God of Fishing

Chapter 153 - The Fish Dragons Have Come

Chapter 153: The Fish Dragons Have Come

Han Fei was excited. Just like Indestructible Body, the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing was not only a body tempering technique, but also a combat skil1. After all, the benefits the 108 postures brought to Han Fei far exceeded the body tempering itself.

Han Fei read the War Body Technique quickly. After a while, the data showed.

War Body Technique (Incomplete) (Spirit Level)

&ltRemarks> A technique of body tempering, tempers the acupoints all over the body with pure spiritual energy to cast a spirit-absorbing war body, and can continuously gather spiritual energy from the void in combat.

&ltDisadvantage> It cannot last without the support of physical combat skills

&ltDeduced Art> Spirit-Absorbing War Body

&ltDegree of completion> 0/50000

Han Fei smiled and said, “Okay, I have chosen mine. How about you?”

Luo Xiaobai raised a combat skill in her hand. “Spiritual Wedding Dress. It can give me spiritual-energy armor.”

Han Fei said mockingly, “Luo Xiaobai.. We are looking for a trump-card combat skill.”

Luo Xiaobai raised another one. “Death Replacement Art. With it, you can exchange your body with your spiritual plant and let it die for you.”

Zhang Xuanyu was startled. “What kind of magical skills are these! A sacrifice for me? Can I practice it?”


Xia Xiaochan was still rummaging. After a while, she came out with two books and waved them in the air. “Supreme Stab and Hidden Kill, two assassination skills.”

When everyone came out of the library, Luo Xiaobai blocked the place with a bookshelf.

This was a wise move. The combat skills in it were all priceless treasures. If others knew their existence, they might have rushed over and dismantled the Thug Academy !

Outside, Xiao Zhan, standing at the door, looked at Han Fei strangely. “Han Fei, someone wants to see you.”

Han Fei: “???”

The others followed him to the gate of the Thug Academy curiously. Le Renkuang suddenly shouted happily, “Another fatty! There are so many fat people in this world!”

It was Li Gan and Li Gang who came to see him.

Li Gang shouted excitedly as soon as he saw Han Fei, “Young Master, Young Master..”

Li Gan followed, “Le… Le… Leader”

Han Fei was surprised. “Why are you here?”

Li Gang smiled fawningly. “Young Master, I was worried that you didn’t have enough money to spend in the town, so I came to bring you some money with Li Gan”

Staring at the three large boxes, Xia Xiaochan was stunned. “Wow…”

Zhang Xuanyu’s rod fell to the ground with a click. “Wow..”

Han Feibai glanced at the two of them, then asked Li Gang, “How much?”

Li Gang capped his hands, and then some people carried three large boxes in from outside the school gate.

Li Gang smiled fawningly. “Young Master, our business is doing well. This is 30,000 mid-quality pearls. Do you think it is enough?”


Le Renkuang sat on the ground with a jerk. At the moment, Han Fei was like a big shining pearl in his eyes!

And there seemed to be something falling off the big tree not far away.

Xiao Zhan, who was about to shoulder the basket and go out to sell the Bull Conch, stood with him mouth open. “How much?!”

Xia Xiaochan said shyly and sweetly, “Hottie, can I make you a deal?”

Zhang Xuanyu said earnestly, “Feifei! You know, we are very short on money now !”

Seeing this, Li Gang couldn’t help but despise them in his heart. Do these higher-ups want to swindle Young Master out of his money?

Han Fei shivered and kicked Zhang Xuanyu. “Tll treat you to a big meal as soon as you become a great fishing master.”

Zhang Xuanyu patted his chest. “It won’t take me long. How can I fall behind you four all the time ?”

Li Gang was shocked. What do they mean ? Do they mean that these people are all great fishing masters except this one ?

Han Fei patted Li Gang’s shoulder. “Can you just bring me high-quality pearls next time ? These pearls are too much for me ! It’s not convenient for me to carry.

The others immediately said, “We can carry them for you.”

Han Fei didn’t care. It was troublesome to carry the pearls.

Li Gang took Han Fei aside and said, “Young Master, we’ve discussed. It seems that the consumption power of our village has reached its limit. Shall we come to the Blue Sea Town to develop further ?”

Han Fei raised his eyebrows. “Phew, you’ve finally agreed to come out ?”

