God of Fishing

Chapter 1372 - Intimidation

Chapter 1372: Intimidation

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The battle went on very quickly.

Han Fei wasn’t worried at all about how fast the Sea Demon Venerables would come. At least, within a radius of 100,000 kilometers, there shouldn’t be any powerful Sea Demon Venerables.

The only thing that made Han Fei a bit concerned was that the old turtle said that fifty thousand kilometers away, there were two Half-Venerables or junior Venerables fighting.

In fact, this was not a threat.

Otherwise, with Ning Jing’s personality, she would’ve told him even if she didn’t do anything. Besides, the old turtle’s perception of the heavenly secrets and his divination didn’t detect any danger at all.

Therefore, Han Fei was certain that this seemingly powerful battle was actually just a large-scale local battle.

Perhaps the real purpose of the sea demons was to consume the basic combat power of human beings. Therefore, even though this battle seemed huge, it was just a large-scale harassment battle of sea demons, just like those in the Water-Wood World.

For the real powerhouses in the Royal City, the lives of the sea demons in the front line were not important at all. After all, there were infinite sea demon cannon fodder in this vast sea.

However, human beings were different. Their population was much lower than that of marine creatures. Also, due to the limitation of their talent, their growth was very slow. Even Hidden Fishers were extremely rare.

Therefore, when hearing someone’s doubt, Han Fei shouted, “Just do what I tell you to. Cut the crap! End the battle quickly.”

At this moment, Han Fei’s cold voice and cold eyes shocked this person.

The fighting scene just now appeared in the man’s mind. More than a dozen sea demons in the Dao Seeking realm were killed by Han Fei in an instant. From beginning to end, the other party didn’t even have a chance to escape. He killed them so easily that it didn’t seem like the power of an Explorer at all!

He still remembered what Han Fei was like when he met him. But in less than ten years, the little guy who was only a Hidden Fisher back then had grown to the point of easily slaughtering dozens of great demons!

The middle-aged man thought to himself, Since things have come to this point, Han Fei has already started to kill all the enemies regardless of the means. Even if he stops now, there will be people who have seen it, so they might as well kill them all.

The middle-aged man shouted, “Kill! Attack now!”

Seeing this, Han Fei couldn’t help sneering. Their years of tacit understanding in battle had made these people restrained by the rules. Little did they know that if they didn’t take action, more than half of this group of human Hidden Fishers would be killed or injured.

Although Han Fei didn’t know who arranged this battle, in his heart, Han Fei was a bit cautious about the Sea Demon Royal City. The other party was more foxy than he thought. In any case, such a battle must have been included in the other party’s strategic system. What was funny was that some human powerhouses didn’t notice it at all.

Therefore, in terms of the strategy of the Sea Demon Royal City alone, Han Fei had to take it seriously. The intelligence of sea demon powerhouses was not inferior to that of human powerhouses.

At this moment.

Above the water, thousands of human Hidden Fishers felt their blood boiling.

Unfortunately, few people remembered Han Fei after so many years. After all, among this group of Hidden Fishers, only a few seniors knew Han Fei.

Someone shouted, “It’s Han Fei, the one who forged the Fei-Yan-Mu Furnace. He’s back.”

Someone was shocked. “He’s so strong! What kind of means did he just use?”

Ordinary people couldn’t see Punishing Saber and Little Gold’s attacks because it was too fast. They could only see the frequent appearance of void cracks and the flickering of golden light.

Nine Tails and Little Fatty were powerful creatures that they could see. Nine Tails’ Void Chains extended out one after another like spears.

No matter what the opponent did, almost no one could resist the stab of Nine Tails.

Little Fatty, on the other hand, had sucked dry all the sea demons that were attracted to him in an instant. All kinds of attacks fell on them but caused no harm to them at all.

At this moment, Han Fei finally stopped hiding. In the past, he would hide some trump cards and was even unwilling to reveal his contractual spiritual beast. Now, it didn’t matter.

After all, nobody could stop him except Venerables.

If a Venerable really attacked him, he still had Ning Jing help him even if he was in danger.

Han Fei even wanted to announce that he had reappeared. It would be best if someone in the Thousand Star City noticed him and came to ambush him.

Thinking back, among the big families in the Thousand Star City, even a peak-level Explorer could easily kill him. Even if he tried his best, he still couldn’t resist a casual blow from the enemy.

Now, if a peak-level Explorer were to try again, he wouldn’t know who would crush whom.

All the explorers were taking action. The sea demons of the Sea Spirit Realm were running for their lives desperately. Unfortunately, they couldn’t tear through the void. Even if some of them could escape from the void, how could they escape from the hands of the explorers?

Therefore, within a short while, the sea demon army collapsed, and the sea spirit creatures died one after another.

The remaining nearly 4,000 sea demon-realm Half-Mermen were being harvested.

