God Emperor

Chapter 65

Chapter 65: The Battle between Women

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Le said, “The technique I’m practicing is called the Self-destructive Swordsmanship and the ‘Nonuple Samsara Magic Formula’. I guess I’m doomed to take a slaughter path in my life. Since I’ve cultivated to the Black Realm, I want to test myself at the black market.”

Zhang Ruochen said, “The black market is surely a path with no comeback for ordinary warriors. Perhaps it’s a good try for you!”

The power of the black market was certainly massive, it had spread all over the commandery. It had enough power to confront the Martial Market Bank, the Federation of Inscription, and the Moon Worship Demonic Sect. Moreover, It was where the depraved and the fugitives assembled.

Yun rushed to the Ninth Prince. She bowed and said, “My Ninth Prince, Lin Chenyu and Lin Ningshan have a message for you from their maidservant. They said the one month time is up. They want to invite you to the Martial arts field of the Royal Family and observe the fight.”

“Oh! It’s already been one month! Okay, I’ll head to the Martial arts field now.” Zhang Ruochen put up a smile on his face. He glanced at Le and found him exceptionally calm.

Zhang Ruochen nodded and asked, “Le, do you want to watch the fight together?”

Le said, “Good idea, let’s go!”

When Zhang Ruochen, Le, and Yun arrived at the Martial arts field, all the princes and princesses had already gathered around in the field.

Other than Lin Chenyu and Lin Ningshan from Lin’s family, they also brought four guards to the field.

Seeing Le walking into the field with Zhang Ruochen, every single warrior of the Lin’s was shocked, including Lin Ningshan.

“Isn’t he the slave of Ningshan? He is in real luck that he didn’t die!” One of the four guards sneered.

“So what? Although he didn’t die, all his Meridians have been destroyed. He’s disabled now!” The other guard said with disdain.

The four guards who stood behind Lin Ningshan were exactly the four who broke Le’s arms and legs outside the Coliseum of the Martial Market.

They all thought that they had beaten him to death. No wonder why they were relatively shocked when they saw Le who was following behind Zhang Ruochen.

One of the guards with a hawk nose held a hundred kilogram iron rod, stepped up behind Lin Ningshan and said, “Le, you’re the slave of Ningshan. How dare you not kneel down when you see our mistress?”

Le stared at the guard cold-bloodedly.

The guard who just spoke out was only at the Advanced Stage of the Yellow Realm. Looking into Le’s eyes, he felt a chill.

“All his Meridians have been destroyed! I shouldn’t be scared! Calm down!”

The guard tried to comfort himself and continued, “A slave who wants to raise a ruckus? Such a degrading slave! I, Lin Zhuosi, have to teach you a lesson today!”

The guard held the iron rod with both hands and swung toward Le’s waist.


A sword flashed.

The head of the guard had been torn apart from the body and blood sprouted three meters high from the neck.

The body without a head fell to the ground heavily.

The other three guards were all frozen behind Lin Ningshan. They couldn’t believe that Le would dare to kill Lin Zhuosi.

Moreover, the way he swung the sword was too fast that no one recognized how he killed the guard.

Even Lin Ningshan with a higher cultivation couldn’t identify Le’s sword technique clearly. Not to mention these three guards behind her.

The only person who had distinguished Le’s sword technique was Lin Chenyu. He chuckled and said, “Le, you’re definitely the deadly swordsman of the Lin’s. Your cultivation is much stronger than before with a faster sword technique. I guess you’ve reached the Black Realm?”

Le answered, “Master Lin, I once was the slave of the Lin’s. However, the Le in front of you is just Le. He has nothing to do with the Lin’s anymore!”

“Haha! Le, you’re too naive. Once you are a slave, forever a slave!” “If you dare to betray your master, you’ve violated the regulations of the commandery and will be subjected to death,” Lin Ningshan said. “Since you’ve broken through the Black Realm, why don’t you come back to the Lin’s? You’re will enjoy lots of benefits in the future if you’re loyal to us.”

Le looked sharp and said, “Miss Lin, the reason why I agreed to be your slave was you saved my life. Yet, your saving grace has been written off since the moment you decided to kill me outside the Coliseum of the Martial Market. The Le you’re looking at is not going to be anyone’s slave now. I’ll make sure you don’t get to live if you force me to be your slave!”

Lin Ningshan was extremely irritated and said, “How dare you! Guards…”

“My cousin, I’ll buy this slave!” Zhang Ruochen walked toward Lin Ningshan and pointed at Le.

Although Lin Ningshan was arrogant, she was correct that it was considered as a serious crime for a slave to betray their master in the Yunwu Commandery. They would no doubt be subjected to death.

Lin Ningshan looked at Zhang Ruochen and said while smiling, “Oh, my cousin. Can I say that you’re begging me?”

Zhang Ruochen answered, “If you have to comprehend it that way, you can.”

“Great! Since you beg me, how can I not save you some face as your cousin? Give me one million silver coins and I’ll sell you this slave.” Lin Ningshan lifted up her head and giggled.

A slave at the Initial Stage of the Black Realm was valued at a maximum of 10,000 silver coins. No one would spend one million silver coins to buy a slave at such level, including Lin Ningshan.

The Ninth Commandery Princess added, “Lin Ningshan, you’re robbing my ninth brother! One million silver coins are more than enough to buy 100 slaves at the Initial Stage of the Black Realm!”

Lin Ningshan laughed and said, “Don’t pretend to be good if you don’t have enough coins to buy. Being a good person has a price!”

