God Emperor

Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Refining the Spatial Ring

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Lin Ningshan stood up. Instead of looking at Ninth Commandery Princess, she turned to Zhang Ruochen and said, “Ruochen, don’t forget to send 1,000,000 silver coins to Lin Mansion in a month.”

After that, Lin Chenyu and she left the Royal Coliseum with their three guards dispiritedly.

When they walked out the palace, Lin Ningshan’s eyes were filled with tears of humiliation. She said coldly, “She must die for insulting me, so will Zhang Ruochen. I don’t want to see them anymore.”

Lin Chenyu’s gazeing was cold as he said, “Don’t worry! I’ve offered a lot of money for Zhang Ruochen’s head in the black market. He’ll die if he steps out of the palace.”

“As for Ninth Commandery Princess, it’ll be easy to kill her.”

“Ningshan, what’s most important for you is to practice hard to reach the Black Realm. When that time comes, you’ll be able to kill her by your own hands.”

An icy stare flashed in Lin Ningshan’s eyes. She replied, “You’re right! I must kill her myself to ease my hatred.”

Lin Chenyu took out a red copper box from his sleeve and handed it to Lin Ningshan. “This is a Third-Class Dark Blood Pill. It’ll help you increase your success rate by 30% when you challenge the Black Realm. If you can make it, you can go to Yuntai Suzerain with me. It won’t be difficult for you to pass the exam for Yuntai Suzerain then.”

Lin Ningshan took the Dark Blood Pill with some pleasure. “I can go to Yuntai Suzerain as long as I break through the Black Realm? That’s great! I’ll be able to meet Seventh Prince then.”

“That’s for certain.”

Lin Chenyu smiled and said, “The Seventh Prince is now an internal students of the suzerain and has a high status. If he favors you, you’ll receive many benefits in the future.”

Hearing his words, Lin Ningshan instantly transformed the humiliation to some expectation in her heart. The Seventh Prince was a great talent in front of whom, Zhang Ruochen was just an extra.

At the martial art field of the Royal Family, Zhang Ruochen said, “Ninth sister, you’ve humiliated her and made her kneel down in front of the crowd. She definitely will take revenge on you in some extreme ways one day.”

Ninth Commandery Princess took back her Blue Water Sword and said, “I didn’t mean to humiliate her and I just wanted your 1,000,000 silver coins back. Besides, should I be afraid of her? Even lent her a daring, she did not dare to hurt anyone of our royal family.”

“I hope that’s the case.” Zhang Ruochen took out a black copper box and handed it to Ninth Commandery Princess. “A Dark Blood Pill and it’ll increase your success rate by 30% when you challenge the Black Realm.”

Zhang Ruochen should have eaten the pill that he bought for his Black Realm challenge. But when he practiced Ultimate Realm in Mount King, he brought in Chord of Gods. With the help of the Gods’ power, he directly broke through Black Realm without Dark Blood Pill.

He now passed it into Ninth Commandery Princess.

She accepted it happily without hesitation.

The other princes and the princesses were very envious. It was known that the pill was a Third-class pill, valued at 120,000 silver coins. Those who ate it could save a year’s worth of practice.

Ordinary princes and princesses could not afford it.

After leaving the martial arts field of the Royal Family, Le bade Zhang Ruochen farewell and left for the black market.


Zhang Ruochen called Le and said meaningfully, “A month later, I will leave for the School of the Martial Market. But, there’s something I’m worried about.”

“Ninth Commandery Princess?” Le stared at Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen nodded. “Having suffered such a huge insult, Lin Ningshan will certainly take revenge on my ninth sister. She may even kill her.”

Le said, “As long as I’m in Yunwu City, I’ll protect her from the Lin family.”

“I hear you!” Zhang Ruochen laughed.

Without any more words, Le walked out the palace, leaving Zhang Ruochen the view of his lonely, but proud back.

Zhang Ruochen felt it was the best deal he had ever made to buy Le from Lin Ningshan with 1,000,000 coins.

However, one million was a lot of money.

He currently had 890,000 silver coins left and still needed 110,000. How could he get the money?

“It seems that I can only depend on Spatial Ring. As long as I refine a Spatial Ring, I must earn 110, 000 silver coins easily.”

“My Genuine Qi has become richer since I reached the Black Realm. I also have the faint power of Gods in my body. This all makes it possible for me to carve Inscription of Strain-type and Inscription of Condensing.”

