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Chapter 346 - Everything was Under Control

Chapter 346: Everything was Under Control

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The illusory image of the Divine Dragon and Elephant converged from Spiritual Blood enveloped Zhang Ruochen’s body. Carrying with it a brilliant light, it flew rapidly towards Di Yi standing on his magical red sun.


Two light columns shot from Di Yi’s eyes and constantly beat on the illusory images of the Divine Dragon and Elephant. Ripples were made and a tremendous sound was produced. However, this could not stop Zhang Ruochen’s attack.

No one knew why the Spiritual Blood of Zhang Ruochen was so strong. His two illusory images of Blood Beasts were able to contend against the Demon’s Heart of Saintly Beings.

But Zhang Ruochen had a rough idea of it. Firstly, what he practiced was the Scripture of Emperor Ming’s Empyrean, which helped him open up “Vessel of Spiritual Blood”, one of his 36 Meridians.

The Vessel of Spiritual Blood was a paradoxical pulse, which connected the Qi Sea with his blood.

Thanks to this paradoxical pulse, Zhang Ruochen could put Genuine Qi into his blood to increase the spirituality of it.

It was not possible to achieve this through practicing other exercises.

Furthermore, Zhang Ruochen had drawn down three Chord of Gods, which left Gods Marks on his Qi sea. Therefore, his Genuine Qi was marked by Gods and raised to a higher level with his blood.

Secondly, Golden Dragon gave Zhang Ruochen its Dragon Pearl, which was lodged in his heart.

That was to say, the Divine Dragon Strength had been infused into the blood of Zhang Ruochen, making his Spiritual Blood stronger. As Zhang Ruochen continually refined the Dragon Pearl, both his Spiritual Blood and physical body would become stronger and stronger, even surpassing that of many Dragon tribes.

If someone observed carefully, they would find that the illusory images of Spiritual Blood of Divine Dragon and Elephant surrounding Zhang Ruochen shielded him from the power of Di Yi’s Omen Eyes, like an armor of light, giving off a golden light.

A moment later, Zhang Ruochen rushed up to Di Yi, suddenly flew up and stabbed his sword into Di Yi’s heart.

Since he had a Demon’s Heart, then it must be destroyed.

Di Yi narrowed his eyes, smiled like a hawk, and slowly lifted his right arm.

The 33-meter colorful saint figure hanging behind him immediately changed into a colorful holy cloud in his palm.

The colorful holy light shot from his palm and flew toward the Abyss Ancient Sword.

The two powers collided with each other, resisting and attacking, and were evenly matched.

From afar, Di Yi trod the magical sun with the colorful holy cloud in his hands. The light glowed brighter than the burning sun in the sky.

As for Zhang Ruochen, the illusory image of a huge dragon was twining round him. When he stabbed out it was like the Divine Dragon reaching out with one of its claws to shake the colorful holy cloud.

Di Yi frowned and changed his tactics.

He made a fist with his five fingers.

“Human King Pushing Mountain!”

Formed from the void space, dozens of streaks of lightning converged at Di Yi’s fist, making a crackling sound. And then he aimed this furious attack toward Zhang Ruochen’s chest.


The golden light of dragons and elephants was struck by the blow. The Spiritual Blood dispersed and this blow headed toward at Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen felt the strong power of that blow, so he immediately struck out a palm with nine levels of strength.

Again, it was a hard competition of power. The handprint thundered against the fist.

The two people staggered a little, falling back rapidly.

“Nine-folds of Elephant Power!”

Zhang Ruochen charged forward again and attacked with nine palms in a row, which exploded out with nine times the power.

“Human King Repressing World.”

Di Yi shot forward, both his fists struck out at the same time toward Zhang Ruochen’s palm and chest respectively.

It looked like Zhang Ruochen was about to take a serious injury. Suddenly, the ringing of a sword rang out and the Abyss Ancient Sword flew down toward Di Yi’s head, striking towards the top of it.

If Di Yi continued to attack with his fists, Zhang Ruochen would certainly be badly hurt. However, Di Yi would also die as his head would certainly be pierced by the Abyss Ancient Sword.

“Zhang Ruochen, you want to perish together with me. No way. The only person who is going to die, is you.”

Di Yi showed a sardonic smile. He put his Genuine Qi into a turtle-shaped jade pendant hanging from his waist. The inscription on the jade pendant was activated, forming a light screen with him in the center to protect him.

With the protection of the amulet treasure, it was enough to block the Abyss Ancient Sword. Di Yi did not reduce the power of his fists as he aimed to kill Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen stared at that turtle-shaped jade pendant with an enlightened look, “So that is Di Yi’s amulet treasure.”


Di Yi hit Zhang Ruochen’s chest with his left fist. A golden light suddenly rushed out of Zhang Ruochen’s chest just as Di Yi silently gloated.

A strong countering force collided against Di Yi’s fists.


Di Yi seemed to hear a dragon’s roar which made his eardrums tingle. His vision seemed to be cloaked in darkness.

At the same time, the force of impact in his arms sent him flying out.

That power was from the Dragon Pearl.

Just as Di Yi attacked him, Zhang Ruochen immediately injected his Genuine Qi into the Vessel of Spiritual Blood to activate the power of the Dragon Pearl to counter Di Yi.

The Dragon Pearl not only contained the Divine Dragon Strength, but also a strong defending weapon.

