God Emperor

Chapter 337 - Battle Again

Chapter 337: Battle Again

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It seemed that he had been gravely injured by Guoguo. Chang Qiqi spat out blood with a pale face. He got up with difficulty and with a hand on his chest. He pointed at the rabbit and said, “Guoguo, you… you…”

Actually, he wasn’t injured that badly. After all, he was a master at the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm, a martial arts legend in the hearts of ordinary warriors. How could he be wounded so easily?

The point was that he was so angry that he vomited blood.

Was anything more depressing or embarrassing than being hit by his own pet in public?

“Don’t look at me. The Dragon’s Blood has mixed into my blood, so it belongs to me. I will dig out your eyes if you look at me like that again.”

Guoguo spoke in a threatening tone with its two big rabbit teeth showing. It extended its paw and pointed at Chang Qiqi.

After taking the Dragon’s Blood, Guoguo had become enlightened and could speak the language of humans.

More than that, its cultivation had also increased substantially. Although it hadn’t reached adulthood, it was already pretty strong.

Everyone else thought it was funny and burst into laughter.

Chang Qiqi was the owner, but now, he was more like the follower. Provoking the rabbit would incite a beating.

Was there anyone more tragic than him?

Chen Xier calmed down and said, “The Dragon’s Blood indicates that the Golden Dragon was indeed buried here. Its tomb is here, let’s find it. Maybe we can find the legendary Dragon Sarira.”

Dragon Sarira was the inheritance of the Buddhist Emperor and Golden Dragon. It wasn’t just them, even a Saint would be greedy for it.

All the rest nodded and began to search.

After a persistent search, it was evident that there was nothing to be found.

Si Xingkong didn’t lose heart. On the contrary, he was fairly cheerful. He said with a smile, “Dragon Sarira is a legend, even Di Yi isn’t sure of its existence. It’s great for us to get a drop of Dragon’s Blood, we shouldn’t expect more.”

“800 years have passed. Even if the Dragon Sarira did exist, it might have been taken by former visitors. Why would it wait for us?” Duanmu Xingling also shook her head.

Huang Yanchen touched her pointed chin and said, “Forget it! I think it’s time to leave. I plan to go back to the School of the Martial Market and seclude myself for refineing the Dragon’s Blood.”

Zhang Ruochen smiled faintly without saying anything. He believed that some people knew he had the Dragon Sarira. They just didn’t say anything.

They crossed the gallery and slowly walked out of the Dragon Tomb.

Zhang Ruochen used the dragon horn to open the stone gate. They filed out and entered the underwater hill once more.

All the Spiritual Doses on the hill had been picked. Only bare stone and soil remained.

“Young master, they’re coming out!”

“It’s really Zhang Ruochen.”

Below the hill a mass of Black Market warriors had gathered. There were almost 200 people there.

They stood in a strange formation. With murderous feeling, each of them was holding a jade stone, from which the light formed a giant array.

200 light columns shot skywards and intersected into bright light spots, as if stars were floating in the water. They blocked off the surrounding space.

“They’ve finally come out!”

Di Yi, who sat cross-legged, practicing in the water, suddenly opened his eyes with a cold and evil look.

He slowly stood up. Affected by his aura, a giant sacred shadow with boundless radiance appeared behind him. It subdued the light of the Thousand Knives and Star Array.

As a Saint controlling the world, he stood straight. His body overlapped the sacred shadow.


Zi Yinyang, who had stood behind Di Yi, dashed out and said coldly, “Zhang Ruochen, let my sister go.”

Zhang Ruochen glanced at Zi Qian, then he looked at Zi Yinyang and replied, “Of course, I can let her go. But, I have a condition. You must set free the disciples from the School of the Martial Market that you have captured.”

Zhang Ruochen had unleashed his Martial Soul to investigate the situation the moment he walked out. He found a mass of internal students from the School of the Martial Market had been caught and locked in a dragon hall not far from here.

With a smile, Di Yi stared at Zhang Ruochen. “Interesting, you’ve also reached the Heaven Realm and your Martial Soul has formed. Yan Siming, bring the 53 internal students up here. I want to see how Zhang Ruochen escapes today.”

Di Yi was clear that Zhang Ruochen’s power was not weaker than his. If they fought for real, maybe Zhang Ruochen would not be his opponent.

But it was so easy for Zhang Ruochen to escape.

Thus, he had ordered warriors to arrange the array, which would cut off Zhang Ruochen’s route of retreat. Meanwhile, he’d captured a group of internal students from the School of the Martial Market. They would hold Zhang Ruochen, so that he couldn’t escape even if he wanted to.

