding me?

The big fish went straight to Han Fei’s fishing boat. Han Fei was startled, quickly preparing to steer the fishing boat to escape.


He suddenly heard a dragon howling. Han Fei turned back. Dragon? Giant Arowana?

The only big fish that could howl this way that he had seen was Xia Xiaochan’s Giant Arowana.

After a while, Han Fei saw Xia Xiaochan sitting diagonally on the back of the fish, casually kicking the water with her feet. And those squids, when encountering the Giant Arowana, immediately escaped.

Xia Xiaochan waved at him.

When Xia Xiaochan jumped onto the fishing boat, Nine Tails was still running around, sweeping his tails wildly. There were so many tentacles on the boat that Han Fei didn’t have time to pick them up.

Xia Xiaochan immediately sat on the deck. “Fortunately, your boat is sturdy.”

Han Fei was shocked. “Why are you here? Where is your boat?”

Xia Xiaochan looked at the tentacles. “It sank!”

“… Why is the level-two fishery like this? I heard that people often stay in the level-two fishery for many days. How come so many squids have come out when we came here?”

Xia Xiaochan shrugged. “Who knows? Perhaps we’re out of luck. Anything can happen in the fisheries. If in danger, we can steer our fishing boats into the air or to the mixed zone.”

“Then why didn’t you?”

Xia Xiaochan shrugged again. “There will be growth only when there are challenges. Ah… Do you have any barbecue? I’m hungry.”

Han Fei took a few skewers from the Sea Swallowing Seashell and handed them to Xia Xiaochan.

Han Fei couldn’t imagine how she sunk her boat, but her Giant Arowana was really magical, a bit too strong.

Xia Xiaochan took a bite of garlic prawns. “Yum! Tasty! By the way, how did you come here? I remember you seem to be going south or west? You were not in the same direction as me, right?”

Han Fei grunted. “I just let my fishing boat float on the sea. How do I know where I am floating to?”

It was not that Han Fei didn’t want to tell her what he had done just now. The Golden Squid was lying inside the Demon Purification Pot, and he couldn’t take it out now.

Xia Xiaochan looked at Nine Tails. “You Mantis Shrimp is pretty good. With him guarding the boat, you don’t need to do anything.”

Han Fei asked with a smile, “Have you considered catching a contractual spiritual fish?”

Xia Xiaochan shook her head indifferently. “No fish is good enough. The rare ones are useless and I can’t catch any exotic fish. But I do want to catch a contractual spiritual fish in the level-two fishery.”

Han Fei nodded. That was true. Among the five of them, only he had a contractual spiritual beast, although only Han Fei knew that his relationship with Nine Tails was not a contractual one. The other four should all be waiting to catch a powerful contractual spiritual beast.

Xia Xiaochan suddenly said, “Let’s go find Kuangkuang…”

“What about Xiaobai and Zhang Xuanyu?”

“Xiaobai is a manipulator! These squids won’t be able to hurt her. Zhang Xuanyu has a Bloodthirsty Shark. Even if his fishing boat sinks, he can ride the shark like me. Kuangkuang is different, his Spiritual Clam can’t swim.”

Han Fei nodded. Now that he had met Xia Xiaochan, he had to stop practicing the Water Vein Technique. Han Fei felt that he had learned a lot more about his spiritual beast. As for the true meaning of fishing Old Bai said, he really had no clue.

He couldn’t just throw the fishhook into the sea, right?

Le Renkuang was very helpless. What was wrong with these squids? Why did they keep climbing onto his boat?

In the dark night, a magical scene appeared. Weapons floated around his fishing boat. When it came to group battles, an armorist even had greater advantages over a soul warrior. Various kinds of swords and knives danced in the air and tentacles flew across the


By the time Han Fei arrived, Le Renkuang’s fishing boat was full of holes, not torn by the squids, but penetrated by his own weapons.

Seeing Han Fei’s fishing boat, Le Renkuang immediately waved at him. “Hey! Han Fei, I miss you so much! Come and help me out.”

A few minutes later, the three of them sat on Han Fei’s fishing boat and ate barbecue. Le Renkuang’s fishing boat began to leak and had sunk by half.

Le Renkuang muttered, “Why is my fishing boat such a piece of junk? No, we’ve gotta find a way to dig some wood from the seafloor and build our own fishing boats.”

After the night.

Three of the five of them had their fishing boats sunk. Shortly after dawn, Zhang Xuanyu came back on his shark.

Then, within half an hour, Luo Xiaobai came back.

Luo Xiaobai’s fishing boat was almost broken. She got on Han Fei’s fishing boat and asked, “When did you come back?”

Zhang Xuanyu looked annoyed. “I was back when my fishing boat sank. The fishing boat is too fragile. I almost got dragged into the sea by the damn squids!”

“Last night was a special situation, but since there is only this fishing boat left, let’s just work together?”

Han Fei suggested, “How about discussing what we’ve found out about our spiritual beasts?”

Le Renkuang nodded. “Nothing surprising. My Spiritual Clam can quickly absorb aura and has very strong defensive power. Well, but yesterday I found out that it can change color. It can turn the same color as a squid.”

Zhang Xuanyu said helplessly, “There are so many creatures that can change color in the sea. What kind of ability is this?”

Luo Xiaobai’s eyes turned cold. “No! This is an ability. At least, it proves that the Spiritual Clam has the camouflage ability. My Blue Cannibal Flower can release paralyzing venom over a wide range. It was just because of the venom last night that I wasn’t injured.”

Xia Xiaochan said casually as if not impressed, “It seems that we all have some new knowledge of our spiritual beasts…”

With that, Xia Xiaochan suddenly disappeared and then appeared on the bow of the ship almost at the same time.

“Shoot, what kind of ability is this?”

Everyone was stunned. Did she move that fast, or was it a shadow? This was too fast!

Xia Xiaochan’s face was beaming with pride. “It’s the special ability of my Shadow Shrimp. With it, I can instantly move to any place within 100 meters.”

Everyone: “…”

Zhang Xuanyu suddenly pointed at the big shark in the water and scolded, “Did you see that?! Oh, I’m really disappointed with you! You’re so big but completely useless…”

Then Zhang Xuanyu shrugged. “I can control some low-level creatures by putting a trace of my consciousness into their bodies. But exotic species are more difficult to control and the probability of failure is too great”

Everyone: “…”

Han Fei was curious. “Do you mean you can become a fish?”

Zhang Xuanyu explained, “It’s not that I become a fish. I am still me, but I control a fish. I will have two visions at the same time.”

Everyone was amazed. What is it like to have the vision of a fish? Only Han Fei was pondering. I know what it’s like. It’s not funny at all.

Of course, Han Fei was unsure whether these guys really said all the information they had learned. For example, it was only one night and Xia Xiaochan already had the teleportation ability! Seriously?

Luo Xiaobai asked, “Han Fei, what about you?”

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