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Chapter 97 - The Truth Is out There

Chapter 97: The Truth Is out There

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Zhang Ruochen put a Saint Stone Pill into Zhang Shaochu’s mouth to heal the wounds, and then carried him on his back to Dragon Martial Temple.

Duanmu Xingling followed Zhang Ruochen with her hands behind her back. Her breasts were high and round. She stared at Zhang Shaochu with a look of disdain and furrowed brows. “Is he really your brother, Zhang Ruochen? I don’t see a prince in him.”

Zhang Ruochen had met the Eighth Prince, the Sixth Prince, the Fifth Prince and the Third Prince, but he never felt any kinship with them.

Although Zhang Shaochu was not as handsome as the other princes, he had stepped forward to help when Zhang Ruochen was in the greatest danger and at the time of his most need. That action alone was worth Zhang Ruochen’s respect.

Duanmu Xingling continued, “Zhang Ruochen, you won’t carry that fat guy to Dragon Martial Temple, will you?”

Zhang Ruochen said, “He is seriously injured. Can’t I take him back to recuperate?”

Duanmu Xingling blocked Zhang Ruochen at once, with arms akimbo, saying, “No. No man is allowed in Dragon Martial Temple.”

Zhang Ruochen asked, “Who says that?”

“It’s Western Campus’s rule!” Duanmu Xingling twisted her face, seeming arrogant.

Zhang Ruochen ignored her entirely and walked past her to enter the door of Dragon Martial Temple. “I can enter Dragon Martial Temple. So can my fourth brother.”

Duanmu Xingling followed up and said, “Your talent was the only reason that we didn’t go tough on you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have left Dragon Martial Temple in one piece last night.”

Zhang Ruochen acted like he didn’t hear Duanmu Xingling at all, and walked directly to Yellow No.1.

Suddenly, Zhang Ruochen stopped. He let out a light sound in surprise. “That’s odd! It should be Yellow No.1, but now it’s Earth No.1. How could it be?”

The horizontal inscribed board of the side hall clearly read “Earth No.1”.

Zhang Ruochen had a good memory so that he knew that he didn’t take the wrong way. Then, there was only one explanation—someone had changed the horizontal inscribed board of the side hall.

Who was so bored that they would change Yellow No.1 to Earth No.1?

Zhang Ruochen took out the bronze key and inserted it into the keyhole, only to find out that it didn’t open. Apparently, someone had also changed the lock.

Duanmu Xingling seemed uneasy. She blinked and said in a low voice, “You took the wrong way, Zhang Ruochen. This is Earth No.1 where Sister Chen lives. Yellow No.1 is across from it.”

“It’s impossible. I visited here last night. I wouldn’t have made that mistake,” Zhang Ruochen said firmly.

Duanmu Xingling said, “It’s hard to say. It was too dark last night. Maybe you remembered the wrong way.”

“There is no possibility.”

Zhang Ruochen drew back the bronze key and turned around, staring at Duanmu Xingling. “If it’s Earth No.1, then, there’s only one possibility—someone switched the horizontal inscribed boards and the keys of Earth No.1 and Yellow No.1 to lure me into Earth No.1. Am I right?”

Zhang Ruochen stared at Duanmu Xingling firmly.

Duanmu Xingling had a guilty conscience so that she looked at the ground and asked, “Who is that bored?”

Zhang Ruochen said, “No one inside Western Campus dares to break into Dragon Martial Temple, and outsiders never dare to come in. There are only three devils that live in Dragon Martial Temple, Luo Shuihan, Huang Yanchen, and Duanmu Xingling. Surely, Huang Yanchen wouldn’t have done such a thing. Then, only you and Luo Shuihan are left. We could easily find out the truth by asking Luo Shuihan.”

“No need to do that. It’s me!”

Duanmu Xingling finally admitted it. She forced a smile. “Truth be told, I just wanted to make a joke with you. I didn’t expect it to go wild last night.”

Zhang Ruochen sighed. “I thought you were acting strangely when I met you this morning. It really is you. Why did you do such thing? Do you know you nearly got me and Huang Yanchen killed last night?”

The truth was out there!

Duanmu Xingling felt a little guilty. She put on a pitiable look and said, “I’ve told you that I just wanted to make a joke. Who could foresee that you would peep at Sister Chen bathing? What’s more… you took a huge advantage. By the way, what happened between you two last night? She was crying when I visited her. I never saw her cry before.”

Zhang Ruochen felt a little guilty. After all, he misunderstood Huang Yanchen and injured her badly last night.

To be honest, Huang Yanchen was the one most wronged.

Zhang Ruochen said, “A Warrior of Division Profound is still known as the devil. She would cry?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Duanmu Xingling nodded. “She was! She was crying very badly. Did you do some unspeakable things after you injured her?”

“Did she say so?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

“Of course not!”

Duanmu Xingling continued, “I asked her, but she didn’t tell me. That’s why I am asking you!”

