God Emperor

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: The Martial Market Bank

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“My Ninth Prince, there are only two weapon refining stoves which are classified as Seventh-Class Genuine Martial Arms in the entire Yunwu Commandery. One of them is owned by the chief of the Federation of Inscription while the other one is right in front of you.”

Qin Ya led Zhang Ruochen to the armory where the three-meter tall bronze weapon refining stove was kept.

This time, rather than just the two of them going in alone, the Ninth Commandery Princess, Shan Xiangling, and Mo Hanlin were together as well.

Zhang Ruochen’s eyes were fixed on the massive stove in front of him. Nodding in satisfaction, he said, “This weapon refining stove should be very expensive.”

If it was not expensive, it would have been bought by any weapon refiners long ago.

Pursing her lips, Qin Ya chuckled softly and said, “Of course, it’s expensive. I usually set the base price at two million silver coins when other weapon refiners ask about it. Since it’s the Ninth Prince, I’m willing to offer you a half-price. One million silver coins and that’s it. No more bargaining!”

“One million silver coins? That’s way too expensive! It seems like you’re robbing us blind!” The Ninth Commandery Princess said in a slightly displeased manner. She was obviously annoyed with Qin Ya.

Even Shan Xiangling was secretly surprised. The Red Cloud Sect only made half a million silver coins for the entire year. Yet, a single piece of weapon refining stove could easily cost one million silver coins, which would be the double of her sect’s annual income.

“This stove was excessively expensive!”

Zhang Ruochen shook his head and said, “No. Not at all. It’s actually very cheap. A Seventh-Class Genuine Martial Arms weapon is sold for at least one million silver coins. A weapon refining stove of the same class will certainly cost more, with its price exceeding two million silver coins. Madame, if you keep offering low prices, I’m afraid you will go out of business very soon!”

“No amount of money can fill the void I feel within. If the Ninth Prince can spend a night with me, I’m more than happy to give you the weapon refining stove for free.” Qin Ya said flirtatiously as she stared at Zhang Ruochen with eyes full of affection. How seductive!

Zhang Ruochen coughed dryly, feeling a little awkward. He replied, “Hmm… I’ll collect one million silver coins as soon as possible. I hope you can keep the weapon refining stove on hold for the time being. I… I’m in a rush. I’ll excuse myself first.”

Having said that, Zhang Ruochen quickly walked out of the armory as if he was running away from danger.

The Ninth Commandery Princess ran after Zhang Ruochen and asked, “Ninth brother, are you sure you want to buy that weapon refining stove? A million silver coins is not a small sum! Even though the Royal Family sends silver coins to all our brothers and sisters every month, it’s still impossible to raise a million silver coins from what we get!”

“I’m getting three thousand silver coins a month for basic expenses, which is already the most among all princesses. I guess you can only receive up to five thousand at most for a month?”

Zhang Ruochen replied calmly, “Don’t worry, ninth sister! I’m not going to rely on the funds allocated by the Royal Family. Very soon I’ll be able to collect one million silver coins!”

A Seventh-Class Genuine Martial Arms weapon refining stove was not easily available anywhere. Thus, Zhang Ruochen could not miss the chance of getting it.

Once he had the weapon refining stove, he could use it to refine Spatial Rings anytime. By then, he would have an endless supply of the rings and money would no longer be an issue.

Now, he only had eight hundred thousand silver coins, which were all deposited in the Martial Market Bank.

How was he going to collect the remaining two hundred thousand silver coins?

Zhang Ruochen glanced at the Spatial Ring on his thumb out of the corner of his eyes. Suddenly, an idea popped into his mind. He smiled and said, “The Martial Market Bank!”

Qin Ya’s face darkened and her smile disappeared as soon as she walked out of the armory. Looking at the direction where Zhang Ruochen, the Ninth Commandery Princess, and Shan Xiangling left, she said in a low tone, “He’s able to demonstrate the technique of Multitasking during the Year-end Assessment. He must have practiced his spiritual power till level 20 or above.”

