God Emperor

Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Royal Martial Arts Assessment

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After 10 winning streaks at the Yellow-Level Colosseum, Zhang Ruochen finally gathered one million silver coins. He sent these coins to Qingxuan Pavilion.

Qingxuan Pavilion then sent someone to take the Weapon Refining Stove, a Level Seven Genuine Martial Arm, to the Imperial Palace.

An old eunuch welcomed Zhang Ruochen and Yuxi the moment they arrived at the Imperial Palace, he groveled and said in his sharp voice, “It’s my honor to meet you, Your Highnesses. His Majesty and Concubine Lin are waiting for you at Sunglow Palace. You may want to go now!”

Without a doubt, their father and Concubine Lin were waiting for him after hearing about him becoming a Warrior of the Yellow Board.

Zhang Ruochen ordered the royal guards to send his Weapon Refining Stove back to his place. Afterwards, he immediately rushed to Sunglow Palace with Yuxi.

When they entered Sunglow Palace, they heard Yunwu Commandery Prince laughing. “My son, it has only been a month since the year-end assessment, but you’ve broken through two levels since then. Now you’re a Final State warrior and a Warrior of the Yellow Board. I’m glad to see that.”

Yuxi said, “Father, Ruochen’s power is unfathomable. We can’t define his real cultivation with normal martial arts terms.”

“Oh! Really? I am actually quite interested in his true cultivation. Hai Shu, go and compete with the Ninth Prince. I hope you can tell me the extent of his power,” said the Yunwu Commandery Prince.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

On the left side of the palace, a person in an iron armor knelt down in front of Yunwu Commandery Prince. Then he walked towards Zhang Ruochen and said, “Your Highness, please!”

Zhang Ruochen knew that his father would like to know his real cultivation.

After all, it had been a month only since the year-end assessment. Even the Yunwu Commandery Prince could not believe that Ruochen could reach the level of Warrior of the Yellow Board in such short time.

Concubine Lin sat next to the Yunwu Commandery Prince and said, “Ruochen, Lord Hai Shu is also a Warrior of the Yellow Board. He is ranked 23rd on the Yellow Board. You two can spar and learn from each other. At the same time, His Majesty will be able to learn about your ability.”

Concubine Lin was rather proud. Truthfully, when she heard the news of Ruochen becoming a Warrior of the Yellow Board, she could not believe it.

With no doubt, she also hoped that Zhang Ruochen could become more outstanding and be recognized by his father. It was a common mindset of every parent who wanted their children to excel.

“Then, Lord Hai Shu, let’s start!”

Ruochen did not underestimate Hai Shu at all because all Warriors of the Yellow Board were top warriors.


Driven by Ruochen’s Genuine Qi, his Flash Shinning Sword was drawn out of its sheath with one Inscription of Power Series, two Inscriptions of Ice Series, and one Inscription of Light Series activated simultaneously.

Zhang Ruochen’s running Genuine Qi surprised the Yunwu Commandery Prince.

That was because he saw more than 20 meridians inside Ruochen’s body. Among these meridians, some of them looked different from others. Even with his great cultivation, he had no idea about these weird meridians.

There were at least 23 Meridians, maybe even more.

“What exercises has he done? How can he open up so many meridians?” Yunwu Commandery Prince wondered doubtful.


The battle finally began.

Zhang Ruochen used his sword, and Hai Shu took his blade.

Hai Shu was also a Completion warrior at his Yellow Realm. His power was weaker than that of Liu Chengfeng. He was even weaker than Han Fu.

When it came to the 15th attack, Zhang Ruochen used his Sacred Breaking Plum Sword which forced Hai Shu to drop his blade. He won the game.

The space between Hai Shu’s thumb and first finger bled and his whole arm grew numb. He said, “Your Highness, you defeated me. As the 11th warrior on the Yellow Board, you have my admiration.”

After saying this, Hai Shu picked up his sword from the ground and returned to his original spot.

“The Ninth Prince defeated a Warrior of the Yellow Board with only 15 attacks. It’s truly eye-opening. Congratulations, Your Majesty! Congratulations, Concubine Lin!” The old eunuch next to the Yunwu Commandery Prince flattered.

The Yunwu Commandery Prince laughed loudly. “Hai Shu, it’s a fair match. Your Blade Comprehensive State is just at the Initial Following the Mind Level, but my son’s sword technique has reached the Advanced Following the Mind Level. With such stark difference, how could you win?”

The Comprehensive State was also called the Heart State. It was about how a warrior interpreted martial arts.

The Comprehensive State could be divided into three levels: Following the Mind, Integrating, and Combination.

For instance, a sword warrior at the Following the Mind level could be called Sword Following the Mind.

If he had reached the Integrating level, he could be called “Heart Integrated into Sword”.

If he had reached the Combination level, he would be called “Human Sword”.

The rule of these three realms was also applied to Broadsword Technique, Spear Technique, Palm Technique, and Stick Technique.

Generally speaking, Yellow Realm warriors who could reached the Initial Following the Mind Level were considered geniuses.

Typically, only Black Realm warriors could reach the Intermediate Stage.