A Half-Merman roared, “Human, you are shameless. How dare you attack us when our strong master is not around?”


As soon as the Half-Merman said so, Han Fei suddenly appeared. Facing these sea demons, Han Fei had no mercy at all. Since you bully us with numbers, I’ll bully you with strength.

After only a moment, when many explorers joined the battle, Han Fei heard a voice echoing in the void.

“Human, how dare you attack the weak? Do you want to break the rules?”

Han Fei stood proudly with his hands behind his back. “Which eye of yours saw me attack? What rules are you talking about? Who do you think you are? In the territory of the Scattered Stars Island, the rules are set by the Scattered Stars Island.”

Jing’er said, “A Half-Venerable has come. In the distance, two junior Venerables are also rushing over. Do you need me to take action? That person’s strength shouldn’t be weak. He has already comprehended a Great Dao.”

Han Fei curled his lips and smiled. “Then I have to hurry up, but you’d better take a rest.”

Chi la!

A crack was torn in the void, and a Half-Merman just shattered the space with a harpoon, leaving a dazzling and scorching blow like a shooting star in the sky.

At that moment, on the surface of the sea, countless people even forgot to fight. This was because that strike traversed the sky and was extremely powerful. Seeing this scene, many human explorers were horrified.

Someone said in shock, “Not good. He’s a Half-Venerable.”


Boom ~

As soon as the person said so, Han Fei raised his foot and walked ten kilometers with a single step. The golden fist mark radiated like a blazing sun. The Beast King Technique was activated, and Han Fei’s Invincible Fist shattered the meteor-like blow with a single blow. A bright flame exploded in the sky.

The sea demon Half-Venerable thought that he could defeat Han Fei with one blow. After all, in his opinion, Han Fei was only an advanced Explorer, two levels weaker than him. How could he be a match for him?

However, Han Fei easily crushed his full-strength blow. Besides, he was shocked by Han Fei’s magical footwork technique.

“Hiss! Not good. What a strong human being.”

The Half-Venerable’s heart stirred as a battle suit appeared on his body. Faced with a powerhouse like Han Fei, he had to be careful.


But the moment he put on the battle suit, a loud roar resounded through the sky. In the eyes of thousands of people, hundreds of huge ferocious beasts that seemed to come from ancient times stepped on the void and roared.

The Half-Venerable had never seen such a scene before. The terrifying mental impact alone had exceeded the level of the so-called Half-Venerable, not to mention the hundred beast phantoms.

After Han Fei roared, the Half-Venerable knew that Han Fei probably hid his strength. He endured a splitting headache, and the two shields in his body flew out and exploded.

How could Han Fei allow the two High-quality Divine Weapons to explode here? Otherwise, many humans in the sea would be seriously injured…


The swords cut through the void, and most of the terrifying explosions went into the void cracks. With cracking sounds, armor shattered, producing horrible sounds.

Han Fei shouted, “A mere Half-Venerable dares to mess around on the Scattered Stars Island? Die!”

Everyone in the sky and on the sea was dumbfounded. Wasn’t this person Han Fei? How could he easily crush a Half-Venerable?

The few Explorers were also horrified. When they heard about Han Fei, they had already remembered his record.

After all, the Thug Academy had caused a huge uproar in the Thousand Star City. Others might not know, but as explorers, how could they not know?

Today, Han Fei had killed a Half-Venerable so casually. They had to be alarmed.

In the void.

Half of the big demon’s body was cut open. Han Fei held the Embroidery Needle in both hands and pierced his body, destroying his internal organs. His vitality and soul were being forcibly absorbed by Han Fei.

After another minute, with a rip, the void was torn apart.

Han Fei held the Half-Venerable in his hand and shouted, “The sea demons are ruthless and bully us with numbers. They tried to attack the weak human beings, only to be executed by me. You saw it with your own eyes, didn’t you?”

He had clearly sensed that the void was trembling, so the Venerable-level great demon must be arriving soon. Han Fei said casually and punched out angrily.


Blood of the Half-Venerable was spilled on the battlefield.

In an instant, all the sea demon realm Half-Mermen on the entire battlefield fled with blood on their bodies. With such a strong enemy as Han Fei around, how could they not run?

“Xue Shenqi, do you know what you are doing?”

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

When the void tore apart, Han Fei finally saw an acquaintance. However, Xue Shenqi had already become a Venerable, which was a little beyond Han Fei’s expectations.

As for the other person, he held a harpoon and shot three times in a row, intending to nail Nine Tails, Little Fatty, and Little Gold to death.

Because Xue Shenqi was a step late and didn’t have the time to attack, he just reminded him, “Han Fei.”

Han Fei smiled. With a thought, the three of them turned into streaks of light and returned into his body.

Han Fei clenched a fist and punched at the sky. “How dare you, a mere junior Venerable, try to slaughter my contractual spiritual beast? Who the f*ck do you think you are?”

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