After all, Zhang Ruochen had seen Huang Yanchen naked, and injured her seriously last night. He thought for a while and said, “It’s my fault.”

“Did you really do unspeakable things to her?” Duanmu Xingling gaped, looking surprised.

“Maybe.” Zhang Ruochen nodded slightly.

In fact, Zhang Ruochen was an innocent boy, so he didn’t really understand the true meaning of “unspeakable things”.

In his last lifetime, he had always focused on Martial Arts and seldom had time to develop romantic relationships. Even when he was with Princess Chi Yao, they had only held hands.

Due to that, he knew even less about romantic relationships than Duanmu Xingling.

Zhang Ruochen said, “I should explain it to her face to face.”


Duanmu Xingling blocked Zhang Ruochen again and said, “If Sister Chen knows that she fell into that situation because of me, she would definitely hate my guts!”

Zhang Ruochen stared at Duanmu Xingling, saying, “Doesn’t that mean that I will take the blame for you?”

Duanmu Xingling thought for a while and then said, “What’s more, there is no use in explaining it to her. She will kill you the moment she sets eyes on you. With just a move of her finger, you will be a dead man before you can explain. How about a deal? You hide the truth about last night from her for me, and in return, I will persuade her to spare your life. What do you say?”

“Does she have to kill me?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Duanmu Xingling nodded, saying, “You should blame yourself. If you did such a thing to me, I’d definitely tear you to shreds, too. But if I put in a good word for you, maybe she will let it go.”

“Will she let it go so easily?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Duanmu Xingling laughed. “Although the students call her ‘the devil’ and ‘Iceberg Beauty’, I know that she’s always fond of the top geniuses, and she made an oath to marry the greatest man in the world.

“For example, she thinks highly of Zhang Tiangui, the top genius of the 36 commanderies of Omen Ridge, and mentions him frequently. Although you are not as talented as Zhang Tiangui, you will have great achievements in the future if you work hard.

“Maybe Sister Chen will have an interest in you, then you can stay alive and marry a beauty at the same time. What a lucky guy! After all, you have done that thing already.”

“The Seventh Prince, Zhang Tiangui!” Zhang Ruochen said.

Duanmu Xingling’s eyes lit up. “Right! How could I forget that the Seventh Prince of Yunwu Commandery is your seventh brother?”

“Is he the top genius of the 36 commanderies of Omen Ridge?” asked Zhang Ruochen.

Duanmu Xingling said with rare admiration, “Zhang Tiangui is much more powerful than you! He achieved the third rank of the Profound Board when he was 16 years old, and has become an example to all the youth of this generation.

“He broke through to the Earth Realm and became the internal disciple of Yuntai Suzerain with the best score when he was 17 years old.

“Now, he is 20 years old and no one knows how high his cultivation will go. There has not been such a talented prodigy like him in a century. Zhang Ruochen, you didn’t achieve the Mid Stage of the Black Realm until you were 16 years old. You are far away from your seventh brother.”

Zhang Ruochen said mildly, “I will surpass him someday.”

“That’s the spirit! If you have the desire to advance, you will definitely become a warrior of Division Profound after 3 to 5 years of practice with your talent. Sister Chen will have a completely new appraisal of you when you become a warrior of Division Profound.” Duanmu Xingling smiled with her mouth closed. “Then, we have a deal!”

Zhang Ruochen thought for a while and said, “OK. That’s settled for now. I’m going to take my fourth brother to Yellow No.1 to heal his wounds. Are you OK with that now?”

“OK, of course.” Duanmu Xingling smiled.

Zhang Ruochen carried Zhang Shaochu to Yellow No.1 on his back and put him on the bed. Then he applied the Muscles and Bones Regenerating ointment to his arms.

A warrior’s physical quality was much better than that of ordinary people. Although Zhang Shaochu’s arm bones were broken, with the help of the Muscles and Bones Regenerating ointment, his bones would fully recover in half a month.

“Zhang Tiangui!”

Zhang Ruochen said the three characters, and then shook his head.

The most important thing for him now was preparing for the fight in one month against Feng Zhilin at the Life and Death Platform.

Feng Zhilin’s cultivation was at the Final State of the Black Realm. Only if Zhang Ruochen upgraded his cultivation to the Advanced Stage of the Black Realm would he have the chance to beat Feng Zhilin.

Maybe other warriors couldn’t break through to the Advanced Stage of the Black Realm in just one month, but Zhang Ruochen definitely could do it, because he had the Time and Space Spinel.

If one practiced inside the Time and Space Spinel for three months, only one month’s time would pass. That meant Zhang Ruochen had three months to practice.

“With my massive amount of practicing resources, it won’t be difficult for me to achieve the Advanced Stage of the Black Realm in three months.”

“My biggest weakness now is my martial technique. If I can successfully practice the fourth movement of the Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm or the whole set of the Sacred Sword Skill, it will be a piece of cake to beat Feng Zhilin.”

With that thought, Zhang Ruochen entered the internal space of the Time and Space Spinel to begin his practice.

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