Mo Hanlin stood behind Qin Ya and his expression flickered. He said, “He’s only 16 years old, I think it’s not quite possible for him to practice his spiritual power up to level 20!”

“Neither do I. After all, the spiritual power of a human body is limited. It’s theoretically impossible to obtain such incredible martial arts talent as well as the spiritual power. However, since he’s so determined to buy the weapon refining stove, he probably wants to become a weapon refiner. Perhaps his spiritual power is indeed brilliant!”

Qin Ya narrowed her eyes as her curiosity grew. Driven by the desire to test out her theory, she said, “Mo Hanlin, check with the Federation of Inscription. I’m sure the Ninth Prince has been there for a few times recently. I want to know the exact level of his spiritual power!”

“Yes, I’ll head off now!” Mo Hanlin bowed to Qin Ya and hurried away.

“Huh! Boy, you make me even more curious now!” Qin Ya stuck out her soft tongue and licked her red lips while laughing in a coquettish manner.

Zhang Ruochen, the Ninth Commandery Princess, and Shan Xiangling rode on the carriage and headed to the Martial Market Bank.

The Ninth Commandery Princess asked, “Ninth brother, why are we heading to the Martial Market Bank? Do you have a million silver coins kept over there?”

Zhang Ruochen smiled and responded, “Well… I did have a million silver coins, but I’ve spent some. Now, there are around eight hundred thousand silver coins left.”

Shan Xiangling’s eyes lit up with surprise when she heard this. She was shocked by how much assets Zhang Ruochen had at such a young age.

“Eight hundred thousand? Impossible! Ninth brother, where did you get that massive amount of money from?” The Ninth Commandery Princess was extremely surprised. She could not believe her ears.

Not to mention Ninth Commandery Princess, even if it was a leader from any other large-scale family in the Yunwu City, it was still difficult to come up with eight hundred thousand silver coins right away.

Even though the Lin’s could come up with 1.2 million silver coins to purchase the low-class of Spiritual sword skill, it was thanks to the financial capability of the entire family rather than Lin Fengxian himself.

It would be good enough if Lin Fengxian could come up with half a million silver coins at once.

Zhang Ruochen had nothing to hide. When he purchased the weapon refining stove later, his wealth would still be exposed anyway.

Moreover, no one would dare to steal from him in the Yunwu City, knowing that he was one of the superiors in the Royal Family, the Ninth Prince.

“Even if the Ninth Prince has eight hundred thousand silver coins with him, he’ll still need two hundred thousand more in order to buy the weapon refining stove.” Shan Xiangling said softly.

Zhang Ruochen replied, “That’s why we are heading to the Martial Market Bank. I’m going to do a business with them. As for what kind of business, I can’t tell you now.”

Zhang Ruochen had a feeling that the Martial Market Bank would surely be interested in the Spatial Ring.

Being able to store treasures inside the Spatial Ring would be very useful for the Martial Market Bank!

By doing business with the Martial Market Bank, it would fully maximize the profit he could get from the Spatial Ring.

The magnificently constructed Martial Market Bank was tightly guarded. A large number of armored royal guards could be seen watching over all sides of the bank at any time.

In terms of the defensive power, Martial Market Bank was second only to the palace of the Yunwu Commandery.

The moment Zhang Ruochen, the Ninth Commandery Princess, and Shan Xiangling got off the carriage, a figure quickly approached them.

“Greetings, the Ninth Prince and the Ninth Commandery Princess. I’m the Ninth Steward of the Martial Market Bank.” An old man with goatee beard hurriedly walked over and greeted Zhang Ruochen and the Ninth Commandery Princess with great respect and courtesy.

Zhang Ruochen asked, “Do you know me?”

The Ninth Steward smiled and said, “If I can’t even recognize the Ninth Prince, then I’m not qualified to be the Martial Market Bank’s steward.”

