God Emperor

Chapter 308 - Swordsman Vs. Swordsman

Chapter 308: Swordsman Vs. Swordsman

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“Pearl Thunder Bird, this is the Tongming River, the Aquatic Savage Beast’s zone. Take back your power first, lest the savage beast overlords become infuriated.”

Jin Chuan ran from the valley and stood on a raised rock by the river.

The golden-robed man looked very old. His grey hair fluttered in the wind.

Although he spoke quietly, his voice was echoed in the sky.

Above the vault of heaven, a gigantic black shadow promptly took back the power of thunderbolt. It swirled in the air and fell to the top of a small hill by the river.

From afar, it looked like a Pearl Thunder Bird. It was as big as a half-hill. Its body was like that of a black eagle, but it had a scaly neck and snake-like head.

With its snake-like head, it looked like a savage monster. No one dared to get close to it.

Zhang Tiangui arrived at the Tongming River and looked at the rolling waters. His face suddenly darkened.

Zhang Tiangui clenched both hands, releasing his envy and hate. “He ran away!”

If it were him, he would have died that night. However, Zhang Ruochen had gotten away successfully. This meant Zhang Ruochen was far stronger than him.

He was envious of Zhang Ruochen’s power. The more envious he was, the more hateful he grew. He could not wait to see Zhang Ruochen get torn to pieces.


Four figures flashed. Jin Yeyun, Cao Lin, Guo Shisan and Yin Shan came from above and stood in a line. Each of them was powerful. They stood by the river like four great mountains.

“I am surprised that he could escape from our tight encirclement,” Jin Yeyun said. “If we do not kill him, he is doomed to be trouble for us.”

“Zhang Ruochen has been severely injured,” Yin Shan pointed out. “It’s quite possible that he’ll die in the abdomen of an Aquatic Savage Beast, even if he escapes into the Tongming River.”

Jin Chuan said, “We must never be negligent. As the Commandery Prince ordered, Zhang Ruochen is wanted dead or alive.”


A group of brute elephants rushed from the forest. On each one’s back was a heavily-armored soldier, holding a spear in hand.

A total of 200 people stood in a square formation. Each of them was a top-notch martial arts master.

Jin Chuan ordered, “Each takes a team of Barbarian Elephant soldiers to pursue separately along the Tongming River. Make sure to kill him while he is severely injured.”

“Please take care of yourselves. There are many strong savage beasts in these waters. It is called the ‘Forbidden Area for Humans’. Don’t disturb the savage beast overlords during your chase.”


Each of the four masters led 50 soldiers and disappeared into the night.

They began to track Zhang Ruochen along the upper and lower river.

A red coquettish figure suddenly flew over the water. It stopped in the mist like a ghost, but it had an enticing silhouette.

Jin Chuan and Zhang Tiangui promptly knelt down to salute in awe. “Red Wish Emissary, what brings you here?”

The Red Wish Emissary stood above the water with her jade white feet pointed. Her tiptoes made ripples in the water.

She said, “Our young master is already here. He asks me to tell you that he has found the Saintness from the Demonic Sect’s trail in Death City. It’s probably just a rumor that masters have come to the Tongming River. He asks you to be cautious; do not mess this up for him.”

“What? Why has the Saintness come here?” Jin Chuan raised his head. His face darkened.

Everyone had a natural fear of the Moon Worship Demonic Sect.

The Red Wish Emissary said, “The young master is looking into it. If the Moon Worship Demonic Sect knows about the Dragon Sarira, our actions in Underwater Dragon Palace might be obstructed. I heard that you were killing a so-called genius from Omen Ridge. Have you succeeded?”

“I’ve set a far-flung network, but unfortunately… That man is so sly that he ran into the Tongming River. We are tracking him now,” Jin Chuan said awkwardly.

The Red Wish Emissary laughed. “You are so useless, you cannot even deal with such trifles. I hope you can fix your problems here as soon as possible and avoid endangering our young master’s great plans.”

With this, the Red Wish Emissary turned into a red haze. She flew out and disappeared above the water.

Zhang Tiangui raised his head and looked to where the Red Wish Emissary had stood. “Predecessor Jin Chuan, who is the Red Wish Emissary? Why are you so scared of her?”

Jin Chuan stood up and flipped the dust from his knee. His eyes were full of awe. “She is one of the Seven Kills Emissaries of the Black Market Excellence Hall. Each of the Seven Kills Emissaries is a genius of geniuses, a master of masters. You may be a top genius in Omen Ridge, but to them, you are just a small potato.”


