God Emperor

Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Power of Rainbow-like Animal Spirits

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In the Royal Palace under the Jun Mountain, there was a Royal Family’s Martial arts field.

“Swish! Swish!” Before dawn, the princes and princesses were already had been practicing their martial techniques there.

Yunwu Commandery Prince had nine sons and 13 daughters in total. Once they obtained the Sacred Mark, it was compulsory for them to practice at the Martial arts field every day.

Zhang Ruochen had never been there before. He was dragged by the Ninth Commandery Princess to practice with her today.

The Martial arts field of the Royal Family was indeed seven to eight times bigger than the Lin’s and was completely paved with one-meter-thick white slates.

Inside the field, princes and princesses could practice with each other and the royal guards who had similar cultivation.

In addition, a general at the Earth Realm would perambulate the martial arts field every day and instruct the princes and princesses.

“Young Commandery Princess, when you practice the Wind Chasing Sword Technique, the most important part is to have a solid step as well as a smooth sword technique. Raise your left hand a little higher. Look at me, the sword is as fast as lightning.”

While the general was instructing the Young Commandery Princess on sword techniques of the inferior class at the Human Stage, he also demonstrated for her as an example.

The adorable, six-year-old Young Commandery Princess was holding a small sword in her hand. It seemed that she had made some decent progress on learning the Wind Chasing Sword Technique.

Having seen the Ninth Commandery Princess and Zhang Ruochen, the Young Commandery Princess’s eyes suddenly brightened. She ran to Zhang Ruochen with her sword in hand and asked, “Are you my ninth brother?”

Zhang Ruochen looked at the Ninth Commandery Princess, nodded and said, “Do you know me?”

“Of course! You got first place in both the Year-end Assessment and the Yellow Board. You’re the genius of martial arts. According to my master, you have already reached the advanced stage of Sword Following the Mind. Even he, himself is incomparable with you. He wants me to set you as my role model to work hard. My dear ninth brother, can you teach me how to practice the sword technique and reach the Realm of Sword Following the Mind?”

Although the Young Commandery Princess was little, she spoke clearly. She didn’t sound like a child at all.

Zhang Ruochen smiled and thought she was adorable. He asked, “Who is your master?”

She pointed to the general who clad in an armor not far away as she said, “My master is General Huo Si, one of the ten royal guards!”

Zhang Ruochen observed General Huo Si, who was already walking towards them. He bowed to Zhang Ruochen and said, “Your servant Huo Si greets the Ninth Prince.”

Huo Si was classified as a warrior at the Earth Realm, superior among the royal guards. His salute to Zhang Ruochen clearly showed that he respected Zhang Ruochen a great deal and dared not to neglect him.

No other prince or princess could enjoy such treatment from such a general.

No wonder he was such a strong warrior at the Earth Realm. Zhang Rouchen could feel that his aura was like great mountains and seas. It was rather unfathomable. Zhang Rouchen nodded.

Zhang Ruochen could figured out Huo Si’s cultivation level with one glance.

Zhang Ruochen’s arrival caused the entire Martial arts field to turn lively. All the princes and princesses stopped practicing and gathered around him.

The Fifth Prince said cynically, “It is said that your cultivation has reached the Completion of Yellow Realm and you have obtained a ten-win streak over the warriors of the Yellow Board. I’m interested to know how powerful you actually are. I wonder if my ninth brother can impress us?”

The Sixth Princes sneered and said, “It’s said that you’ve defeated Shui Wenxin who ranks the third of the Yellow Board. Everyone is saying that my ninth brother has an unfathomable power that can hold against 10 thousand men. I wonder are you more powerful than warriors at the Black Realm?”

The Young Commandery Princess and all the other princesses showed eagerness in their eyes. They’d heard too much about the Ninth Prince recently and wanted to know if he was as strong as was said in the rumors.

“Ruochen, let me see your techniques. Show our brothers and sisters your capabilities.” The Third Prince stepped out from the crowd and smiled.

The 28-year-old Third Prince was wearing a gold-gilt silver robe. He smirked and looked at Zhang Ruochen with his arms crossed.

Among the nine sons and 13 daughters of the Yunwu Commandery Prince, the Seventh Prince had the highest talent. The second highest was the Second Prince, then the Fourth Prince, the Fifth, and the Ninth Commandery Princess.

The Seventh Prince who was not even 20 yet had already enrolled as an internal student of the Yuntai Suzerain.

Both the Second Prince and the Fifth Commandery Princess were also students of the Yuntai Suzerain. The Second Prince was an internal student while the Fifth Commandery Princess was an external student of the suzerain.

The Fourth Prince had also become an external student of the School of Martial Market last year.

The Third Prince stood opposite Zhang Ruochen. He had attended the examination of the Yuntai Suzerain three times and unfortunately failed all three trials.

He was not convinced that everyone said the Ninth Prince was a Genius of Martial Arts who could pass the exam of Yuntai Suzerain. Thus he wanted to prove his power by defeating Zhang Ruochen.

