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Chapter 299 - Defeat in One Battle

Chapter 299: Defeat in One Battle

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“Zhang Ruochen, get out here! Get out here!”

Yan Yunhuan kicked down the copper door. It cracked into several giant pieces, flew out and landed within the mansion.

He took two quick steps forward and rushed crazily into Zhang Ruochen’s Practice mansion. With one swing of his sword, a streak of Sword Breath flew out and sliced a two-story pavilion in two.


The wooden pavilion collapsed into a pile of rubble.

The giant crash alerted the students of the Internal Academy.

A number of internal students gathered outside of Zhang Ruochen’s Practice mansion, but no one dared to go in to stop Yan Yunhuan. After all, his cultivation proceeded him. Who could block a strike from his sword?

There were even a few students who just wanted to watch the show. They were hoping that Yan Yunhuan would kill Zhang Ruochen with one strike.

“Zhang Ruochen offended Master Yan. Much like plucking the hair from a tiger’s arse, it was a road that could only lead to death.” Qiu Ling watched the mansion from afar with gloating eyes.

Qiu Lin had been waiting for this day since Yan Yunhuan arrived in Omen Ridge.

Qiu Lin had once fought with Yan Yunhuan before. He knew how powerful he was.

Given Zhang Ruochen’s strength, he was far from an even match.


Yan Yunhuan struck out with a fist, releasing a strong wave of Genuine Qi. His strike broke a rock, dozens of meters high, into rubble. It sank into the lake.

“Where is Zhang Ruochen? Where is he hiding?”

Yan Yunhuan’s hair was in disarray and his eyes were red. He stormed through the mansion as if he was going to tear the whole place apart.

“Master Yan, this is where my master secludes himself for refining. You should leave quickly. If you don’t, I will report this to Master Lei.”

Kong Xuan could feel his strength. It felt like a giant ocean whereas she was just a mere leaf floating within it.

A wave of his hand could kill her.

But she felt no fear. She approached him in the hope of stopping his entry.

“A mere serving girl dares to block my path. You’re looking for death.”


Yan Yunhuan let out a roar. A sound wave flew from his mouth.

Less than half a meter away, Kong Xuan suddenly began bleeding from all seven orifices and flew backward. Her slender body smashed into the wall, leaving a streak of blood.


She placed her hands on the ground and tried to climb up with great difficulty.

Yan Yunhuan walked over and placed a foot on Kong Xuan’s back. He rested his sword on her neck. The sharp edge of the sword left a deep cut on her throat.

“I’ll ask one more time. Where is that turtle, Zhang Ruochen, hiding?” Yan Yunhuan roared.

The door of the Secret Practice Room flew open.


A human shadow flew out.

The shadows converged and formed into Zhang Ruochen’s body.

Zhang Ruochen rested his hands behind his back and stared at Yan Yunhuan. He spoke in a cold voice, “Yan Yunhuan, this is my Practice mansion. It is no place for your wild behavior.”

Yan Yunhuan saw Zhang Ruochen and suddenly began to laugh like a madman. He removed the sword from Kong Xuan’s neck, “Zhang Ruochen, you coward. You actually dare to come out! You tricked me out of 2,000,000 Spiritual Crystals. Did you think that the Yan family would sit back and do nothing? Do you think we are so easily bullied? Today, I will teach you who is truly the more powerful one.”

Yan Yunhuan rushed over. Breaking out a speed of 260 meters per second, he was in front of Zhang Ruochen in a flash.

Circulating his Genuine Qi, he struck his sword toward Zhang Ruochen’s heart.

Yan Yunhuan’s strike, which appeared to be almost as fast as the speed of light, was very slow from Zhang Ruochen’s perspective.

Zhang Ruochen stood his ground and did not move. He merely leaned slightly to one side to avoid the sword. At the same time, he quickly struck out with his palm and landed it on Yan Yunhuan’s chest.

With a “Bang”, Yan Yunhuan took a heavy hit and flew backward.

Yan Yunhuan could only feel an intense pain in his chest. It felt as if his five internal organs had been shattered.

It was this strike that cleared his mind and stopped him from underestimating Zhang Ruochen.

“I am 375th on the Earth Board, how could I be forced back by a no-name junior? Unacceptable.”

He realized he had been too careless in his thinking. Zhang Ruochen was actually very powerful.

Zhang Ruochen stopped in front of Kong Xuan and helped her get up. He gave her a healing Pill and dismissed her to heal herself.

Chen Xier and Huang Yanchen also arrived at this moment. They burst into the Practice mansion.

Chen Xier saw that Kong Xuan was hurt. She assumed Yan Yunhuan was about to go on a killing spree, so she scolded loudly, “Yan Yunhuan, stop. This is the School of the Martial Market, don’t do anything rash.”

Huang Yanchen pulled out her sword and pointed it toward Yan Yunhuan. In a cold voice she said, “Yan Yunhuan, if you dare to hurt even a single hair on Zhang Ruochen’s head, I will make sure you die painfully.”

Yan Yunhuan was almost angry enough to spit blood. Clearly, he had just been hit and taken internal damage, yet they were still helping him.

It was reasonable that Huang Yanchen would be on Zhang Ruochen’s side. After all, she was his fiancee.

But, why was Chen Xier also helping him?

“Is it possible that Chen Xier, Huang Yanchen, and that idiot Zhang Ruochen all worked together last night to trick me at the auction?”