Li Gang chuckled. “Of course, as long as we can earn more money. When I came here just now, I saw a huge plantation outside, dozens of times larger than that in our village. Young Master, can you make some use of it?”

Han Fei chuckled. “You’re ambitious. Ok, let me check it out.”

Before Han Fei turned around, Old Bai had strode up to him holding his head high. He looked at Han Fei seriously. “Can the plantation make money for us?”

Han Fei scratched his belly. “Yes! I made my fortune from the plantation at Old Jiang’s!”


Old Man Bai slapped Han Fei on the shoulder, almost patting his body numb.

“Then why didn’t you tell me that earlier? This plantation has been laid to waste. Hurry up, let your people come over and deal with it quickly. You can keep 20% of the money earned.”

Han Fei frowned. “President, that’s really unfair! I need to contribute manpower and investments, and rent shops and recruit workers. And you’ll only give me 20% ?”

Old Bai seemed to realize that was a bit steep, so he asked tentatively, “30%?”

“60/40. I keep 60% and you get 40%.”

Old Bai widened his eyes. “What?”

Old Bai said indignantly, “This is my plantation.”

Hearing this, the others were stunned. Didn’t you just say it had been laid to waste?

Han Fei said slyly, “How about this? I will give 10% to the four of them.”

Zhang Xuanyu raised his hand. “I agree!”

Old Bai gave Zhang Xuanyu a stare. “It’s none of your business.”

Xia Xiaochan also said slyly, “Grandpa President, it’s our salary! How can Han Fei’s men who have just come to the town from the village defend their business in the town? They need security guards! If anyone comes to make trouble, you can’t drive them away personally, right? With us serving as security guards, you just need to wait and collect the money.”

Han Fei gave Xia Xiaochan an approving look. Smart girl! He added, “40% will be a lot of money. It’s about seventy or eighty thousand mid-quality pearls a nmonth. It’s enough for you to splurge on anything you want.”

Old Bai was dumbfounded. The number scared him. Seven or eighty thousand mid-quality pearls a month? Wow, that’s a lot!

Old Bai thought for a moment… “Okay! But the school won’t take care of the plantation. You take care of it yourself!”

Han Fei cursed secretly, This old man is really cunny! He’ll take 40% of the benefits without doing anything! Fortunately, there were Xia Xiaochan and the others. Otherwise, who will drive away troublemakers? He certainly couldn’t count on Old Bai.

“Ok, trust me, the Thug Academy will become the richest of the four academies!”

Old Bai turned around and left. When he passed by Xiao Zhan, Xiao Zhan asked, “Old Bai, I don’t need to peddle Bull Conches anymore, right?”

Old Bai sneered, “Of course, why do you, a teacher of the great Thug Academy, need to peddle Bull Conches?”

Wenren Yu added, “Old Bai, I don’t need to work at Linglong Tower either, right?”

“Of course, Ill give you two baskets of mid-grade pearls to have a shopping spree at Linglong Tower.”

Wen Renyu said with a smile, “You’re so vain.”

Old Bai sighed. “I have been poor for thirty years. Now, I’ve finally recruited a rich student! In the past, even seventy or eighty thousand mid-quality pearls was a piece of cake to me, let alone seventy or eighty thousand high-quality pearls.”

Wenren Yu rolled her eyes. Yeah, keep bragging! 1 still remember how we busked to relieve hunger when we had no money to buy food!

Han Fei turned to Li Gang. “You see? The Fish Dragons’ headquarters will be located in the Blue Sea Town. If anyone comes to make trouble, you can turn to anyone in our Thug Academy for help.”

Le Renkuang nodded hard. “Yes! If anyone dares to do that, come to me.”

Zhang Xuanyu stomped. “Yes, you can come to me too.”

Luo Xiaobai thought for a while. “Count me in.”

Li Gang looked at them with a stunned look, and then looked at Han Fei.

Han Fei kept winking at him. You fool, the four of them are future strong masters! We just need to pay them 10% of the benefits and they will be our security guards! That’s a good deal!

Han Fei said casually, “A-Gang, they’re our shareholders from now on. You can bring them something to eat and play from time to time, understood?”

“Gulp… Yes, yes!”

Li Gang was a bit confused. Didn’t the village leader say that the school Han Fei entered was so poor that they didn’t even have a door? Now it seems that although they are poor indeed, they are very strong!

Li Gang took a deep breath. “Young Master, you can rest assured. I’ll do this job well!”

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