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Chapter 321 - Dark Clouds Cover the Moon

Chapter 321: Dark Clouds Cover the Moon

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A vigorous Sword Wave like the light of a blazing sun rushed out of Zhang Ruochen’s fingertip and collided with the fist of Zhang Tiangui.

“Boom!” A loud noise resounded.

The impact of the sword and the silver fist made the sound of metal crashing together.

The Sword Wave broke through Zhang Tiangui’s Genuine Qi and entered into his fist, cutting off his middle finger and stabbing through his palm.

Zhang Tiangui slid backward and hit the glittering bronze boat pole of the Red Spider Vessel, which was knocked lightly.

His viscera, torn by the Sword Breath, received serious damage. He felt a bloody and sweet taste from his throat as blood surged into his mouth, but he forcibly swallowed it.

“I… I cannot defend even… even one move.”

Just one move had greatly injured him, making Zhang Tiangui feel indignant.

The Ninth Prince, who had once been an invalid, had become so powerful. In the past, he could have killed Zhang Ruochen with only a single finger.

Though Zhang Tiangui knew that Zhang Ruochen was powerful, he did not imagine that he could be strong enough to have already surpassed him.

Zhang Tiangui was so furious that he had been eclipsed by such a waste.

Soon, a severe pain could be felt on his right hand.

Not until now did Zhang Tiangui find that his middle finger had been cut off by that Sword Wave from Zhang Ruochen.

Spreading his hand out, there were only four fingers on it. The wound and his palm were bleeding, and the blinding pain made him scream.

Zhang Tiangui was arrogant, so he had enslaved Lin Chenyu and looked down upon Lin Chenyu because he was a waste.

However, he had never thought that he actually had become a waste as well.

“No, no…”

Zhang Tiangui could not accept that fact, so he roared out in pain. If his power was strong enough, he would torture Zhang Ruochen in various ways.

“Nice Sword Ripple of Ten Channels. I will battle you.”

There was a man’s voice that resounded out of the vessel.

Zhang Ruochen looked toward the cabin and saw a man wearing a gold mask, whose body exuded an overbearing aura. Although he was only in the Earth Realm of Martial Arts, his aura made warriors with a higher cultivation that his bow in awe.

Is he the young master of the Black Market Excellence Hall, Di Yi?

Di Yi originally had been still sitting in the cabin. But suddenly, he disappeared.

In next moment, Di Yi stood in front of Zhang Ruochen, and the distance between his metal face and Zhang Ruochen’s face was only half a foot.

Zhang Ruochen could clearly see Di Yi’s cold eyes.

The speed of his Di Yi’s palm was faster as threw out a palm with his five fingers combined.

Instantaneously, numerous sparks of lightning appeared in the entire space.


The center of the lightning converged into Di Yi’s palm.

Zhang Ruochen frowned, then all of a sudden, he gathered all of his Genuine Qi and struck a palm out.

“Dragon and Elephant Returning to Earth!”

The roar of dragons and elephants resounded throughout his body, even the power of his palm became an illusory image of flying dragons and divine elephants.


The two palms crashed topgether with a thud, and the whole Red Spider Vessel trembled.

Zhang Ruochen felt an overwhelming, strong power. He grasped Chang Qiqi’s shoulder and flew out. They plummeted down under the vessel, landing in the icy and dark water.

“Thank you, young master, for taking me away.”

Without hesitation, Zhang Ruochen grasped Chang Qiqi and rushed directly into the water.

In the water, Zhang Ruochen quickly found Si Xingkong, who had been brought by him first. Grabbing them both with one in each hand and at a rapid speed, he quickly flew to the depths of the waters.

Di Yi had swept Zhang Ruochen away, but he also had to retreat a little. He looked at his palm with a smile. “It’s the Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm of the Thousand Buddhas Sect. I had just doubted that a prodigy could suddenly appear in Omen Ridge. Unexpectedly, he is a lay disciple of the Thousand Buddhas Sect. There are so many Saints in the Thousand Buddhas Sect. Who is his master?”

“Young master, how strong is his power?”

The Red Wish Emissary jumped out of the cabin enchantingly and gracefully—her body was so lithe, looking like a red leaf. Just a touch of her tiptoes sent her a distance of about 33 meters to arrive behind Di Yi.

Her pretty face and bright eyes were so enchanting that it made all the warriors on the vessel excited.

But, no one dared to have any wicked ideas due to her strong power. They all looked down without a second glance.

Di Yi flexed his fingers and said, “In the entire Eastern Region, only Bu Qianfan and the Saintess of Heresy could catch my one move among all the young warriors whose cultivation was in the Earth Realm. But now, Zhang Ruochen has appeared. What do you think about his strength?”

“He could be the scourge of the Black Market,” the Red Wish Emissary said seriously.