Seeing his own bloody arms, Di Yi clenched the fist again and laughed instead of getting angry, “Zhang Ruochen, you really did get the Dragon Sarira. I’ll open your heart to dig out the thing that belongs to me.”

Zhang Ruochen was a bit speechless. Why should the Dragon Sarira belong to him?

This person was too possessive.

Di Yi trod that magical sun and flew up again. He drew his white bone sword to stab Zhang Ruochen’s heart.

Zhang Ruochen did not dodge. He put his Blue Genuine Qi together to form 15 sword flowers, stabbing at Di Yi’s Demon’s Heart.

Just as both of them were about to make contact with each other, Zhang Ruochen suddenly dodged. He lowered his body, falling downward sharply to avoid a direct touch with Di Yi.

“You think you can escape so easily?”

The corner of Di Yi’s mouth turned upward. The sword Qi cut in toward Zhang Ruochen like a water curtain falling down.


One of the sword Qis broke Zhang Ruochen’s Celestial Bodyshield, hurting his left shoulder with an one-centimeter blood line.

Just as Di Yi had an air of complacency, Zhang Ruochen’s sword slightly grazed Di Yi’s waist to cut off Di Yi’s turtle-shaped jade pendant.

The turtle-shaped jade pendant was a precious amulet treasure, which could be used nine times. Di Yi just had used it only twice up until now.

Zhang Ruochen was not only going to defeat Di Yi, but also kill him.

Since it was so, his amulet treasure must be destroyed. Only in this way Di Yi would be killed before the Seven Kills Emissaries came to save him.

By doing this, not only because he agreed to help Zi Qian get revenge, it was also to get rid of future troubles.

Seeing the turtle-shaped jade pendant falling down, Di Yi’s face fell. He immediately stretched out a Genuine Qi palm, reaching down to grasp the jade pendant.


Zhang Ruochen stood upon the water, pulled his Genuine Qi into his fingertips, and made a Sword Wave.


The wave struck the jade turtle and disintegrated it, rendering it into pieces.


Di Yi’s rage overflowed and he roared, “Zhang Ruochen, you really think that I only have one amulet treasure?”

“I will destroy as many as you have.” Zhang Ruochen said.

Di Yi sneered, “You really think you have that ability?”

Zhang Ruochen asked him again, “How much Genuine Qi do you have in your Qi Sea? 20 percent?”

Di Yi’s face fell. He realized something was wrong.

As Zhang Ruochen said, the Genuine Qi Di Yi remained in his Qi Sea was indeed less than 20 percent.

Zhang Ruochen said, “No matter whether you use the martial technique of Ghost Level or the Demon’s Heart of Saintly Being, it will consume a great deal of Genuine Qi although they can unleash great power. You have just reached the Initial Stage of the Heaven Realm. You really think you can defeat me within three or five movements after your reckless consumption of Genuine Qi?”

Di Yi said, “So what? Exerting Sword Defending Technique also consumes Genuine Qi. I’m afraid that your Genuine Qi in your Qi Sea is inadequate, too.”

“Are you sure?”

Zhang Ruochen smiled and extended his right hand, showing a lump of abundant Genuine Qi.

Genuine Qi, flowing from his palm, like wisps of mist, sprinkled on the water.


As he raised his palm, nearly 1,000 translucent ice swords covered the waters within about 333 meters, as thick as huckleberries.

The sword tips faced up while the hilts pointed down.

Covered by a layer of blue light, the surface of it was quite sharp and could easily cut metal like mud.

It did not look like his Genuine Qi had dried up at all.

Seeing that, Di Yi’s face finally changed. He said, “How could it be possible?”

70 percent of the Genuine Qi in Zhang Ruochen’s Qi Sea had indeed been used, but besides his Qi Sea, he owned a Dragon Pearl.

The Dragon Pearl, connected with Vessel of Spiritual Blood, was like a body pill for Zhang Ruochen, constantly providing energy for him.

Zhang Ruochen said, “Di Yi, I have at least four methods to beat you, but I chose the most difficult one.”

“I don’t know that you are more unscrupulous than me,” Di Yi laughed with disdain.

Di Yi did not think that Zhang Ruochen could beat him. Although he had expended huge amounts of Genuine Qi, he could still quickly recover his Genuine Qi because of his Saintly Being.

Zhang Ruochen was not scrupulous. To defeat Di Yi, he indeed had several methods. The most direct and simple way was to use Martial Soul.

Zhang Ruochen had reached the Heaven Realm, so he could exert the power of Martial Soul.

The Martial Soul of Zhang Ruochen was stronger than some weaker warriors who reached Fish-dragon Realm, so he could definitely destroy Di Yi with a single blow by using Martial Soul to mobilize the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi.

Of course, if Di Yi carried amulet treasures, they might protect him from one attack. However, Zhang Ruochen could launch a second one, the third one, a fourth one and… until all of Di Yi’s amulet treasures were destroyed.

But that would be too shocking. The Black Market would kill him. Even the Saints of the School of the Martial Market would want to study him in person.

At that point, Zhang Ruochen would have no secrets. He might be murdered by some greedy people in the School of the Martial Market.

Even if he wanted to show his talent, he must control it.

Besides, Zhang Ruochen could use the Power of Space and the Sarira.

There were many ways to defeat Di Yi, but Zhang Ruochen chose the most troublesome one.

Of course, although it was hard to fight, through endless battles the Dragon Pearl and his body would become more integrated, which made his body, Spiritual Blood, and cultivation more powerful.

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