God of Fishing

Chapter 1250 - Old Turtle’s Avatar

Chapter 1250: Old Turtle’s Avatar

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Han Fei could temporarily fool Gui Sanqing. He just needed to wait for the old turtle to control Yu Wendao to come over.

After at least 200,000 kilometers away from the Thousand Mountain Ancient Realm, Han Fei found a random trench at the bottom of the sea and dove in.


Two hours passed.

In Han Fei’s heart, the old turtle said, “I’m here. I need your soul-shaking roar to assist me. Leave the rest to me.”

Han Fei was pretending to practice the Demon God Scripture, causing a continuous vortex of demonic energy around him.

Han Fei said quickly, “Come on, I can’t pretend anymore.”

In this world, the simplest attack was sneak attack. Only the kind of unexpected sneak attack was the hardest to dodge.

Although Han Fei should be able to resolve Gui Sanqing if he attacked him directly, it would definitely make Gui Sanqing wary.

Han Fei activated the Beast King Technique.

Although Han Fei couldn’t be familiar with a real dragon, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to transform.

It was a pity that when he was in the Grand Myriad Mountains, there was a creature that looked like a dragon named the titan serpent.

Unfortunately, that guy was too lazy. And there were too many creatures in the 100,000 mountains, so Han Fei didn’t learn from him.

But Han Fei’s body suddenly began to change.

Gui Sanqing had been guarding him, but when he saw Han Fei’s body grow longer and a large number of scales appear on his body, he was a little surprised. Is this the second awakening?

However, Han Fei’s body quickly changed, and in the blink of an eye, a five-clawed golden dragon appeared in front of Gui Sanqing.


Gui Sanqing was dumbfounded. Is this the real power of my young master’s bloodline? This… This is the legendary dragon race!


Suddenly, there was a shocking dragon roar, which was like the roar of a hundred beasts.

The Hundred Beast Soul Subduing Roar exploded in the unguarded Gui Sanqing’s ears, making his head buzz. At this moment, Han Fei launched the Sacrificing Punch with all his strength.

Han Fei didn’t care if the turtle would be broken.

If a Half-Venerable could be destroyed by his punch, how could he be called a Half-Venerable?

Besides, it was a turtle!

The turtle carried a shell every day. Everyone knew that his defense power must be very strong!


A large fist shadow enveloped the turtle. Then, the void was torn apart, and Yu Wenren appeared. At that moment, Yu Wenren, who was possessed by the old turtle, pressed his hand on the turtle shell.

At that moment, an extremely huge black turtle shell directly covered him, pressing Gui Sanqing to the ground.

Seeing this scene, Han Fei exclaimed, “Oh, old turtle, you’re really something! You can summon a turtle shell out of thin air and suppress a Half-Venerable?”

The old turtle said angrily, “What are you doing? I have my own means. This is not a turtle shell, but the Turtle Shell Sky Sealing Technique. Once this technique is activated, it can silently help me take this person down. No one can see this place. With my Dao runes, even a king can’t see what is happening here.”

Han Fei curled his lips and said, “Heh! Just tell me that you still have hidden strength.”



At this moment, Gui Sanqing finally realized that he had been tricked. What second bloodline awakening? Damn it, this guy was not Young Master Dragon King!

The problem was, when was Young Master Dragon King replaced? When did Yu Wendao have a problem? This didn’t make sense!

While struggling, Gui Sanqing looked at the “Fish Dragon King” who had turned back into a human and was talking cheerfully, and he trembled all over.

Even though his face was bleeding and he felt that his soul was being torn apart, he couldn’t help but roar, “Who are you exactly?”

Han Fei raised his chin. “Me? I’m the Fish Dragon King!”

Faced with such a Half-Venerable creature, Han Fei certainly wouldn’t reveal his true identity, although he seemed to be in an absolutely safe state now.

The old turtle chuckled. “You’re too curious! Why do you talk so much nonsense, dead turtle? It’s the honor of your life that I’ll use your body.”

Gui Sanqing roared and tried to blow himself up.

However, the old turtle pressed his turtle shell with one hand and his head with the other. Han Fei saw that a blue soul fire was forcibly extracted by a black mist.

Of course, Han Fei knew that it was a soul. He was just surprised that the old turtle, who had only released a wisp of his soul, was already so strong. How could a Half-Venerable’s soul be extracted so easily?

In Han Fei’s heart, the old turtle said, “It’s not that I can easily crush a Half-Venerable now, but that it and I are both turtles. If I hadn’t lost my Great Dao, just a thought from me would make him kneel on the ground, unable to move.”

Han Fei snorted. Stop bragging. In the end, it was still so difficult for you to kill a Half-Venerable even with my help.

About a hundred seconds later, the screams in Gui Sanqing’s soul gradually disappeared, and the soul turned into a little blue brilliance that was swallowed by the old turtle.

The surface of Yu Wendao’s body seemed to turn incorporeal, and a large amount of black gas was also absorbed into Gui Sanqing’s body.

If it weren’t for the fact that Han Fei was already very familiar with the old turtle, he would’ve thought that this was an evil technique after seeing such a weird scene.

However, it did seem to be an evil technique.

After another hundred seconds, Yu Wendao’s body suddenly went limp and he fell to the ground. And Gui Sanqing suddenly opened his eyes, his pupils were pitch-dark, but soon he returned to normal.

