God Emperor

Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Nine Fists

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Zhang Ruochen took three steps forward through the numerous sword shadows. Striking out with his sword, he pierced Luo Xu’s glabella.

Luo Xu’s body froze, and a cut appeared on his forehead.

Zhang Ruochen withdrew the Flash Shining Sword and took three steps back.

“Amazing, you win. Your talent is superior to mine!” Luo Xu said and laughed.

His body became more and more dreamlike, disappearing into wisps of Spiritual Qi until he vanished completely.

“Luo Xu’s cultivation was truly powerful. He managed to withstand 93 of my strikes. He lives up to the name of the strongest Mid Stage warrior of the Black Realm in the last 460 years.”

“Of course, if I’d have used the power of Space Domain, I most likely would have defeated him within 10 strikes.”

Zhang Ruochen put the Flash Shining Sword into its sheath. Opening the metal door, he went straight to the second level.

Having defeated Luo Xu, Zhang Ruochen did not need to continue to the second and third obstacles on the first level. He could go directly to the second.

Duanmu Xingling and Huang Yanchen let out a sigh of relief. Looking into each other’s eyes, they could see their shock reflected back at them.

“He managed to defeat Luo Xu within 100 strikes!” Duanmu Lingxing still could not believe it.

“Not only defeated, but killed. He managed to kill Luo Xu who was in the same Realm as him within 100 strikes. That’s scary.” Huang Yanchen replied.

“I want to see how many levels and obstacles he can pass.” Duanmu Xingling said and narrowed her eyes. She felt a great deal of curiosity towards Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen entered the first obstacle of the second level in the Wu Tower.

It was a sealed Martial arts field, much like the one on the previous level.


Another Spiritual Body warrior emerged from the rock.

It was Luo Xu again.

Luo Xu looked at Zhang Ruochen and smiled. “We meet again!”

Zhang Ruochen was surprised and asked, “You are the guardian of the second level as well?”

Luo Xu nodded and said, “You’re correct! Now, if you can withstand one of my strikes, you pass the first obstacle on the second level. However, there’s one thing I must tell you. I’m now at the cultivation of the Advanced Stage of the Black Realm. I’m also the strongest of the Advanced Stage warriors.”

“The strongest amongst the warriors in the Advanced Stage of the Black Realm?” Zhang Ruochen said seriously. He dared not underestimate Luo Xu.

Luo Xu was the strongest of the Mid Stage; now he is the strongest in the Advanced Stage?

Given Luo Xu’s current cultivation at the Advanced Stage, he shouldn’t have any trouble defeating a warrior of the Dawn State of the Black Realm.

Perhaps given his ability, he could even fight against warriors of the Medium State.

If you were a warrior of the Mid Stage, it would be easier to try to climb straight up into the sky than to attempt to withstand a strike from a warrior of the Medium State.

However, Zhang Ruochen was not your average warrior of the Mid Stage. Facing Luo Xu, he felt no fear at all and asked, “What if I defeat you?”

Luo Xu smiled and said, “If you can defeat me, you can not only pass the other two obstacles on the second level, but you can also pass the first obstacle of the third level.”

“You’re not going to use a weapon?” Zhang Ruochen drew out his Flash Shining Sword and pointed it at Luo Xu.

Luo Xu replied, “If I used a weapon, few people would be able to pass the first obstacle on the second level.”

In fact, when other warriors were facing the first obstacle on the second floor, they were considered to have passed as long as they could stand after taking a strike from Luo Xu.

“OK! Let’s fight!” Zhang Ruochen said.

“First strike, Water Luo out of Sea.”

Luo Xu’s fingers clenched into a fist. Moving into his paces like a gust of wind, he reached a speed of 42 meters per second, a bit faster than that of normal warriors of the Mid Stage.

A normal warrior of the Mid Stage probably wouldn’t even see Luo Xu’s shadow properly, much less withstand a strike from him.

Zhang Ruochen did not use the power of his Space Domain. Instead, he moved his Spiritual Qi into his Eye and Ear Meridians, and determined where Luo Xu would strike using his sight and hearing.

Zhang Ruochen moved his body one step to the left and avoided Luo Xu’s fist. Zhang Ruochen swung out with his sword, aiming towards Luo Xu’s waist.

“The second strike, Water Luo Returning!”

Luo Xu’s body leapt like a flying fish, bending into an arc with his fist aimed towards Zhang Ruochen’s chest. There seemed to be a little more power behind this strike than the previous one.

His fist appeared in an instant in front of Zhang Ruochen.

He would certainly be seriously wounded if he were to be hit by the fist.

“Sacred Bell Sword!”

Zhang Ruochen blocked the fist with the flat side of his sword. His great Sword Breath converged into the illusion of a huge bell.


Luo Xu’s fist connected with the surface of the illusion. The bell was immediately dented and shattered. The strength behind the strike sent Zhang Ruochen back.

Luo Xu did not give Zhang Ruochen any time to breathe. He immediately followed up with a third strike.

“The third strike, Water Luo transfering Sword!”

Luo Xu struck out with his fist and flew towards Zhang Ruochen like a Sword Breath.

Fist into sword.

Only after having practiced the fists technique to a very high level could a warrior strike like a sword with their fists.

“Luo Xu is very powerful. If I hadn’t practiced the Yellow Realm to the Ultimate Realm, we would be very evenly matched in the same Realm.”

