God Emperor

Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Detoxication

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Zi Qian had begun to hallucinate after being poisoned by the Poisonous Bees.

The second poison of Green Devil Hand made her lose her mind. She scratched holes in her clothes, exposing her snow-white skin.

“The Martial Arts that Qing You cultivates is relatively demonic. It specializes in absorbing the Genuine Qi inside a women’s body to build itself up. Green Devil Hand is a toxin that makes women go crazy with lust in order to make female warriors more easily defeated. This is going to be tough to handle!”

Zhang Ruochen didn’t know how to detoxicate Zi Qian. He gave her a Red Pill to swallow.

He knew that it wasn’t safe to stay in the forest, so he grabbed Zi Qian’s arms and carried her on his back to search for a safer place to treat her.

Zi Qian was a killer and was most likely sent to kill Zhang Ruochen. It would have been completely understandable for him to leave her there to fend for herself.

Yet they had fought together before. If Zi Qian couldn’t kill the seven warriors, he wasn’t powerful enough by himself to fight his way out.

“Ah… Help me…”

Zi Qian’s entire body was limp, as if she was intoxicated. Her beautiful face was rubbing Zhang Ruochen’s and she was short of breath.

Zhang Ruochen couldn’t help but be seduced by her soft hands. She slid her hands inside his clothes and started touching his chest.

He rushed inside the woods very quickly with Zi Qian on his back. He wanted to get away from where they had just fought.

Zi Qian kept touching his back. She started kissing his cheeks and left strawberry lipstick marks on his neck.

“When is she going to stop…”

He moved her face away from his head in order to stop her from kissing him.

Zi Qian’s hallucinations were getting worse.


She tore off her clothes and wore only her white skintight underwear. Exposing most of her snow-white skin, she squeezed her plump chest towards Zhang Ruochen’s back.

She started breathing faster. Her body was boiling hot. She kept rubbing Zhang Ruochen’s back and kissing his cheeks, leaving traces of her moist lips.


All of a sudden, a Kylin Hawk roared above Zhang Ruochen’s head.

Zhang Ruochen’s facial expression changed as he sensed something dangerous was coming. He stopped running, lay down in a hole, and concealed himself with grass and leaves.

He held his breath and looked up towards the sky.

He saw that Prince Huo Xing was standing on the Kylin Hawk’s back. He circled in the air as if he was looking for something.

Besides Prince Huo Xing, there was another man in the sky, riding on a two-headed gryphon dressed in white.

They were both looking down at the ground as if they were looking for something.

“Help… Help me… Please…”

Zi Qian’s sight was blurred. She hugged Zhang Ruochen tightly, breathing heavily and reached her hands into his clothes again.

“Don’t move!”

Zhang Ruochen held her from behind beneath him. He covered her mouth with one hand while he held her arms with the other. Otherwise, Zi Qian might yell or squirm around, alerting the two people in the air to their position.

If someone walked past both of them right now, they would have thought that Zhang Ruochen was doing something terrible to Zi Qian.

Even though Prince Huo Xing stood on the back of the Kylin Hawk and circled in the air, he couldn’t find any trace of Zhang Ruochen or Zi Qian. He had a cold-blooded look on his face and said, “They escaped! Square Commandery has suffered a great loss this time. Both Feng Zhiyi and Qing You were killed by Zhang Ruochen and Zi Qian. The hate inside me will never go away if we don’t kill them both!”

Standing on the two-headed gryphon’s back, Feng Zhilin also had a cold look on his face and said, “The Ninth Prince from Yunwu Commandery, right? He killed my brother and I’ll make sure he will pay!”

Feng Zhilin was Feng Zhiyi’s older brother. His cultivation had reached the Final State of the Black Realm. He had become the external student of the School of the Martial Market two years ago.

He was also one of the members of the inspection team in the first-round examination of the School, and was responsible for saving the new students should they be in danger.

“Since they’re gone, I should probably head off. If other members of the inspection team realize that I’m with you, they’ll report to the presbyters of the School that I’m committing a crime,” Feng Zhilin said.

Prince Huo Xing nodded and said, “You’re right! You should go, Brother Feng! They are lucky to have escaped this time, but luck won’t always be on their side. We will hunt them down next time!”

Prince Huo Xing and Feng Zhilin separated and flew away in different directions.

“I didn’t know that he is Feng Zhiyi’s brother. I have to find him, so I can withdraw the silver coins from Feng Zhiyi’s Two-Star VIP Card.” Zhang Ruochen began to memorize Feng Zhilin’s features so that he would be able to recognize him in the future.

Suddenly, a massive force from Zi Qian shook Zhang Ruochen off and pressed him down underneath her.

Zhang Ruochen shook his head and moved his finger towards Zi Qian’s glabella.

Zi Qian’s Qi Lake shivered severely. She closed her eyes and fell limply on top of his body.

“This truly is a horrible toxin if it is able to turn a cold-blooded killer into a person with such dissipated behavior. You’re lucky I saved you! Otherwise, you would have been dead!”

He helped her stand up and carried her on his back again.

