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Chapter 261 - Sacrificial Ceremony

Chapter 261: Sacrificial Ceremony

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Although the power of the Thunder Pearl wasn’t strong enough to kill the Fire-cloud Wolf, it was slowed down.

At that very moment, Zhang Ruochen took out the War Map.

Under the surge of Genuine Qi, the inscriptions carved on the War Map was lit up. 10 Purple-horned Beasts charged out from the map and attacked the Fire-cloud Wolf.

The fighting power of every Purple-horned Beast was equal to a warrior at the Completion of the Earth Realm.

Zhang Ruochen seized the chance and retreated backward. He ran into the array and escaped back to the Yueji City.

When he first entered the array, a loud noise broke out behind him which shook the entire Defender Array hard.

In just that moment, the Fire-cloud Wolf had already killed the 10 Purple-horned Beasts and had caught up with him. It stretched out its arms and almost scratched Zhang Ruochen’s back. Fortunately, its claw had been blocked by the array, otherwise, Zhang Ruochen would no doubt be seriously wounded.

“Such a powerful Fire-cloud Wolf! It handled all 10 Purple-horned Beasts in a flash.”

Zhang Ruochen crawled up from the ground exhaustedly and looked at the War Map in hand. He realized that the dazzling light on the War Map had dimmed.

The power of the War Map would be reduced after every use.

If Zhang Ruochen activated the graph of Purple-horned Beast again, he could only release 10 Purple-horned Beasts at the Dawn State of the Earth Realm; if he charged it for the third time, he could probably only release 10 Purple-horned Beasts at the Initial Stage of the Earth Realm.

After taking the healing Pill, Zhang Ruochen rushed towards the altar in the city center. He took out the two storage bracelets and the savage beasts stored in the Storage Ring and placed them on the altar.

27 dead bodies of savage beasts in total stacked up like a little mountain of bloody bodies.

After that, he returned to the city center again and collected all the dead savage birds that had been taken down by the array.

Once again, he placed 178 dead bodies of savage birds on the altar.

“There are not enough savage beast and savage birds, I have to go and hunt some more.”

Zhang Ruochen sat cross-legged at the bottom of the altar and started healing his injuries. After an hour, he had recovered 50% from his wounds.

He stopped healing. He carried the Abyss Ancient Sword, ran out from the Defender Array and hunted more savage beasts.

What differed from the previous situation was that Zhang Ruochen was not going to attack the fourth-level savage beast on purpose. On the contrary, he could hide from them as well as hunting the lower level savage beasts.


Zhang Ruochen flicked a Thunder Pearl out, the lightning released had killed more than 10 first-level savage beasts. Their bodies were burnt and scattered everywhere.

He rushed over immediately and stored the dead bodies in the Storage Ring.

Just as a fourth-level savage beast, a lion-head ox head, charged out, Zhang Ruochen had already escaped back to Yueji City ahead of it.

After putting the savage beasts on the altar, Zhang Ruochen left the city secretly from another exit and continued hunting.

“What is Zhang Ruochen thinking? Perhaps he thinks his speed in hunting savage beast would be faster than my speed in summoning savage beast?” Ling Xiansu stared downwards and looked confused. He didn’t understand what Zhang Ruochen was doing.

Ling Xiansu would never be able to understand why Zhang Ruochen wanted to hunt as many savage beasts as he could in preparation for the sacrificial ceremony held in the Yueji City.

Every time Zhang Ruochen left the city, Ling Xiansu ordered a fourth-level savage beast to kill him.

However, Zhang Ruochen was very crafty and he hid near the city wall every time. Then, he released either the Thunder Pearl or the War Map, killed a bunch of savage beasts and stored them in the storage bracelet.

By nightfall, there were already 477 dead bodies of savage beasts accumulated on the altar and they formed a bloody mountain.

“The blood of the savage beast, as well as the blood of the hundred thousand human warriors in the Yueji City, should be enough to open the Door of Heaven and finish the sacrificial ceremony.” Zhang Ruochen said excitedly.

Generally, in Kunlun’s Field, the Winter Solstice was the best time for the sacrificial ceremony.

Rumor had it that the distance between the Spiritual field and the Kunlun’s Field was the closest on Winter Solstice. Therefore, the Door of Heaven could be easily opened.

Even if it was only a small-scale sacrifice in a village, the Door of Heaven would also be opened.

Yet, once the Winter Solstice had passed, the Door of Heaven would be difficult to open. Only if using a hundred times more Spiritual Blood was used could the Door of Heaven be opened and the sacrificial ceremony completed.

Outside the city, the attack of the savage beasts became more and more aggressive. They had already shattered down parts of the wall. The holy light of the defender array was becoming weaker and weaker.

There was a tiny mountain a hundred kilometers away from the Yueji City.

On the top of the mountain stood two human shadows.

The leader looked like he was in his twenties, with sharp eyebrows and eyes like an eagle, a straight nose, and a bright gaze. He gave off the sense of being handsome and severe.

That was Zhang Tiangui, the No.1 god’s pride of the 36 commanderies in the Omen Ridge.

At this moment, Lu Qiankun, who ranked third among the internal students of the Yuntai Suzerain, was staring at the Yueji City. He asked, unsettled, “Senior brother, the Defender Array of the Yueji City is going to fall down soon. It is time for us to strike?”

Zhang Tiangui placed his arms behind his back and responded while shaking his head gently, “Just wait, we’re not in a rush.”

“Why?” Lu Qiankun was confused.