Under such circumstances, the only way out was to fight with him.

No doubt, he would kill Zhang Ruochen, and remove this enemy.

Yan Siming was one of the seven masters of the Black Market, and he had broken through to the Heaven Realm. Wearing an extraordinary ancient black amour with snake patterns, the man was almost three meters tall. He had a stocky and imposing build.

Led by him, warriors of the black market had taken the students to a platform below the underwater hill.

All the students had entered into the Dragon Palace later to find the Dragon Sarira.

Despite being cautious, some of them had still been caught and became prisoners of Di Yi.

“Kneel down, kneel in a row.”

Holding a bright nine-ring two-meter-long war knife, Yan Siming walked behind the students with a cold smile, showing his white teeth.

If one refused to kneel, his hamstrings would be cut off by Yan Siming.

Among the students, a pretty female student whose wrists and feet were locked in golden chains with inscriptions refused to kneel down,. Yan Siming chopped her knees and broke her legs.


She was screaming. Blood gushed from her legs, and she fell to the ground.

She gazed at Si Xingkong and implored with tears, “Eldest brother, rescue me…”

Si Xingkong had once been the top warrior among the young generation in Omen Ridge, he had a great reputation. The students all looked up to him. They hoped Si Xingkong could sweep away the Evil Warriors of the Black Market and rescue them.

Si Xingkong knew the female student. Her name was Di Rou, and he had a good relationship with her.

Seeing her legs cut off, Si Xingkong looked serious. He was ready to rush down the hill and save them.

“Eldest Brother, don’t be impulsive,” Chen Xier warned. “They have a Thousand Knives and Stars Array. If it is put to action, you can’t defeat it on your own.”

A cunning look rose on her face. She stood on her tiptoes and appeared behind Zi Qian with one hand choking her neck and the other catching her Meridians.

Zi Qian had not expected that Chen Xier would attack her. She was suppressed by Chen Xier before she could react.

She could feel the pain in her neck. Chen Xier’s nail stabbed into her skin and blood flowed out along her fingers and blended into the water, turning into streaks of blood.

The two girls already hated each other. Zi Qian didn’t doubt that if she dared to move, Chen Xier would kill her without hesitation.

Under such circumstances, even Zhang Ruochen couldn’t save her.

Chen Xier laughed and said, “Zi Yinyang, if you want your sister to live, you’d better let go of those students. Otherwise, you’ll have to soon prepare for her death.”

“Chen Xier, how bold you are! If you dare to hurt her, I swear I will kill you.” Zi Yinyang said coldly.

Di Yi said, “Zi Yinyang, one who intends to achieve great things does not care about trifles. Don’t be threatened by a woman. Even if your sister dies, the Hades Department will compensate your loss with other things.”

Hearing this, Zi Yinyang’s countenance changed. “But young master…”

Di Yi glared at him. “What is more important? Your sister or the Dragon Sarira? You know the answer, don’t you?”

Seeing Di Yi’s eyes, a chill came over Zi Yinyang. His whole body grew cold.

The meaning behind Di Yi’s words was clear enough. He would get the Dragon Sarira regardless of the cost. Never mind Zi Qian, the whole Hades Department could be sacrificed.

If Zi Yinyang was threatened by Chen Xier, Di Yi would kill him straight away.

Zi Yinyang was just an ant to Di Yi. He could kill him with just the lift of a finger.

Di Yi beckoned him to retreat.

Zi Yinyang seemed cold but he cherished family. Although he treated Zi Qian badly, he couldn’t turn a blind eye to her hopeless situation.

Zi Yinyang knelt down before Di Yi with his teeth clenched, “Young Master, please save my sister. If you can save her, my life will belong to you. Even if now you order me to die, I will do it without a frown.”

Di Yi had a strong desire to control everything. He hated to be thwarted.

Seeing Zi Yinyang’s disobedience, naturally he was extremely angry. He said each word very clearly, “Your life is already mine. It doesn’t belong to you at all.”

Zi Yinyang knew he was angry, but he had to entreat him, “Young Master, please save my sister. I will do anything for you.”

“What are you?”

Di Yi became even more furious. He pressed a palm on Zi Yinyang’s head with a sneer.


Zi Yinyang’s head disintegrated into a ball of blood fog.

A headless body knelt on the ground before him.

In Di Yi’s opinion, a disobedient follower did not deserve to live. Let alone a lowly killer.

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