God of Fishing

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Racketeering is My Profession

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Han Fei had no time to bother him. If the guy could be so cynical as a twelve-year-old boy, it was unlikely that he would achieve anything in the future. He immediately left.

Hu Fei snapped angrily, “Han Fei, stop there! If it weren’t for Tang Ge, you would’ve been crippled years ago. You’re proud of that?”

Han Fei stopped. “Is it any of your business? Did I ever eat your yellow fish?”

Hu Kun’s face was gloomy. You indeed did it before. When we were both level-two fishermen four years ago, you ate my yellow fish. Have you forgotten that?

However, it was too humiliating to bring it up again. Hu Kun clenched his fists but did not dare to attack. If he accidentally hurt Han Fei, Han Fei could easily report him, with evidence.

Looking at Hu Kun’s anxiety, Han Fei said with even more disdain, “What a coward.”

Then, Han Fei turned around to leave.

Before he could walk away, Hu Kun pulled him back. “Make yourself clear. Who’s a coward?”


Han Fei slapped Hu Kun right in the face.

Hu Kun was stunned. Why does it feel so wrong? You’re just a level-two fisher, and you dare to hit a level-six fisher?

Hu Kun shouted, “You attacked me?”

Hu Kun grabbed Han Fei’s collar and was about to beat him.

Han Fei, however, fell back and cried aloud, “Hu Kun attacked his classmate so brutally! I’m dying! My internal organs have been terribly injured!”

Hu Kun had never seen anything like this before!

He was stunned when Han Fei dropped himself on the ground. He hadn’t done anything yet!

Hu Kun turned around, only to discover that a little girl was observing them not far away.

They both knew the girl. She was Lu Lingzhi, their classmate and a level-five fisher.

Hu Kun released Han Fei in a hurry and explained, “I-I didn’t hit him! He fell on the ground on his own! He hit me first!”

Lu Lingzhi rolled her eyes. A level-two fisher hit a level-six fisher? You think I’m an idiot?

Holding his chest, Han Fei said angrily, “Hu Kun, I didn’t know that you were so vicious. I’m going to report you even though I’ve been injured.”

Lu Lingzhi left without looking back. Han Fei and Hu Kun stared at each other.

Hu Kun burst into fury. “You set me up?”

Han Fei suddenly sneered, “Who set whom up? Do you really think I do not know the reason for my injury before the test?”

Hu Kun’s face changed greatly as he stepped back in panic. If the school discovered it, the consequences would be much more severe.

However, on second thought, Hu Kun asked, “Who can prove it?”

Han Fei said, “If you can beat me up for no good reason, you could certainly set me up for no reason at all. What will our teacher think?”

Blushing, Hu Kun said, “When did I beat you up?”

Han Fei said mysteriously, “Lu Lingzhi saw everything… Fine, I planned to get it over with between us, but since you’re so angry, I’d better report it to our teacher.”

Hu Kun almost went crazy. Han Fei had been proud and not nearly as shameless as this. Why had he changed?

Hu Kun immediately asked, “You want to settle it between us? How?”

Han Fei said, “I know that the high-level students are given the Swallowed Spirit Soup regularly. Tsk, tsk. I feel that I’ll have a breakthrough soon. Why don’t you give me your Swallowed Spirit Soup? Right, there’s also the blade fish knife that you owe me. Give it to me, and we’ll be even.”

Hu Kun’s eyes widened. “When did I owe you a blade fish knife?”

A bowl of Swallowed Spirit Soup was precious but not too important, because the breakthrough from level six to level seven required much more than that.

Squinting, Han Fei said, “Ouch! My stomach hurts! I need to find our teacher…”

Hu Kun was dumbfounded!

What exactly is your problem?

Pretending to leave, Han Fei said, “You don’t want to give them to me? That’s all right. I have Lu Lingzhi as my eyewitness.”


Gloomily, Hu Kun said, “Fine! I admit my failure. I’ll compensate you…”

Hu Kun was of a mind to stuff Han Fei into the blade fish’s stomach. He was not scared of the consequences of a fight, but if Han Fei told other people how Hu Kun set him up last time, not only would Tang Ge seek Hu Kun for trouble, even his teacher would be suspicious.

Han Fei felt delighted as he left for school, feeling at ease. He wasn’t worried that Hu Kun would go back on his words. How much intelligence could a twelve-year-old have?

The school on the floating island was different from what he thought. The buildings in it were quite ragged. At the gate of the campus were two statues of tentacle lobsters.

“Assemble! Assemble!”

Before Han Fei entered the school, a little girl suddenly forced him to run.

Han Fei asked, “Hey, who are you?”

The girl glared back at him. “Join the crowd! You’re the only one not present in our class.”

Han Fei finally remembered that the girl was He Xiaoyu, the monitor of his class. Her father was a teacher in the school.

Han Fei asked, “He Xiaoyu, what happened? Why are we gathering so early?”

He Xiaoyu said, “Don’t talk. Someone from up above has come.”

Up above?

Han Fei was puzzled as he asked where Tang Ge had gone. She told him that the mentors had brought them to a level-one fishery. It gave him a fright.

A level-one fishery was apparently reserved for fishing masters. This showed how much importance was given to Tang Ge!

He Xiaoyu squeezed into the crowd with Han Fei, as tens of thousands of students stood there, their heads drawn to the sky.

The village leader and all the fishing masters of the school stood at the front.

The village leader shouted, “Welcome, angel…”

The hundred fishing masters echoed, “Welcome, angel…”

Han Fei did not join them. He simply stared at the sky. In the drizzle, a person stepped down from the sky with two wings, a black fishing pole on his back, and a glowing sword in his hand.


Han Fei was stunned. A real angel? Isn’t it too pretentious?

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