God Emperor

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: The Yellow Fighting Palace

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Liu Chuanshen snorted, walking out with his hands behind his back and said with a low voice, “Unfilial son, you have disgraced the Martial Market Bank badly. Now, apologize to Ms. Shan!”

Liu Chengfeng heard Liu Chuanshen’s words and turned around immediately. His face changed, completely lacking the haughtiness and arrogance of before.

“Fa… Father… I was just j-joking with Xiangling. I will apologize to her at once…” Liu Chengfeng was so afraid of his father that he stuttered.

Seeing him act like this, Liu Chuanshen sighed within his mind. With his disappointment growing, he shook his head, and said, “Ninth Prince, I’m sorry that my unfilial son has made a fool of himself. Let’s go to the Martial Market Coliseum now!”

With Liu Chuanshen leading the way, Zhang Ruochen, the Ninth Commandery Princess, and Shan Xiangling arrived at the Martial Market Coliseum shortly.

The Martial Market Coliseum was a sea of people. There were powerful warriors everywhere.

There were also many warriors with little martial cultivation. They stood in the outer ring of the Coliseum to watch and learn from the more powerful ones.

Liu Chuanshen departed for the deepest palace in the Coliseum to handle some important business as soon as he entered to the Martial Market Coliseum.

Zhang Ruochen, the Ninth Commandery Princess, and Shan Xiangling entered the Yellow Fighting Palace.

The Yellow Fighting Palace was an ancient, six-story amphitheater. Each story had 360 bleachers, and every bleacher provided a clear view of the battle in the center of the Coliseum.

Whoever threw ten silver coins could enter the Yellow Fighting Palace.

“Ninth brother, do you really want to fight? Your current cultivation is not strong enough. There is a huge gap between you and a Warrior of Yellow Board.” The Ninth Commandery Princess said.

The Ninth Commandery Princess did not disparage Zhang Ruochen. She was just well aware of the ruthlessness of the Martial Market Coliseum. No weak dared to battle in the Coliseum.

Shan Xiangling added, “I heard that warriors must sign a Life and Death Agreement before they enter the Coliseum. Because all Coliseum warriors are crazy. They all want to become famous with one single battle, so they all fight so desperately. One tiny mistake, you may get hurt seriously or even die!”

“That’s right! Ninth brother, you’d better decide to fight when you’ve practiced to the Completion of the Yellow Realm! You could ask Father for money if you don’t have enough to buy a weapon refining stove. For your talent, our Father is willing to giving you one million silver coins.” The Ninth Commandery Princess suggested.

Zhang Ruochen answered, “We shall wait and see!”

At this moment, a warrior in his thirties entered the Coliseum. He carried a red, powerful-looking long spear in his hand and said, “I’m the first disciple of Tianhe Suzerain, Nie Heng. It is my first time at the Yellow Fighting Palace. Who shall be my first opponent?”

Shan Xiangling said, “I have heard of this Nie Heng before. He reached the Completion of the Yellow Realm when he was 22. He has been in the Completion of the Yellow Realm for 15 years, so he must be quite powerful. I think he may win seven or eight rounds in a row.”

There were countless Suzerains and Houses in the Kunlun’s Field. Some small suzerains only had dozens of disciples.

Some of the huge suzerains had thousands of millions of disciples and ruled the martial arts world of dozens of commanderies. They were extremely powerful.

Thus, the suzerains and the families were divided into three hierarchies and nine levels.

For example, the Red Cloud Sect which Shan Xiangling belonged to and the Tianhe Suzerain which Nie Heng belonged to were both the seventh level Suzerains.

Yunwu Commandery had one Sixth-class Suzerain, five Seventh-class Suzerains, seventeen Eighth-class Suzerains, and countless Ninth-class Suzerains.

Every single Suzerain was governed by official powers

If a Suzerain did not submit, it would be treated like a cult and hunted down.

Ninth Commandery Princess said, “Nie Heng’s cultivation is indeed strong, but there are more powerful warriors in the Warfare Palace. I predict he will win six rounds repeatedly at best.”

Shan Xiangling said, “In that case, let’s make a bet!”

“Let’s go!”

The Ninth Commandery Princess and Shan Xiangling rushed to the highest bleacher of the Yellow Fighting Palace together to place bets.

“I bet 1,000 silver coins on Nie Heng winning six rounds in a row.” The Ninth Commandery Princess took out a Spiritual Crystal and placed it in a cell marked “Six” on the betting table.

“I’ll bet 500 silver coins on Nie Heng winning eight rounds in a row.” Shan Xiangling dropped a coin purse in a cell marked “Eight” on the betting table.

“Then I will bet on the middle number!”

Zhang Ruochen also became interested and placed a Spiritual Crystal in the cell marked “Seven”.

Because so many people had bet, a grand fortune could be acquired by winning every bet.

Nie Heng was powerful enough that someone even had bet on him winning ten rounds in a row and becoming a Warrior of Yellow Board. Although it was a rare event, the one bold bet would win a massive sum if he succeeded.

The first warrior who challenged Nie Heng looked like he had a cultivation in the Final State of the Yellow Realm in his forties.


Nie Heng stood in the center of the Coliseum, sending the warrior falling down the Coliseum with only a single movement.

“Round one, won!”

“Round two, won!”