Zhang Ruochen nodded and said, “Well, that’s great! I want to discuss a huge business opportunity with the Manager of the Martial Market Bank. I was hoping Mr steward could be my referral.”

“Ha ha! Who do you think you are? You’re just one of the nine princes, how dare you ask the Manager to do a business with you? If so, you should have made Commandery Prince Yunwu come here in person!” Liu Chengfeng walked out from the main door of the Martial Market Bank with his head held high. He had an arrogant expression on his face and his gaze was just as unfriendly.

It seemed that he wanted to compare himself to Zhang Ruochen, thus, he brought two young and beautiful maids with him. They appeared to be around 14 or 15 years old.

However, their appearance and manner still paled in comparison to the Ninth Commandery Princess and Shan Xiangling.

Liu Chengfeng said with a sense of superiority, “If you really have a business to discuss, I can do it with you. Given my status, it’s more than enough.”

Zhang Ruochen was not sure if he should believe his words. He gave Liu Chengfeng a thorough once-over and replied blandly, “The business I would like to discuss… With your status, I’m afraid you’re not qualified enough to do so.”

“Excuse me? Do you even know who I am?” Liu Chengfeng’s expression quickly turned cold.

“Actually, I’m not too sure who you are!” Zhang Ruochen said nonchalantly.

Liu Chengfeng said with a hint of pride, “Well, listen up! I’m Liu Chengfeng, the son of the Manager of the Martial Market Bank. Even though you’ve never met me in person, you should have at least heard of my name before!”

“I’m sorry, but I’ve never heard of your name!” Ignoring Liu Chengfeng, Zhang Ruochen turned to the Ninth Steward and said, “Mr steward, please pass my message to the Manager. If he doesn’t want to see me, I’ll leave right away.”

“My Ninth Prince, please wait here for a moment. ”

The Ninth Steward immediately went to notify the Manager about this matter.

In fact, if he was the feeble Zhang Ruochen before obtaining the Sacred Mark, he would not have a chance to enjoy such treatment. However, it was different now. His outstanding performance in the Year-end Assessment had successfully aroused the attention and interest of many major powers in the Yunwu City.

No one would look down on such an extraordinary genius. Who knew if he would become the king of Yunwu Commandery in the future?

Zhang Ruochen’s action had completely enraged Liu Chengfeng. Zhang Ruochen casually dismissed him in front of everyone as if he was someone of no importance. It made him feel like he had lost all his face in front of Shan Xiangling.

“Huh! Let’s see! I’m sure my father won’t receive you. With your martial cultivation, you’re just a tiny little ant in my father’s eyes,” Liu Chengfeng said coldly with disdain in his voice.

Zhang Ruochen did not bother to respond to him. He stood with his arms crossed, patiently waiting for the steward.

The Ninth Commandery Princess and Shan Xiangling did not hide the contempt they had for Liu Chengfeng, showing a disdainful expression on their faces. They felt that Liu Chengfeng was too rude and lack of manner. He was not even worth comparing to Zhang Ruochen.

“The Ninth Prince? Does he want to do business with me?”

Liu Chuanshen stood next to the lake, his hands clasped behind his back. The aura emanating from him resembled a lofty mountain, giving people a sense of superiority.

“Yes, he does. If my Manager doesn’t want to see him, I’ll ask him to leave. But…”

“But what?”

The Ninth Steward kneeled down on the ground and continued to say, “That’s another matter. I’ve already found out the identity of the mystery man who auctioned the low-class of Spiritual sword skill in the Central Auction. The mystery man is the same person, the Ninth Prince. He currently has eight hundred thousand silver coins deposited in the Martial Market Bank.”

“Wow! It’s unbelievable for a young man like him to have such fortune! What kind of adventure has he encountered in these few months?”

A faint smile broke out on Liu Chuanshen’s face. He said, “Well, there’s no harm meeting him. Perhaps it’ll bring me some pleasant surprises!”

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