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Chapter 348 - The Arrival of the Half-Saint

Chapter 348: The Arrival of the Half-Saint

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The Demon’s heart fell into the Tongming River. Although he lost his heart, Di Yi did not die immediately.

Saintly Beings had strong vitality with which the common Body of Martial Arts could not be compared. Lying in the water, Di Yi stared at the clear blue sky. But his eyes gradually turned hollow.

“I can’t believe… I… failed… completely…”

In Di Yi’s heart, he believed in his definite victory. Ever since he was young, he had never lost before.

But now, his belief was completely torn apart. Even if he didn’t lose his Demon’s Heart, he was almost a wreck anyway.

Holding the bloody Abyss Ancient Sword, Zhang Ruochen stared at Di Yi who was lying in blood and didn’t attack anymore.

With his heart dug out, Di Yi wouldn’t live much longer.


Just then, a dark cloud appeared, covering the entire vault of heaven and the sun hanging above.

The whole Death River was darkened completely, and nothing could be seen. They could only hear the sound of the waves and the ever stronger wind.

Zhang Ruochen looked up immediately at the dark cloud. He could sense a horrible force coming near at a very fast speed.

“What’s happening? Why is it so dark now?”

Those warriors in lower realms all panicked. They all took out light nature Spiritual Crystals in their hands to light up the surrounding area.

As for those warriors in higher realms, they all looked grave. They could sense a horrible force behind the dark cloud, which made even their legs tremble.


Suddenly, a Grey Gowned Elder walked out of the dark cloud and hung suspended in the air. He had grey hair and dry skin. On his glabella, there was a purple crescent mark.

Seeing the Grey Gowned Elder, the Seven Kills Emissaries all became terrified. They bowed to him at the same time and said, “Elder Yuan Ying!”

Hearing this name, all warriors from the Omen Ridge turned pale with fear.

“Is he the infamous Elder from the Black Market, Yuan Ying?”

“Yuan Ying? Is he famous?”

Some young disciples had never heard of Yuan Ying before and they knew nothing about his horror, so they had to ask.

“Yuan Ying is an Elder from Jiuyou City, a city controlled by the Black Market. Have you ever heard of Jiuyou City? You don’t even know that? Jiuyou City has existed for almost one hundred thousand years, and can be dated back to the Middle Ancient Times. No one knows how many generations have lived there. But it doesn’t perish, instead, it grows stronger.” Said an elder.

Hearing this, these young disciples still didn’t understand how horrible Jiuyou City was. But they were indeed surprised by Jiuyou City’s history. Someone exclaimed, “That is to say, Jiuyou City is a medieval demonic sect!”

There were not many Suzerains and families which could be dated back to the Middle Ancient Times in the whole Eastern Region. Every one of them was a superpower, and even the First Central Dynasty wouldn’t dare to do anything to them lightly.

Their power and background were much stronger than those Half-Saint or Saint families’.

Having a history of one hundred thousand years or even hundreds of thousands of years, just thinking about it was enough to shock oneself.

The top suzerains in Omen Ridge such as Yuntai Suzerain and Tai Qing Palace, which had only been in existence for hundreds of years, could only be seen as small suzerains compared with Aristocratic Families in the Middle Age.

As the Elder of a medieval demonic sect, Yuan Ying was, of course, a terrifying figure. So his esteemed presence in Omen Ridge could be seen as an earthshaking incident.

“Yuan Ying had killed a Half-Saint once. He drank his blood and ate his flesh, which is very horrible. Even the warriors of the Black Market see him as a dreadful devil.”

Staring at the Grey Gowned Elder in the void space, Huang Yanchen continued with fierce anger, “He also once destroyed an inferior commandery on his own and completely burnt that commandery down into ashes. Countless innocent people died by this butcher’s hand.”

There were many rumors about Yuan Ying. But they were either killing a Half-Saint or massacring defenseless population.

Knowing that the Grey Gowned Elder was Yuan Ying, even the older warriors trembled with fear and wanted to get out of here as soon as possible, needless to say, it was the same with the young disciples.

That Grey Gowned Elder named Yuan Ying looked sinister. He glanced past the Seven Kills Emissaries and stared at Di Yi, “Di Yi, have you learned anything from today’s defeat?”

His immense voice fell from the sky into Di Yi’s ears.

Lying in the water with blood running out of the hole in his chest, Di Yi murmured, “Elder, I’ve lost my Demon’s Heart and I’m dying. Isn’t it too late to talk about this?”

Yuan Ying said, “Losing the Demon’s Heart is not necessarily a bad thing. Relying too much on the Saintly Being and the Demon’s Heart is the reason for your defeat. If you can see the light, there might still be a chance. Sometimes, construction comes after destruction.”

A glimmer of spirit suddenly appeared in Di Yi’s hollow eyes. He kept mumbling, “Construction comes after destruction… Construction comes after destruction…”


Suddenly, a colorful holy light came out of Di Yi’s body. The spirit in his eyes started to grow stronger, and he even stood up from the water.

It was indeed a very strange scene. A man without a heart unexpectedly stood up again!