Zhang Ruochen interrupted Lin Ningshan and exclaimed, “Deal! One million silver coins are indeed worth it for Le. I’ll send the one million silver coins to the Lin Mansion within a month.”

Everyone in the field was amazed by what Zhang Ruochen had said, including Lin Ningshan.

No one believed that he would spent one million silver coins just to buy a degraded slave.

Only a fool like Zhang Ruochen would do such losing business.

“My ninth brother…”

The Ninth Commandery Princess was about to say something but was stopped by Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen looked at Lin Ningshan. He outstretched one arm and asked, “My cousin, I guess you can hand me the slave contract now?”

“Wealth speaks louder than words! My cousin, you have my respect. One million silver coins come in at the right time, it’s going to be my dowry when I marry the Seventh Prince. Thank you, my dear cousin!” A joyful smile was displayed on Lin Ningshan’s face. She took out the beast-skin contract and handed over it to Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen responded with a faint smile. He took the beast-skin contract and made sure it was Le’s name on it. Then, he activated the Genuine Qi in his body and transferred it to his five fingers.


The beast-skin contract had been shattered by his Genuine Qi and turned into nail-sized pieces of skin.

People were shocked again.

Having spent one million silver coins to buy a degraded slave and then he destroyed the contract right away. Was the Ninth Prince insane?

Le looked at Zhang Ruochen deeply and exclaimed, “I’ll repay you 100 times in the future!”


A guard who stood behind Lin Ningshan laughed, “100 times? Boasting fool! That’s altogether one billion silver coins. Even warriors of the Heaven Realm are not able to accumulate such wealth in their entire life.”

Lin Ningshan naturally didn’t believe Le and thought he was being foolish.

The Ninth Commandery Princess shook her head and felt sorry for Zhang Ruochen. Le wasn’t worth what Zhang Ruochen had done. Besides, even the large-scale families were unable to take out one million silver coins at once.

She sighed in her heart and since her ninth brother had made the decision, she could do nothing but let Lin Ningshan take advantage of Zhang Ruochen.

The Ninth Commandery Princess held her sword elegantly in the middle of the Martial arts field and pointed at Lin Ningshan. She said, “Lin Ningshan, stop being proud of yourself! One month time is up. I hereby challenge you to fight!”

Lin Ningshan who had just received a million silver coins was so pleased that no words could explain her feelings. Moreover, she had greatly improved her cultivation level, thus she didn’t bother too much about the Ninth Commandery Princess.

“The Ninth Commandery Princess is indeed very positive! I wonder whether or not you’ll still be arrogant like this if I defeat you for the third time?” Lin Ningshan sneered.

The Ninth Commandery Princess was full of confidence and said, “If I defeat you, I’m not going to go easy on you!”

Lin Ningshan who was wearing a white long dress walked towards the Martial arts field looked as pure as lilies. She stood beautifully in front of the Ninth Commandery Princess.

Her sight shifted to Zhang Ruochen and said, “My cousin, I want to change the rules. If I defeat the Ninth Commandery Princess, you don’t need to apologize but instead, do me a favor.”

Zhang Ruochen asked, “What’s it about?”

Lin Ningshan looked up slightly and smiled, “I haven’t thought about it yet. I’ll tell you when I have an idea. You don’t need to worry, my cousin. We are a family and I’m not going to hurt you!”

Zhang Ruochen looked at the Ninth Commandery Princess. He nodded and said, “Okay, I promise you! I’m sure my Ninth Sister will defeat you, I have confidence in her!”

Having listened to what Zhang Ruochen said, the Ninth Commandery Princess felt more pressure. She thought to herself, “I need to win this fight and stop Lin Ningshan from being so arrogant. With my cultivation and the use of the ‘Tianhe Scripture’, I should be able to win.”

The Ninth Commandery Princess surely understood how important this fight was. She had taken out all the savings she had in order to buy all sorts of resources she needed for cultivation in this month. Therefore, her cultivation had improved greatly.

“My ninth brother, I won’t let you down!” The Ninth Commandery Princess looked toward Zhang Ruochen with a glimmer of a smile in her eyes and the glance had displayed a sense of mystery.

“This look… has she successfully cultivated the first level of the ‘Tianhe Scripture’?”Zhang Ruochen was shocked slightly by the fact that Yuxi had fully prepared for the fight.

“Stop chattering, my Ninth Commandery Princess. You are doomed to lose the fight again!”

Lin Ningshan huffed coldly. She took out the Splendor Sword and released it toward the Ninth Commandery Princess.

There was half a meter long sword light pulled through as well as an irritating sword echo while she was releasing the sword.

“The Completion of the Yellow Realm!” Zhang Ruochen frowned slightly. He could tell Lin Ningshan’s martial arts realm when she released her sword.

Lin Ningshan’s cultivation had been greatly enhanced in just a month! If she didn’t take any pills, she wouldn’t be able to break through from the Final State to the Completion of the Yellow Realm in such a short period of time.

The Third Prince shook his head and said, “Lin Ningshan has cultivated to the Completion of the Yellow Realm. Our ninth sister is definitely going to lose!”

“If our ninth sister loses, our ninth brother will have to do Lin Ningshan a favor. What if Lin Ningshan wants him to kneel down? It will no doubt that can stain the reputation of the Royal Family!” The Fifth Prince said with cruelty in his eyes.

The Third Prince said, “Our ninth brother is still too young and impetuous. If let him suffer some setbacks. It’ll do him good for his future as a warrior.”

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