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Chapter 99 - Vast Universe Gong

Chapter 99: Vast Universe Gong

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Huang Yanchen had a powerful cultivation, which was much stronger than warriors at the Black Realm’s Completion.

As Duanmu Xingling’s ability was on par with hers, she was definitely not weak.

Duanmu Xingling had also opened up a special Sacred Mark, Ice cold. When she unleashed her Genuine Qi, it became extremely cold, and snowflakes danced in the air.

Other warriors who opened up the Sacred Mark of Ice cold wouldn’t be as powerful, even if they were at the Black Realm’s Completion. Only a great master like Duanmu Xingling, was able to condense snowflakes within a 30-feet radius, once her Qi was unleashed.

Duanmu Xingling was just at the Black Realm’s Completion, and could only condense snowflakes within a 30-feet radius. If she cultivated the Earth Realm, she would be able to condense snowflakes within a 100-feet radius when she unleashed her Genuine Qi.

If she cultivated the Heaven Realm, she’d be able to condense snowflakes within a 1000-feet radius. When she’d fight against others, there would be snowflakes all over the sky for hundreds of miles. That’s the making of a true Martial Arts myth.

Zhang Ruochen nodded and said, “They are worthy of being Profound Division Warriors and are so powerful. I guess they’ve reached the Sword Following the Mind Intermediate Stage. Maybe they’re close to the Sword Following the Mind Advanced Stage.”

Only warriors who have reached the Sword Following the Mind Intermediate Stage had a chance to go to the Martial Market’s Coliseum and become a Profound Division Warrior.

“Xingling, if you stop me again, I’ll not be polite to you!” Huang Yanchen attacked more and more quickly. Because her Genuine Qi was rich in wind nature, her speed advantage was gradually displayed.

Duanmu Xingling said, “Sister Chen, you should calm down, if you kill him on a spur of the moment, the Martial Market’s School will punish you heavily. Why would you destroy yourself along with him? And Even if you don’t do that, the rogue won’t live a month!”

“What do you mean?” Huang Yanchen asked curiously. She pulled back her sword and stopped attacking.

Duanmu Xingling also withdrew her sword and smiled. “He is going to get a final battle with Feng Zhilin on the life and death platform. It will take place in 20 days.”

“How could it be? Feng Zhilin has cultivated to the Black Realm’s Final State. In Western Campus, he isn’t a top master, but he is a strong middle-class warrior. Zhang Ruochen might defeat him with another two years of practice, but he’ll die if he fights against him now.”

Duanmu Xingling nodded and said, “That’s right! So you needn’t kill him by yourself. In 20 days, he’ll be killed by Feng Zhilin.”

Huang Yanchen still didn’t believe Zhang Ruochen would be that stupid. She gazed at him coldly and asked, “Are you going to fight against Feng Zhilin on the life and death platform?”

“That’s right!” Zhang Ruochen responded indifferently.

He didn’t think it was a big deal!


Huang Yanchen took back her blue sword, stared at Zhang Ruochen as if he was dead, and said, “In that case, I’ll let you live more 20 days.”

Then Huang Yanchen walked towards the gate of Yellow No.1 and was going to leave. Suddenly she stopped and turned to Zhang Ruochen, “In 20 days, if you can defeat Feng Zhilin on the life and death platform, I will spare your life. If you lose and Feng Zhilin lets you live, I will kill you myself.”

After that, Huang Yanchen stepped forward with a wisp of Genuine Qi appearing on her feet. Each of her steps was a meter long and only her shadow could be seen.

Seeing Huang Yanchen leave, Duanmu Xingling took a deep breath and asked, “Zhang Ruochen, you have 20 days. Are you sure you can defeat Feng Zhilin?”

Zhang Ruochen didn’t reply, stared at Duanmu Xingling seriously and nodded, “Senior sister, what’s the rank of your Ice cold Sacred Mark?”

“Class six!”

Duanmu Xingling became proud of herself and hugged herself. “I opened up my Ice cold Sacred Mark at age of two.”

The earlier warriors open up the Sacred Mark, the earlier they were able to practice.

Zhang Ruochen nodded. “No wonder you reached the Black Realm’s Completion at 13 years old. You’re very talented.”

“How could it be? I’m 18.”

Duanmu Xingling cast a contemptuous glance at Zhang Ruochen, blinked and said, ” What an incredible warrior he was that he could reach the Black Realm’s Completion at 13. Even the first genius of Omen Ridge, Zhang Tiangui didn’t reach it until 15.”

In order to prove her age, Duanmu Xingling lifted her chest slightly to show her rounded breasts.

One had to admit, Duanmu Xingling’s breasts were bigger than Huang Yanchen’s. They were well developed.

“18?” Zhang Ruochen was a little shocked. Except for her breasts, the rest of her body didn’t give away her age.

Duanmu Xingling said, “The exercises I practice were special when I achieved the first level, my body will stay the same as at that time. I succeeded the first level at 13, so I look like I’m still 13 years old. I can’t gain the look of 18 years of age unless I clear my Genuine Qi.”