Except for the two inscriptions, Zhang Ruochen had also carved the other six basic Inscriptions of Space.

One must know, Zhang Ruochen’s Spiritual Power was powerful. He had already reached level 32.

The reason why he couldn’t carve them previously was not that his Spiritual Power was not strong enough, but his Genuine Qi was not thick enough.

Now that his cultivation had reached the Black Realm and his Genuine Qi increased, he was sure he could carve them.

Thinking about this, Zhang Ruochen could not wait to carve, so he returned to Jade Palace as quickly as possible.

When he arrived at Jade Palace, General Gan Li bowed to him, with a hatchet in hand. “Your Highness.”

“What are you doing here?” asked Zhang Ruochen.

General Gan Li laughed and handed a bag to Zhang Ruochen. “There are silver coins and Spiritual Crystals from Imperial Finance Department. These were exchanged for the savage beasts you hunted in King Mount.”


When Zhang Ruochen happily accepted the bag, he felt it was a little too heavy.

When he opened the bag, he laughed.

There were 143 Spiritual Crystal and 670 silver coins, amounting to 143,670 silver coins.

Earlier, Zhang Ruochen had killed three level-two savage beasts, 30 superior-class level-one savage beasts, more than 30 medium-class level-one savage beasts, and some inferior-class level-one ones.

A second-level savage beast was valued at more than 20,000 silver coins. For example, Silver Dragon-Lion could be sold for 30,000 or 40,000 silver coins since its whole body was full of treasure.

A superior-class level-one savage beast was valued at 5,000 to 10,000 silver coins.

A medium-class level-one savage beast was valued at 1,000 silver coins.

“After half a month in Mount King, I made 143,670 silver coins. The price was low because they were exchanged in Imperial Finance Department. If I sell them in the Martial Market, they’ll pay 200,000 silver coins.”

It seemed pretty lucrative to hunt savage beasts, but the work was not easy.

The reason why Zhang Ruochen could hunt so many savage beasts was that King Mount was the hunting ground of royal family. The beasts there were not fierce. There were also no superior class beasts of the second and third levels.

If it was in the Omen Ridge or Tongming River, hunting would be dangerous for warriors of Completion in Black Realm, let alone warriors of Initial Stage in Black Realm.

Warriors in Earth Realm or Heaven Realm might even die if they ventured too far into Omen Ridge and Dead Reach of Tongming River.

Thus it was enough for Zhang Ruochen to earn 143,670 silver coins. At least, he now had enough money to pay Lin Ningshan.

Zhang Ruochen immediately entered the internal space of the Time and Space Spinel after returning to his room.

He took out an inscription pen and placed a piece of Spiritual Paper on the ground.

“I must carve successfully!”

He injected Genuine Qi into the pen and sketched Inscription of Strain-type on the paper.

After reaching the Black Realm, Zhang Ruochen felt his carving became more fluid. It took him only 10 breaths to complete his carving.

“Haha! I did it!”

He started to draw Inscription of Condensing.

He carved quicker this time, using just eight breaths.

Zhang Ruochen continued. When he practiced for the 10th time, he could carve both inscriptions in three breaths.

“This is awesome! I can now carve all eight basic Inscriptions of Space. After I brought in the first Chord of Gods, my Spiritual Power increased so much. I wonder which level I am at right now.”

Zhang Ruochen was very happy and started to refine the Spatial Ring.

Last time, he refined a Spatial Ring successfully. But back then, he could not draw Inscription of Strain-type, limiting his ability to expand the internal space in Spatial Ring.

That ring was just a basic Spatial Ring with limited internal space of around one cubic meter. It can only store a couple of things.

Now he had learned how to draw Inscription of Strain-type and the Inscription of Condensing. Could he refine a Spatial Ring with a larger internal space?

Excitedly, he took out a white ring carved in a phoenix pattern.

The first step was to carve Inscription of Space on it.

Zhang Ruochen spent 15 minutes successfully carving six Inscriptions of Space on the ring.

There was an internal space of one cubic meter inside the ring.

The next step, also the most important step, was to carve Inscription of Strain-type to expand that space.

Zhang Ruochen held the pen, carving carefully. He drew as fluidly as floating clouds and flowing water.


Once he carved successfully, the internal space instantly expanded.

One cubic, two cubics, three cubics…

The internal space quickly expanded to eight cubic meters and it was still increasing.

Zhang Ruochen injected all his Genuine Qi into the ring. He made full use of his cultivation to maximize the internal space of the ring.

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