God-Like Extraction

Chapter 629 - END

629 I’m Not Hong Meng (The End) (2)

And the Void Divine Being!

If not for the Void Divine Being’s sneak attack, nothing would have happened to Hong Meng. He wouldn’t have disintegrated himself and fused with the universe.

Um, in that case, it seems like I have the Void Divine Being to thank?

If not for the Void Divine Being, I wouldn’t have transmigrated, nor would I have my current achievements, right?


There is something wrong with the connection involved here.

Su Jingxing pondered.

“Therefore, if you want to see the Hong Meng, you have to go to the Hong Meng Universe and meet him outside the universe, separated by the Chaos Sea,” said Ming Shiwei with a smile.

“Alright,” replied Su Jingxing. “I’ll go to the Hong Meng Universe after I defeat the Void Divine Being.”

After all, that was his former hometown. It was only right for him to make a trip back.

Moreover, since this concerned the truth behind his transmigration, Su Jingxing had to get to the bottom of it.

“Huh?” Ming Shiwei was stunned. “You really plan to go? Hong Meng has already fused into his own universe. If you go, you’ll only see the Hong Meng Universe, not Hong Meng himself.”

“I know.” Su Jingxing smiled. “It won’t take much time to make a trip anyways.”

“That’s true. Time is nothing to you and me.” Wan Xiu grinned and said, “On the other hand, about the Void Divine Being. You’re not the only one who wants to defeat him. We want to too. Unfortunately, we lack restraining methods. We couldn’t do anything to him and can only confront him here.”

“That’s right. Other than the Void World, the Void Divine Being’s transcendent divine power also consists of Black Light, Reverse Life, and Eon Seal,” Lan Tong said in a low voice. “Other than the Eon Seal, which we can restrain and eliminate, we can only maintain resistance against the three others. No one can do anything to the other.”

“Of course, most importantly, the Void Divine Being also has helpers. Mo Gang, the Medicine Immortal, Ling Long, and Zhan Zu have always been at odds with us and are helping the Void Divine Being,” Ming Shiwei continued.

“Then what exactly are the abilities of those three divine powers?” Su Jingxing refused to give up. “Or, what do we need to restrain them?”

“The Void World is easy to deal with, the Law of Destruction can restrain it. However, the Ancestor of Destruction has already been annihilated, and the Hammer of Destruction is damaged. We don’t know where it is…”

“It’s with me.” Before Fang Feiyun could finish, Su Jingxing extended his palm and released the Hammer of Destruction.

“The intact Hammer of Destruction?” Xian Men, who had not spoken much, focused his gaze and asked in surprise, “How did it suddenly recover? And you obtained it?”

The others also looked at Su Jingxing.

“Luck, I guess.”

Su Jingxing smiled. “I happened to encounter it on my way here. I activated it with a shot of destructive power.”

“Destruction power?” Lan Tong’s eyes flickered. “My friend, you’ve comprehended the Law of Destruction? Are you from the Primordial Universe?”

“I have indeed grasped the Law of Destruction. But what do you mean by the Primordial Universe?” Su Jingxing was curious.

“It’s the First Universe,” Ming Shiwei continued. “The Primordial Universe is also called the First Universe. It’s the oldest universe born from the first evolution of the chaos.”

“Other than the creatures of the chaos, the other races like the demons, the Divine race, the Stone race, the Heavenly race, the Spirit race, and so on were born in the Primordial Universe.

“Only in the Primordial Universe can one freely comprehend the various Laws. In other universes, although destructive power exists, the Law of Destruction is blocked.

“The reason why the Void Divine Being did everything it could to invade the Primordial Universe was to prevent itself from being restricted by all kinds of barriers.


At this point, Ming Shiwei was suddenly shocked and said in shock, “Hasn’t the Void Divine Being been monitoring the Primordial Universe and refusing to allow the living beings in the universe to come out? How…”

“Sigh, that goes without saying. Of course it’s because of Little Su’s detachment technique!”

Wan Xiu raised his hand and said dismissively, “Little Su’s freeing technique freed him directly from the Primordial Universe. It would be strange if the Void Divine Being could discover him!”

“Yes, yes, I almost forgot.” Ming Shiwei smiled awkwardly.

“Since you have the Hammer of Destruction, the Void World is no longer a threat.”

Lan Tong continued, “Black Light refers to the light of darkness. The Void Divine Being can use it to constantly reverse the balance between darkness and light. Such power cannot be eliminated by pure Yin-Yang transcendent super divine powers. It can only be resisted against.

“Well, I think I can suppress it too.” Su Jingxing thought of the Eternal Day Card and the Eternal Night Card. Wouldn’t unlocking them at the same time be able to restrain this Black Light?

“Hmm?” Ming Shiwei was surprised. “Little Su, are you serious?”

“It’s true. Of course, I’m not totally confident.” Su Jingxing didn’t make it absolute.