Zhang Tiangui put up a smile on his face and said, “It’s not yet the right time.”

Lu Qiankun was a straight-forward and honest person who didn’t understand Zhang Tiangui’s plan.

Certainly, they had to rescue people, but most importantly, how would they be rescued and when should they act?

Han Qiu hadn’t been put in a dangerous situation at all. If they saved her now, they wouldn’t be able to maximize the advantage.

It was to say, if Zhang Tiangui appeared when she was facing the real danger and feeling helpless, she would be a lot more appreciative and touched by him.

In order to dominate woman, some tricks had to be used, otherwise how could they be so obedient?

An idiot like Lu Qiankun would never understand why he did that.

This was the only chance for Zhang Tiangui to win Han Qiu’s heart. He would definitely seize this opportunity.

“Seems like Zhang Ruochen is also staying in the Yueji City. That’s perfect! Let’s destroy him as well. Anyhow, letting him stay alive will be a disaster for us.” Zhang Tiangui looked exceptionally calm. He gazed towards the Yueji City in the distance and a glimmer of self-confidence shone from his eyes.

He decided to wait until the perfect moment to attack.

The fight in the Yueji City was so brutal that Han Qiu activated the attack arrays and killed numerous savage beasts and savage birds.

Another hour had passed. The energy of the five attacking arrays were all consumed.

There were only two arrays left in the entire Yueji City, the defense strategy and the Defender Array. It’s only a matter of time for those arrays to be broken.

Han Qiu stood on the wall, looking at the countless savage beasts which were rushing towards her, she felt exhausted and said worriedly, “What should we do now, Zhang Ruochen? The reinforcements of the School of the Martial Market and the Yuntai Suzerain hasn’t arrived yet. I guess the defense strategy can only withstand the time of a burning joss stick at most.”

“We’ll have to take a risk! If we can break through to a higher realm, perhaps we will be able to kill them all and leave the city!”

Zhang Ruochen walked onto the stone gate underneath the altar and arrived at the edge of the Sacred Pool. He recited a piece of funeral oration from memory. At the same time, he pressed his hands on the stone wall so that the Spiritual Fire Genuine Qi in his body poured out from his palm. It spread out gradually and covered the entire altar.

“The sacrificial ceremony now begins!”


The colossal altar started rotating slowly.

A bloody beam of red light surged out from the center of the altar. It shattered the clouds in the sky as if it had charged into the boundless universe.

The sky had fully turned red.

In the center of the piece of red, it seemed like a large door was opened. It was chaos around the door, light rain fell down and sprinkled iver Yueji City.

Zhang Ruochen sat cross-legged on the ground and started communicating with the Vessel of Spirit.

A streak of light shot out from the top of his head, it formed a spiritual shadow that looked exactly like Zhang Ruochen.

The spiritual shadow flew out and floated above the sky of the Sacred Pool. It started absorbing the power of sacrifice that swam in the air.

Han Qiu stood aside, she didn’t know what Zhang Ruochen was going to do.

She was absolutely shocked when the Martial Soul surged out from Zhang Ruochen’s body. Her face was frozen as if she had been petrified and her lips also fell into an “O” shape.

“He…He practiced the Martial Soul…”

Not a lot of warriors at the myth of martial arts of the Heaven Realm were capable of practicing the Martial Soul. Yet, Zhang Ruochen had made it while he was only in the Earth Realm.

Moreover, Zhang Ruochen’s Martial Soul looked extremely weird as if it was an illusory image of gods. Even Han Qiu had an urge to kneel down and worship him.

The Martial Soul that floated in the air above the Sacred Pool glanced at Han Qiu and said, “What are you waiting for? Come and sit in front of me now. I’m going to transfer part of the sacrifice power into your body. With the help of the sacrifice power, perhaps it could neutralize the two powers inside your body and ease the danger that you’ve encountered during your practice.”

Han Qiu could feel the oppression displayed by Zhang Ruochen’s Martial Soul. It was as if she received the order of gods and walked next to Zhang Ruochen willingly.

She sat cross-legged opposite Zhang Ruochen, raised her snow-white arms and connected with Zhang Ruochen’s hands.


When she touched Zhang Ruochen’s hands, she felt an electric shock.

A strand of sacrifice power entered her body aggressively from her right hand. It surged into her Meridians and towards her Qi sea.

While the sacrifice power was surging through her body, she felt like she was a leaf floating in the sea and that her body would be torn apart any moment by that power.

“Don’t panic. Keep yourself calm and activate the ‘Holy Universe Reaching Skills’. Try to absorb the sacrifice power.”

Just as Han Qiu was feeling frightened, Zhang Ruochen’s voice entered her brain like the voice of god.

Eventually, Han Qiu calmed herself. She closed her eyes and started activating the exercise like Zhang Ruochen said.

The sacrifice power was the most spiritual of power. At the same time, it contained the most tolerant power. After entering her Meridians, it rotated a large circle of vital energy around her body and returned to Zhang Ruochen’s Meridians through her left hand.

The sacrifice power ran inside her body once again and completed a large circle of vital energy one after one.

Her Meridians slowly absorbed the power and her Martial Arts Realm was constantly elevating.

Inside her Qi sea, the dark Genuine Qi was confronting the Holy Universe Reaching Genuine Qi. They became weaker as if they were going to blend together. Two types of Genuine Qi had transformed into a black and white Genuine Qi wave, rotating in her Meridians along with the sacrifice power.

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