God of Fishing

Chapter 155 - Linglong Tower

Chapter 155: Linglong Tower

The Blue Sea Town Arena, less than a kilometer away from the Linglong Tower, occupied an area of nearly three football fields.

Xia Xiaochan asked, “Shall we buy uniforms?”

Han Fei glanced at the fish skin-like tights on his body, and he was used to its ugliness. They happened to pass by the Linglong Tower, and Han Fei scratched his belly. “Yes.”

Zhang Xuanyu’s eyes lit up. “I want sea silk. It’s super nice.”

As soon as they stepped up the stairs, someone had come up to greet them. “May I help you? Choosing Linglong Tower, you’ve chosen an attitude…”

Zhang Xuanyu said impatiently, “We want to buy clothes, sea silk specifically. We are not short of money, so show us your best.”

Han Fei was speechless. You are not short of money? Your mid-quality pearls were given to you by me!

The shop assistant was full of smiles. “Yes, yes, do you want uniforms or different styles?”

Han Fei asked, “What is the uniform like?”

The shop assistant led the crowd into the door and smiled. “You are quite similar in behavior and so young, and there are five of you, so I guess you must have come to participate in the games in the Blue Sea Arena. Am I right? The Linglong Tower is known for its expertise in designing uniforms for different teams.”

Xia Xiaochan asked, “Are there uniforms suitable for girls?”

“Sure. Linglong Tower sells everything you need.”

When they stepped into the door of the Linglong Tower, the four others gasped in shock.

Han Fei blushed. “Cough! You guys are so embarrassing! Watch how I act and follow me, OK?”

Xia Xiaochan scoffed. “Blah, blah…”

Han Fei looked at the so-called Linglong Tower, which was indeed extraordinary. Its single layer was more than ten meters high, and the ceiling was inlaid with gold and diamonds. The ground was laid with some kind of white jade, and the octagonal columns were carved with seaweed reliefs. The whole house looked like a magnificent palace.

Han Fei glanced at the counters. The first floor was just some stones, fishing rods, weapons, pills and clothing, but the prices shocked him. A mortal-level, high-quality rod cost 588 mid-quality pearls. Han Fei looked at his Purple Bamboo Rod and thought maybe he should change rods.

And the clothes were made of sea hemp, which was only a bit better than fish skin and no different from linen, but they charged 188 mid-quality pearls.

After a while, a row of clothes was pushed out by the shop assistant. There were more than ten pieces on it and they were blue and white with a silk-like texture.

Xia Xiaochan took Luo Xiaobai’s hand, ran over, picked a set of girls clothes, and laid it on her body.

The shop assistant smiled and said, “Miss, this dress may be a bit big, but it’s no problem. Our tailor can alter it for you. Only 200 mid-quality pearls are needed, and it can be done immediately.”

But Xia Xiaochan muttered, “This one is beautiful. This one is nice too. Wow, this is the best…”

Le Renkuang nodded. “This is good. Not too tight.”

The others were also excited. They finally experienced the life of rich people. Only Han Fei covered his face, pretending not to know them.

Seeing this, the shop assistant immediately ran to Han Fei. “Sir, you don’t like our clothes? You can rest assured that our clothes can be enlarged at random. I’m sure you can wear them.”

Han Fei snorted. What do you mean? Are you implying I am fat?

“They’re so-so! Do other teams also wear these? It’ll be embarrassing if we wear the same as the others in the arena.”

The shop assistant still smiled. “It won’t happen. Our Linglong Tower’s clothes only have one set. I can assure you that you won’t find anyone wearing the same as you in the entire arena.”

Han Fei nodded quietly. “Okay.”

However, the shop assistant still smiled. “But Sir, this is a new series, so if you want to buy it, you may have to buy the whole dozen.”

Han Fei raised his eyebrows. “Huh?”

The shop assistant said apologetically, “If you don’t buy them all, we will have to destroy them. This cost will be great. Please understand us.”

Han Fei frowned. “How much are they?”

The shop assistant smiled. “It’s not expensive. Only 5,000 mid-quality pearls.”


Le Renkuang was so scared that he threw the clothes in his hand away and almost hit the shop assistant’s head with his weapon box. These clothes cost 5000 mid-quality pearls? Are you robbing people?

Han Fei was also stunned. Are you kidding me?

However, Han Fei did not panic at all but instead asked, “Is the design and the quality worth 5000?”

The shop assistant still smiled. “Whether the design or the quality, it is worth the price. Any piece of clothing here can resist the attack of mortal-level low-quality weapons without being damaged.”