“Round five, won!”

“Round six, won!”

The entire Yellow Fighting Palace cheered for Nie Heng during his sixth consecutive win. The warriors watching from the bleacher shouted and yelled in a frenzied manner.

It was an extraordinary event in the Yellow Fighting Palace when a warrior acquired a six-win streak in one day.

Nie Heng’s possible opponents in the ongoing battle became more powerful.

Only warriors who held a record of a seven-round winning streak in the Yellow Fighting Palace had the qualifications to challenge him upon reaching round seven.

How could a weak warrior gain such a record in the Yellow Fighting Palace?

Nie Heng had finally met a strong opponent in round seven.

Huang Zhenlong, a warrior in the Completion of the Yellow Realm, had a record of three different seven-round winning streaks. Unfortunately, he was defeated in round eight each time. He was quite strong.

Nie Heng had fought Huang Zhenlong for an hour before employing “Snowflake Spear”, a martial technique in the mid-class of Human Stage. This technique had punctured Huang Zhenlong’s chest, seriously injuring him as he fell from the Coliseum.

But Nie Heng had also suffered some damage from Huang Zhenlong, gaining an internal.

There was a trace of blood falling from his mouth.

At that moment, a man in his twenties approached to the Coliseum while holding a white folding fan in his hand, saying mildly, “You’ve got a severe injury. There’s no chance that you can win eight rounds in a row. Just throw in the towel!”

The battle was so cruel that it would not allow competitors any time to rest or heal their wounds, it simply continued.

It was as difficult as to climb up to the sky if you wanted to get a ten-rounds winning streak.

Although Nie Heng was quite powerful, his Genuine Qi was half empty after seven rounds, not to mention his severe injury.

It was almost impossible for him to win round eight in such a condition.

Nie Heng gritted his teeth, staring back at the man with the folding fan, and said, “Who says I can’t fight round eight? Who are you?”

“Hehe! I am Xue Bingsheng, from the Minister’s Mansion! I have a record of two eight-round winning streaks in the Yellow Fighting Palace.” Xue Bingsheng smiled lightly, waving the folding fan in his hand.

“Let’s fight!”

Nie Heng galvanized the rest of his Genuine Qi and poured it into the long spear.

The spear coalesced an ardent light instantly, then he thrust it at Xue Bingsheng.


In just the blink of an eye, Xue Bingsheng disappeared.

Xue Bingsheng practiced a footwork technique in the Superior class of the Human Stage. In a flash, he reappeared in front of Nie Heng. With a wave of his folding fan, Nie Heng’s head flew away with a spray of blood.

Xue Bingsheng glared at the corpse and said, “I had told you to surrender, but you didn’t listen, Fool!”

A strong warrior in the Completion of the Yellow Realm just died inside the Coliseum like that!

Nie Heng’s junior brother and sister apprentices rushed to the Coliseum, crying all along the entire time they carried his body down.

There was nothing that could have been done. Nie Heng had signed the Life and Death Agreement when he first challenged the Coliseum.

There were several people who died in the Yellow Fighting Palace every day. No one would be shocked.

In fact, the main reason was Xue Bingsheng was too stronger than Nie Heng that Nie Heng did not have a chance to concede before Xue Bingsheng killed him.

“Alas! Knowing the huge gap between them, he was still too stubborn to concede. Life is far more important than becoming famous.” The Ninth Commandary Princess said, sighing.

Shan Xiangling shook her head slightly, and said, “According to Nie Heng’s talent, he could have been a Warrior of the Black Realm after ten years’ of cultivation. A lot of warriors with great talents fall just like that.”

“Wow! Ninth brother, you’ve won the bet. Go and check your bounty.” The Ninth Commandery Princess exclaimed.

“It was just a lucky guess!” Zhang Ruochen had just bet casually. He did not think he would win.

Although Nie Heng had died in the Coliseum, he gained a seven-round winning streak.

Zhang Ruochen had put one Spiritual Crystal on the bet and won eight in return.

“It’s about time! I will try my luck in the Coliseum!”

Zhang Ruochen signed the Life and Death Agreement and paid a Spiritual Crystal. Then he walked to the Coliseum.

“Ninth brother, I know I can’t stop you. But you must promise me that you will concede at once if you face someone you can’t defeat.” The Ninth Commandery Princess said with concern.

The Ninth Commandery Princess believed that Zhang Ruochen had simply wanted to get into the spirit of the Coliseum, rather than being involved in an actual fight.

With a cultivation at the Medium state of the Yellow Realm, his was even less then Nie Heng’s. He could win three consecutive rounds at the most.

“Relax! I know my limits!”

Zhang Ruochen smiled lightly. He walked step by step to the Coliseum, looking quite at ease.

The moment he reached the Coliseum, the Yellow Fighting Palace clamored.

“Who’s that boy? How dare he to fight in the Yellow Fighting Palace at such a young age?”

“Maybe he wants to become famous! Dozens of reckless boys die here every month! Big deal!”

At this moment, Liu Chengfeng stood at a higher bleacher of the Yellow Fighting Palace, staring down at Zhang Ruochen. He showed a ferocious smile and said, “Haha! You choose a path to hell instead of the path of heaven. If you die in the Coliseum, even the Yunwu Commandery Prince could say nothing about it!”

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