Gui Sanqing roared at the sky and grinned. “I’m finally free. I’m out…”

Han Fei was looking at the old turtle as if looking at a fool. He snorted and said, “Hey, hey, don’t shout. You don’t even have a Great Dao now. You’re only half a Half-Venerable now. What can you do if you can’t even kill me?”

Han Fei wasn’t lying. He and the old turtle couldn’t trust each other completely yet.

However, Han Fei knew very well that when he used all his strength, although he might not be able to beat a Half-Venerable, he might be able to escape.

Besides, in terms of physique alone, Han Fei was confident that even a Half-Venerable might not be comparable to him. With this advantage, why should he be afraid?


The old turtle’s face immediately turned cold. “I can still re-cultivate. It will only take ten years for me to improve the bloodline of this little turtle and increase its strength by several times.”

Han Fei immediately muttered, “Ten years? Maybe when I’m already a king. you’re still a Half-Venerable. How weak.”

The old turtle: “…”

The old turtle bared his teeth, his face fierce. “What do you know? I’m just laying the foundation for a Great Dao. If it weren’t for the fact that this little turtle’s bloodline is too poor, believe it or not, I would have become a Venerable in ten days and a Half-King in a hundred days!”

Han Fei curled his lips. “Go away. Stop bragging. Just because you finally have a body doesn’t mean you become invincible now. If you meet a Venerable, he’ll be able to destroy you with a single slap. By the way… What about Yu Wendao?”

As if finding it difficult to talk to Han Fei, and finally having a new body, the old turtle didn’t want to quarrel with Han Fei.

At this moment, the old turtle glanced at Yu Wendao and said in disdain, “This guy is a waste. His Great Dao is extremely impure! He was originally from the undersea human race and his body is almost the same as that of a human, but he also has the talent of sea demons… However, his body was destroyed by himself in cultivation. Now his soul has been shattered by me. Although he hasn’t died, he won’t be able to hold on for three days.”

Han Fei took a deep breath. “What about his resources?”

The old turtle raised a Sun-Moon Shell and said, “They’re all spiritual spring, spiritual fruits, demonic stone, ores, and speculations on all kinds of Great Daos. You can have them if you want. By the way, can you give my new body a Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique?”

“Heh, impossible!”

Han Fei said contemptuously, “I’ve just replenished my lifespan and vitality and you want me to do it again? Who do you think you are?”

The old turtle was lost for words. “This little turtle has a hidden injury, and its spiritual heritage is not high. It only has a level-six spiritual heritage, considering his hidden injury, it’s about the same as a level-five demonic heritage. How about this? I’ll teach you the Grand Puppet Technique, and you use the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique on this body. It only needs a hundred years of vitality.”

Han Fei shook his head. “No way. You can find a Dao-Seeking great demon and swallow it.”

The old turtle said angrily, “Even if I swallow it, it won’t work!”

Han Fei raised his eyebrows. “Then give me the resources first. Then, catch a Dao Seeking great demon. I’ll give you as many years as I can swallow.”

The old turtle was dumbfounded. “In that ancient realm, you spent 2,000 years of your life without batting an eye. I just want you to give me 100 years, and you refuse?”

Han Fei sneered. “That’s my teacher. Who are you? If it weren’t for the restriction of the contract, we might still be enemies.”

The old turtle said gloomily, “I am an Emperor…”

Han Fei interrupted him, “What opportunities can you give me? My teacher even gave me her original body. What can you give me?”

The old turtle roared, “You’ve taken my Great Dao into your veins!”

Han Fei snorted. “That was given by the calabash, not you. If you have what it takes, ask the calabash for it.”

The old turtle rolled his eyes and said, “Do you know that after I teach you the Grand Puppet Technique, you can refine Yu Wendao into a puppet? A Half-Venerable puppet can’t compare to your 100-year vitality? More importantly, you can absorb it back from others.”

Han Fei thought to himself, Is it really so awesome?

Han Fei changed his tone. “Okay, that’s fine! However, the stronger you are, the more dangerous I’ll be. I can’t keep a threat by my side, so… you’ll have to pay more.”

The old turtle seemed to see through Han Fei’s idea. In fact, this guy didn’t care about the so-called 100-year lifespan at all. He was just bargaining with him.

The old turtle said tiredly, “Tell me, what else do you want besides the resources of two Half-Venerables and a Grand Puppet Technique?”

Han Fei knew very well that in the eyes of different people, the same thing’s value was usually different.

For example, if the old turtle really despised Gui Sanqing’s body, would he possess it? Even if he did, he would at most use it temporarily instead of spending much time on it…

For example, Yu Wendao… was at most, used as a converter. Then he was a Half-Venerable too. Why didn’t the old turtle take his body seriously?

Han Fei pondered and grinned. “It’s simple. Teach me the strongest technique.”

The old turtle rolled his eyes and said, “I knew that it couldn’t be anything good. However, you’ve already mastered the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique. Haven’t you found the problem?”

Han Fei was puzzled. “What problem?”

The old turtle said, “Ultimately, a combat skill is attached to a Great Dao. Therefore, there is no so-called strongest combat skill at all. I have never seen the so-called strongest Great Dao. When you enter a Great Dao, the combat skill of this Great Dao will definitely become your strongest combat skill.”

Han Fei thought to himself, Is that so? Then forget it.

However, he had offered his terms and the old turtle had agreed. How could he not ask for something?

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