God of Fishing

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Spiritual Heritage Test

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Han Fei had a bowl of Swallowed Spirit Soup, feeling revitalized, while Hu Kun stared at him hatefully.

Hu Kun gnashed his teeth. “Han Fei, good days don’t last. Physical strength doesn’t matter in the Fishing Trial. You will be demoted into an ordinary fisher if you can’t pass it.”

Han Fei patted Hu Kun’s shoulder with a smile, as if he were comforting him. Some students even wondered why Han Fei and Hu Kun were so close.

Han Fei asked, “Right, where is my blade fish knife?”

Hu Kun said, “You’re really taking it from me?”

Regretfully, Hu Kun gave him the knife and declared, “Fine, we’re even now. I’ll teach you a good lesson next time we meet.”

After he had the soup, his spiritual energy reached 196 points, far more than the capacity of his body.

Before he finished his meal, Tang Ge rushed to him in a hurry. He took a long breath in relief seeing that Han Fei was fine. “Have you advanced?”

Han Fei said, “Yes. It feels quite good.”

Tang Ge asked, “You made it straight to level four?”

Han Fei replied, “Yes. I’m making progress fast, probably because I stagnated too long.”

Han Fei asked, “What about you? How does the level-one fishery feel?”

Tang Ge replied hopefully, “I have to become a fishing master. Someone acquired the power of a spiritual lobster that increased their cultivating speed by thirty percent. Another got the power of ball fish and had fifty percent more defense ability…”

Both Han Fei and He Xiaoyu were greatly shocked.

Han Fei found this world uncannier and uncannier. A human could acquire the power of a fish.

However, Han Fei still warned him, “Tang Ge, let’s listen to our teachers. If it’s really so great, everyone would’ve absorbed the power of fish long ago, but they didn’t, so there must be disadvantages. We’re only twelve. There’s plenty of time for us to become Hidden Fishers.”

She said, “That’s right, we can’t be blind. If it’s possible, my father would’ve asked me to absorb it. Let’s focus on the Spiritual Heritage Test!”

Tang Ge asked confusedly, “What’s a Hidden Fisher?”

He Xiaoyu talked a lot about Hidden Fishers and Spiritual Heritage. Hidden Fisher was too far away, but both Han Fei and Tang Ge were interested in her theories about Spiritual Heritage.

Spiritual Heritage decided the peak of one’s cultivation. For example, He Xiaoyu’s father’s Spiritual Heritage was Level Two, High Quality, and the village leader’s was Level Three, High Quality.

Those whose Spiritual Heritage was above level three had mostly gone to the town. So most people in the village only had poor Spiritual Heritage.

Han Fei immediately understood why the former Han Fei was so bad at cultivating. Level One, Incomplete was so horrible that he should’ve thanked god that he could still train himself.

Tang Ge did not stay long. He had a meal quickly before he was summoned for the test.

He Xiaoyu said, “Those who have reached level seven by twelve have been gathered. It’s said that there are more than a hundred of them. They will probably be given elixirs. Only geniuses can have elixirs.”

Han Fei waited for a long time in the classroom, but Tang Ge did not come back. The other people in the classroom were quite unfriendly after they learned that he had reached level four. They were embarrassed that they were surpassed by such a useless guy.

Wang Jie entered the classroom at this moment.

He glanced at everyone and said, “Gather in the playground. You will have the Spiritual Heritage Test.”

Everybody was excited and hopeful.

The playground was jam-packed with people.

Thirty fishermen stood in a row at the front of the playground, a desk before each of them. There was a stone the size of a fist on every desk.

The village leader hosted it in person. “Listen up, everyone. The Spiritual Heritage Test is of paramount importance. Starting from today, those who have a Spiritual Heritage of Level One, High Quality will be rewarded with a bowl of Swallowed Spirit Soup every five days; those with Level Two, High Quality and Level Three will have a chance to study in the schools in the town; and if anyone has a Spiritual Heritage above Level Three, you will be the pride of Heavenly Water Village.”

Han Fei saw Tang Ge and his peers. They were at the front of the lines. Tang Ge intended to go to Han Fei, but the teachers simply asked them to take the test.

He Xiaoyu said, “Some of them must have Level Three Spiritual Heritage.”

Han Fei asked, “How do you know?”

He Xiaoyu said, “My father said that there are several of them every year. There was even a guy with Level Five Spiritual Heritage one year. He was directly taken into the city.”

It had already started up ahead.

“Cao Jia, a level-seven fisher. Spiritual Heritage: Level Two, High Quality.”

The whole playground was shocked that the first student was already Level Two, High Quality. It meant that he could study in the town and rise to greater heights.

“Li Rushui. Spiritual Heritage: Level Two, Low Quality.”

“Zhou Haibo. Spiritual Heritage: Level Two, Mid Quality.”

Dozens of names were announced. Twenty-one of them were Level Two. The rest of them were all Level One, High Quality.

Suddenly, someone cried, “The Spiritual Heritage of Wu Lei, from Class Three, is Level Three, Mid Quality!”

Everybody cheered in the playground. Even the village leader stepped forward. Level Three, Mid Quality was almost a guarantee for a grand fishing master.

The guy named Wu Lei immediately exclaimed, “I’m Level Three, Mid Quality? Haha, I’m Level Three, Mid Quality!”

The other people all envied him. They had no idea that Fang Ze was observing them from a roof far away. He scorned that they were so satisfied with Level Three, Mid Quality. It would be barely possible for them to make it to the city.

Another dozen names were announced.

Suddenly, everyone’s expressions changed and stood up quickly.

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