God-Like Extraction

Chapter 433 - Revenge for Mother, Lu Linshen! (1)

Chapter 433: Revenge for Mother, Lu Linshen! (1)

Su Jingxing didn’t know if it was a misconception, but he realized that this third-realm Half-Dragonman’s tone was a little agitated.

It seemed to be very happy to see him, no, to see a human?

“You are a human, there’s no mistaking it!”

While Su Jingxing was finding it strange, the third-realm Half-Dragonman spoke again and reached out to grab the air behind it.


A figure was quickly sent flying from behind. It was grabbed by the third-realm Half-Dragonman and thrown to the ground.

Su Jingxing’s eyes flashed and he raised his eyebrows.

The captured figure was the earless Half-Dragonman who had escaped earlier.

“What do you mean by this?”

Su Jingxing sent a mental voice transmission and spoke warily.

This third-realm Half-Dragonman gave him a sense of great threat, but it had no ill intentions.

It was really strange.

“A gift for you.”

The third-realm Half-Dragonman grinned and swung its claw.


A cold glint flew out from its palm and pierced into the heart of the ear-less Half-Dragonman.



The earless Half-Dragonman died on the spot. Before it died, it opened its eyes and looked at the third-realm Half-Dragonman in disbelief.

It did not seem to understand why the other party would kill it.

As a Half-Dragonman, not only did it not offer help, it even killed it!

Su Jingxing was also surprised and looked at the third-realm Half-Dragonman in confusion.

Unexpectedly, the third-realm Half-Dragonman suddenly spoke.

“My name is Lu Linshen.”

Human language!

The third-realm Half-Dragonman actually spoke in human language.

After arriving at the Seven Luminaries Planet, Su Jingxing had heard Nian Ling’er share some basic knowledge about space.

For example, the languages used by humans on the major life planets were basically the same.

Even if there were differences, it would only be like the differences between dialects and Mandarin.

And most life planets used the universal version.

Earth Star was one of them, and it used the universal human language.

At this moment.

The third-realm Half-Dragonman was also speaking the universal version, but it was a little unnatural, as if it had not spoken for a long time and was suddenly doing so, causing it to be lacking in fluency.

Even so, Su Jingxing was filled with surprise.

A Half-Dragonman actually spoke human language.

And it was in this Red Dragon Cave Abode. These Half-Dragonmen were most likely all descendants of the Red Dragon.

Right, the source of the Half-Dragonmen!

Su Jingxing’s heart skipped a beat as he thought of something.

“That’s right, my mother is a human.” Lu Linshen also began stiffly. “My mother was the last human female captured by the Red Dragon. When the Red Dragon left this place, my mother was already pregnant. However, she gave birth to me and did not despise me. When I was young, she always taught me human knowledge. She only passed away after an accident.

“All these years, I’ve always wanted to talk to humans and meet other humans. Unfortunately, the passageway opens from the outside and cannot be opened from the inside. Moreover, each opening only lasts nine hours. After that, the passageway will close again.”

Su Jingxing raised his eyebrows.

“Don’t worry. About two hours have passed since you came in. There’s still time.”

Seeing this, Lu Linshen smiled and spoke more and more smoothly.

“Since there is time, why don’t you take the opportunity to leave?” Su Jingxing asked calmly.

“I just want to meet a human and talk to him.”

Lu Linshen chuckled. “This has nothing to do with whether I leave this place or not. On the contrary, I won’t leave until I’ve taken my revenge.”


“Revenge for my mother who was killed,” Lu Linshen said calmly. “My mother died in the hands of the current son of the Half-Dragonman King. The other party is also in the third-realm. If I don’t kill it, how can I call myself her child?”

Su Jingxing kept quiet.

The Half-Dragonman King!

Su Jingxing could sense that the Half-Dragonmen were much stronger than the other devils of the same realm.

This was also the reason why the devilish energy fluctuations of Lu Linshen in the third-realm felt like such a great threat to Su Jingxing.

From this, it could be inferred that the Half-Dragonman King was definitely a top existence among fifth-realm Devil Kings, or even number one among those in the fifth-realm.

It would be extraordinarily difficult for Lu Linshen to take revenge and kill the son of the Half-Dragonman King.

Even if it succeeded, it wouldn’t be able to escape.

However, this was Lu Linshen’s business and had nothing to do with Su Jingxing.

Su Jingxing basically believed its words.

There was no benefit in fabricating such a matter.

Besides, from the beginning to the end, Lu Linshen had never shown any malice or killing intent towards Su Jingxing.

“Let’s not talk about this.”

Su Jingxing remained silent, and Lu Linshen changed the topic.

“You came here to search for the reverse scale, right?

“These devils have always wanted to obtain the reverse scale of the Red Dragon and achieve the body of a Heavenly Demon.

“Unfortunately, the reverse scale of the Red Dragon is not something they can withstand.

“Take the Red Wyrm for example. It’s already dead, right?”

Lu Linshen chuckled.

“…Yes.” Su Jingxing nodded. “The Red Wyrm is already dead. Are you talking about the reverse scale on the Red Dragon?”

“Yes, it’s the one you’re thinking of,” replied Lu Linshen. “The reason why the Red Dragon lived here was to strip away the reverse scale on its body. After 100,000 years, it successfully did so. This reverse scale has also become a sacred item of the Half-Dragonmen. They slowly became stronger by absorbing the aura of the reverse scale.

“As long as it’s a devil, they can absorb the aura of the reverse scale to strengthen their physique and transform into a Heavenly Demon body.

“But humans can’t!”

Lu Linshen glanced at Su Jingxing and said seriously, “On this point, I can swear on my mother that I’m not lying to you. The reverse scale of the Red Dragon does have a divine effect on humans, but while that effect strengthens one, it will also slowly turn them into Half-Dragonmen!”

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