Earth Realm warriors could make it.

Zhang Ruochen was just 16. Yet he was already at the Yellow Realm and had reached the Advanced Stage. This was incredible. He could easily defeat other warriors in his realm.

“When I was at that age, I just reached the Initial Stage. But he is already an Advanced Stage warrior now. What a psycho.” Yuxi whispered under her breath.

The Yunwu Commandery Prince said, “Everyone, please leave. I would like to talk to the Ninth Prince alone.”

Within a moment, all people including Yuxi and Concubine Lin had left.

Right now, there were only Zhang Ruochen and his father in Sunglow Palace.

The Yunwu Commandery Prince left his throne and walked to the middle of the hall. He stood in front of Zhang Ruochen and asked seriously, “Tell me, how many meridians have you opened up?”

Zhang Ruochen had no plans to hide the truth. He replied, “27!”

In fact, there was nothing to hide. Once he ran his Genuine Qi, his meridians could be seen from his skin. That could not be hidden from his father’s eyes.

“That’s a lot!”

The Commandery Prince took a deep breath. 27 Meridians were beyond his imagination.

The Commandery Prince had a serious gaze and said, “During the last year-end assessment, I believed that you had a wonderful experience and gained some powerful techniques. If you don’t want to explain, I won’t force you. But you should learn to hide your ability.”

“After the year-end assessment, I awarded you an Ice-Fire Kylin Armour. Why didn’t you wear it? Don’t you know that this armor can help cover some of your meridians so others wouldn’t know?”


Zhang Ruochen was a bit shocked. He did not know the intention behind the Commandery Prince’s award.

“In the future, I will wear this Ice-Fire Kylin Armour when I battle with others,” replied Zhang Ruochen.

The Commandery Prince nodded and said, “The only person in the Yellow-Level Colosseum who can see your meridian number is Liu Chuanshen. I will talk to him and ask him to keep it a secret.”

Ruochen opened up too many meridians. In order to open them, he must have practiced some incredible techniques.

These incredible techniques were desired by every single warrior!

If Ruochen was noticed by strong warriors, he would be in danger.

The Commandery Prince took out a purple gold box out of his sleeve. He gave it to Ruochen and said, “This is a Level Four Refining Pill, Kylin Pill. It was made of Kylin’s blood and flesh. It should help you a lot.”

Each Level Four Pill was worth more than hundreds of thousands of silver coins. Even a Heaven Realm warrior would find it difficult to get one.

Obviously, the Commandery Prince saw Zhang Ruochen’s potential, so he awarded this pill to Ruochen to help him lay a more solid foundation of martial arts.

The Commandery Prince said, “With your current cultivation if you take it directly, you won’t be able to refine and absorb it. Your body will just explode instead. You should take it after entering the Savage God’s Pool. With the help of the Power of Blood in the pool, you will be able to refine this pill.”

“You have just reached the Final State, right?”

Zhang Ruochen nodded.

The Commandery Prince said, “Firstly, practice your Genuine Qi in the Qi Pool fully to become a top Final State warrior, then go to the Savage God’s Pool to practice further! You will benefit from this more.”

“I will!” Ruochen nodded.

“Off you go!” The Commandery Prince stared at Ruochen, then he waved his hand slightly.

Ruochen bowed to the Commandery Prince before walking towards the palace door.

He then heard the voice of the Commandery Prince, “Ruochen, you were born in a royal family. It’s like a jungle here. Even if I’m the king of this jungle, I won’t be able to protect you forever. If you’re not good enough, you’ll be eliminated. However, if you’re great, you’ll excel at this cruel game. This is the survival of the fittest. Different people have different fates.”

Ruochen slowed his steps. He did not turn around but said, “I understand!”

After that, he walked out of the palace.

Why wouldn’t he understand it?

A king normally had too many children. It was impossible for him to care about all his heirs.

Only the outstanding ones would be given attention, while the average ones would never appear in the king’s eyes.

If Ruochen was like he had been before without demonstrating any talent in martial arts, he would just disappear in the Commandery Prince’s eyes. However, it was a different story now. As long as Ruochen was excellent, he would get more and more resources in the future. His status would be higher as well.

Another palace in the manor of the Yunwu City.


The Queen threw a cup on the ground. The cup was smashed into pieces. She said in a cold voice, “Ruochen. He’s a Warrior of the Yellow Board now! He did it in such short time. If we give him time to develop further, what will happen?”

“My Queen, what do you think?” A beautiful servant next to the queen asked. She had a red mark on her glabella and a sharp gaze.

The Queen exhaled deeply and asked, “Qingluo has reached the Black Realm, hasn’t she?”

“Yes, two days ago,” the servant replied.

The Queen ordered, “Let her know that she needs to kill Zhang Ruochen at any expense. I need to see his head in a month.”

“What if the Ninth Prince doesn’t leave the Imperial Palace in a month?” the servant asked.

The Queen answered with an even more ruthless gaze. “I told you. His head at any expense.”

“This servant understands!”

That servant left immediately. She needed to pass the Queen’s order to Han Qingluo.

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