As Zhang Ruochen had practiced the Yellow Realm to the Ultimate Realm, he practiced one Realm higher than Luo Xu. That was why he was able to defeat Luo Xu before.

Now Luo Xu was one Realm above Zhang Ruochen. If would be almost impossible to defeat him.

“Sacred Guiding Sword!”

Zhang Ruochen swung out with his sword and broke Luo Xu’s attack. Following the strike, he did not retreat. Instead, he took the initiative and attacked Luo Xu.

Meanwhile, in the secret room inside the Wu Tower, Huang Yanchen stared at the Spiritual Qi mirrors and said, “Luo Xu is using a low-class Spiritual grade martial technique, ’36 Fists of the Water of Luo’.”

“Sister Chen, while Luo Xu was in the Advanced Stage, how many fists of the ’36 Fists of the Luo Water’ did he learn?” Duanmu Xingling asked.

“Nine.” Huang Chenyan replied.

Duanmu Lingxing nodded and said, “How many fists do you think Zhang Ruochen can handle?”

“Hard to say.”

Huang Yanchen shook her head slightly and said, “Zhang Ruochen’s talent is incredible. If he can withstand Luo Xu’s nine fists, he can force Luo Xu to a draw.”

“That’s impossible! Luo Xu is an incredible warrior. Few in the same Realm can challenge him, never mind defeating him across Realms.” Duanmu Xingling said.

“We’ll find out! Zhang Ruochen has already withstood six of his fists.” Huang Yanchen also found it incredible and had difficulty believing her own eyes.

Luo Xu had been undefeated for the last 200 years. He has long been a legend of West Campus.

It was already unbelievable that Zhang Ruochen had defeated Luo Xu in the same Realm. It would definitely shock the campus if news got out.

If Zhang Ruochen managed to cross Realms and defeat Luo Xu, the result would be unimaginable.

“The eighth strike, Water Luo transferring dragon!”

Luo Xu’s strength became increasingly powerful. Waves of Genuine Qi circulated around his body forming layers of water waves.

It was as if he was punching on top of a massive river, releasing the sound of flowing water in the air.


That giant river became a long water dragon over 10 meters long, surging towards Zhang Ruochen.

“Sacred Breaking Plum Sword!”

Zhang Ruochen struck out with his sword and struk the glabella of the water dragon.

His strike did not pierce the water dragon’s forehead. Instead, it seemed as though it slammed into a metal wall, screeching.


The Flash Shining Sword in Zhang Ruochen’s hand received a powerful shock, and almost flew out of his hand. His entire right arm went numb and he could not summon any strength into it at all.

Luo Xu struck with his ninth Fist.

“The ninth strike, Water Luo Crushing!”

Zhang Ruochen gritted his teeth and would not admit defeat. Raising his left arm, he sent all the Genuine Qi in his body surging to his arm and cried, “Dragon and Elephant Returning to Earth!”

The third palm, Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm.


The two fists collided.

Two powerful forces clashed together, resulting in an ear-splitting sound.

Zhang Ruochen spat out a mouthful of blood and flew backwards. He forced his body to recover its balance, taking a few steps back. Although he was hurt, he did not fall down. He summoned all the strength he had and remained standing.

Zhang Ruochen’s hands were sore and cracked. If Luo Xu were to strike again, he would certainly be defeated.

Zhang Ruochen stared at Luo Xu standing in front of him and said, “You win!”

Luo Xu shook his head and said, “It’s you who have won! I only learned nine of the ’36 Fists of the Luo Water’ when I was in the Advanced Stage of the Black Realm. Now I’ve attacked with all nine fists, but still failed to knock you down.”

“In your first strike, you only used 20 percent of your strength. In your second strike, you used 30 percent. With each strike you increased your strength by 10 percent, only on your ninth strike did you use all of it. If you had attacked with all your strength from the beginning, I wouldn’t have been able to block your nine strikes.” Zhang Ruochen replied.

Luo Xu smiled and said, “That may be true, however, other warriors of the Mid Stage only have to withstand one of my strikes at 20 percent and they will pass this obstacle.”

Zhang Ruochen nodded. He didn’t feel disheartened at all. After all, his opponent was one of the strongest warriors in 460 years. Being in a Realm inferior to him, there was no shame in being defeated.

Zhang Ruochen also hadn’t used the Space Domain.

If he had, it would be hard to say who would win.

The Luo Xu he saw now was only an illusion created with Spiritual Qi by the Wu Tower. He was not a real person. The battle ability of this illusion could never represent Luo Xu’s true abilities!

There was no point guessing who would have won.

Zhang Ruochen rested a while until he felt mostly recovered. Then he walked to the metal door and went to the second obstacle on the second level.

Zhang Ruochen did not defeat Luo Xu, so he had to pass the second and third obstacles on the second level.

The second obstacle on the second level was a corridor 30 meters long and only three meters wide. On the wall of each side were small round holes.


Walking into the corridor, short arrows in the length of a hand shot out of the holes.

Zhang Ruochen did not draw his sword. Instead, he waved his sheath in the air knocking all the arrows aside.

He walked slowly down the 30 meter long corridor. His feet never stopped moving and he seemed quite relaxed.

This obstacle was easy only for him.

If it were any other warrior of the Mid Stage, avoiding the dense rain of arrows would not be an easy task!

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