Zhang Ruochen immediately understood. All of a sudden, he seemed to be thinking of something. “It reminded me of the ‘Vast Universe Gong’, a Moon Worship Demonic Sect exercise. It’s similar to your exercise.”

“You know ‘Vast Universe Gong’?”

Duanmu Xingling exclaimed with a little shock. As she realized she was being rude, she asked, “Is there this kind of exercises in the Moon Worship Demonic Sect? How have I never heard of it?”

Zhang Ruochen said, “‘Vast Universe Gong’ is a top Moon Worship Demonic Sect exercise. Only high-status warriors have the right to practice it. Of course, outsiders don’t know it.”

“Why do you know it? Are you an undercover agent from the Moon Worship Demonic Sect to the Martial Market’s School?” Duanmu Xingling asked tentatively.

“I just heard of it!”

Zhang Ruochen had seen many practical skills including Vast Universe Gong. Of course, Vast Universe Gong’s last chapter was kept in the Moon Worship Demonic Sect’s headquarters, so Zhang Ruochen hasn’t seen it.

Not wanting to reveal the secrets of his past life, Zhang Ruochen changed the subject and asked, “Why did you get so surprised when you heard Vast Universe Gong?”

“Really? No!”

Duanmu Xingling shook her head rapidly and said, “I was just frightened by the Moon Worship Demonic Sect. In the Kunlun’s Field, they are taboo. We’d better not talk about it or we’ll be regarded as Moon Worship Demonic Sect followers.”

Zhang Ruochen didn’t want to continue this topic anymore and said, “Senior sister, I’m practicing a palm technique and I have encountered some obstacles. Would you like to try it with me? I want to find out the palm technique’s weakness from actual combat.”

“Not a problem!”

There was a faint fragrance on her body which spread to the center of the courtyard. She stood upright and crooked her finger to beckon him. “Come on, attack me with your palm technique.”

“Senior sister, you should be careful!”

Zhang Ruochen stood three meters away from Duanmu Xingling. He stepped forward and moved his hands with all his bones and muscle taut.

Zhang Ruochen pushed off his foot and rushed in.

Duanmu Xingling was a little astonished. “In just 10 days, he has made great progress. 10 days ago, his speed was only 38 meters per second, and now it’s 40 meters per second. The Black Realm’s Medium State Warriors move at just 40 meters per second.”

“Dragon Shape and Elephant Shadow!”

His arms rang out with crying dragons when he exploded all his energy through his powerful palm technique punching towards Duanmu Xingling.

The rushing Genuine Qi surged from Zhang Ruochen’s palms and turned into a gust of wind which set Duanmu Xingling’s robe rustling.

Duanmu Xingling nodded once again. “His palm technique is powerful and ingenious indeed. It is remarkable that he had the ability to converge all his power into his palms.”


Duanmu Xingling attacked faster than Zhang Ruochen. Just a shadow of her repelled Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen immediately released the second palm, the third palm…

“Bang, bang!”

Zhang Ruochen attacked quickly and his continuous handprints were like sets of waves.

Duanmu Xingling stood still with one hand behind her back and withstood Zhang Ruochen’s handprints with the other hand.

Zhang Ruochen continuously unleashed more than 100 palms until his Qi Lake was running out of Genuine Qi. Then he stepped back immediately and stopped attacking.

Duanmu Xingling stared at Zhang Ruochen and said, ” Your palm technique was so powerful and flawless!”

Zhang Ruochen’s body was covered in sweat. He laughed. “This palm technique hasn’t succeeded yet.”

“Hasn’t succeeded?” Duanmu Xingling was shocked and said, “I planned to guide you, but I find there is no need. I think your palm technique has reached the perfect Realm.”

Zhang Ruochen shook his head slightly and said, ” I have already know the weakness! Again!”

After that, Zhang Ruochen released the fourth palm “Dragon Shape and Elephant Shadow” to attack Duanmu Xingling.

Be mindful, Duanmu Xingling was a perfect training partner as she was a Profound Division Warrior.

He didn’t stop until he ran out of energy. After sending Duanmu Xingling away, Zhang Ruochen went back to the internal space of the Time and Space Spinel and ate half a kilo of Spiritual Brawn. His energy and Genuine Qi recovered quickly.

Zhang Ruochen began to recall the weakness he found when he fought against Duanmu Xingling and practiced again.

The next day, he visited Black No.1 and asked Duanmu Xingling to fight him to practice his palm technique.

The third day, the fourth day…

On the fifth day, the fourth movement of the Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm was not yet successful, but Zhang Ruochen broke into the Black Realm’s Advanced Stage.

It was normal for him to break through to a Realm at such a high speed. After all, he had the Time and Space Spinel and his Practicing time was three times as much as other warriors.

Also, he ate 24 kilograms of Spiritual Brawn. That was to say, reaching the Black Realm’s Advanced Stage was simply a matter of course.

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