God-Like Extraction

Chapter 32 - Sixth-grade

Chapter 32: Sixth-grade

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“What in the devil?”

“Who did it?”

Kong Dabao, Feng Tiejian, and the others exclaimed in unison.

Su Jingxing was equally shocked.

The Dagger Gang had just been wiped out that afternoon—and now a branch in Black Tiger Gang suffered the same fate?

Could the murderer have been the same group of people?

If that was the case, then the murderer’s target was most likely the Black Tiger Gang!

Dagger Gang was wiped out because of its affiliation to the Black Tiger Gang.

“Who did it? Do you know who’s behind this, Team Leader?”

“Damn. They are something else to be messing with the Black Tiger Gang.”

“Pfft. It’s not like the Black Tiger Gang’s invincible. In the western district alone, they have rivals like the Flying Cloud Sect.”

“Do you guys think the Flying Cloud Sect did this?”


After recovering from their shock, Kong Dabao and the others began to discuss the matter excitedly.

Clashes between syndicates, or even an entire syndicate getting wiped out, was not so much a terrifying event as a sensational happening to the general public.

Even more so when the audience in question were Kong Dabao, Feng Tiejian, Gu Bo, and the other members of the Corpse Collection Team.

When one has seen enough corpses, dead men weren’t much different from dead pigs.

Desensitized as they were, the group was more interested in the identity of the murderer.

Directing those questions at Gu Bo was more of a subconscious reaction.

Gu Bo brought his men to retrieve the corpses right after answering the call.

He was equally clueless when it came to the situation at the scene or the identity of the perpetrator.

A sudden thought came to Su Jingxing.

Duan Feihong!

Could the mysterious figure using the name of Duan Feihong be, once again, involved?

Harboring feelings of curiosity and doubt, the group advanced towards the Black Tiger Gang’s branch.

Great Fortune Restaurant!

It was a restaurant situated in the downtown area.

Even though it was already well past midnight, the two sides of the street where the restaurant was located remained brightly lit, with many pedestrians milling around.

As a result of the incident at Great Fortune Restaurant, half the street was cordoned off.

Boisterous crowds had gathered at both ends of the cordon zone, accompanied by the occasional camera clicks from their phones.

The security team tried to clear them out but to no avail.

There was no helping it; the event was too sensational.

A branch of the Black Tiger Gang wiped out clean. A branch based in the downtown area, no less.

Not a single noise leaked out when the massacre took place. It was only when the incident was over that blood gushed onto the streets.

Even the thought of such an event happening was enough to shake someone up, not to mention it actually happened!

People who were up in the middle of the night tended to be troublemakers; now that they encountered such a situation, things got very heated up. Intoxicated as they were, their excitement was gradually increasing.

By the time Su Jingxing and his coworkers arrived outside the cordoned area, the crowd was on the verge of getting into a scuffle with the security team.

Fortunately, the sound of a gunshot managed to contain the rowdy throng.

Only then did the electrified crowd obediently retreat and open up a passage.

The corpse transportation truck smoothly passed through the crowd and entered the cordoned area, stopping before the entrance of Great Fortune Restaurant.

As soon as they got out of the car, Su Jingxing and the others smelled an overpowering scent of blood.

Looking up, the ground near the entrance of the restaurant was covered in a layer of blood.

A headless corpse lay against the threshold of the door.

Inside, incomplete corpses were strewn all over the floor.

“What the… just how many died?” gasped Feng Tiejian. He swallowed some spit and put on a face mask.

“Probably no less than in the afternoon,” his partner replied in a throaty voice.

“The corpses of the Dagger Gang members that we moved to the crematorium haven’t even been incinerated. With hundreds of new corpses, we might not even be able to fit all of them into the morgue. Jeez!” said Kong Dabao, shaking his head.

“Okay, enough talking. Hurry up and get down to work,” ordered Gu Bo irritably. He divided his team into groups of two and ordered everyone to start moving the corpses.