Xia Xiaochan looked earnestly at Han Fei. Although she felt these clothes were expensive, they looked so beautiful!

Han Fei scratched his belly helplessly and said to the shop assistant, “Tell your tailor, I have a set of design drafts that are ten times the worth of these clothes. If she wants, she can come out and take a look. If she doesn’t, it’s okay. 5,000 mid-quality pearls is not much. I’ll buy them.”

The shop assistant finally lost his smile and looked at Han Fei in amazement. Is this fatty bragging?

Xia Xiaochan found that Han Fei could do anything! She couldn’t help asking, “Han Fei, can you design clothes?”

Han Fei smiled. “One of the attributes of a genius is his omnipotence.”

“Bah, narcissistic fatty.”

The shop assistant immediately entered the inner level of Linglong Tower. He was thinking that if Han Fei had 5,000 mid-quality pearls, it was not strange that he had such a design.

Soon, a graceful, charming woman walked out. She glanced at Han Fei and the others and said lazily, “Who said he had a design worth ten times my clothes?”

Han Fei smiled. “Me.”

The beautiful woman looked at Han Fei and said, “Sir, you can’t just say anything you like. If you can’t come up with such a design, you’ll have to buy all these clothes.”

Han Fei raised his head with a smile. “5,000 mid-quality pearls is nothing in my eyes. Bring me a pen and paper.”

The beautiful woman was surprised and nodded to the shop assistant, who left quickly.

The beautiful woman smiled and said sweetly, “Phew! It seems that you’re very rich! 5,000 mid-quality pearls is nothing in my eyes?”

Han Fei patted his belly. “This is just a small sum of money. As long as I want, I’m able to compete with your Linglong Tower, but I am too lazy to do business.”

The corner of the beautiful woman’s mouth twitched. She just wanted to slap this brat to the ground. How arrogant he is! Compete with the Linglong Tower? Who does he think he is?

Soon, the pen and paper came out.

Luo Xiaobai whispered to Han Fei, “OK?”


Luo Xiaobai suddenly glimpsed Zhang Xuanyu slobbering at the beautiful woman, and kicked him before shouting, “Manners!”

Han Fei took the pen and drew without hesitation. Soon, the graceful postures of several women appeared on the paper. Han Fei drew eight women, who were walking, sitting, or standing still. They wore different styles of clothes, including short skirts, ancient-style clothing, cheongsams, and so on, and the beautiful woman’s eyes were glued to the paper.

Half an hour later, Han Fei put down the pen and said proudly, “How much do you think it’s worth?”

The beautiful woman took a deep look at Han Fei and said solemnly, “Good design! It outlines the woman’s body so perfectly. Sir, do you know the girl’s body well?”

Han Fei immediately blushed. “No! This is just my aesthetics. It is my appreciation of the perfect creatures created by heaven and earth. I am just appreciating, appreciating, appreciating it… Well, just answer my question!”


Zhang Xuanyu looked up at the sky.

Luo Xiaobai looked down at the ground.

Xia Xiaochan snorted. Han Fei is a lecher indeed.

The beautiful woman blinked at Han Fei. “It is dozens of times better than my crude works. I wonder if you can sell your design to Linglong Tower. Of course, I’ll offer you a fair price. You can choose a commodity worth 50,000 mid-quality pearls in our store.”


The eyes of the others almost popped out… Is it so easy to make money? Within half an hour, Han Fei got clothes for free and earned 50,000 mid-quality pearls?

Zhang Xuanyu hugged Han Fei’s neck. “Feifei! Say yes…”

Han Fei said crossly, “Shut up. You’re putting me down!”

Zhang Xuanyu: “…”

Xia Xiaochan tugged at the hem of Han Fei’s shirt and whispered, “Can you not sell it? I think the clothes you painted look better. We can buy some cloth and make them ourselves!”

Luo Xiaobai added, “I agree.”

Han Fei just ignored them. These shallow women didn’t know he had better designs.

Han Fei waved his hand. “Sell it! I have a better design.”

Xia Xiaochan’s eyes lit up. “Really? Then… Let’s buy some cloth and make the clothes ourselves.”

Luo Xiaobai frowned and stared at the drawing. “I still think this is good.”


Suddenly, storm-like cheers came from a short distance and everyone turned to look.

The beautiful woman said, “Some team must have won and the audience is cheering. Sir, there are many good things in our shop which can increase your probability of winning!”

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