The Ninth Commandery Princess said irritably, “Third brother, you’ve cultivated to the mid-stage of the Black Realm while my ninth brother is still at the Completion of the Yellow Realm. It doesn’t mean anything if you defeat him.”

The Third Prince frowned and said, “My ninth sister, what do you mean? I’m just afraid our ninth brother will become arrogant after he gets first place on the Yellow Board. I want to practice my martial techniques with him. Besides, it’s not humiliating if he loses to me. After all, losing to his brother is also a kind of training.”

“Clap! Clap!”

Suddenly, applause could be heard coming from outside of the Martial arts field.

“Well said, Third Prince!”

Lin Chenyu and Lin Ningshan entered the Martial arts field.

“Lin Chenyu and Lin Ningshan greet all the princes and princesses.” Although he bowed towards the princes and princesses in the field, there wasn’t any sense of courtesy in his eyes, instead, they sneered.

The Ninth Commandery Princess frowned and said, “Lin Chenyu and Lin Ningshan, this is the Martial arts field of the Royal Family. You are not allowed to be here!”

Lin Chenyu took out a waist token and said, “According to the Queen, Ningshan and myself are granted to practice martial techniques with all the princes and princesses here.”

Lin Chenyu then put away the waist token and chuckled. He said, “Regarding what the Third Prince has just said, it does make sense! My cousin, are you afraid of losing? Is this why you dare not fight? Or do you look down on the Third Prince and think he’s not a worthy opponent?”

Having heard what Lin Chenyu’s said, the Third Prince looked cold-blooded, “My ninth brother, are you going to fight with me? Or like Lin Chenyu said, you look down on me and don’t want to fight?”

Zhang Ruochen looked around and said, “Well, you’ve already put things up. I’ll fight with you.”

The Ninth Commandery Princess shook her head and said, “My ninth brother, don’t be stupid! Our third brother wants to defeat you to enjoy a sense of accomplishments just because he couldn’t enroll in the Yuntai Suzerain.”

Zhang Ruochen chuckled and said, “Ninth sister, don’t worry about me. I have a plan.”

Zhang Ruochen’s cultivation had improved considerably after a day’s practice. His strongest force could reach the strength of 92 bulls.

There was a chance that Zhang Ruochen would defeat the Third Prince who had reached the Mid Stage of the Black Realm.

Seeing Zhang Ruochen had agreed, Lin Chenyu showed a cunning smile. He thought that Zhang Ruochen was hard-edged and it would be very funny to lose his faith by the hand of the Third Prince.

A smile emerged on the Third Prince’s face. He said, “Ninth brother, be careful. Don’t lose by my first technique. Otherwise, you’ll lose the reputation of the Yellow Board!”

“Brute Bull Fist.”

What the Third Prince had displayed was Brute Bull Fist, a mid-class martial technique of the Human Stage in the military.

There were altogether 10 levels of the Brute Bull Fist.

After having practiced the first level successfully, a warrior would obtain the strength of one Brute Bull.

The second level, the strength of four Brute bulls.

The third level, the strength of nine Brute bulls.

Similarly, at the 10th level, warriors would be able to unleash the strength of 100 Brute bulls.

In the military, a lot of soldiers had practiced the Brute Cattle Fist, but no one could make it to the 10th level prior to reaching the Black Realm.

At the moment, the Third Prince had only reached the ninth level and burst out the strength of 81 bulls.

Although Zhang Ruochen had reached the Completion of Yellow Realm, his power had surpassed a number of warriors in the same realm. Even if he didn’t demonstrate the Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm, he could bring out the strength of 81 bulls.

Zhang Ruochen’s palm collided with the Third Prince’s Brute Cattle Fist.


This was a neck-to-neck matchup.

Zhang Ruochen fixed his sleeves and said, “This is the strength of a warrior at the Mid Stage Black Realm?”

“This is just the beginning.”

The Sacred Mark on the Third Prince’s glabella suddenly brightened. He activated his Genuine Qi and injected it into his blood. A reddish Spiritual Blood came out and surrounded his body like a rainbow.

Power of Rainbow-like Animal Spirits.

Only warriors at the Mid Stage of the Black Realm would be able to do that. The deeper the color of the rainbow ring, the stronger the warrior was.

However, the Third Prince’s rainbow ring was rather light which meant that he had just reached the Mid Stage of the Black Realm.

The signal of the Initial Stage of the Black Realm was Boiling Animal Spirits.

The signal of the Mid Stage of the Black Realm was Power of Rainbow-like Animal Spirits.

Last but not least, the signal of the Advanced Stage of the Black Realm was Soaring Animal Spirits.

The power of the Third Prince had doubled since he’d activated the Spiritual Blood. Every fist he dashed out was equal to the strength of 100 bulls, the 10th level of the Brute Bull Fist.


The Third Prince had shaken Zhang Ruochen fiercely with one mere fist.

“And this is the strength of the genius of the Yellow Board?”

The Third Prince laughed wildly. He kicked up his heel like a brute cattle and dashed out another 18 fists towards Zhang Ruochen.

Every fist made Zhang Ruochen retreat a step back.

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