The more Yan Yunhuan thought about it the angrier he became. He became more and more convinced that Chen Xier had something going on with Zhang Ruochen. Completely ignoring the two girls, he once again attacked Zhang Ruochen.

“Zhang Ruochen, you stole what belonged to me, so you must die.”

Yan Yunhuan gnashed his teeth. Fiery anger burned in his heart. He would kill Zhang Ruochen the bastard, even if he had to offend the School of the Martial Market.

“Sword Flurry!”

Yan Yunhuan executed a Superior Class Spiritual Stage sword technique. His Genuine Qi surged out, fusing with the Spiritual Qi in the air to suddenly create a vision of heaven and earth.

Flurries of snow began to fall over the entire Practice Mansion.

Several Meters of Snow.

Streaks of Sword Breath surged out from the sword, forming a giant vortex. The vortex emitted a giant wail as if it was about to swallow Zhang Ruochen whole.

Even Chen Xier and Huang Yanchen, who were standing far away, could feel the effects of the powerful Sword Breath.


The Sword Breath left small cuts on their bodies.

They had no choice but to retreat from the Practice mansion.

They were not strong enough to stop Yan Yunhuan.

“That’s the Yan family’s Superior Class Spiritual Stage martial technique, Sword Flurry Sword Technique. I didn’t know Master Yan had already practiced it to the Success level, that’s incredible. No wonder he has such a high ranking on the Earth Board. I bet even a warrior of the Heaven Realm couldn’t block one of his strikes!” Qiu Lin sighed in admiration.

Qiu Lin ranked top five in the Internal Academy of the Martial Market School, but in front of Yan Yunhuan, he felt quite insignificant.

“Oh no! This brute used the Sword Flurry Sword Technique. Does Zhang Ruochen even have a chance?” Chen Xier clenched her fists tightly; her eyes shone with worry.

She had invited Yan Yunhuan to suppress Huang Yanchen and Zhang Ruochen. But she didn’t want to actually kill Zhang Ruochen.

Huang Yanchen was also very worried. Each time she wanted to rush into the Practice mansion Chen Xier stopped her.

Chen Xier said, “Calm down. Zhang Ruochen is not weak. Even if he isn’t a match for Yan Yunhuan, there’s an opportunity for him to escape. If you go in, you’ll die for sure.”

“I can’t stand it!”

Huang Yanchen was extremely worried, her face was very serious. If Yan Yunhuan actually killed Zhang Ruochen, she would make the whole Yan family suffer cruel consequences.

After a moment, the strange snow disappeared.

A mournful and desperate cry could be heard from within the mansion.

“Yan Yunhuan, don’t think you’re anything special just because you’re the heir to the Yan family. I won’t rest today until one of us is dead…”

Huang Yanchen thought that Zhang Ruochen had already been defeated. She ran through the door with her sword in her hand.

But, just as she rushed in she jolted to a halt.

Zhang Ruochen remained standing where he was, with not even a hair out of place. However, Yan Yunhuan was lying on the ground spitting up mouthfuls of blood. His clothes were all ripped and there was a giant bloody handprint on his chest.

Yan Yunhuan struggled to get up for a while but was unable to rise from the ground. A look of terror remained on his face.

Could he not stand up to even one of Zhang Ruochen’s strikes?

How could this be?

He could not be reconciled.

Chen Xier ran in next. Seeing the scene before her, she couldn’t process what had happened. The only question in her mind was, “How did this happen?”

Yan Yunhuan had actually… lost to Zhang Ruochen, and he had lost very badly.

He was one of the top 500 masters on the Earth Board, a prodigy of the younger generation. How could someone like Zhang Rouchen match him?

Zhang Ruochen glanced coldly at Chen Xier. “Senior sister apprentice Chen, you saw with your own eyes that Yan Yunhuan trespassed into my Practice mansion, causing a disturbance and injuring my serving girl. I was going to kill him with one strike, but I spared him for your sake. Take him away. I hope this will not happen again.”

Chen Xier was slightly numb. She found that it was even more difficult to understand Zhang Ruochen.

A prince from an inferior commandery had defeated the heir of the Yan family. It was unthinkable and unfathomable.

Suddenly the Elder from the Yan family rushed in from outside.

“Young master! Young master! What happened?”

The Elder held the heavily injured Yan Yunhuan and fed him a Healing Pill.

The Elder could not let out a breath until Yan Yunhuan’s color returned to his pale face.

“Zhang Ruochen, you dared to harm the heir of the Yan family. Are you aware that if the Yan family were to give the order, you and your Yunwu Commandery would disappear overnight?” The Elder spoke with great anger.

The Internal Students once again showed their gloating upon hearing the Elder’s words.

The Yan family was a third-class family with a Half-Saint as their head. No matter how powerful Zhang Ruochen was, if he offended the Yan family, things would not go well for him.

Huang Yanchen sneered coldly. “The Yan family certainly knows how to boast. Can they kill whoever they want? Are you aware that Zhang Ruochen is my fiancee, the Prince Consort of Qianshui Commandery? Besides, it is clear that Yan Yunhuan trespassed into Zhang Ruochen’s Practice mansion and caused a disturbance first. It is only because he was not accomplished that he lost to Zhang Ruochen. Zhang Ruochen has already given the Yan family plenty of face by not killing him. What more do you want?”

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