God Emperor

Chapter 267 - Feeling

Chapter 267: Feeling

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Zhang Ruochen touched his chin and said, “There is another way. Senior sister apprentice, you can take the initiative to break off the engagement…Senior sister apprentice…You…”

Huang Yanchen stood up suddenly, shaking with anger. A blast of cold Genuine Qi rushed out from her body and ice crystals formed around the room.

“Did I…say something wrong…again?” Zhang Ruochen felt Huang Yanchen’s anger and was puzzled.


Huang Yanchen struck out her palm toward Zhang Ruochen’s chest.

Zhang Ruochen sat on the chair, stretched his fingers out quickly to grab Huang Yanchen’s wrist and said, “Senior sister apprentice, you have a terrible temper! Even if you want to fight, you should tell me the reason. Senior sister apprentice, you…why are you crying?”

Huang Yanchen threw herself into Zhang Ruochen’s arms with her lips pressed together tightly. Her arms, white as a lotus root, held Zhang Ruochen and she buried her face in his chest. She shed a flood of tears and kept sobbing.

Zhang Ruochen was petrified and felt the warmth in his arms. He never expected that the ice cold Huang Yanchen could be like a little girl, throwing herself into his arms, crying, and beating his chest lightly.

This feeling…was unreal!

Was this really the imperious devil of Western Campus, Huang Yanchen?

Was this really the supercilious, arrogant princess of Qianshui Commandery, Huang Yanchen?

“Senior sister apprentice, you…”

Zhang Ruochen sat on the chair and dared not move. His mind was a complete blank.

Zhang Ruochen was only 18 years old. A woman had never thrown herself into his arms before.

It felt very strange. Zhang Ruochen was really thrown for a loop.

Huang Yanchen was a weeping beauty. She sobbed, “Zhang Ruochen, I don’t want to break it off…I just don’t…”

“I don’t know when it happened. Perhaps in Earth No.1, by the bathing pool, when I gave you a serious injury with one fist, we were already tied together by fate. Or maybe, when we practiced the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon in Chikong Secret Mansion, when you rescued me from the Poisonous Spider Club. I don’t know why…why I’ve fallen for you.”

“When I heard that you were being hunted down by the masters of the Poisonous Spider Club and Square Commandery, I was so scared that I wouldn’t be able to see you again. After all, you were so young! How could you defeat those insidious, devious masters? It wasn’t until then that I realized and confirmed the true feelings in my heart.”

“But…Why…Why are you so brutal as to refuse me? Why? Why must you break off the engagement? Why?”

Huang Yanchen grabbed Zhang Ruochen’s clothes and kept asking questions. She was in misery and bathed in tears.

As he heard Huang Yanchen’s confession, Zhang Ruochen’s eyes gradually softened.

Huang Yanchen at this moment was not an unreasonable, frost-hearted beauty, but a woman who needed to be cared for.

With her arrogance, it was difficult for her to be so vulnerable with her feelings.

It was mainly because he knew little about affection and had been unable to see Huang Yanchen’s love. If he was a womanizer, he would have seen through Huang Yanchen a long time ago. She would never have needed to be so straightforward.

Once he spoke, there would be no going back.

Should he refuse or agree?

If he refused her, would she be sadder? Would they become strangers from then on?

If he agreed, was he really going to marry her?

Zhang Ruochen had not prepared for this. After all, he was only 18. And, he never expected that something he had done unintentionally would become a romance.

Zhang Ruochen did not know how to respond, so he hesitated for a long time. Then, he said, “Senior sister apprentice, actually, I loved someone else, and I won’t love another woman anytime soon.”

Huang Yanchen lifted her head with tear marks on her face, and said, “Who is it? Chen Xier? Duanmu Xingling? Or Han Qiu?”

Zhang Ruochen shook his head and said, “None of them. Senior sister apprentice, you can be assured! I won’t mention breaking up in the future anymore. As you said, since I agreed to the engagement, there is no way we could break it off.”

“Are you pitying me?”


Huang Yanchen’s eyes were cold. She stood up, tidied up her messy clothes, and dried her tears. She turned around and did not dare to look Zhang Ruochen in the eye.

“Sorry!” Zhang Ruochen sighed.

He knew Huang Yanchen’s feelings for him, and he had positive feelings for her, too. But how could he forget the woman he once loved?

Both love and hatred were so powerful.

Before Zhang Ruochen found out what had happened 800 years ago, he could only focus on the Martial Arts and try not to let himself get emotionally bogged down .

If he could let go of Chi Yao totally in the future, he might find a girl he could get along with. They could be together like a match made in heaven, which was not a bad thing.

“Zhang Ruochen, never tell Duanmu Xingling and Chen Xier what just happened. No, you should never tell anyone. You have to know that I’ve never cried before.” Huang Yanchen said coldly, her eyes red.

“All right! I should head back!”

Zhang Ruochen said goodbye to Huang Yanchen.

His feelings were very confusing, and he was thinking about a lot of things that happened long ago. He needed to go someplace to clear his mind.

Huang Yanchen let Zhang Ruochen walk away. She never even turned around.

Once Zhang Ruochen had walked out of the practice mansion, Huang Yanchen stomped her feet hard and hit her own head angrily. “What was wrong with me? Why did I hold onto Zhang Ruochen crying and talk about those things with him? Does he think that I was begging him? He must be laughing at me.”

“Damn! Who the hell is the woman in his heart?”

Huang Yanchen had great inner strength and would never give up. She was sure that if she worked hard enough, she could walk into Zhang Ruochen’s heart sooner or later.

Huang Yanchen was not really concerned that someone else was in Zhang Ruochen’s heart. Any powerful man would have lots of wives and concubines.

Huang Yanchen’s father, the Qianshui Commandery Prince, had married Huang Yanchen’s mother, but he had other concubines, too, with dozens of sons and daughters. It was a normal thing!

The key was that Huang Yanchen felt she had to have a place in Zhang Ruochen’s heart. Other women could not occupy Zhang Ruochen’s heart completely.

“Since he has promised that he will never again mention breaking off the engagement, there are countless possibilities.”

Huang Yanchen clenched her hands and said, “No matter who the girl is, I don’t believe that she is too outstanding to be defeated. At least I am Zhang Ruochen’s legal fiancee now, which is my biggest advantage.”

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