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Chapter 291 - Auction

Chapter 291: Auction

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“So you are the young master of the Yan family.”

Zhang Ruochen seemed to be talking to himself as he looked at Yan Yunhuan.

It was not his first encounter with a young master of the Yan family. Zhang Ruochen had met Yan Qingwu, who ranked 100th on the Earth Board, during the Earth Board test. He was the top master in the younger generation of the Yan family.

Therefore, Zhang Ruochen had some impression of the Yan family.

Chen Xier looked at Zhang Ruochen grinning. She wondered to herself, ” Does he feel inferior? ”

After all, Zhang Ruochen was definitely inferior to Yan Yunhuan in strength and family background. In this situation, Zhang Ruochen’s talent seemed insignificant.

Yan Yunhuan assumed Zhang Ruochen was intimidated by his status and lost interest at once. “He is just a prince from an inferior commandery. He is absolutely shocked at my power, even without me doing anything. He is not a challenge at all,” Yan Yunhuan thought.

However, what he didn’t know was that Zhang Ruochen had lost interest in fighting him after hearing about his status.

Even the top master in the young generation of the Yan family wasn’t able to defend against Zhang Ruochen’s attack.

What was the point of fighting with the so-called second best?

Yan Yunhuan appeared to be very arrogant. He did not want to see Zhang Ruochen or the others anymore. He said, “Sister Xier, the auction is about to begin. Why are we wasting our time here?”

Thinking about the auction, everyone was intrigued.

Someone said, “I heard that there would be several priceless Space treasures. Do you have any interest, master Yan?”

Yan Yunhuan stood erect. With a laugh, he said confidently, “Space treasures are precious! Only the Yan family with its deep pockets can obtain them. Sister Xier, you may pick one if you want.”

Chen Xier had also heard that Space treasure had been discovered. She had been anticipating them eagerly for a long time.

However, she also knew that all of Omen Ridge’s important people would come to bid, and that this would raise the price of the Space treasures to an astronomical figure.

“In this case, just let Yan Yunhuan be the sucker to buy it. Anyway, the Yan family is the richest in the world. If I don’t take advantage of him, who can I take advantage of?” She thought.

Huang Yanchen crossed her arms and said coldly, “You say it like the Space treasures already belong to you.”

Hearing these words, Yan Yunhuan was immediately annoyed. “Commandery Princess Yanchen, you should know that I am the heir of the Yan family. I can mobilize a considerable portion of the family’s financial resources. Don’t you think I’ll defeat the useless people of Omen Ridge with that wealth?”

“Commandery Princess Yanchen, please rest assured that once I buy the Space treasures you can have one. After all… I am afraid that Zhang Ruochen couldn’t afford them with his wealth.”

Yan Yunhuan looked at Zhang Ruochen as he spoke to Huang Yanchen.

However, Huang Yanchen revealed disdain in her eyes. Though others didn’t know, she knew clearly that it was Zhang Ruochen who had refined the Space treasures. Why would he bother to buy it?

Maybe it was Zhang Ruochen who had put the Space treasures in the auction.

All of a sudden, Huang Yanchen had an idea. She fluttered her eyelids at Zhang Ruochen and said, “Zhang Ruochen, will you buy a Space treasure for me?”

Zhang Ruochen knew exactly what Huang Yanchen was thinking. He thought it over and decided it would be good to let Yan Yunhuan, who was indeed disagreeable, pay a substantial price.

Zhang Ruochen said, “Of course, I will buy you one. Even if I have to throw in my family’s entire fortune.”

The corner of Yan Yunhuan’s mouth twitched up, a slight smile appearing on his face. “Is he challenging me?” He wondered.

“OK, why not?”

“Tonight, I will teach him not to think so highly of himself.”

“He should look in the mirror before competing with me in terms of wealth.”

Chang Qiqi walked over to Zhang Ruochen and said in a low voice, “Brother Zhang, if you lack for money, just tell me. Though I am not from a notable or great family, I still have some savings.”

“Thank you, brother Chang.” Zhang Ruochen laughed. “But I have made a small fortune recently. It’s not difficult for me to buy a Space treasure.”

“I see.”

Chang Qiqi suddenly realized why Zhang Ruochen dared to challenge Yan Yunhuan. It turned out that he had prepared in advance. He said, “You have to buy a Space treasure. Then that Yan guy will not be so damned snobbish.”

“Take it easy. It will be a piece of cake.” Zhang Ruochen answered.

The salesroom in Omen Ridge, magnificent and glorious, was built like a castle made of gigantic boulders.

Half of the treasures from the 36 commanderies in Omen Ridge would be sent to the salesroom. Almost every treasure in the auction block was priceless; the common people could not afford it.

It was only dusk, yet many warriors had already gathered outside of the salesroom. Many splendid vehicles were parked in the square.