“That’s enough.” Wan Xiu was overjoyed. “As long as we can suppress it, we can still resolve the huge problem.”

“Reverse Life mainly refers to the fact that the Void Divine Being cannot be destroyed. No matter how one shatters or breaks its universe, it can recover instantly.

Lan Tong pondered for a moment and continued, “If Hong Meng is here, his Death Seizing can restrain this ability.”

Su Jingxing’s heart raced.

“Death Seizing?”

“It’s a super divine power, a Great Dao Technique, that absorbs the various abilities of the other party from their corpse after death,” Ming Shiwei explained.


This isn’t a coincidence!

The relationship between my transmigration and Hong Meng is definitely not a coincidence!

Death Seizing?

Isn’t this my cheat ability?

Extracting all kinds of Function Cards from corpses and unlocking them to obtain all kinds of benefits.

For a moment, Su Jingxing fell silent.

Ming Shiwei, Lan Tong, and the others thought that Su Jingxing had been dealt a blow. They immediately comforted him. “My friend, you’re already great. You can help us restrain…”

“I also have this ability.”

Su Jingxing interrupted Lan Tong and said seriously, “I also know the super divine power, Great Dao technique, that you guys mentioned, Death Seizing. I can absorb the target’s abilities from when they were alive from their corpses!”

Ming Shiwei, Fang Feiyun, Lan Tong, and Wan Xiu were speechless.

The rest were also speechless.


Instantly, everyone fell silent.

After a moment of silence, everyone looked at Su Jingxing strangely.

The Hammer of Destruction, Death Seizing, the ability to suppress Black Light.

And his insistence on meeting Hong Meng!

One would be a coincidence, but with the second and third… was it still a coincidence?

They did not expose him.

Wan Xiu, Ming Shiwei, Fang Feiyun, and the others were puzzled, but no one said anything.

Su Jingxing knew what they were thinking, but he didn’t expose them either.

If they were suspecting him, so be it.

Even Su Jingxing himself was having a headache, let alone them!

However, he decided to put the verification aside for now.

Getting rid of the Void Divine Being was the most important!

The Void Divine Being’s four super divine powers, Void World, Black Light, Reverse Life, and Eon Seal.

For the first three, Su Jingxing had relied on the Hammer of Destruction, the Eternal Day Card, the Eternal Night Card, and the cheat ability, Death Seizing, to restrain them respectively.

Lan Tong and the others would take care of the remaining Eon Seal.

Xian Men, Zai Ling, and the others would intercept the helpers of the Void Divine Being.

Therefore, nothing unexpected happened in the end.

The Void Divine Being, who had coveted the Primordial Universe for countless years, was quickly defeated. The two super divine powers, the Void World and Black Light, were destroyed, and the Eon Seal could not be repaired in a short period of time.

Reverse Life escaped into the chaos with it.

It was extremely difficult to completely kill an existence like the Void Divine Being.

Su Jingxing had already achieved his goal of defeating it and severely injuring it so that it could no longer covet the Primordial Universe.

Ming Shiwei, Lan Tong, and the others were also extremely excited.

Without the Void Divine Being causing trouble, they also dispersed and no longer stayed at the end of the world for long.

Likewise, Su Jingxing bade farewell to them one by one and headed for the Hong Meng Universe.

Hong Meng Universe.

The moment he walked out of the chaos and arrived at the edge of the universe, Su Jingxing telepathically passed through the borders.

This border blocked the Void Divine Being, Lan Tong, Ming Shiwei, and the other immortal existences.

But at this moment, Su Jingxing was allowed to enter.

In less than three seconds after entering the universe, Su Jingxing received a message.

A message from Hong Meng!

Firstly, Su Jingxing’s transmigration was indeed Hong Meng’s doing.

Secondly, Su Jingxing’s cheat ability was indeed Death Seizing.

Finally, Su Jingxing was not Hong Meng!

Previously, with all the coincidences, Ming Shiwei, Lan Tong, and even Su Jingxing himself suspected that he was the reincarnation of Hong Meng or a manifestation of his will.

However, after receiving Hong Meng’s message, Su Jingxing realized that he was autonomous, and he was not Hong Meng.

If it really had to be explained, then Su Jingxing was Hong Meng’s disciple, or… offspring?

This was because Su Jingxing’s soul consciousness was born in the Hong Meng Universe.

A living being that belonged to the Hong Meng Universe before transmigration!

All living beings in the Hong Meng Universe were essentially descendants of the Hong Meng.

Cough cough!

In any case, Su Jingxing was relieved that he wasn’t Hong Meng himself.

Hong Meng had sent him to transmigrate with the intention of stopping the Void Divine Being from invading the Primordial Universe.

Now that Su Jingxing’s mission had been successfully completed, he was completely relaxed.


Since I’ve returned to the Hong Meng Universe, shall I drop by my hometown on Earth on the way?

(The End)

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