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Chapter 276 - The Earth Board Testing Palace

Chapter 276: The Earth Board Testing Palace

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“Why don’t you make your way to the Earth Board Testing Palace now? I’ll go get the treasure and join you right away.”

The dazzling light that shone on Lei Jing’s body turned into a light column. He thrust against the ground and disappeared into the Silver Gowned Elder Hall.

Zhang Ruochen left the hall and went to the Earth Board Testing Palace.

The Earth Board was large enough to cover the entire Eastern Region. It was a vast territory that stretched across millions of kilometers. There were several thousand warriors from different commanderies, so it was impossible for the warriors to all gather together and compete with their martial techniques. Therefore, the regulations for entering the Earth Board were different from the Yellow Board and the Profound Board.

This was why the testing palace was set up.

They tested the warriors’ abilities, and the overall results would determine the warriors’ ranking on the Earth Board.

When Zhang Ruochen arrived at the testing palace, there were three warriors waiting outside.

One of them was a 17 to18 year-old teenage girl in a snow-white martial robe. She was like an enchanting fairy in a painting, displaying elegance and a pure temperament.

It was Luo Shuihan.

The other two warriors were Xue Qingshan and Tu Jin, from the Tai Qing Palace and the Godblood School respectively.

The Tai Qing Palace was classified as a Fourth-class Suzerain. Its power was more or less the same as the Yuntai Suzerain. They were the two dominators that ruled over the 36 commanderies of the Omen Ridge.

The power of the Tai Qing Palace was centralized in the Southern Nine Prefectures and didn’t cause any conflict of interest with the Yuntai Suzerain.

The Godblood School, on the other hand, had over a hundred thousand disciples. It was a Fifth-class Suzerain and was slightly inferior to the Tai Qing Palace and the Yuntai Suzerain. Their major power was centered in the Northern Nine Prefectures and they were one of the more powerful parties in the Omen Ridge.

Xue Qingshan and Tu Jin were in their 30s and they were the top geniuses of their schools.

Moreover, they had just broken through the third level of the Jiujue Tower and become Three-realm Fighting Geniuses. This was their time to shine so they had decided to come to the testing palace. They were ready to enter the Earth Board.

As long as their names were put up on the Earth Board, they would become famous in the Omen Ridge and enjoy status equal to the Ten Prodigies of Omen Ridge.

A tree developed a shadow while a human blossomed with fame.

Who wouldn’t want to be famous?

Arriving at the testing palace, Xue Qingshan and Tu Jin saw the beautiful Luo Shuihan. They were attracted by her elegant temperament and couldn’t stop staring at her.

Perhaps she already possessed the ability to enter the Earth Board?

But she was so young!

In the 36 commanderies of the Omen Ridge there were only two girls who had entered the Earth Board. However, even the youngest, Han Qiu, was over 20 years old.

The girl in front of them definitely hadn’t reached 20 yet.

Xue Qingshan walked over politely. He bowed slightly and said, “I’m Xue Qingshan from the Tai Qing Palace. You’re as pretty as a fairy and you have an elegant temperament that attracts me. By the looks of your martial robe, you are one of the students from the School of the Martial Market?”

Seeing Xue Qingshan talking to her, Tu Jin also walked over and said, “I’m Tu Jin from the Godblood School. I’ve just passed the third level of the Jiujue Tower. I wonder, have you been to the Jiujue Tower before?”

Xue Qingshan stared at Tu Jin unpleasantly and sneered, “It’s nothing to show off. I’ve also advanced to the third level of the Jiujue Tower.”

Tu Jin replied, “Well, just because you’ve passed the third level of the Jiujue Tower, it doesn’t mean that you can enter the Earth Board. Dearest Fairy, I’m guessing you’re not even 20 years old. Do you want to leave your name on the Earth Board too?”

Xue Qingshan laughed, “Tu Jin, what are you asking? Are you questioning the fairy’s ability?”

The two had wanted to strike up a conversation with her and yet they’d started arguing. The gentlemanly character they pursued had vanished without a trace. They appeared to be about to start a fight.

Luo Shuihan stood aside as quiet as water. She looked comfortable and showed no emotional fluctuation.

Zhang Ruochen walked up the stairs and saw Xue Qingshan and Tu Jin arguing. He was confused. He walked towards Luo Shuihan and said, “Long time no see, senior sister disciple Luo.”

Luo Shuihan glanced at Zhang Ruochen. She exposed a pure smile and said with a sweet voice, “Junior fellow apprentice Zhang is indeed a elite of man. I heard about your fight with Qiu Lin. I assumed you would come to the testing palace soon.”

Zhang Ruochen laughed, “It was only a dispute caused by feelings between Qiu Lin and myself. It’s incomparable with senior sister apprentice’s peaceful mind.”

Luo Shuihan’s eyes were as bright as stars. She studied Zhang Ruochen carefully from head to toe. Suddenly, she revealed a shocked expression. “You’ve already practiced the Heart of the Sword and reached the realm of Heart Integrated into Sword?”

Zhang Ruochen was surprised that she recognized something that even Lei Jing hadn’t noticed. She was indeed incredible. Perhaps she possessed a special kind of Saint sight or even a Saintly Being.

The descendants of Saints all had Holy Blood flowing through their bodies. Although it was thin, it made them more sensitive.