Standing in a distance, Zhang Ruochen was also slightly shocked. He said, “Despite his dying state, Di Yi could still burst out the power of the Saintly Being and even perfected it. He is indeed the best warrior in the Black Market in a hundred years.”

Seeing Di Yi stand up again, Yuan Ying smiled and nodded. Then, he took out an Ice cold jade box and opened it. There was a bloody heart in it.

Thump! Thump!

The heart was still beating.

The sound of the heartbeat could even be heard 20 kilometers away.

Yuan Ying said, “Saint Ku Hai predicted that you would have a disaster today, so he asked me to come here and give you this heart.”

“Whose heart is it?” Asked Di Yi.

Yuan Ying replied, “It’s from a Half-Saint in the School of the Martial Market. Saint Ku Hai dug it out two days ago in person. With the help of this, I believe your cultivation progress will rise tremendously.”

After saying this, Yuan Ying held the bloody heart up and struck it into Di Yi’s chest. With the moving of Yuan Ying’s palm, a ball sanguine light came out.

After the sanguine light died out, flesh and blood grew back on Di Yi’s chest and wrapped up the Half-Saint’s heart.

“I… I survived at last. From now on, I will become even stronger.”

Di Yi glared at Zhang Ruochen, looking like he was about to fight with Zhang Ruochen again to wipe away his disgrace.

But the moment he stepped out, a violent streak of pain was felt in his chest. The Half-Saint’s heart beat so fast that it looked like it would burst out of his body.

Yuan Ying said, “The Half-Saint’s heart entered your body just now, and you haven’t refined it yet. So you can’t fight with others right now.”

Di Yi endured the pain and said, “Elder, Zhang Ruochen has a Dragon Sarira with him. You must catch him and refine his Dragon Sarirao out of his body.”

“Oh! Really?”

Yuan Ying’s eyes lit up and he immediately looked at Zhang Ruochen.

It was only a look in the eyes, yet Zhang Ruochen felt like two big mountains falling on him and he couldn’t breathe. He even felt like his blood was frozen and his muscles, bones, and Meridians were about to be crushed apart.

“Yuan Ying, if you dare to hurt Zhang Ruochen, the Saints from the School of the Martial Market will definitely kill you.”

Lei Jing and Chen Ying rushed forward at their highest speed and tried to save Zhang Ruochen.

Yuan Ying guffawed. Through the void space, he waved his hand and formed a huge Genuine Qi palm. Lei Jing and Chen Ying were slapped backward.

Lei Jing and Chen Ying both spat out blood. Their bodies made a cracking sound, it seemed that half of their bones were broken.

Fortunately, their cultivations were deep enough, otherwise, their bodies would simply crack and become two clouds of blood fog.

Facing Yuan Ying, even the warriors in the Fish-dragon Realm couldn’t withstand a single blow.

“You should think about whether you are capable or not before trying to save others!”

Yuan Ying’s voice turned serious, and he wanted to kill more. He said, “Today, except the warriors from the Black Market, all will die.”

Yuan Ying landed on the water and waved his arm. The water in the Tongming River suddenly rolled and piled up giant waves. In just one second, every ship was turned over.

All of the warriors fell into the water.

“Run! Devil Yuanying is going to kill us all!”


All of the warriors swam in the water desperately.


Yuan Ying smirked insidiously. He stepped onto the water and dispersed Icing air from his feet. The water was gradually frozen into ice.

Those warriors in the water were all frozen in the ice and couldn’t move at all.

The whole world seemed to become fully silent in just a second.

Besides the warriors from the Black Market, Zhang Ruochen was the only one standing on the water without being frozen. It was not because of his power, but because Yuan Ying didn’t want to freeze him.

Yuan Ying stepped towards Zhang Ruochen. His ghost-like face came right in front of Zhang Ruochen. He smiled and said, “Normally, it’s beneath my dignity to kill a teenager like you. But since you have the Dragon Sarira with you, it’s a different matter. You have something you shouldn’t have… hm…”

Yuan Ying hummed slightly and looked up.

A blue holy cloud came from afar.

In the divine cloud, one sword Qi penetrated heaven and earth and pierced the black cloud. A beautiful woman in an imperial dress with a sword on her back flew out of the divine cloud. She looked very young, about 28 or so. She was a tall woman with royal blue hair. A cold and arrogant look was on her face.

She landed on the ice. But she didn’t go towards Yuan Ying. Instead, she walked to one of the icicles and looked at Huang Yanchen inside. Her eyes suddenly turned gentle, and she sighed slightly.

If someone saw this sight, he would see how similar the two women looked.

The only difference was that the woman outside the icicle was more mature. Although she looked young, she had already passed her twenties.

The woman in the imperial dress stretched out a finger and pointed to the icicle.


In the twinkling of an eye, the ice melted and Huang Yanchen’s body appeared.

Besides this, all the ice around the woman started to melt quickly. Very soon, the ice within two hundred kilometers was melted completely and had turned into water again.

The power given out by her was not Genuine Qi that common warriors had, but Holy Qi.

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