[Corpse discovered. Would you like to extract it?]


[Corpse discovered. Would you like to extract it?]


Su Jingxing worked with Kong Dabao to move the corpses while extracting cards.

First the first-floor lobby, then the kitchen, second floor, third floor…

They worked their way up the building, moving corpses outside and into the truck as they progressed.

During this process, owing to the increase in extraction range, Su Jingxing managed to extract almost every corpse.

Fortunately, the cards were very thin, and not very conspicuous when stacked together.

At the scene, Su Jingxing also saw the Commissioner of Command of the Martial Suppression Division—Qi Zhaochen.

He also saw the director of the crematorium, Wu Shouhan, and the other big shots of the Western District who were at the Dagger Gang headquarters that afternoon.

These people had rushed to the scene after receiving the news in the middle of the night. They all wore grim expressions on their faces.

Except for Huang Boyi!

Black Tiger Gang’s Branch Master, Huang Boyi—the man who Su Jingxing had met and fought that afternoon, had been reduced to an icy corpse. His head, along with half his upper torso, had been sliced clean off. He lay on the stairs that connected the second floor to the third, his eyes wide open.

This man had been the Black Tiger Gang’s Branch Master. Unexpectedly, the branch that was massacred belonged to Huang Boyi.

When Su Jingxing saw his corpse, he couldn’t help but feel sorry.

Getting done in was a common fate for those who joined syndicates. Even so, it was rare for someone to die in such an awful manner.

After a few months working at the crematorium and with Gu Bo’s guidance, Su Jingxing could recognize most of the wounds on corpses by now.

It was the exact same!

The wounds on the corpses at Great Fortune Restaurant had the exact same marks like the ones at the Dagger Gang headquarters that afternoon.

It was done by the same group of people!

Wu Shouhan, Qi Zhaochen, and the others could tell as much.

However, at this moment, they didn’t have attention to spare. They stood around a corpse with grim expressions on their faces.

Su Jingxing used the secret ability Advanced Hearing to listen in on their conversation.

“Commissioner Qi, you should report this to the ones above. This isn’t something you can resolve.”

“Already did. Chief Sun is on his way here.”

“What about Head Ouyang? Has anyone informed him?”

“I did, but he’s still cultivating in seclusion.”

“Heh, in seclusion at this time like this. Will he only come out after the Black Tiger Gang is wiped out?”

“You can’t pin it on him. Who would have thought that even Ouyang Feihu would get killed?”

“Yeah. Ouyang Feihu was a sixth-grade martial artist, and yet he was no match for the murderer!”

Sixth Grade?

Ouyang Feihu?

Su Jingxing, who was moving the corpses, felt a chill in his heart and nearly missed his footing.

If he heard right, Ouyang Feihu should be the deputy head of the Black Tiger Gang!

The head of the gang, Ouyang Qinhu, was his biological brother.

If they were able to kill a sixth-grade martial artist, “Duan Feihong” and his group must have been quite formidable.

They must have had a sixth-grade among them, to say the least.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to kill Ouyang Feihu.

Of course, rather than the assailant’s grade, Su Jingxing was more interested in what cards he could extract from Ouyang Feihu’s corpse.

An authentic sixth-grade martial artist; what kind of reward could be extracted from him?

Su Jingxing couldn’t wait any longer. After moving another corpse to the truck, he deliberately walked at the front when returning to the restaurant and quickly made his way up to the fourth floor, where Qi Zhaochen and the others were.

[Corpse discovered. Would you like to extract it?]


[Corpse discovered. Would you like to extract it?]


Structures on the fourth floor were heavily damaged; the floor was dotted with holes and the walls were streaked with cracks.

There were many corpses on the ground, all of them badly damaged.

When Su Jingxing approached a big hole in the wall—

[Barbarian Corpse discovered. Would you like to extract it?]


There were Barbarians here?!

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