After having spent an hour getting 100 kilometers away from the forest, Zhang Ruochen had finally found a relatively safe cave to rest.

He put her down on the ground. He saw that her lips had turned purple, and her face was pale. If she didn’t get medical help right away, she would undoubtfully die.

He helped her to sit up and walked to her back.

He sat down cross-legged behind her and activated the Genuine Qi in his body. The second level of the “Scripture of Emperor Ming’s Empyrean” was floating in his mind.

“The Ming’s Jade Heaven, the second level of the Scripture of Emperor Ming’s Empyrean!”

With the Genuine Qi running, the Genuine Qi inside his body had started to spin gradually and turned jade-white.


He thrust both of his palms towards her naked back.

The jade-white Genuine Qi had been released from his palms. It went through the Mid-heaven Meridian on Zi Qian’s back and entered her body.

“The Emperor’s Heaven, the first level of the Scripture of Emperor Ming’s Empyrean.”

“The second level of the Scripture of Emperor Ming’s Empyrean, the Ming’s Jade Heaven!”

The quality of Zhang Ruochen’s Genuine Qi would change after each level of cultivation. Not only was the purification of his Genuine Qi far better than of other warriors in the same realm, but it also had a certain nature.

For example, the second level of the “Scripture of Emperor Ming’s Empyrean” allowed warriors to cultivate a Pure Jade Genuine Qi which could cleanse unhealthy substances and toxins from the body.

In other words, once he had cultivated the second level of the “Scripture of Emperor Ming’s Empyrean”, he was able to detoxicate most of the poison in his body, if not all.

The Pure Jade Genuine Qi in Zi Qian’s body had activated a large circle of vital energy. It flowed back to Zhang Ruochen’s palm and returned to his Qi Lake.

After 36 circulations, the poison inside Zi Qian’s body had subsided greatly. Her lips soon turned red again and her face looked blushed.


Zi Qian spat out a mouthful of the toxic black blood.

She woke up slowly and felt a sense of coldness from her body. She looked down and discovered that she wasn’t wearing any clothes and her body was completely exposed.

Both of Zhang Ruochen’s palms were still pressing on her back. He exclaimed. “Don’t move! Activate the Genuine Qi inside your body with me now. It’s the only way to fully discharge all the poison in your body.”

Having heard what Zhang Ruochen said, it was hard for her to stay calm.


She exploded a massive force from her body and pushed Zhang Ruochen away.

She covered her chest with one hand to protect her privacy while she grabbed the sword with her index and middle finger of the other hand. She pointed the sword towards Zhang Ruochen glabella and asked coldly, “What have you done to me?”

Zhang Ruochen felt absurd and said, “Stay calm, will you? If I wanted to take advantage of you, I would have done so a long time ago! I didn’t do anything to you! Look at my neck, my clothes, and the scratches on my chest! These are all because of you. If I hadn’t stopped you right away…”

“Stop it!”

She stared at the red marks on his neck and her face turned pink. She bit her lip and took a few steps back.

Her body was still weak and she couldn’t stand still. She fell to the ground and breathed heavily.

Zhang Ruochen stood up and gasped. “I warned you not to mess around in your current condition. You are such a stubborn woman! The poison inside your body hasn’t been cleaned yet. They’ll take hold again if you don’t do as I say!”

“That’s none of your business!”

Zi Qian didn’t believe what he had said. She removed a small bottle from her Spatial Ring, took a Detoxification Pill out, and swallowed it.

Suddenly, she saw Zhang Ruochen walking towards her. He covered her tiny body with a large piece of cloth.

Zi Qian shivered and looked down at the ground. There was confusion in her eyes. She finally got the courage to ask, “Other than the marks on your neck, nothing happened between us right?”

Zhang Ruochen laughed. “What else could have happened? Haha!”

Zi Qian’s cheeks blushed. Looking at the handsome youngster in front of her, she bit her lip and looked embarrassed. She wanted to run away and hide, because she felt so awkward.

“Oh yes, one more thing!”

Zhang Ruochen took out the fish intestines sword hidden in the sleeve and handed it to Zi Qian. “I found it in your clothes. Take it.”

Zi Qian face suddenly changed. She stared at the fish intestines sword hidden in the sleeve that Zhang Ruochen was holding and said, “You… You already know I’m a killer from the Hades Department?”

He took a closer look at the fish intestines sword in his hand. He nodded and smiled. “Who else would use this type of sword except the killers of the Hades Department?”

Zi Qian’s beautiful eyes stared at Zhang Ruochen and said, “Since you’ve discovered that I’m a killer from the Hades Department, you must have known that I was sent to kill you. Why did you save my life?”

“Well… I couldn’t just sit there and watch you die, could I?”

He continued, “Even so, if you did try to kill me, you would have died slowly. There’s no way that you’d still be alive standing in front of me. Since you can’t kill me and didn’t kill me, why couldn’t I save you?”

Zi Qian felt ashamed after hearing that. She almost bit through her lip and said, “Zhang Ruochen, did anyone ever tell you that you’re a jerk?”

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