God-Like Extraction

Chapter 531 - Extraterrestrial Lifeforms Arrive!

Chapter 531: Extraterrestrial Lifeforms Arrive!

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This hole was very big, already as big as a tenth of the Southern Wilderness, and it was still expanding.

Above the faint golden membrane, a translucent black light barrier was slowly seeping into the hole.

The Void World?

Looking at this translucent barrier, Luo Tianba, Xiahou Chuanwu, and Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit immediately realized that they could “see” the border membrane of the Void World as well.

The ability of the border marker was beyond imagination. It could even “see” the border membrane of the Void World.

The power of Luo Tianba, Xiahou Chuanwu, and Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit was continuously infused into the border marker.

The hole in the light golden membrane above the Southern Wilderness quickly stopped expanding.

In the outside world, this process did not cause much of a phenomenon. Only, in the sky above the valley, the airflow was affected by an invisible force and spiraled above the cave, forming a cyclone.

This cyclone first spun. It was barely visible to the naked eye, but soon, it became visible to the naked eye. Finally, it spun rapidly like a tornado.

Underground space.

Luo Tianba, Xiahou Chuanwu, and Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit kept channeling the power of the Primordial Spirit. In the area of the Southern Wilderness in their minds, the hole in the light golden membrane became smaller and smaller.

During the shrinking process, the black light barrier of the Void World had been stopping it. Seeing that it could not do anything, it sped up the penetration.

The trio knew very well the consequences of such infiltration.

The Void World monsters and Void Beasts would take the opportunity to come to the real world!

Originally, when the Void World monsters and Void Beasts broke into the territories of the various countries from the dark areas of the Void World, they were intercepted or killed by Martial Sages.

Now, there was a huge hole in the border membrane of Earth Star. The Void World had directly invaded. Without Transcendent-grade Martial Sages stopping them, it was unknown how many Void Beasts and monsters had descended.

Buzz buzz buzz!

The border marker vibrated and a halo bloomed.

The hole in Earth Star’s border membrane had not been mended. Luo Tianba, Xiahou Chuanwu, and Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul could only watch as the darkness in the Void World continued to infiltrate.

The power of the Primordial Spirit was limited, but they couldn’t care less now.

Half an hour quickly passed. The huge hole was successfully patched up at the final third minute.

The faint golden light membrane was about to reconnect. The darkness of the Void World was blocked outside, and the two regained their balance.


The moment the last crack was closed, within a second, a ray of blue light suddenly emerged from the black light barrier of the Void World and entered the crack, arriving on Earth Star.


The vision in their minds disappeared, the border marker stopped vibrating and slowly calmed down.


Luo Tianba, Xiahou Chuanwu, and Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit retracted their hands at the same time and panted lightly.

“What was that blue light earlier?”

While calming himself down, Luo Tianba looked at Zeng Busan with a solemn expression.

“Extraterrestrial lifeform.” Zeng Busan gritted his teeth.

“Extraterrestrial lifeform? A foreign race?” Xiahou Chuanwu’s eyes widened.

“Is it the Extraterrestrial Devil Insect?” Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit frowned.

“I don’t know what it is exactly,” cursed Zeng Busan. “F*ck, I didn’t expect to fall for it at the last second. An extraterrestrial lifeform discovered the existence of Earth Star and used the hole to enter.”

“How did this extraterrestrial lifeform know that there was a hole on Earth Star?” Luo Tianba was puzzled.

“That’s right. How long has it been since the border membrane of Earth Star was torn?” Xiahou Chuanwu said solemnly. “How could an existence from outer space know that something had happened on Earth Star so coincidentally and arrive in time?”

“It’s easy to find out. Just ask the other party,” Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit replied calmly.

With that, it flashed towards the exit of the cave.

“Yes, let’s go to the surface.” Luo Tianba and Xiahou Chuanwu quickly followed.

“Wait for me.” Zeng Busan put away the seal and hurriedly left the underground space.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The sound of rushing wind could be heard.

In an instant, Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit returned to the surface and soared into the air, looking at the sky southwest of the valley.

Thousands of meters away, a silvery-white aircraft that looked like an egg floated in the air, surrounded by a blue glow.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Luo Tianba, Xiahou Chuanwu, and Zeng Busan came out of the underground palace and stood beside Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit, looking into the distance.

“D*mn it! I wonder how many people are inside?” Luo Tianba cursed.

“No, they might not be human.” Xiahou Chuanwu shook his head.

“Yes, it could be the devils or the demons.” Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit looked at Zeng Busan and asked, “In the past, how did White Emperor City take care of such a situation?”

“Of course by crushing them directly!”

Zeng Busan shouted in a low voice, “The mission of White Emperor City is to intercept all kinds of extraterrestrial lifeforms!”


Not far away, White Emperor City happened to be activated and flew southwest.

In a flash, Zeng Busan caught up quickly and entered White Emperor City.

“What should we do?” Luo Tianba looked at Xiahou Chuanwu.

“Of course we’re going forward to take a look.” Xiahou Chuanwu’s eyes lit up. “There’s no escaping a disaster. If White Emperor City is defeated, we have nowhere to hide.”

With that, he turned into a ray of saber beam and chased after White Emperor City.

Luo Tianba hesitated for a moment before following.

Since Luo Tianba and Xiahou Chuanwu weren’t afraid, Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit naturally wasn’t either.

Xiahou Chuanwu was right. If the extraterrestrial lifeforms who came through the Void World had ill intentions towards Earth Star and White Emperor City could not stop them, they would not be able to escape fighting them in the end.

The might of White Emperor City wasn’t limited to just Zeng Busan, Zeng Busi, and the chief who was in seclusion.

White Emperor City itself was a large weapon!

Luo Tianba and Xiahou Chuanwu had never witnessed the might of this large weapon before, nor had Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit.

As for its exact might, it was temporarily unknown.

However, White Emperor City had protected Earth Star for so many years. It was definitely something.

At the very least, its combat strength was beyond the Soul Platform realm.

Comparable to the Cloud Ascension realm? Or the Life Void realm?

Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit wanted to witness it with its own eyes.



The sound of rapid wind was heard.

Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit turned into a stream of light and caught up to White Emperor City. It landed on the platform earlier and approached the egg aircraft with Luo Tianba, Xiahou Chuanwu, Zeng Busan, and Zeng Busi.

Chi! Chi!

An electric arc-like glow suddenly flashed on the outer shell of the aircraft.

Divine consciousness scan!

The eyes of Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit flashed. It sensed Luo Tianba’s Primordial Spirit divine consciousness scanning the aircraft.

The result was obvious. It was blocked and even triggered the protective mechanism of the aircraft.


At the right time, a strange sound came from the top of this egg-like aircraft. A beam of light shot out from inside.

Amidst the flickering light, a man about two meters tall, wearing a custom-made silver combat suit with golden-red eyes floated above the aircraft and looked at White Emperor City.

“Human?” Xiahou Chuanwu was surprised.

“No, not human.”

Zeng Busi’s eyelids twitched violently. His body tensed up as he gritted his teeth and shouted, “He’s not human, he’s…”

“The Battle race!”

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