Di Yi had a cold look. Obviously, he agreed with the Red Wish Emissary, so he said, “Go after him and eliminate him.”


Hearing what he had said, many masters of the Black Market rushed out, including the Purple Wind Emissary, the chief chairman of the Poisonous Spider Club, and the Square Commandery Prince一they were all top-notched.

Even if Zhang Ruochen could fly into the sky and enter into the earth, he could not possibly escape while so many masters were chasing after him.

But when they were ready to capture him, a dark cloud that looked like many horses galloping rapidly covered the sky.

A howling wind blew over the water like a giant beast was roaring.

The dark clouds above had become thicker, even the moon and stars were hidden by them.

The whole world became gloomy, and no one could see anything in the pitch-black.

In just an instant, the Death River had gotten so dismal as if the whole world had vanished.

“What happened? How are there clouds suddenly?”

“It’s so cold. The temperature has dropped by half at least.”

“I feel a formidable power approaching. Did we disturb some strong savage beasts?”

All the warriors on the six Red Spider Vessels were panicking as the sudden celestial phenomena gave everyone a sinking feeling.


A dragon’s roar made the water roll as a 10-meter-high wave was formed that seemed to roll down from the dark clouds in the vault of heaven.

In the darkness, a huge dragon claw reached out from the void space. It slapped against a Red Spider Vessel, where the Vessel-defending Formation was quickly broken, making the vessel sink.


Almost all the warriors who were on it fell into the water.

More than half of them were squashed by that claw, and only a few survived.

With such a horrifying power, even the warriors in the Completion of the Earth Realm could not withstand it. Their Meridians were ruptured, making their skin cut open and flesh tear. Soon after, they all died.

Under an attack of this strength, human power appeared to be very insignificant, as frail as ants.

“Young master, that must be the Three-clawed Flood Dragon, the lord of the Death River.”

The Purple Wind Emissary majestically stood behind Di Yi with a Dragonhead Long Spear.

Purple light materialized from his glabella, in which a purple moon flew out of the Sacred Mark, hanging in the darkness and illuminating the whole world.

Under its light, the originally black wave was covered with a purple light.

And the people on the vessel saw many giant savage beasts swimming in the water.

The warriors on the sunken Red Spider Vessel were all swallowed by those beasts without anyone surviving.

A rich smell of blood could be faintly detected and the bones of the dead could be seen floating on the water.

A full 200 Martial Arts Masters in the Completion of the Earth Realm on that vessel were all dead in just an instant.

It was a huge loss for the Black Market.

Di Yi said solemnly, “Red Wish Emissary, Jin Chuan, you two go to kill Zhang Ruochen. And the rest, follow me to deal with these Aquatic Savage Beasts. Now that the Three-clawed Flood Dragon wants to ruin my plan, I will slaughter it.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I shall cut off Zhang Ruochen’s head and bring it back to the young master.”

The Red Wish Emissary and Jin Chuan turned into two streamers and flew off into the darkness. They followed the scent to hunt down Zhang Ruochen.

Leading Si Xingkong and Chang Qiqi, Zhang Ruochen swam fast, hoping that they could get out as soon as possible.

All of them were so strong that they would not drown even if they held their breath beneath the water for a full day.

Before long, a multitude of savage beasts appeared in the water, all rushing toward those six Red Spider Vessels.

Some beasts discovered Zhang Ruochen, Si Xingkong, and Chang Qiqi and attacked them. But, Zhang Ruochen fought their way through.

Wearing the Flying Fish Armour, he could erupt at the speed of sound. Aside from meeting with a fourth-stage savage beast, no beast could threaten him.

The group of beasts did not scare Zhang Ruochen, on the contrary, he felt exultant. He knew that it had to be the Three-clawed Flood Dragon, who had such a formidable allure in the Death River.   ( Updated by NovelFull.Com)

Now that the Three-clawed Flood Dragon and Aquatic Savage Beasts were pinning down those masters of the Black Market, they had a much better chance to escape.

Zhang Ruochen had gone to rescue Si Xingkong and Chang Qiqi with a determination to die. But the appearance of the Aquatic Savage Beasts helped them to contain those enemies. Then, the three of them had gotten an opportunity to escape.

Before he became relaxed, a golden shadow came from the surface of the water.

“Zhang Ruochen, I have already found your breath. Do you think that hiding in the water will save you?”

The voice of Jin Chuan coming from above shook the water, and the waves were lifted up several meters high.

“Damn, it’s Jin Chuan.”

Zhang Ruochen swam to the bottom vigorously.

Suddenly, Jin Chuan, who was standing on the water, stretched out his palm.

A Genuine Qi light column burst out from his palm and gathered into a giant claw that dove into the water, capturing Zhang Ruochen and his companions.

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