Zhang Tiangui doubted that he was inferior to the so-called Seven Kills Emissary and the young master.

Someday, he would become a man of men, to be admired and awed by all people.

Zhang Ruochen swam rapidly downstream at the bottom of the river. He was wearing the Flying Fish Armor.

Without knowing how long it took, Zhang Ruochen stopped but remained underwater. He opened the internal space of the Space Spinel.

Upon entering the internal space, his Flying Fish Armor immediately disappeared and turned into a fist-sized red iron ball.


He knelt on one knee, a trail of blood dripping from his mouth.

A fierce pain shot through his back, like a fire was burning through his flesh and blood.

“Square Commandery has sent so many masters to murder me. They must be greatly shocked that I am 98th on the Earth Board and want to get rid of me.”

What was more worrisome, actually, was Zhang Tiangui, who had once been a disciple of Yuntai Suzerain. He had always erred on the side of caution.

However, he was not overly cautious now that he had joined the black market.

Zhang Ruochen knew all his secrets. How would he deal with him?

Would he murder Concubine Lin, Zhang Ruochen’s mother?

Not a chance! Zhang Rouchen had to kill him. Otherwise, his mother would be in danger.


He began to cough up blood again, promptly eliminating his distracting thoughts.

He would make plans once he recovered.

He took a healing Pill and started to refine it.

After half a day, more than half of his injuries had healed.

There were two reasons for his fast recovery. First, he had reached the Advanced Stage in the Heaven Realm, because he had refined a lot of Refined Physique Elixirs over several months of practice in the Gravity Secret Practice Room.

Having a strong physical quality made it much easier to recover.

Secondly, the Genuine Qi of the Phoenix Feather Arrow’s fire had been stopped by the Flying Fish Armor; it hadn’t entered his body.

The hardest thing to recover from was the injury caused by Genuine Qi and Sword Breath that flowed into his body.

Take Zhang Ruochen for example. If he stabbed a warrior, there would not be only a sword cut. Sword Breath and Genuine Qi would also be injected into the warrior’s body through the wound.

If the warrior failed to repel Zhang Ruochen’s Sword Breath, he would die of broken meridians.

Flying Fish Armor helped ward off Genuine Qi and Sword Breath. It even dissolved seventy percent of the impact force.

Almost recovered, Zhang Ruochen left the internal space of the Time and Space Spinel and sped out of the water. He was ready to go to the Death City. He would consider the next step once he met with Si Xingkong, Huang Yanchen, and the others.

A short time later, Zhang Ruochen felt a sudden slight Genuine Qi fluctuation from the forest.

Spiritual Qi quivered in the air causing fallen leaves to shake and swirl.

How powerful it was!


Zhang Ruochen changed his momentum and drew out the Ancient Abyss Sword. The sword edge radiated cold light. He called out, “Who’s there?”

“It’s me.”

A grey-robed man walked out of the forest.

He was thin and carried a rough iron sword behind his back.

As he approached, a gloomy cold breath emitted from him. It was an invisible murderous intent, but it could not be deliberately hidden.


Zhang Ruochen stared at the man and happily withdrew the Ancient Abyss Sword. He had not been expecting to run into his friend here.

Just like a sword, Le had an unspeakable persistence in his eyes. He would not yield to anything.

But he lowered his head before Zhang Ruochen. “My Savior, I’ve come specially to tell you an important thing.”

“What is it?” Zhang Ruochen grew serious.

He had saved Le and taught him exercises of the Nonuple Samsara Magic formula, without asking anything in return.

After all, the Nonuple Samsara Magic Formula was a death practice. For every one level increase, the cultivator had to experience death. Very few warriors could practice to the third level or higher.

At the time, Le’s meridians had been completely broken. Zhang Ruochen imparting the Nonuple Samsara Magic Formula to him could be regarded as the only way to save him.

Later, Le had joined the black market.

Less than two years later, the young man with broken meridians became strong again.

He had killed countless people. Otherwise, he would not have such a cold murderous look. It seemed like it could freeze human blood.

Le said, “Huo Shilin, the Square Commandery Prince, is sending several masters to kill you.”

“I know. I have already fought with them.” Zhang Ruochen laughed.

Le said, “The masters of the Square Commandery are horrible, but the men behind them are even more dreadful.”

“Who are they?” asked Zhang Ruochen.

Le replied, “A mysterious young master from the Black Market Excellence Hall has come to Omen Ridge.”

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