Some of them were even built on the back of fourth-level savage beasts. They were like palaces carried by beasts, which gave off a magnificent atmosphere.

The fighting capacity of a fourth-level savage beast was comparable to a warrior of the Heaven Realm.

Persons who had fourth-level savage beasts as their mounts naturally had to be very important people.

Everybody was gorgeously dressed. They stepped down from their vehicles and walked towards the salesroom with servants in front and behind.


A Kylin, with an enormous pair of fire wings, pulled a huge, resplendent, and magnificent carriage. It flew across the sky with a rumble.

The Kylin’s howl reverberated across the entire Devil Martial City. All the warriors raised their heads to stare at the sky. The entire sky appeared to be lit on fire from the power of the Kylin, creating a vast fire cloud.

“A Kylin?! Oh my god! It’s really a Kylin!”

“It is said that, in the whole of Omen Ridge, only the Yuntai Suzerain has raised a Kylin, and it is one of the three mountain guardian savage beasts in Yuntai Suzerain. Its strength is so strong that just one claw can beat a fourth-level savage beast to death.”

“The man in the carriage is the Master of Yuntai Suzerain, Han Li.”

The crowd was shocked by the breath of the Kylin on the other side of the sky. Fortunately, the Kylin’s howl didn’t carry any aggressive power. Otherwise, the howl would have stunned one third of the warriors in the Devil Martial City.

Yan Yunhuan sneered disdainfully. “It’s just a flame-winged Kylin. Its blood meridians are not pure, and its strength is no more than one-tenth of a real Kylin. Only warriors in the Omen Ridge would make such a fuss.”

The Kylin folded its flame-like wings quickly and flew down to stop in the middle of the square.

Han Li, the Master of Yuntai Suzerain, came out of the carriage with a great air of martial arts. Streaks of translucent Spiritual Qi of heaven and earth flew around him like ripples in water.

Shortly after, Han Qiu also stepped down from the vehicle wearing a long periwinkle gown. She had an elegant temperament and bright eyes, catching the gaze of many male warriors.

“The cherished daughter of Yuntai Suzerain, Han Qiu, got through the fourth floor of Jiujue Tower three days ago. Since then, she has risen to fame. I did not expect her to also come to the auction.”

“Why don’t I see elder brother Zhang Tiangui of Yuntai Suzerain? Han Li always took him to events before.”

“Perhaps Zhang Tiangui is secluding himself for refining. After all, the powerful rise of Luo Shuihan and Han Qiu has threatened his status as the top prodigy in Omen Ridge. He must be under a great deal of pressure.”

The whole salesroom went wild with of the arrival of Han Li and Han Qiu.

Especially the proud princess Han Qiu. Not only was she one of the top ten beauties in Omen Ridge but she had also managed to get through the fourth floor of Jiujue Tower. She was like a goddess from heaven, leaving other young warriors far behind.

Even the ten prodigies of Omen Ridge were in her shadow.

Once out of the vehicle, Han Qiu looked around and soon found Zhang Ruochen in the crowd. Her pretty face lit up.

“He is really attending the auction!”

Han Qiu had a favorable impression of Zhang Ruochen. But with so many warriors staring at her, she couldn’t go to greet him.

They just looked and nodded at each other from a distance.

Afterwards, other important people arrived.

“The Master of Tai Qing Palace, Ye Huiyi, has always lived a secluded life. I never thought she would come to the auction today.”

“It’s surprising that the commandery prince of Minshu, Xia Xuecheng, should come all the way to Devil Martial City. Minshu Commandery is one of the strongest in Omen Ridge. It’s much stronger than Square Commandery.”

Zhang Ruochen looked into the distance and saw two vehicles coming abreast. “Ye Huiyi, the Master of Tai Qing Palace, seems to have a special relationship with the commandery prince of Minshu.”

Chang Qiqi, who liked to gossip, laughed. “The Commandery Prince of Minshu was once a disciple of Tai Qing Palace, and Ye Huiyi’s junior fellow apprentice. It is said that he chased Ye during those years, but Ye, seeking Dao wholeheartedly, didn’t respond.”

Si Xingkong sighed, “They’d rather live in oblivion than to love in despair. Almost a hundred years has passed. They haven’t obtained love but deep friendship.”

The important figures went straight to the special VIP auction room where they would receive special treatment and personal service.

Zhang Ruochen, Chang Qiqi, Si Xingkong and the other young warriors could only pick a relatively good position to sit temporarily in the hall.

With his status, Yan Yunhuan could enter the VIP room. But he came to the hall and sat near Zhang Ruochen and Huang Yanchen under the request of Chen Xier. He wore a victorious look on his face.

It was normal for Yan Yunhuan, the heir of a Half-Saint family, to look down upon other warriors. Only successors of other Half-Saint families were qualified to become friends with him.

In his eyes, the chiefs of Suzerains in Omen Ridge were just stronger bumpkins. Today, he was the real star at the auction.

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