Some of the descendants with extremely high talent could even awake special Saint abilities, or extraordinary physical qualities.

Like Luo Shuihan. If she hadn’t awakened some sort of special sight or physical quality, she wouldn’t have been able to tell that Zhang Ruochen had reached the realm of Heart Integrated into Sword.

Zhang Ruochen gazed into her eyes and asked, “Senior sister apprentice, I’m guessing you’ve awakened some kind of special sight?”

Luo Shuihan was shocked. She smiled gently and said, “Come to my practicing mansion when the test is over. We can discuss it then.”

Luo Shuihan glanced at Xue Qingshan and Tu Jin nearby and signaled that this was not a good place to speak.

Zhang Ruochen understood. “It would be my pleasure to discuss Martial Arts with senior sister apprentice.”

Zhang Ruochen and Luo Shuihan had been communicating through sound wave so Xue Qingshan and Tu Jin weren’t able to hear what they said. But they clearly knew that Zhang Ruochen and Luo Shuihan were having a great time.

While they were arguing, a teenager had taken advantage of the situation and talked to Luo Shuihan. They couldn’t stand it.

“When and where did you come from, kid? How can you just talk to the fairy when you arrived last?” Tu Jin sneered.

Xue Qingshan also had a cold expression. He said, “I suggest you leave her alone, kid!”


Zhang Ruochen was confused. “What does talking to my senior sister apprentice have to do with you guys?”

“Senior sister apprentice? Haha!”

“You said that just because she is a beautiful student of the School of the Martial Market.”

Tu Jin laughed out loud, “This is the Earth Board Testing Palace, kid. It’s not a place for you.”

Tu Jin and Xue Qingshan didn’t think that Zhang Ruochen was here for the test. He was too young. He didn’t look like a master of the Earth Board.

Zhang Ruochen exclaimed, “Why shouldn’t I be here?”

“You’re here to test your ability?”

There was a sense of contempt in Xue Qingshan’s eyes. He showed no respect for Zhang Ruochen.

“That’s right!” Zhang Ruochen replied defiantly.

Tu Jin and Xue Qingshan started laughing hysterically.

Lei Jing’s voice range in Zhang Ruochen’s ears, “You don’t need to argue with them. You can come in and test your power!”

“Master Lei has already entered the testing palace!”

Zhang Ruochen was shocked. He had arrived at the Earth Board Testing Palace earlier than Lei Jing and hadn’t seen him waiting outside. Yet, he was already in the testing palace.

When had he entered the palace?

The difference between their martial cultivation was way too big!

“Senior sister disciple Luo, we can go in now.”

Zhang Ruochen glanced at Luo Shuihan, and she nodded. She walked towards the door of the testing palace with Zhang Ruochen.

“I can’t believe that the kid is really here testing his ability. Perhaps he has obtained the ability of the Earth Board?” Xue Qingshan revealed a puzzled look.

“How could it be?”

Tu Jin shook his head and exclaimed, “How many Earth Board warriors can there be in the 36 commanderies of the Omen Ridge? If he enters the Earth Board, I will write my name backwards.”

Xue Qingshan nodded in agreement.

There were only a handful of young top masters in the entire 36 commanderies. Moreover, most of them gathered around the Devil Martial City and all knew each other well.

How could a teenage master of the Earth Board suddenly emerge?

It only made sense for famous masters like Xue Qingshan and Tu Jin to enter the Earth Board.

“When we enter later, we have to show that kid what the real ability of an Earth Board master is. What do you think, brother Xue?” Tu Jin said.

Xue Qingshan laughed, “You have a point!”

Even though they’d been hostile toward each other at first, with the appearance of Zhang Rouchen they now felt like brothers.

There were three tests to conduct in order to enter the Earth Board: Power, speed, and actual combat.

Walking into the testing palace, Zhang Ruochen and Luo Shuihan arrived at the power testing secret room. Tu Jin and Xue Qingshan also walked into the secret room, full of confidence.

In their eyes, they were the two leading roles today. Zhang Ruochen and Luo Shuihan were too young to come here and they were here just for fun.

Just as the power test was about to start, Lei Jing walked in from the side door.

The silver gowned Elder who was responsible for the power test was scared when he saw Lei Jing. He stood up right away, walked towards Lei Jing and saluted him with courtesy.

Tu Jin and Xue Qingshan were shocked to see this.

All silver gowned Elders from the School of the Martial Market possessed a martial cultivation of the Heaven Realm. Who could that person be to require a Heaven Realm warrior to bow and salute?

“He must be some big shot from the School of the Martial Market. I can’t believe the School is treating us with this level of seriousness.” Tu Jin was excited.

In contrast, Xue Qingshan looked calm and peaceful. He smiled and said, “Anyhow, we’re the top geniuses. We’ve already passed the third level of the Jiujue Tower. We should be treated with respect and seriousness coming to the testing ground. Perhaps the important person is going to invite us to join the School of the Martial Market.”

“I bet you’re right.”

Tu Jin nodded. He glanced at Zhang Ruochen with a look of disdain and superiority. From his point of view, even the School of the Martial Market paid great attention to him. There was nothing better than gaining face like this.

As for the girl who was as beautiful as a fairy in a painting, he assumed she would fall into his arms with a flick of the finger once he became an Earth Board master.

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